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Shoto Todoroki: Origin (轟 :オリジン, Todoroki Shōto: Orijin?) is the twenty-third episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the tenth episode of the second season. The fated duel between Izuku and Shoto has finally arrived. As soon as it begins, Shoto leads with an ice attack, but Izuku counters with a Delaware Smash. Shoto creates a pillar of ice behind him to keep him from being blown out of bounds, as he expected Izuku to break his finger in order to negate the ice attack. Izuku counters Shoto's ice attack. All Might comments that this was likely the only way Izuku could have retaliated. Izuku is forced to damage a second finger to stop Shoto's next attack and mulls over that he only has six more chances, and must find Shoto's weakness before he breaks all his fingers. Shoto doesn't let up and continues his onslaught of ice attacks. In Class 1-A's section of the stands, Eijiro returns from defeating Tetsutetsu. He sarcastically compliments Katsuki and Shoto for having techniques that blast through the whole stadium. Katsuki responds by explaining that Quirk's are physical abilities and can get worn out just like anything else. He takes a moment to ponder that this is the very reason he designed his costume in such a way so that he could go beyond his own limits. Izuku fears he won't find an opening in time. Shoto's assault continues, forcing Izuku to break the last finger on his right hand. However, Shoto withstands the smash and creates a tower of ice to run up and close the distance between them.

Izuku uses another smash to break the ice steps apart, but Shoto avoids it and nearly freezes Izuku at close range. In order to break the ice that's slowly freezing him, Izuku sacrifices his entire left arm and lets off a full-powered smash. Shoto withstands the aftershock of the smash using an ice blockade. While recovering, Shoto notes that this attack from Izuku was significantly more powerful than the previous ones and that he realizes his opponent is trying to keep him at a distance. Izuku is started by Shoto's combat awareness, and some viewing fans even comment that Shoto is already stronger than the average pro hero. Questioning Izuku's durability, Shoto asks if he's already too worn out from defending against the ice. Izuku doesn't respond, and instead, he notices that Shoto is shaking because of the frost that builds up on the right side of his body. Shoto apologizes for the intensity of the battle and thanks Izuku for helping him irritate Endeavor by only using ice rather than fire.

Agitated, Shoto rushes Izuku, albeit much slower than before.

Understanding that Izuku has no undamaged fingers left, Shoto sends an ice attack at him that he expects to finish the match. However, Izuku declares that he isn't finished yet and uses one of his already broken finger to blow Shoto's ice away. Izuku challenges Shoto to use all his strength. Shoto asks why Izuku is going so far. Izuku replies that Shoto is shaking and points out that Shoto's body can only take so much cold because Quirk's are physical abilities. He also surmises that Shoto could offset his temperature by using his fire, but knows Shoto refuses to do so. He challenges Shoto to put more effort into the battle, stating that everyone else is giving it their all while Shoto is only using half his power. Izuku provokes Shoto by claiming that he has yet to injure him in this battle, demanding that Shoto use his full strength. Agitated, Shoto rushes Izuku, albeit much slower than before. Katsuki notices Shoto's drop in mobility and assumes that it's because Shoto's stamina is running low after wasting so much of it fighting Hanta. Shoto closes in on Izuku, but as soon as he lifts his right foot to attack, Izuku controls One For All and strikes Shoto in the torso, sending him flying away.

Shoto recovers and tries to use another ice attack, but it's much slower than the previous ones and Izuku is able to avoid it. They both move into closer quarters and fight in spite of their afflictions. Cementoss urges Midnight to stop the match because Izuku is fighting too recklessly by continuing to injure his already broken fingers with more smashes knowing that Recovery Girl will heal him. Shota retorts that Izuku isn't fighting recklessly, he's simply doing everything he can to win the match within his current skill level. He also commends Izuku for his resolve and ponders his student's intent. As Izuku dashes at Shoto, the latter attempts to freeze him. Without any fingers left to use, Izuku pulls back his thumb using his cheek in order to release another smash to blast Shoto away. Shoto asks again why Izuku is putting himself through so much pain, to which his opponent replies is because he's prepared to do whatever it takes to become a hero. After headbutting Shoto, Izuku again challenges him to use his full strength, telling him to stop screwing around because even if he wants to reject his father, Shoto doesn't have the right to be the best if he's not prepared to do his best. Izuku's words make Shoto recall the terrible memories of his past.

As more frost covers his body, Shoto remembers he and his mother being abused by Endeavor. As well as a time where he pleaded to his mother about not wanting to become like his father, to which she replies by asking if Shoto still wants to become a hero. Izuku capitalizes and strikes Shoto with another controlled One For All smash, and declares that he will surpass him. While reeling from the attack, Shoto is reminded of his childhood. He remembers that as a child he was constantly separated from his siblings, and when his mother finally had a mental breakdown from all the domestic abuse and burned his face. Endeavor had her put into a psychiatric ward, but Shoto blames him for his mother's breakdown. Still haunted, Shoto states once again that he will reject his father, but Izuku yells that Shoto's Quirk is his own, and not his father's. This invokes one last memory, one that Shoto had long forgotten.

He and his mother were sitting down watching a special on TV about All Might. All Might encourages all children to use their Quirk's in their own way even though they inherited them from their parents. Shoto's mother adds that Shoto must remember to stay true to himself, that he is not a prisoner of his lineage, and that it's okay to use his power to become who he wants to be. Shoto unleashes his full potential. Impassioned, Shoto decides to activate his fire and astounds the entire arena with his display of blazing power. All Might realizes that Izuku had been trying to provoke Shoto to this point in order to save him from rejecting not only half his power but half of himself. As the flames lower down and the frost melts from Shoto's body, he says that now Izuku is the one screwing around for helping his opponent.

Shoto adds that just like Izuku, he desires to become a hero one day too. Having freed Shoto from his self-repression, Izuku smiles and comments that Shoto's power is amazing to which he responds with an affecting smile of his own. Ecstatic, Endeavor shouts proudly about Shoto finally using his fire. He walks down closer to the match and claims that Shoto will surpass him and live up to the reason for his birth. With the battle reaching its climax, Shoto asks why Izuku is grinning in such a hopeless situation with his injuries and states that he won't be to blame for anything that happens to Izuku next. Izuku and Shoto's final clash. They both power up in preparation for one final clash. Cementoss and Midnight decide to step in, fearing one of them might be killed. Shoto sends a large wave of ice at Izuku and around himself, but the latter jumps above it by using One For All in his leg. As he flies towards Shoto, he prepares a full power smash in his undamaged arm, and Shoto counterattacks by switching to fire and superheating the area around him, thanking his opponent as he does so. Even though Cementoss builds a wall between them, Izuku's wind pressure and Shoto's heatwave tear through it as if it were only cotton threads, and the resulting shockwave created by the collision of the attacks destroys the entire fighting ring, knocks over Midnight's stand, and sends a large whirlwind that blows over most of the audience. Everyone watches in pure disbelief, and after he recovers, Cementoss commends both of them for their talent. Present Mic asks what caused the explosion, to which Shota replies that it was caused by the rapid change in temperature of the arena. The smoke clears, and Izuku is revealed to be unconscious outside the ring. Everyone is taken back by the battle's outcome, and Midnight announces that Shoto Todoroki is the victor. UA Sports Festival Izuku Midoriya vs.

The Quintessential Quintuplets (Japanese:, Hepburn: Go-Tōbun no Hanayome, lit. Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Negi Haruba. It was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2017 to February 2020, with its chapters collected into fourteen tankōbon volumes. The series follows the daily life of a high school student Futaro Uesugi, who is hired as a private tutor for a group of identical quintuplets: Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki Nakano. At the very beginning of the story, it is shown that the events are being told in a flashback, while an adult Futaro prepares to marry one of the Nakano Quintuplets whose identity is only revealed near the end of the series. under the Kodansha Comics imprint. The anime series is licensed in North America under a Crunchyroll-Funimation partnership. An anime television series adaptation produced by Tezuka Productions aired from January to March 2019 on TBS and other channels. The series is a commercial success, being the 5th best-selling manga in 2019, and the 3rd best-selling manga in the first half of 2020 in Japan. In 2019, the manga won the award for the shnen category at the 43rd annual Kodansha Manga Awards. High school student Futaro Uesugi is an academically gifted student that leads a difficult life-his mother has died, he has no friends, and on top of all that, his father has incurred a large amount of debt. An opportunity presents itself when the rich Nakano family transfers to his school.

Futaro is promptly hired as a highly paid tutor. However, much to Futaro's dismay, he discovers that his five charges-identical quintuplet sisters of varied personalities-have no interest in studying at all and have abysmal grades. Some of the quintuplets are against having Futaro, whom they view as a stranger, in their apartment, but Futaro's diligent tenacity gradually convinces those girls to accept him and to improve their grades. Throughout the series, Futaro develops special relationships with each of the quintuplets. Through a flashforward, it is revealed that he eventually marries one of them, but her true identity is only revealed near the end of the series. The idea of ​​"a group of quintuplets falling in love with the same person" existed even before the serialization of Haruba's previous work, Karma of Purgatory (2014-2015), but was very simple at that time. The idea was denied by his editor-in-charge. A year after, after the end of Karma of Purgatory, he discussed with his editor-in-charge what to serialize next.

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