What Did Akito Do To Kisa

Akira and Akito were very close, since Akira deeply loved his daughter and saw her as the biggest proof of the love between him and Ren. Whle he wasn't able to mediate between Akito and Ren, he always was there as much as he could for Akito, cheering her up and telling her that she was a child destined to be loved. When Akira fatally collapsed due to his illness, Akito was by his side. Akira died reaffirming his belief that Akito was a chosen person whose destiny was to be loved. Akito was visibly devastated by his death. Akito treasured the box the Sohma Maid claimed to contain Akira's soul deeply and even though she eventually figured out it actually had nothing, Akito couldn't get rid of it as it was the only thing she could connect her father with. She was both bitter and saddened upon revealing the box actually had nothing to the point of tears. An insanely jealous Ren refuses to hold or show any kind of affection for her daughter.

39;s curse breaking leaves Akito shocked and prevents her from stabbing her mother.

Ever since birth, Ren completely loathed Akito. She saw her child as the first person in Akira's heart, after a long time where she was Akira's everything, and thus she was consumed with jealousy. She threatened to abort the unborn Akito over learning that she was carrying a girl, unless Akito was raised as a man; later she'd refuse to even hold her and often yelled that Akito was just tricking and deceiving everyone into loving her. As Akira died and Akito started to become more and more unstable, Ren often taunted her with how no one truly loved her, no one really respected her, and everyone would abandon her - this is one of the sources of Akito's wild mood swings and abuse of the Zodiacs, since she wants to keep them by her side no matter what. Hiro's curse breaking leaves Akito shocked and prevents her from stabbing her mother. Due to this, Akito came to hate her mother quite as well: Her hatred towards her made her so angry that Shigure would sleep with her that she immediately banished him from the main house despite her love and desire for him. Whenever they interacted, Akito constantly sawthed in rage as Ren continued to degrade and mock her and both times they interacted in the present, it quickly escalated into physical violence, which Ren welcomed and stimulated. When Ren laughed at Akito's proclamation that none of the Zodiac members would leave her, Akito angrily started choking her. Towards the end of the series, Akito nearly attacked her in a fit of rage, but stopped when she felt Hiro's curse lifted.

Akito remembers her young self watching a teenage Shigure from afar.

While Akito seemed to have let go of her hatred towards her mother after becoming friends with Tohru and changing back into her old kind person and wishing to be better, to where she was noted to have tried to reconcile with her, her mother's rejection effectively ensured they remain on antagonistic terms. Though Akito was noted to have the power to banish her from the family, she decided not to, probably out of newfound pity and empathy towards her mental condition. This would come to haunt her as Ren remaining in the Sohma Family did nothing to change her hatred towards Akito and she almost killed Shiki, forcing Akito to protect her son. A very young and curious Akito asks Shigure if he loves her. A crying Akito is comfortable in his arms by Shigure when they were younger. Akito remembers her young self watching a teenage Shigure from afar. She admits that Shigure was the Zodiac member she was always the most afraid of leaving her because of how distant he felt from her.

Unlike the others, Shigure was never afraid of her and so, despite their differences in status, she always saw him as an equal. His detached attitude made her want to get his attention, most likely leading her to develop romantic feelings for him. An enraged Akito expels Shigure from the Sohma Estate. Alas, any romance they were developing quickly ended when Kureno and Akito slept together, which lead to Shigure sleeping with Ren out of revenge. This act was deeply infuriated and devastated Akito, not only because it was a small defeat in the game she had with her mother but her crush sleeping with the mother who had constantly abused her was a very personal offense, leading to her banishing Shigure from the main house as punishment. However, despite this, Akito still could not erase her feelings for Shigure, being betrayed and hurt when he left without a word of protest and unwilling to not only admit defeat or let go of her pride but also unable to completely let him go, Akito continued to cling to him, allowing him to visit her and seeing every meeting as a sign that the bond was still there, drawing him to her. Akito, who often suffers from sickly weakness and lack of energy, receives a cold visit from Shigure. Shigure's attitude, however, underwent a complete change.

Unlike when they were children, he was never kind to her, never fawned over her during these encounters the way her faithful zodiac was supposed to, and was always cold around her, which irritated her greatly as she saw it as his way of usurping the bond or "curse" between them. It was also clear that while she likely didn't know Shigure was actively trying to break the curse and change her so they could be together, she was fully aware of his rebellious whims and desires, which only served to distance them further, turning their relationship into one of tense exchanges and power moves. Akito berates Shigure that he no longer looks at her exclusively and that he isn't kind to her as before. Even so, however, as Kureno stated it, despite being in a sexual relationship with him, Akito only truly loved Shigure and wants him above all else to be by her side. Akito kisses Shigure to seduce him and prevent him from leaving her. Likewise, Akito outright asked about the woman who was with Shigure and bitterly asked if he had slept with all the woman he knew, even soon lashing out as she reminded him that he slept with Ren. She appears to show some guilt when Shigure coldly reveals that he only did it because she slept with Kureno herself and despite lashing back that she believes she did nothing wrong as she was the "God" of the Zodiacs and could do as she please, she became quickly desperate when Shigure was about to coldly leave out of exasperation and bitterness and proceeded to kiss and sleep with him.

An angry and hurt Akito says she doesn't need Shigure if he is going to be cruel to her in difficult times. However, he is back to his cold, unsympathetic self by their next meeting. Angry and hurt, Akito declares that she "doesn't need someone who is cruel in hard times", reverting their relationship back to its previous tense state. A desperate and emotionally shocked Akito asks Shigure for help in the face of Tohru's accident. When Tohru falls off a cliff, Shigure is the first one Akito sees. She clings to him with relief and Yuki seems to notice their strangely familiar dynamic. He comforts and sits next to Akito--not above or below, but beside her, as her equal. After Akito makes her decision to let the bond go, she tells Shigure to hurry and go--that she doesn't need his sarcasm or spite--but when he gives her a "farewell present", she bursts in to hysterics until Shigure explains he does not plan to say goodbye to her but to her old self. Akito flinches back, bewildered from Shigure's advances on her. When Shigure approaches her and tries to touch her, Akito, who had lived her life until that point rejecting her womanhood, flinches back, bewildered, from his advances. Akito and Shigure confess their feelings and reconcile.

She comes to accept her femininity along with her desire for Shigure as a man and asks him to stand beside her as she takes on her role as the head of the Sohma family. He is a great emotional support for her as she tries to change the Sohma family from the inside out and for the better. They eventually got married and have a son named Shiki Sohma. Shiki noted despite Akito being often away dealing with problems outside the main house she and Shigure maintain a loving and supportive marriage, often affectionately taking care of their son together. Akito protecting Shiki from Ren. Akito lovingly hugging her son Shiki when he was an infant. Akito and Shiki seem to be quite close, according to Shiki himself. She once protected him from his grandmother Ren's attempts to kill him, and has done her best to raise him well despite the tensions in the Sohma clan and how they don't seem to accept either mother or son. Akito is pushed away from Yuki by Tohru to protect him. Akito scratches Tohru's cheek upon revealing her identity and after she protected Momiji. Tohru is the only outsider, other than Kana, who had been a victim of Akito's abuse. She's also the only one who was brave enough to protect at least two members of the Zodiac from Akito. When she stopped Akito from hitting Momiji, Akito scratched her left cheek, which was tended to later and covered with a bandage. An hysterical Akito slashes Tohru's arm.

Later, towards the end of the series, Akito (who had just tried to kill her mother Ren and had also stabbed Kureno) sliced ​​Tohru's arm open with a knife out of anger and fear that she "broke her world" and made her the enemy. Tohru reaches Akito's heart. Tohru did not run away even after this, however, and realized that both young women had something in common: they were both of being left behind by the people they love. Akito opened herself up to Tohru after she explained that the two of them are the same for their attempt to maintain their "everlasting" wish and offer the chance to start over and become friends, before she fell off the cliff. And instead of gloating about this, Akito ran off to search for help for Tohru, leading to her sobbing by Shigure's side as Yuki and Kyo tend to her until the ambulance arrives and Tohru is hospitalized. Tohru comforts Akito after the curse breaks. Tohru's brave actions has changed Akito, finally realizing the error in her ways, with the help of her memory of her father, Akira and releasing the Sohmas from their curse. Furthermore, Akito accepted Tohru's hand of friendship as she visited her in the hospital and after Akito let go of the bonds and the curse breaks, Tohru comforts Akito as the two embraced each other. Akito and Shiki learn hand games from Tohru.

In Fruits Basket Another, Tohru and Akito stayed very close. There's a panel that has the two of them chat pleasantly and spending time with their kids (Tohru and Kyo's youngest daughter plus Akito and Shigure's son Shiki Sohma). Saki identifies Akito as a female and treats her kindly. When Akito visited a wounded Tohru in the hospital, remorseful for the part that she had on her accident, she was greeted by Arisa and Saki. It's implied that Saki realized almost right there that Akito was female (probably due to her powers) and treated her kindly. The two seem to get along pretty well later, with Saki even nicknaming her "A-chan" (much to Akito's embarrassment). Their friendship continues in Fruits Basket Another, and it extends to their sons Shiki and Rio Mosca. The oldest Sohma Maid gives Akito the box as a charm to give her confidence in her father's love for her. The Sohma maid tells Akito that she cannot change her rules and principles so easily. The elder of the Sohma main house's maid has been a stable presence in Akito's life ever since she was little. She's strongly implied to have done the main share of her raising, and in fact she's the only woman Akito has always gotten along with. Kana is a member of the Sohma clan, but not a Cursed one. After the incident where Akito blinded Hatori for asking her to bless his and Kana's engagement, Akito blamed Kana and the severity of Hatori's injury.

She did so in such a violent and repeated manner that Kana became depressed to the point where Hatori had to erase her memory to put her out of her misery. Kazuma, also a Sohma but not a Zodiac, was hardly around Akito to even experience any form of abuse. Akito herself didn't seem to have any negative feelings towards him and never did anything to Kazuma. Though due to his relationship with Kyo and the cat before him, Kazuma disapproved of Akito's treatment of Kyo and was willing to defy Akito for it. Akito most likely didn't know about this, as there was no mention of her directly confronting and challenging Kazuma's efforts even when she abused Kyo, and by the end of the series, Akito ended up willingly giving Kyo his freedom. It did appear that Kazuma didn't really hate Akito and supported the forgiveness his fellow Sohma showed for her when she broke the curse willingly, while Akito herself either never found out what Kazuma intended to do or simply saw Kazuma's desires as being righteous and just and decided to leave him in peace in her redemption. Yuki's torment at Akito's hands when he was a child. Yuki, out of all the Sohmas, suffered the most from Akito's abuse, mostly throughout his childhood.

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