What are the Negative Impacts of Reading Wattpad

Reading can be a hobby, reduce stress, or an obligation such as studying and doing assignments from textbooks or through e-learning. The media used also vary, ranging from paper in the form of books, digital screens in the form of applications or website services or in the form of e-books. E-books do make it easier for the current generation who have an interest in reading. Besides being easy to carry everywhere, this e-book makes it easier for us to find reading topics that we like. One of the factors that decrease interest in reading books also comes from the incompleteness of the book on a topic, even though we have read the synopsis at the back of the book, sometimes there are still synopsis and the contents of the book have nothing to do. One application that is shaped like an e-book is Wattpad. Wattpad is usually popular among teenagers, because most romance novels printed and sold in bookstores are adaptations of their work on Wattpad. The Wattpad application certainly has its positives and negatives, its influence is also rooted in oneself, we must be able to sort out which ones are appropriate and which are not to be read. Because this orange application is still low in security, it is not uncommon to find stories that are not educational and even provide a booth for it, such as explicit pornography, story plagiarism, and bullying. Self-awareness is very important because the Wattpad application can also change the mindset and attitudes and habits of users.

Therefore, in this paper the author will explain the various effects of reading using the Wattpad application on users. 1. What is reading? 2. What is the Wattpad app? 3. What are the positive effects of the Wattpad application on users? 4. What are the negative effects of the Wattpad application on users? 5. How to overcome bad attitudes and habits due to the influence of the Wattpad application? In this paper, the problem that will be discussed will be limited to two topics, namely, the positive influence of the Wattpad application on users and the negative effect of the Wattpad application on users. 1. Provide information about reading. 2. Provide information about the Wattpad application. 3. Explaining the positive influence of the Wattpad application on users. 4. Explain the negative impact of the Wattpad application on users. 5. Explains how to overcome bad attitudes and habits due to the Wattpad application. 6. Provide insightful knowledge to readers. 7. As one of the profiles of graduates of SMP Labschool Jakarta. The research method used in this paper is a qualitative method. There are 50 questionnaires distributed online on social media. Reading may be familiar if it is mentioned as a hobby or spare time filler. According to the book "Parenting Literacy" written by Kurniawan, et al. According to Finochiaro and Bonomo (1973: 119), reading is understanding a meaning and its meaning contained in written language. Meanwhile, according to Tampubolon (1990: 5), reading is a way to develop reasoning power. Meanwhile, according to Samsu Somadayo (2011: 4), reading is an interactive activity to pick and understand the meaning contained in written materials.

Wattpad has paved the way for self-publishing because of this.

It can be concluded that reading is understanding a meaning and its meaning as a way to master science, fostering the power of reasoning contained in written materials. By reading, the brain will indirectly understand and understand about an event described in the story. One application that makes it easy for readers is the Wattpad application. Melanie Ramdarshan Bold in her journal entitled "The Return of the Social Author: Negotiating Authority and Influence on Wattpad" (2018: 117), states that Wattpad is the latest example of how a new generation of influential and innovative writers is entering the publishing arena. Meanwhile, according to Dewi Purnama Sari in her journal entitled "The Effects of Short Story through Wattpad on Reading Comprehension Achievement of Non-English Major Students of Bina Darma University" (2017: 1), stated that one of the technologies that promote literature is Wattpad. Wattpad has paved the way for self-publishing because of this. Many people think that online writers are inferior to writers who publish in general.

With our many and broad insights, we will not be easily fooled by others.

Since online writers are usually younger and most students are publishing their stories, many work online for free. So based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that Wattpad is an application or a multi-platform website service for online writers and paving the way as a technology that promotes literature and has an innovative impact on the publishing stage. This Wattpad application also has a lot of influence for its users. Starting from positive influences as well as negative influences, we ourselves must also be able to distinguish between good and bad. There are many things that are not understood, sound foreign, and have never even heard of it, by reading the stories on Wattpad, we can add insight. With our many and broad insights, we will not be easily fooled by others. Sundanese, Madurese, etc.). Sometimes, for the readers, there is a foreign vocabulary that sounds familiar but is also foreign to us. Indirectly we learn about the language contained, even if only a word or a sentence.

Love to read can reduce stress, improve concentration, analytical thinking skills, etc. There is a time when we feel bored to do an activity, even a very light activity. Wattpad we can fill our spare time by reading, compared to filling our spare time with something useless. There is a time when we have read enough stories so that we want to write stories made by ourselves. There are some people who like to write stories, and there are also people who don't like writing stories. The benefits can be in the form of training the brain, increasing creativity, reducing senility, etc. Our imagination will usually appear when imagining or seeing a cool scene, but to bring it up is very difficult. Usually there are several scenes that can spark the imagination. It could also be when reading stories that are in the sci-fi genre and those in the cliché genre such as romance can also develop imagination. With a broad imagination we can sharpen the brain, increase empathy, self-exploration, etc. There are several Wattpad writers who are very concerned about the writing language such as whether or not the words or sentences are standardized, so that we know which one is correct through writing the standard language by the author. Standard language is also important for daily life as well as good and correct writing. Wattpad stories are usually seen from two or more points of view, such as the female lead, the male lead, and it can also be from a brother or friend of the story actor. Usually their opinions are different and each actor also has their own reasons why they have different opinions. Therefore, what we can take is to respond to a situation through various points of view.

39;t continue the next chapter or even finish it.

Usually if we read a story that has funny scenes or indeed our sense of humor is the same as the writer of the story, we will laugh. It could also be that when the two main characters end happily, we as story readers also feel happy. There are some stories that give story boundaries or cover stories with very cool illustrations, there are wishes for some people who want good borders and cover stories so they learn photoshop, and there are also stories about how to do photoshop and the procedures. In addition to the positive effects, of course there are some negative effects. It's hard to be counted on the fingers when we find good work on the Wattpad app. Usually a good work can make us addicted, because if one chapter passes it feels like something is up if we don't continue the next chapter or even finish it. Addiction also causes poor health, easy stress, etc. Using gadgets for a long time can also make us lazy. As a result, the body and bones weaken because the body rarely moves.

Just like addiction, once we are addicted, we will lose track of time. Everything that we have planned in the end does not get done because we have lost track of time so that the time needed to do something is not enough, we become individuals who are not disciplined about time, and are irresponsible. One of the bad effects of staring at a screen for too long is eye damage, which is nearsightedness or often referred to as minus. The distance between the eyes and the screen of the gadget that is too close can also be the effect of eye damage. Of course, if we read Wattpad through gadgets, we will be busy with gadgets. Too busy with gadgets can cause several effects that are also present at this point such as addiction, laziness, forgetting time, disrupting study time, etc. Parents can also advise or scold for being too busy with gadgets. The time that should be used for studying is actually being misused to read Wattpad. Wattpad can interfere with study time. As a result, it can be like missing the subject matter and getting bad grades due to lack of study time.

Postponing work is also almost the same as interrupting study time, but it is not limited to studying only. Procrastination also applies to all users with various types of work, ranging from household chores (cooking, washing clothes and dishes, drying, etc.) to even work at the office or school. As a result, the work becomes piled up and does not have enough time to do it. Because we read stories at night or into the night, usually we can't sleep anymore. Wattpad to get rid of insomnia. What happens is memory decline, health problems, etc. Dialogue and storylines that are too fictional can also lead to over-fantasy. As a result, it can cause excessive fantasies or what is often called halu (hallucinations), but not in the sense of hallucinations of sensory experiences without the stimulation of the senses. Wattpad provides the option to flag if a published story contains adult content such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, etc. So that only ages 18 and over are encouraged to read, but many users ignore this policy. Everyone must have bad habits, which will harm themselves and even the other person concerned. Bad habits will only destroy character, even causing us to be left behind in doing something.

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