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Mikan Sakura (佐仓蜜柑,, Sakura Mikan?), or more appropriately Mikan Yukihira (行平 蜜柑, Yukihira Mikan), is the female protagonist of Gakuen Alice, who posses three very unique Alices--the Nullification, Stealing and Inserting Alices. Her story begins after she follows Hotaru Imai (Mikan's best friend) to a place called Alice Academy--a Tokyo school supposedly exclusive for geniuses of Hotaru's caliber. There she finds out the truth about the academy, and as she was enrolled afterwards, the truth about herself. Aside from being Hotaru's best friend, she also goes on to become the love interest and eventual wife of Natsume Hyūga. Mikan is voiced by Kana Ueda with a strong Kansai dialect. Mikan is an optimistic, cute, athletic and good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is a cheerful and energetic person, much to the annoyance of her mellow-headed best friend, Hotaru, and used to live with her adoptive grandfather in the country before transferring to Alice Academy.

Mikan was ten when she debuted. Petite and average in height, Mikan's most prominent features are her big brown eyes (often depicted as amber or olive) and a heart-shape faced with a small nose, very similar to her mother, Yuka Azumi. She usually sports her long brown locks in two pig tails, with the tips curling naturally, although she changes this from time to time, often to match with the occasion at present. Mikan is said to be her mother's splitting image, especially in the instances when she lets her hair down. The only difference, however, are Mikan's fringes that split in the middle, reminiscent of her father's, Izumi Yukihira, hairstyle. Mikan is usually seen donning the standard female elementary school uniform--a black cardigan over a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, matched with a plaid red mini-skirt, and black knee-length boots. Mikan in the different Gakuen Alice Elementary School uniforms. The manga has also shown her in the summer uniform, which consists of a short-sleeved blouse, the typical patterned skirt, thigh-high socks, and black shoes.

Instead of being in the middle, her fringes have moved to left side.

She is always seen with a smile and cheerful attitude. By age 16, she grows taller and her hairstyle changes. Instead of being in the middle, her fringes have moved to left side. She also lets her hair down with some hair rolled in a bun. Cute and optimistic, also energetic, Mikan may look like an ordinary girl, but she is a gifted Alice. In terms of personality, Mikan is good-natured and caring towards her friends. Her clumsiness may lead her to trouble most of the time, but she has a very determined spirit. Her mottoes, "Never Lose!" and "Never Give up! ", have carried her through countless trials in her life in the academy. Despite being a klutz, Mikan is quite athletic and is an excellent runner. In fact, her best subject is PE, along with Home Economics. She houses a number of talents, which includes singing, dancing and playing the recorder. While she is below average in academics, Mikan is considered to be a walking barrier in the school because of her Alice. Mikan is a capable cook, as such she was shown teaching Sumire Shoda how to cook in the Anime and her ability to make tasty mochi and valentines chocolate. Her favorite treat is Fluff Puffs (Howalon in Japanese).

Like her father, Mikan is highly upbeat, loud, outgoing yet foolish and several times in the series she is shown to cheer up her friends. Nodacchi comments on how similar she is to her father as she is able to befriend everybody around her and overcome many obstacles. She exhibits strong attachments to her friends and loved ones. She has a fear of the dark and ghosts, and can easily freak out. When it comes to romance and love, she is very clueless despite her many admirers, a trait similar to her mother, because she believed that she was too young to like boys. She is even oblivious to the romantic feelings that Natsume and Ruka have for her. When she does learn of their feelings, she reacts calmly and analyzes her own feelings for them, concluding she loves Natsume as a lover and Ruka as a dear friend. Apart from that, her innocent and cheerful personality allows her to befriend others easily, whether they are rivals or strangers. Her charms have even managed to turn a lot of students into friends and admirers. She also admires those who care deeply for others and inspires her to help her friends as much as possible. Although at first disliking Natsume for his cold and rude attitude, Mikan immediately exhibited genuine concern for his well-being and wanted to help Natsume with his personal issues. Eventually she became protective of Natsume after learning his dark past and the abuse he endures, vowing to never forgive anyone who hurts him. She gradually grew to suspect he had become romantically interested in her and, once he confirmed this, she realized she had fallen in love with him a long time ago.

Although seen as timid when it comes to romance, Mikan reacts maturely by setting boundaries in her relationship with Natsume; she allows him to kiss her, she is the one who proposes they do the Alice Stone Exchange and become soul mates, she pledges her commitment to him, and openly refers to Natsume as her fiancé. Mikan's forgiveness of Natsume for his past actions reveal her maturity in contrast to her whiny and childish impulsiveness. An endearing young girl with an innocent heart, Mikan is an incredibly brave, honorable and compassionate person, often risking her life and happiness for those dear to her. She is shown to be very caring, sensitive and somewhat stubborn as she won't back down without a fight, as shown with her regular bickering with Natsume. She can also be a crybaby at times. Mikan is the type of person who easily forgets her worries and problems, mostly appearing happy and smiling. She always tries to make the best out of a bad situation, a trait that never fails to amaze even her closest friends. Often she can be clever and mature when needed. In contrast to her naivety, she can exhibit clever thinking and perceptiveness during critical situations. Although she is a bit hot-tempered, she tends to forgive people who bully or tease her, that is unless they show they regret their actions; for example, she was named "Mikan No Kimi", which means crimson rose, in the HanaHime Arc after she forgave two girls who were jealous of her and apologized to her once Shizune threatened to kick them out of the HanaHime, and when she forgave Persona for her father's death and the abuse of Natsume after he apologized to her and offered to help her escape from the ESP.

A lot of people were doubtful of her at first, however, with her cheerfulness and charms, Mikan eventually gains a lot of friends and admirers in the academy. Dangerous Ability Class. Mikan grew to despise the Elementary School Principal once she learned he is source of the sufferings within the Academy and personally ordered her parents to be murdered so he could use her for his own benefit. Mikan, however, was considerate of her friends' safety and was willing to be a captive rather than watch them suffer. Although she wanted the ESP to be punished for his crimes and wanted revenge for what he had done to her parents and Natsume, Mikan never wished for him to be killed but when he was, she reacted calmly and relieved. Mikan was born as Mikan Yukihira to Yuka Azumi and Izumi Yukihira. Baby Mikan with her mother Yuka. Yuka didn't know she was pregnant when Izumi died. Yuka gave birth to Mikan after escaping from the academy and lived with Kaoru Igarashi for several months before deciding to leave and raise Mikan on her own.

When Mikan became seriously ill and the academy was close to capturing them, Yuka left Mikan with an elderly man, who adopted her as his granddaughter and renamed her Mikan Sakura. Mikan was told that her parents died soon after she was born and didn't know anything else about them. According to Mikan, she was the only kid in her old school who didn't have parents, which always made her curious about her past. 5 year old Mikan. At first, Mikan didn't really cared to be friends with Hotaru to her bluntness and serious attitude, but when they entered a dance and singing competition together - after Hotaru having said that "two cute girls like them should stick together" - and won it, she decided to be Hotaru's best friend. Because of their win, the two of them instantly became famous in their neighborhood. From then on, Mikan began to care deeply for Hotaru, and they became as close as sisters, even though their personalities were and are the exact opposites. They constantly fought and argued; Mikan had the tendency to get upset whenever Hotaru would be cold towards her, but even so, they really cared for each other.

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After they entered the fourth grade, when Mikan heard that her school was going to be demolished, she led a protest to stop such an act, since it contained so many memories. However, no one joined her. In the manga, Mikan discovers that Hotaru left to give money to the school because the academy gives money in return and the school was going to close down. Hotaru wanted to protect the school because that is where she met Mikan. One day, she was shocked to hear that Hotaru was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young "geniuses" like her when she received a note from Hotaru through her 'turtle mail'. She was horrified when she learned that the academy was an all-in-one escalator school where the students would not be allowed to see their parents until they graduated. When she heard rumors that students were treated like slaves in Alice Academy (which she felt was a possibility, since the government gave money to the parents for sending their children to the school), Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself. In a omake, there is a flashback about her when she was five and went to a festival with her grandfather. She went to go play with her friends and they had made a bet with her to get the candy bags on top of a hill (or more specifically, a courage test).

Mikan Sakura is ten years old when she is first introduced.

However, the girls she got teamed up with got scared, and she had to set out by herself to get the "fun" bags for herself and her friends. When she got the bags, a heart-shaped light reflection came over her, meaning her father was watching over her. Mikan Sakura is ten years old when she is first introduced. She used to live with her grandfather in the country, until she learned that her friend, Hotaru Imai was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young "geniuses" like her. She was horrified when she learned that the academy was an all-in-one escalator school where the students were not allowed to see their parents until they graduated. When she heard rumors that students were like slaves in Alice Academy, which she felt was a possibility since they gave money to parents for sending their children to the school. She left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself. At the gate of the school she encountered Narumi who saved her from kidnappers who wanted to enroll her into a fake school. Narumi felt she also may have an Alice and decided she could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children with extraordinary powers. As they were talking Natsume Hyūga, a boy with the Fire Alice blasted the wall of the school. Narumi was able to apprehend Natsume with a beanwhip and using his Pheromone Alice to cause Natsume to faint, thus shocking Mikan into thinking that Narumi hurts Hotaru and other students. Mikan waited inside a office for Narumi, who had briefly left so he could inform the principal of her arrival, with an unconscious Natsume.

Suddenly, a teacher, Misaki, bursts through the door yelling that Narumi had stolen his bean whips, startingling Mikan. After calming Mikan down from her initial shock and sharing introductions, he then explains to her about Alices and the school, as well as answers some of her questions. He tells her about Narumi not being a bad person and informs Mikan about Natsume's black cat mask that Mikan is holding, telling her to "avoid black cats". Misaki has to leave for an emergency, but informs her to push a certain button if Natsume were to wake up. Mikan is being threatened by Natsume to tell her identity. Alone and bored, Mikan pinches Natsume's nose to see whether or not he was really asleep and when she turns away, believing him to really not be awake, he abruptly grabs onto her hair, forcing her onto the couch below him. He demands her identity callously, even threatening to use his Alice on her if she refuses. Ruka Nogi, a friend of Natsume's, then crashes into the room through a window and Narumi and Misaki return. Mikan then rushes to them, scared of what had just happened, while Natsume and Ruka quickly head to the window, intending to escape out of it.

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