Over 20 Years Ago

Rudolf-Duala-Manga-Bell-Platz - Ulm - IIAshura Doji as he appeared over 25 years ago. Ashura Doji is a very large man with lightly puffy hair that is gathered into a topknot. She was wearing an open kimono with flowers on it that exposed her chest. She has flower tattoos on her arms and upper chest. Ashura had been a dangerous criminal in the past. After being defeated by Kozuki Oden, he became his vassal. It seems that he values ​​strength. At some point, he and the other Nine Red Scabbards attempted to steal money from Shimotsuki Yasuie to support Oden. Ashura was a very loyal person as he still referred to Oden as "Oden-sama" even after his death. His loyalty is also shown when he patiently tries to gather an army of samurai to support the Kozuki Family. He is also very brave and almost fearless. When he meets Jack in Okobore City who is the lord of Kuri and one of the Star Beasts Pirates, the former is not afraid to attack the latter immediately and is not even afraid of Jack's reputation. However, he is also careful about Kaido's strength, but he will fight Kaido if he needs to. He is also a very caring person. When the samurai he gathered tried to attack Kaido in Onigashima, he cried and tried to stop them, but his words were in vain because they didn't listen.

39;s heroism in feeding the citizens of Okobore City.

After losing these comrades, Ashura finally lost hope and returned to being a criminal under the alias Shutenmaru and formed a band of thieves because he was disillusioned and nihilistic towards the country. After returning to being a criminal, he became an aggressive and arrogant person. He had stolen both from the Wano Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, and from the poorest citizens for the exact same motive of self-reliance. He also didn't care what would happen to this country due to the lack of strong and noble people like Oden. Because of that, Ashura was fed up with Luffy's heroism in feeding the citizens of Okobore City. He also refuses to rejoin the Kozuki Family after they return for their campaign to overthrow Kaido and Orochi. Despite his stupidity and nihilism towards the citizens of Wano, Ashura still has compassion as he secretly feels sympathy for the citizens of Ebisu City who have lost the ability to express grief and anger from eating the SMILE that Orochi manipulated to eat. He is also distraught when Yasuie is executed, showing that he still cares deeply for those who are his comrades. After deciding to rejoin the Nine Red Scabbards, Ashura became friendly with his friends again. Ashura is one of the few known Samurai to use Sunacchi which used to be part of the old Kuri dialect in Wano Country.

He was later defeated by Oden and became his follower.

Linear speed lines in black and white comic style background Ashura and his men often use it amongst themselves and in battle, they even use it against each other when most of Ashura's comrades set out on the ultimately fatal journey to Onigashima to defeat Kaido. Ashura seemed to enjoy drinking alcohol. In the past in the lawless Kuri Territory before the legacy of the Kozuki Family, Ashura Doji is confronted by Kozuki Oden, son of the Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki. He was later defeated by Oden and became his follower. He and the other retainers attempt to steal money from the daimyo Shimotsuki Yasuie to support Oden. Even after his death, Ashura still referred to him as "Oden-sama", showing undying respect and loyalty to the daimyo Kuri. However, after Oden's death and the Wano Country being taken over by Kaido and the new Shogun Orochi, Ashura tries to support the Kozuki Family by gathering allies and waiting for the missing Nine Red Scabbards and Momonosuke to return, though it ends in vain as all of his allies have died in the war. Kaido's hand. This led him to a severe bond with the Kozuki Family. Then, after the missing Nine Red Scabbards returned, their relationship became strained. Ashura became angry and frustrated at Kin'emon and the others for having been missing for so long.

Ashura said that he only respects and is loyal to someone named Oden, not to his family. In fact, he was angry that several of his comrades had died for nothing ten years ago. His hatred for the family was so great that he even referred to Momonosuke, who was Oden's son without honor, and resulted in Kikunojo expressing his disappointment. The closest thing to his romance Ashura revealed was that he saved them from his bandits. However, Kin'emon made it clear that he would make Ashura their ally and did not hesitate to frame him for theft. This only made Ashura angrier after he found out, but he was still lenient enough to listen to Kin'emon's apologies and requests. Ashura then showed Kin'emon and Inuarashi the graves of their fallen comrades and explained what happened to their allies after they lost patience in waiting for their return. Ashura eventually rejoins his team and invites his band of bandits to take part in the fight against Kaido and the Beasts Pirates. Ten years ago, Ashura tried to gather an army to support the Kozuki Family in the war against Kaido. However, after his comrades threw away their lives, Ashura lost hope and seemed to give up. Kaido acknowledged his strength and wanted him to join his crew, but Ashura had no intention of joining and pledged allegiance to the Beasts Pirates. However, she is well aware of Kaido's strength and will try to avoid him. Despite being bullied by Kaido, he is not afraid to fight with the Yonko's subordinates. When Ashura met Jack in Okobore City, the former did not hesitate to attack the latter and did not even fear his reputation. With Ashura rejoining Scabbard, he intends to help defeat Kaido.

Kaido doesn't seem to be aware of Ashura's relationship with the Kozuki Family as he only knows him as a thief named Shutenmaru. All members of the Mt Thief. Atama is very loyal and supports Shutenmaru, assisting him in stealing and robbing. When Shutenmaru decided to join the Kozuki Family's revolution, all of his subordinates happily agreed to join him. As the leader of the Mt. Atama, he has full authority over his men. According to Kin'emon, during his time as one of the Nine Red Scabbards, he was one of the most powerful members alongside Kawamatsu and Denjiro. Furthermore, he proved his ability to be able to hide from them all along. In terms of combat, Ashura Doji is very strong, as he was once feared as the most dangerous of all the villains who frequented Kuri in the era of chaos until he was defeated by Oden. Currently, Ashura claimed that he had become stronger in the past 20 years. Even Kaido, one of the Yonko, tried to recruit him, and Kin'emon praised him as the strength of 100 men. Holdem, the top brass of the Beasts Pirates, suspects that Monkey D. Luffy may be Ashura's subordinate leaving with his power. Inuarashi, one of the two strongest members of the Mink Tribe.

Despite his massive body, Ashura was extremely fast, able to charge towards Jack in an instant.

Despite being as strong as he was, Ashura was well aware that he could not defeat Kaido, preferring to retreat when facing him a second time. Ashura was able to apply immense physical strength to his swordsmanship, was able to clash with Jack, one of the Three Calamity Beasts, and even inflict the final major wound on his chest. Despite his massive body, Ashura was extremely fast, able to charge towards Jack in an instant. He also has incredible endurance, as he seems unfazed when Jack cuts his shoulder. Ashura Doji is a master swordsman and one of the strongest samurai in Wano. With a single slash, he could give Jack a massive wound to his chest and break one of his shotel blades. He then begins to fight evenly with Kaido's right-hand man in what the audience considers a high-level duel. More than 20 years ago, Ashura Doji was the most dangerous criminal in the lawless Kuri territory. However, he is confronted by Kozuki Oden and defeated, causing him to become Oden's vassal and assist him in his quest to bring peace to Kuri. Moments after the Nine Red Scabbards gathered, Daimyo Yasuie caught them stealing money from him. Instead of punishing them, Yasuie lets them take the money and encourages them to use it to become better people for the sake of Oden and Wano. Ashura watched his comrades sail towards their destruction while he desperately tried to stop them.

Ashura Doji attacks Jack.

Ten years after Oden was executed by Kaido and the new shogun Kurozumi Orochi, Ashura has many friends who become too excited to fight Kaido and Orochi and don't fully believe Toki's prophecy of the return of the lost Red Scabbard. Thus, they impatiently headed straight for Onigashima to fight Kaido. Ashura tried to stop them from throwing their lives away, but these words were in vain, and his comrades ended up perishing at Kaido's hands. Confused by the pointless deaths of his comrades, Ashura eventually loses hope, returns to being a criminal, and adopts the alias Shutenmaru. He also formed Mt. Atama Thief. At some point, he meets Kaido, where Kaido wants him to be part of his crew. Ashura also managed to get Kaido's fortress blueprints. A few weeks before Monkey D. Luffy's arrival in Wano Country, Ashura and other thieves managed to steal food from the farm Oden founded, which is now owned by Orochi. Ashura Doji attacks Jack. Ashura and the thieves came to Okobore Town, where they stole the fresh food that Luffy had given to the residents there. He is confronted by an old woman who believes that the samurai will return to protect them, and in response, Ashura prepares to attack him.

However, before he could, he came face to face with Jack from the Beast Pirates. Jack asks about the Straw Hat Pirates and mentions that Ashura was only left alive because Kaido wanted him as his subordinate. He insists that he will never join them and then attacks Jack with major wounds, causing the two to start fighting. Jack managed to injure Ashura, but he didn't falter. However, their duel is interrupted when Kaido arrives to tell Jack to bring the Straw Hats to him. Ashura and his gang then started to retreat into the forest. Kaido saw him and asked him to be his subordinate. Ashura prepares to fight, but Hawkins draws Kaido's attention to Oden Castle. Luffy attacks Kaido, Ashura tells his men to retreat to the mountain before witnessing Luffy's futile attempt to defeat Kaido. After Kaido defeated Luffy, Ashura saw an unconscious Luffy take down several of his Yonko subordinates with Haoshoku Haki and realized he had the same power as Oden. He then departed from Okobore City. Ashura clashed with Inuarashi because he refused to help the Kozuki Family anymore. At Mt. Atama, Ashura clashed with Inuarashi, but the fight was interrupted by Kin'emon. Ashura stated that while he admired Oden, he never swore allegiance to the entire family. However, Kin'emon ignored these claims and emphasized that he was determined to make Ashura their ally once again. Moments later, Mt. Atama is burned by one of Holdem's subordinates. Enraged, Ashura decided to go to Bakura Town to retaliate. He and his gang then enter Bakura Town and witness Yasuie's execution on broadcast.

After his execution, he was the only one of the Nine Red Scabbards to hold back his tears after Yasuie's death, and afterwards asked Kin'emon and Inuarashi if they knew about the SMILE fruits. Outside Bakura Town, Ashura learns that Kin'emon framed him for theft. He got angry and knocked Kin'emon to the ground. Kin'emon and Inuarashi apologized and once again asked Ashura to join them. Ashura then told Kin'emon and Inuarashi to follow him, wanting to show them something. When they arrived, Ashura showed them the graves of their dead comrades and explained what had happened to their allies ten years ago. He tells how they all lost their temper and tried to fight Kaido, but all of them were killed in battle. Ashura then decided that it was time for him to rejoin his comrades to avenge those who had fallen and also to overthrow Kaido and Orochi to restore the position of the Kozuki Family. Inuarashi and he then rejoiced and bragged to Kin'emon about how they had twenty years more fighting experience than him now. After being called the geezer duo by Kin'emon, the three started arguing, much to the concern of Ashura's henchmen.

Ashura then took Kin'emon and Inuarashi to the abandoned port and showed them the ships that could take their troops to Onigashima. Ashura then gave Kin'emon the blueprint of Kaido's residence. While Kin'emon was talking to Raizo via Smart Tanishi, Ashura was surprised to hear the number of allies Raizo's group had gained in Udon. He then joins a meeting with some of the key alliance members in Amigasa Village. Ashura then hears from Zoro and Kawamatsu that Hoyori is still alive. On the day of the raid on Onigashima, Ashura marched to the rebel rendezvous with Momonosuke, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kikunojo, Shinobu, Inuarashi, and Kawamatsu. Like O-Tama, he speaks in a dialect that is unique to certain regions of Japan. This area is known as Kagoshima, one of the prefectures created during the Meiji Era when the country moved away from the isolationism imposed by the Shogunate. The names Shutenmaru and Ashura Doji are likely references to Shuten-dōji, a mystical oni leader from Japanese legend. The middle kanji of his alias, "天" (ten, "天"?), is the Japanese kanji for "Heaven". This same kanji is visible on the bottle of sake he carries. 1.0 1.1 One Piece Manga - Vol. 92 Chapter 920 (p. 3), the silhouetted Ashura Doji first appears in flashbacks as Ashura Doji. 2.0 2.1 One Piece Manga - Chapter 917 (p.

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