Is Tensei Iida Alive

Tensei talking to his father. At some point, Tensei became an independent pro hero at a young age. During a meal, his father congratulated him for this and for having numerous sidekicks who follow him. Tensei thanked him for the compliment but corrected him by saying that it is actually the other way around, since he has no talent or anything and depends on his sidekicks to live up to the name of hero, glad that they help him to save people. His heroic yet humble demeanor makes his younger brother Tenya look up to him, aspiring to be a hero like him. One day, a young Tenya asked him what motivated him to be a Hero, to which Tensei half jokingly replied that to flirt with girls. More seriously, he replied that both their parents and grandfather were heroes, and therefore it was expected to him become a hero too, but in true he becomes one because he wanted to be a 'cool' type of Hero that helps others when they are in need.

The officer explains that the people in question were more victims than they were villains.

realistic distopia comic robot 3D modelWhen Tenya spoke of his admiration for his older brother, Tensei was joyful that Tenya looks up to him and said that he must be a great Hero since Tenya admires him. Tensei in a police meeting. Tensei is patrolling Naruhata when he receives a backup call due to an inexplicable and sudden appearance of several Instant Villains in the city. Tensei runs to the place where the villain outbreak is taking place and together with other heroes who had also received the call, they subdue all the Instant Villains in a short space of time. Sometime later, Tensei attends a meeting at the police station with several of the heroes who had participated in suppressing the outbreak. Once in the meeting room, Detective Eizo Tanuma informs them that the Instant Villains they had defeated are unwilling civilians who were injected with Trigger by someone. The officer explains that the people in question were more victims than they were villains. When the meeting ends, and Tensei prepares to return to his duties, the police station is attacked by the Suicide Bomber. Tensei and other heroes prepare to face him, but the villain is quickly defeated by Midnight and Eraser Head. After congratulating them for their work, Tensei leaves.

A rich girl hired a poor guy like me to sleep next to her [Manga dub] Tensei chases the Running Villain. Some days later, Tensei and his hero agency Team Idaten are dispatched to the Naruhata district highway for reports of a runner-type villain whose Quirk is amplified by Trigger. This time, Team Idaten's PITO1 truck is chasing the running villain, and after having confirmed that there are no civilian vehicles ahead, PITO1 allows Turbo Hero "Ingenium" to chase down the running villain. While Tensei is initially able to catch up to the villain, he fails to match with the villain's greater range of mobility, for which the villain mockingly states that the Turbo Hero must stake his life on running if he wants to catch him. The villain effortlessly avoids Tensei's attempt to subdue him and kicks him, causing Tensei to crash due to his high speed. An airbag system prevents the crash from being fatal. The villain manages to escape and disappears. Tensei offers Koichi a spot on his Hero Team. Determined to catch him next time they meet, Tense decides to jog through the streets of that part of the city to study the terrain well. During a morning jog, he meets with Koichi Haimawari who was using his Slide and Glide Quirk without permission.

39;s biggest faults when using his Quirk.

Tensei catches up to Koichi, which shocks him, and manages to stop Koichi from crashing. Tensei introduces himself to Koichi as the Turbo Hero: Ingenium. Koichi is fully aware of the law preventing the use of Quirks in daily life and decides to practice early in the morning to avoid authorities, so he fears Tensei arrest him for illegally using his Quirk. Instead of arresting Koichi, Tensei takes an interest in his mobility-type Quirk and even offers him advice, apparently solving one of Koichi's biggest faults when using his Quirk. Impressed by Koichi and his Quirk, Tensei happily offers him a business card to Team Idaten, assuring him that even an unlicensed hero such as Koichi could find a place on his team, and in time obtain his hero license. Tensei lures Bat Villain to a trap. Later, Tensei and Team Idaten are again tasked with capturing the runner-type villain, who notes that Tensei seems to be making sharper movements. Tensei made the decision earlier to sacrifice all the safety measures of his suit (much to his team's disapproval), in order to shed as much weight as possible and match the villain in his mobility. The villain believes he has successfully convinced Tensei to foolishly risk his life to keep up with him, but Tensei makes clear that he did not merely endanger himself to keep pace; instead, he is trusting that his team will keep him safe. Tensei and his team devise a strategy in which Tensei would lure the villain into a dead-end strip of the highway, with the rest of Team Idaten ready to apprehend the villain when he falls into their trap.

While Tensei is kept safe thanks to the crash pads his team laid out for him, the villain avoids the trap entirely when he reveals he has bat wings and the ability of flight. The Bat Villain then escapes from the highway and takes to an old part of the Higashi-Naruhata district, all while avoiding Team Idaten's coordinated attempts to corner and subdue him. Tensei remarks the difficulty of the operation is due to the town's unfamiliar layout and the villain's ability to use the shadows to his advantage. Tensei asks Koichi for his business card back. Later in the chase, Tensei and his team unexpectedly find the villain beaten and subdued, all thanks to the efforts of the vigilantes Knuckleduster and The Crawler. The Crawler claims that being used to the old district's layout makes it easy to determine the villain's likely escape route. Seeing that their job is done, the Vigilantes retreat. A Hero of Team Idaten asks Tensei if they should chase after them. However, Tensei decides to call it a night. The next morning, Tensei meets with Koichi again during his morning jog in order to thank him, having recognized him from the night before.

Though Koichi is of having his identity revealed, Tensei says that the vigilante's secret identity is safe with him. Tensei then requests the return of his business card, claiming that Koichi has already found his place as "The Crawler", and he respects him for it. Much to Koichi's dissatisfaction, he returns the card, to which Tensei makes the attempt to cheer up his jogging buddy with a friendly race. While in Tokyo, Tensei and his team received a request for help: a cat with a Quirk had taken control of a bus full of tourists and was now roaming the streets without control, so it was feared that the situation would end in a disastrous accident. Tensei decides to go ahead to help the tourists. Ingenium and The Crawler work together. Everyone in the bus is panicking until Ingenium comes to the rescue as he enters the bus, finding that Koichi is also one of the passengers, with his mother Shoko and his friend Makoto. They both decide to pretend they don't know each other. The driver informs him he cannot use the brake or steer the vehicle, to which the Pro Hero notices it would be difficult to stop something so big, and fears for the possibility that the bus may have crash in an urban area. Suddenly, Knuckleduster appears in front of the vehicle, holding a large handmade cat toy to get the attention of the cat bus, and tosses it aside to make the bus divert into an express lane, and thus prevent it from crashing.

Still, now they are heading to a destroyed overpass and they only have a few minutes time-limit to the hero. Team Idaten comes on its way with a truck, including their new recruit, Enigma, who uses her Quirk to transfer passengers from the uncontrolled bus to the truck. Koichi's group are the last three people to be rescued. Ingenium uses his Ultimate Move: Rocket Charge. Unfortunately, Kuin Hachisuka, the villain responsible for the whole situation, has been watching the events, and she is not willing to make things easy for Tensei and his team, so she gives the cat a dose of Trigger, causing it to attack the truck and move away, with Makoto still on board. Right as Ingenium goes after the bus to rescue her, he starts to run out of gas. He informs his crew about this but they can't help because the truck is out of commission as they ask for a request of someone with a mobile Quirk. Koichi decided to help under his aka as The Crawler, giving him grape juice to fill his fuel. The two collaborated together to catch up the bus as they try to dodge its tail. At one point, Tensei has to use a Recipro Burst to kick the Cat Bus when it is about to hurt Koichi, but in doing so, he is forced to cool down to prevent his engines from overheating.

Tensei is filming an commercial together with Captain Celebrity.

Koichi enters the bus and rescues Makoto, jumping off the vehicle as it begins to free fall from the broken overpass. Ingenium uses his Ultimate Move, Rocket Charge, and tries to catch him, but its not enough. Koichi makes up with his force of will, allowing him to jump in midair. Thanks to this, Ingenium has a hold of Makoto as both Quirk users are able to land on the other side of the expressway, with Koichi tumbling. The bus ends up crashing, but luckily no one is hurt. Days later, the Marukane Department Store decides to hold an event about the Naruhata neighborhood, and they wanted appearances from hero involved in the recent outbreaks of villains. Tensei was invited to participate, but due to scheduling problems (getting his gearshift modified), he was unable to attend. Ingenium & Captain Celebrity shoot a commercial. Tensei is filming an commercial together with Captain Celebrity. After finish the shooting, Captain notices himself looking less than stunning in one frame and asks for a reshoot.

His manager Makoto apologizes to Tensei for having to shoot it all over again, but he doesn't care and obliges. The Captain is glad, saying Ingenium has the attitude of a Pro-Hero. However, among the members of the film crew is villain Number 6, disguised as one of the crew members. Using a device, he remotely controls a truck inside which is the Bat Villain, now transformed into Next-Level Villain. As the reshoot is about to begin, the truck crashes in and releases the Bat Villain onto the scene. Ingenium vs. Next-Level Bat Villain. Bat Villain chases after Tensei who recognizes him. The Bat Villain glides over Tensei who tries to hold onto him and keep him grounded, however, the Bat Villain was anticipating this and kicks Tensei, causing him to fall to the ground. The Villain goes flying from the place to look for the Naruhata Vigilantes, because he also wants to take revenge on them for defeating him last time. Thanks to the Engine Quirk from his elbows, Tensei manages to cushion the fall and does not sustain any serious, and asks Captain Celebrity to chase the villain.

Captain Celebrity pursues Bat Villain and manages to defeat him when he finds Koichi and tries to get revenge on him. Team Idaten performing stunts. Months later, on the occasion of the return of Captain Celebrity to the USA, Makoto decides to organize a farewell show at the Tokyo Sky Egg, inviting several of Japan's most famous heroes to the event. Tensei accepts the invitation and decides to take the entire Idaten team with him. Along with his sidekicks Enigma and Bigshot, Tensei performs some stunts to entertain the audience during his turn. In the middle of the event, the Tokyo Sky Egg is attacked by creatures known as Bombers, commanded by the villain Number 6. The main objective of Number 6 is to kill Captain Celebrity, and to achieve it he orders the bombers to damage the structure, leaving the Captain celebrity at his mercy by having to use his strength to prevent the building from collapsing, completely defenseless to the Bombers attack. Pro Heroes discuss how to handle the Sky Egg crisis. In one of the rooms of the Sky Egg, Tensei along with several of the heroes who were participating in the event and show staff discuss the situation. They deduce that everything that happened follows a meticulous plan by someone that wants to seal them all inside the building. Based on these conjectures, the heroes decide to organize in two groups: one group goes outside and confronts the enemies, while another group helps the show staff to look after the spectators.

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