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costumeThe SpongeBob SquarePants Anime, simply referred to as SpongeBob SquarePants (Japanese: Hepburn: Suponji Bobu, pronounced Spongey Bobbu) is an ongoing Japanese anime television series produced by Neptune Studios to produce a quality fan series built around his and Narmak's ideas. Its overall plot outline is loosely based around the manga and anime created by Narmak and is considered to be a what if scenario of what would happen if SpongeBob was a Japanese anime. The story is currently being rewritten again under Neptune Studios. This anime is a sword anime inspired by Samurai Champloo. It is broadcast quite often at 9:00 pm Just like in Narmak's version, the anime centers around protagonist SpongeBob SquarePants as he tries to save his best friend Squidward Tentacles from the clutches of Sheldon Plankton and his army of minions, but everything goes haywire and soon SpongeBob must choose to save Squidward along with his other friends. At some point SpongeBob's best friend Patrick dies in combat, but later comes back alive as an Evil Patrick in a later arc.

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This show considered to be a lot more bloody and violent than most SpongeBob spin-offs. Fans accepted several episodes having a TV-14 rating. Each season contains 50 episodes. The Manga has four different narrative levels. There are different branching series storylines going on at once inside this anime believe it or not. SNOO PINGAS. Only the highest of high SpongeBob Gods know the true storyline by heart. The First set of volumes adapts episodes from Season 1 of Spongebob and focuses on the conflict between Squidward and SpongeBob as he is going to be recruited into the Chum Five. The Second set of volumes build on the early death of Patrick, acting as a motivator to get revenge on Squidward only to find out that Patrick has conducted various crimes of his own through an alter ego. Some theorize that his soul gets taken over by the ugly barnacle who is also the Hash Slinging Slasher at the same time. The Flying Dutchman also becomes a much larger villain in Season 2 due to the dead being a consistent theme in that season. The Second Set of anime and manga chapters are a rushed combination of Season 2 and 3 arcs, which is why certain arcs fell flat in comparison.

Not to mention the countless filler episodes that aired in between the Krusty Fallout Arc and Forest Club Arc. The Final set of volumes and episodes in the fan series adapts select arcs within the 3rd and 4th Seasons along with a series of well recieved fan sequel miniseries that diverge from the manga known as the EVIL trilogy (Seeds of EVIL, Regin of EVIL, and Triumph of EVIL). With each miniseries involves a different villain who is a reflection of what our protagonist will become in the final episode, a soulless pawn for a corporate entity that seeks to expand with ruthless power, and the third miniseries giving what fans wanted, a conclusion to the Hash Slinging Slasher arc resulting in the saddest ending in this anime, the death of SpongeBob's best friend and eliminating many foes including DoodleBob and the Abrasive Side who represents the darkness within SpongeBob's heart. The death of Patrick wraps SpongeBob into being a corrupt middleman for Mr. Krabs who no longer has Plankton being a foe or any political entity (Neptune and the Atlantean government) holding him back as he has become the dominant force in the ocean.

The final season is a lot longer than the other two due to the fact it adapts both the second half of Spongebob's season 3 and "select" episodes from Season 4 along with bringing new pieces of lore that are unseen and do not need to be explained. Many didn't like the inclusion of Tibbett's role in the series however he famously wrote the "Gary Come Home" arc which was regarded as one of the most arcs even to this day. Eventually the final half of the Final Season adopts a weirder take on the movie, akin to Evangelion 3.33 and the End of Evangelion and its Evangelion type writing later inspires the fan miniseries set of sequels to be a mecha based. The role of the Hash-Slinging Slasher is seen throughout as he maintains an important figure within the series. At the time of writing, there is a total of 6 sagas each dealing with a different main antagonist. Band Greeks (Squidward vs. Post your episode and story arc ideas here, and I may accept them and have them put on the show! If your episode is rejected, don't take it to heart, as the SBSP Anime has high standards for its content.

This is just sloppy writing! It was already proven that Gary's body is unique and the snail virus built up a immunity to Squirdward's attack. If anything Patrick is the one who should have died. Not only is he closer to spongebob, but the best friends 4 ever and Valentine's arc cement him as one of the best support characters in years. Quitting this anime. It was good in the beginning, but the author is such a sell out. Ever since the pioneers arc the series has been on a decline. I mean the hash slinging slasher mystery murder episode was good, but it only did so much. They probably should have stopped after the Squid Society Arc, Patrick was best girl and my favorite easily. But of course the anime always have to shit all over childhood friends and make the generic "first girl you see" win because they don't know how to write compelling romances. And then you have the terrible fucking power asspulls, Spongebob only had basic karate training and it was shown Sandy Uchiha was clearly stronger; how the FUCK did Spongebob beat metal Mr. Krabs, who beat Sandy, by pulling out a stupid Magic Circle that protects him from anything that was NEVER previously revealed? Such a shitty asspull and recently the anime as been filled with them. I might as well finish it though, I've been following it since the Chum Exams, which is easily one of the best shounen arcs of all time. Plus I'm too attached to these characters to stop now, might as well see who ends up as a couple.

God, the writing in this has become Jimmy Neutron level bad. How dare they not explain how Spongebob's new power works in the very same chapter it's introduced in? That can only mean they never will explain how it works, and this series is doomed to end the same way Jimmy Neutron did. You all remember, Jimmy gets a new power up, defeats evil jimmy, timeskip where he gets together with Cindy, all rushed to shit. I can only expect the same to happen with Spongebob. This series has hit rock bottom. The "Gary Come Home" arc in Season 3, is easily one of the best written arcs in all of shounen. Inspired by Narmak's Anime of the same name. Post what you think of this series here, and don't forget to write your name next to your opinion! The previous version of the fan series had an ambitious plan to unite the story Narmak had wrote with the scrapped movie plot of the third SpongeBob film where in the old draft the evil alien cat people along with other powerful groups are seen as the true creators of Plan Z in an attempt to bring regime change to Bikini Bottom. The full version would be uploaded to a gaint text file, trust me the old storyline was a laughable mess, you would get a kick out of it. The new storyline takes out many of the questionable elements that EVIL Productions attempted to write in. EVIL and Atlantis War Arcs are still in the storyline but their implementation will be far better done. In the manga, Flats is fought as well before the Shell City Arc. The previous versions of episodes 2-4 were deemed uncanon due to production companies being switched.

This list describes characters from the anime and manga series Doraemon. Also listed are their original NTV voice actors (1973), followed by their TV Asahi voice actors (1979-2005; 2005-present). Part of the 22nd century characters are listed in The Doraemons. Each main character represents a primary school student archetype. Nobita appears in every episode of the anime, while Doraemon appears in most episodes, sometimes being substituted (for medical checkup or on leave) by his sister, Dorami. Note: In some translations of Doraemon, the names of these characters are different from the original names. 2. 9 Nobisuke Nobi Jr. Albert in the Cinar dub of the series, is the title character and co-protagonist of the series. He is a cat-like robot from the future. He was yellow-skinned and had ears originally. However, his ears were accidentally eaten by a robot mouse. It left him heartbroken and caused his skin to turn blue. People often mistake him for a raccoon dog. He is sent back in time by Sewashi (Nobita's Great-great-grandson) to aid Nobita. Doraemon possesses a 4-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store.

His favorite food is Dorayaki.

He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of household items and unwanted gadgets. Still, Doraemon is very friendly and intelligent, not to mention long-suffering because of Nobita's antics. Since Sewashi sent Doraemon to the past, Doraemon has been living as the unofficial fourth member of Nobita's family and acts like a second son to Nobita's parents, since despite being a robot, he requires basic needs for a person, such as eating, and also sleeps in the closet of Nobita's bedroom. He also fears mice greatly (due to a robot mouse having eaten his ears), even go crazy about it and pull out devastating gadgets, and most of the times, Nobita saves Doraemon in such situations. Although he has no fingers in most media, he can hold things because of the suction cups in his hands. His favorite food is Dorayaki. He has also been shown to date with normal female cat. He is the elder brother of Dorami.

Nobita Nobi (野比, Nobi Nobita, English dub: Sidney in the Cinar dub, Specky in the Speedy dub, and Noby Nobi in the Bang Zoom! dub) is the co-protagonist of the series. He wears glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue or black shorts and white socks and light blue shoes. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting. He is usually accompanied by Doraemon, who functions as his caretaker. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting and has been reflected in the movies many time. He's also good at string figure which sometime considered a girls' game. Son of Tamako and Nobisuke Nobi. Future father of Nobisuke (his son). Future husband or boyfriend of Shizuka and great-great-grandfather of Sewashi. Taurus), nicknamed Shizuka-chan (しずかちゃん) is a smart, kind and pretty girl. She is often represented by the color pink, and is seen wearing a pink shirt and skirt.

The word 'Shizuka (しずか)' means 'Quiet'. She is Nobita's best friend. She does not shun Nobita due to his failing grades, lazy disposition or constant failures. In fact, she often tries to encourage him to do better, though she usually fails to convince him. Shizuka likes to take a bath several times a day; however, a running gag in the series is that she is sometimes interrupted by a sudden appearance of Nobita (sometimes Doraemon, Gian, or Suneo) usually due to misuse of Doraemon's gadgets like the Anywhere Door (Doko Demo Doa in Japanese). Shizuka's skirt is also frequently seen getting flipped, either by Nobita misusing Doraemon's gadgets, or by the wind. Scenes in which her underwear is seen, or she is seen bathing, have been removed from the dubbed versions, especially in India, Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom. Her true passions are sweet potatoes, which she would rather keep to herself out of the knowledge of others, and the violin, in which her playing is just as horrendous as Gian's singing. She is also known for taking piano lessons unwillingly due to her mother's wishes (as she loves violin more), which is sometimes a reason for declining to hang out with friends (but she plays piano better than violin). Shizuka is an animal lover and keeps two pets at home: a dog, who is saved from succumbing to illness by Nobita and Doraemon in one story; and a canary which runs away on multiple occasions and causing Shizuka and Nobita to run around the city chasing her down.

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