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Senhaku is the het ship between Senku Ishigami and Kohaku from the Dr. Senku and Kohaku are close friends and allies in the Kingdom of Science. Kohaku was the first person Senku met not from his era, instead having been born into the world in its current Stone Age. The pair get on very well, with Kohaku putting a lot of faith in Senku and his genius, whilst Senku puts complete faith in Kohaku's combat prowess and leadership qualities. The pair rarely argue, in fact making a strong duo as they compliment each other's strengths very well. They happened upon each other when Kohaku got herself stuck under a tree, that had fallen on top of her, after her first encounter with Tsukasa, ironically to avenge Senku's apparent death. Trapped, Senku decided to help free her and left her initially awe struck by his assertivness. Due to her primitive nature, she was stunned to see Senku build a complex structure to raise the tree and free her. Throughout the hours it took him to build the 'pulley', she became impressed by his step-by-step problem solving skills and complete focus to save her. Once free, she introduces herself and firmly states she has completely fallen for him, but quickly clarifies that she has only taken an interest in him. Senku saves a trapped Kohaku with the "pulley".

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Once freed the two went to sleep together, although Kohaku was wary of him because of his misunderstanding that she is in love with him. The next day, Senku traveled with her to collect some water from a spa before she took him back to her village. Once there he was denied entry because he is a stranger, despite Kohaku's support. She then introduced him to her fellow villager, and oddball, Chrome, and the pair would regularly meet with Senku to help with his scientific endeavors, learning many things from him. Both Senku and Kohaku grew close, and she quickly accepted Senku's superiority in regards to science, following his instructions to help create his many devices and ingredients. She proved herself important in helping him succeed with his ideas, often collecting the many ingredients he requires, and even playing important roles in his plans. Along the way, she grew an unwavering love for science, despite not fully understanding it, and thanks Senku for showing her its wonders. Having discovered that Kohaku has been traveling to the hot springs to collect water for her terminally ill sister, Ruri, Senku became determined to help Ruri become well again and went through convoluted steps, that involved him becoming the chief of their village and be temporarily married to Ruri, in order to find out what was making her sick. Senku soon realized she had pneumonia and was able to create a one off pill to allow her to make a full recovery, saving her life. Kohaku was overjoyed and happily accepted Senku as the de facto leader of her village and the ever-growing Kingdom of Science.

At one point, she refers to Senku as the strongest man alive.

Renji Bankai From then on, she becomes one of Senku's closest confidants. Kohaku has a fiercely loyalty to Senku and is one of his most consistent supporters and closest friends. She unwaveringly joined him in his fight against Tsukasa and his army in the name of science. Many times, when people become doubtful or questioned their chances, she passionately speaks favorably of Senku specifically. With Senku at the front of her mind, she will take on any challenge, no matter how dire, so long as it can aid him in his plans, such as when she faced both Tsukasa and Hyoga to bide time for him. At one point, she refers to Senku as the strongest man alive. Her loyalty persisted when she was petrified as her last words reaffirmed her faith in Senku. This loyalty was well rewarded when he successfully helped de-petrify herself and Ginro, and in response gave him a tight, passionate, hug, prompting jealousy from Ginro.

Senku and Kohaku following their victory over Tsukasa's Empire. On a personal level, the two are very close. Unlike everybody else, Senku never gets physically attacked by her for calling her a "lioness" or "gorilla". The pair also teamed up in a game of poker where they proved victorious over Gen and Ryusui. Senku has also developed a comforting spot for her, as she joined him on an early morning stroll where he discussed his father. When he states there is nothing left of what his father left behind, beside some rocks, she reminds him that he has inherited his father's hopes and dreams. Telling him that he told her that is what science is about. To carry the torch for future generations and to progress further. This helps Senku smile and the two acknowledge that they have inherited the world, but that they will got further and go all the way to the moon. Kohaku has also become aware how close Senku was to his father and picked up on how he might have felt when Suika made a comment in regards to Soyuz's father. In regards to romance, there has been very little signs of anything between them.

However, they have kissed when Kohaku tried to cover for them both when they pretended to be lovers. Kohaku appeared unfazed by it, whereas Senku was caught off-guard and left unnerved. She has also admitted to finding him attractive and thinks of him as a sort of ladykiller. Kohaku also elaborated to Moz that the kind of person she would fall in love with is someone who follows their ideals, step by step, and hammers away at their goals, no matter how long it takes. She had earlier described Senku in that exact same way to Hyoga and on a few other occasions as well. It would appear that, at the very least, Kohaku would welcome Senku as a partner, whilst Senku gives little thought to such things. The ship is one the more popular pairs in the Dr. Stone fandom. It gained quick traction because of Senku and Kohaku's first meeting where she initially appeared to say she had fallen in love with him. However, nothing note worthy occurred between the two until much later in the Treasure Island arc where they kissed, hugged and confided in each other.

This arc developed the pairing's popularity greatly. However, the ship is also questioned by many fans as well, as some see Senku as too uninterested in romance, instead pointing to his love of science, and Senku himself stated that such things are a waste of time. In response, many fans expect that Kohaku will be the one to change Senku's thinking on this, as he gradually grows closer to her and will see her as a partner further down the line. Whilst the pairing is very popular, there are also rival pairings too. For one, there is Senku and Ruri, Kohaku's sister, who Senku had briefly been married to and saved her life. Many fans also ship Senku with Gen, due to their strong chemistry and bond. Kohaku has also been shipped with Chrome, as the two are close friends and she jokingly suggested she would marry him early on in the story, but Chrome rejected the idea as he is in-love with Ruri. Senku and Kohaku have appeared together alone on numerous chapter covers for the manga. Chapter 17 - the two appear together for the first time. Chapter 29 - they are in a space station together. Notably, the space station is the same as Senku's adoptive father, Ishigami Byakuya, and Lillian Weinburg. Both Senku and Kohaku pose with eerie similarities to them both. It is heavily implied that Byakuya and Lillian later married and had children. Chapter 30 - Senku and Kohaku appear together once more. Chapter 48 - The pair appear in feudal Japan attire. Chapter 58 - show a chibi version of them both. Chapter 88 - The chapter is called "Wings of humanity" and shows Senku and Kohaku with wings together. Chapter 132 - Senku carries Kohaku in his arm whilst he holds a space gun and she a 100 ton hammer. Chapter 161 - Kohaku and Chrome appear together in this cover whilst Kohaku holds onto a doll of Senku.

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It's almost Halloween, and what better way to spend October than watching psychological thrillers? If you're looking for an anime filled with suspense, amazing storytelling, and dynamic characters, Naoki Urasawa's 2004 anime series Monster gives us all of these things and more. It focuses on the life of Dr. Tenma, a brilliant Japanese brain surgeon working at Eisler Memorial Hospital in West Germany, 1986. He's the hospital's rising star and engaged to the daughter of the hospital's director when he's suddenly faced with a moral dilemma that shakes his core, forcing him to make life-changing decisions. An innocent man dies because Dr. Tenma followed orders to treat a patient of higher social and political status. He is devastated and horrified as the widow confronts him, realizing what following these orders had entailed. This is a huge turning point in his life and the beginning of our story. This moment leads him to make a decision that alters his life in ways he couldn't even begin to imagine. The dilemma Dr. Tenma had to face is one that is brought up throughout the entire series: is every life equal? Obviously, the answer is "yes," and Dr. Tenma tries to convey this time and time again.

Starting because of the innocent man dying because he wasn't deemed as a priority by the hospital, Tenma performs surgery on a boy with a gun shot wound despite receiving orders to treat the major first. When Dr. Tenma decides to help this boy, he's completely unaware that he's reviving a "monster" and the antagonist of this story. Almost immediately, Dr. Tenma is faced with tragedies and mystery at the hands of this ten-year-old boy. Most of Monster takes place 10-12 years after this point, following a string of murders occurring around Germany. It doesn't take long before Dr. Tenma is standing face to face with the murderer, who then reveals that he was the young boy Tenma brought back to life ten years prior: Johan Liebert. He shoots Dr. Tenma's patient right before his eyes and walks away like a true psychopath: cool, calm, and menacingly slow. Thus begins Dr. Tenma's journey to take Johan down, pulling him out of the shadows and into broad daylight to prevent any more murders from happening. This proves to be no easy task, though, and Dr. Tenma soon discovers there is far more than meets the eye in his journey of rectitude. The plot of Monster is imaginative, with a well executed story. The mysteries, plot, and characters are all woven together so seamlessly, and everything made perfect sense as the story progressed, while also managing to surprise at every turn. The plot is beyond compelling and riddled with depth and intrigue.

Urasawa did a great job making the characters three-dimensional and real. These characters weren't good or bad, or cookie-cutter images of other characters. They were each their own person and brought something unique to the story. They made us reflect, they made us cry, and they made us feel. Every episode brings something new and enthralling. The characters are carefully developed along the way-heroes, villains, and everyone in between. There are a lot of different types of villains in Monster (with the big bad boss being Johan Liebert), which is a big part of what makes this series so great. There's not just one bad guy and a bunch of lackeys, but multiple villains of all calibers, with various levels of evil versus humanity, none of which are the same. Even Johan's followers have their own individuality as villains. Each one brings something different to the table, and we tend to hate each of these villains (or love to hate them) for different reasons.

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