Is Noe A Vampire

Lau & Ran-MaoNoé was born as a Vampire of the Archiviste Clan on the night of the Crimson Moon by the result of The Babel Incident, thus allowing him to read people's memories when he drank their blood. At an unknown point in Noé's youth, the Archiviste Clan was all but eradicated, thus orphaning Noé. Abandoned in the human realm during winter, Noé was soon found by an elderly couple, who took it upon themselves to care for Noé until someone came for him; essentially becoming his adoptive grandparents. Through his adoptive grandparents, Noé learned about Vampires, and most importantly about how, just like humans, there were some who were good and some who were bad. Eventually, Noé's adoptive grandfather became quite ill and passed away. Sometime afterwards, Noé's adoptive grandmother, Elaine, passed away peacefully in her sleep - once again leaving Noé all alone. One day, while searching for flowers to place on his adoptive grandparents' graves, Noé was kidnapped by Vampires who commonly kidnapped humans to be brought to Altus in order to serve Vampires. Upon discovering that Noé was actually a Vampire, his captors brought him to numerous places to be auctioned off - eventually being purchased by The Teacher. Soon after Noé's purchasing, The Teacher began his lessons, bringing Noé to his castle in Averoigne, where he taught Noé about Paracelsus, the World Formula Theory and the Babel Incident.

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Banner template in anime comic style The Teacher then questioned Noé's understanding, suggesting that they believe that Atermite is the product of the constitutive formula for coal being rewritten, and similarly Vampires were created when the constitutive formula for the human race was rewritten. Noé asked if this meant that he and The Teacher were also products of the Babel Incident, which The Teacher confirmed - stating that most human have forgotten this fact, though they must never forget it themselves. The Teacher then stressed to Noé the importance of a Vampire's True Name, as it forms the constitutive equation of his existence; in other words, his True Name is his very life. From here, The Teacher introduced his two grandchildren Louis and Dominique de Sade and rejoiced about how everything that had happened fell on one of the days that Dominique was visiting his castle, informing Noé that he must leave at once, but that in the while he can ask Louis and Dominique anything he'd like to know about the place.

39;t sure; instead explaining how his adoptive grandparents had found him.

Louis was quick to welcome Noé, greeting him fondly while Dominique murmured her own hellos from behind her elder brother; nervous about meeting a new friend. Shocked by Louis' response, Noé clung to The Teacher for comfort as he informed Louis that it was also nice to meet him. Louis then extended an arm to shake Noé's hand, however when Noé did the same, Louis grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him in close, stating that Noé had no luck in The Teacher taking a shine to him; sympathizing with the newly purchased Vampire. Later, while playing with some of Dominique's dolls, Noé revealed to Dominique that he was raised by humans. A shocked Dominique then asked if that meant that Noé had spent his entire life in the human realm, which Noé confirmed; prompting Dominique to question what had happened to Noé's parents. Noé admitted that he wasn't sure; instead explaining how his adoptive grandparents had found him. From a tree above them, Louis calls Noé a dummy for believing what the humans told him, instead suggesting that they'd kidnapped Noé to raise until he was big enough for them to eat.

Outraged, Noé threw Dominique's doll at Louis, insisting that his adoptive grandparents weren't bad people. Noé's memories of his adoptive grandparents eventually brought him to tears - much to Louis and Dominique's shock and confusion. As Noé denied that Louis apologized for his harsh words about Noé's adoptive grandparents, Dominique glared at Louis and forced him to do as Noé asked in order to stop him from crying further. Soon after, Noé explained how his adoptive grandparents died and how he'd been kidnapped and brought to Altus. Dominique sympathized with Noé - believing his experience must have been awful; only for Noé to correct her by stating that because of what had happened he was fed regularly and got the opportunity to come to Altus, thus it was similar to traveling. This made both Louis and Dominique laugh, with the two of them coming to the conclusion that Noé was very odd.

Intrigued, Dominique offered her own blood to Noé and insisted that he view her memories.

From then on, Louis and Dominique became Noé's closest friends; playing and exploring together without end. At an unknown point, Noé went into the woods alone to pursue what he called a "rare bird". As a result, it took The Teacher and his search party four days to locate Noé, who had lost his way and could not return home. Eventually, Noé, Dominique and Louis happened upon some other Vampires from a neighboring village; befriending Mina, Fred, Gilles and Fanny and discovering a secret base together. One day, Dominique discovered that Noé can read memories through blood; asking Noé about this while playing dressup. Noé confirmed what Dominique had heard, explaining that when he drank blood memories just rush in and he could see all sorts of things. Intrigued, Dominique offered her own blood to Noé and insisted that he view her memories. Noé must, only to encounter a lot of memories about him. Still curious, Dominique looked to her older brother, and while Louis denied wanting to have his memories read, Dominique and Noé tackled him to the ground so that Noé could drink some of Louis' blood.

39;re concerned he was already dead.

Upon doing so, Dominique asked what Noé had seen, but Noé remained silent; having seen that Louis felt alone and curled up in darkness. While searching through The Teacher's collection room, Louis revealed to Noé that he had been left at his grandfather's castle for his own health soon after he was born when they'd determined that he was "sick". Confused, Noé Married what Louis meant by that, though Louis himself was also unaware, and so Noé asked if Louis wanted to see his mother and father again - only for Louis to laugh; claiming that as far as they're concerned he was already dead. While Noé contemplated what he should say to Louis in order to make him feel better, Louis came across and read a small notebook that had been laid open on The Teacher's desk. Soon Noé dragged a frightened Dominique to the castle courtyard in order to view the Blue Moon's beauty. This made The Teacher laugh as he remarked on how there was no other Vampire who would be so delighted over seeing the Blue Moon. Long after, Noé sat with The Teacher, who asked if he was right to assume that Noé didn't fear the Blue Moon - despite the fact that it's light is said to be the symbol of ill omen and steals Vampires' powers. However, Noé, fascinated with the legends of Vanitas of the Blue Moon, told The Teacher that his eyes can see something lovely in the Blue Moon.

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After that night, Noé began to notice that something had changed within Louis, as he often stared off into the distance, his face would occasionally contort around Dominique and most importantly he avoided speaking with The Teacher at all costs; prompting worry to grow within Noé as he wondered what he could say to Louis to make him feel better. Additionally, Louis began to carve stakes out of wood - prompting Noé to ask what he was making. However Louis would never answer him, instead claiming that it was a surprise because what he was making was meant to be a gift for Noé; quieting Noé enough as he patiently waited for Louis to finish his project. One day, while Mina plays in the distance, Noé sats and read quietly alongside Louis; who asked him if he knew about the "Curse-Bearers" while carving a stake. Louis went on to tell Noé that The Teacher had once told him that a Curse-Bearer is a Vampire who becomes strange or violent out of the blue. Noé questioned whose curse it was, prompting an angered response from Louis - who stated that the answer was obvious, as his knife slipped and cut his hand, proclaiming that Vanitas is to blame. As Louis' hand began to bleed, Noé asked if he was okay - only to have Louis lick the blood from his wound calmly and ask whether or not Noé would still see the Blue Moon as beautiful if he had one of the Curse-Bearers standing right in front of him. Later, when Noé was sleeping in the forests of Averoigne, Louis approached him; having heard that Noé wasn't drinking blood at all lately.

39;s execution to be held the next day.

Opening his eyes, Noé asked why it was such a big deal, as it wasn't as if he would die without blood. Louis admitted this much to be true, but added that he was curious as to the reason - given how much he knew Noé liked blood. Noé reasoned that it was because he was an Archiviste, though before delving any further, Louis sat beside Noé and used his knife to cut into the palm of his hand; offering his blood to Noe. While Noé seemed wary, but Louis told him not to worry - because even if Noé drank his blood, he wouldn't see anything anymore. With Louis' reassurance, Noé sat up and began to drink the blood from his friend's hand. Noé would eventually notice that Louis had begun making something else, with Louis admitting that he'd messed up the carving he'd started before and had to begin anew. Despite what he'd said, Louis' present would never be finished, and to Noé it seemed as though he was sealing his emotions within it instead. With this in mind, Noé stopped Louis from carving further, desperately asking Louis what he could do to help. Just as Louis was about to reveal something to Noé, Dominique burst into the room; revealing in a panic that she had heard the maids talking. Before Dominique could say what they'd been talking about however, Louis asked if Dominique was referring to Mina's execution to be held the next day. Shocked, both Noé and Dominique look to Louis, with Noé asking why Mina was to be executed.

Louis bluntly revealed that it was because Mina was a Curse-Bearer, which confused Dominique, thus Louis coldly revealed that Curse-Bearers were to be executed by the Bourreau, as that was the rule. Noé finds himself in disbelief that Louis had already known about Mina, though Louis doesn't say anything, prompting Noé to vow that he would go and save Mina right away. Louis however told Noé not to be a fool, asking how he could possibly save Mina when he knew it was impossible to erase the curse of the Blue Moon. Noé asked how Louis could talk like that, with Louis brushing it off as they fact, only for Noé to retort that they can't know anything unless they try. This set something off within Louis, who asked if Noé if he was saying that he could do it, if he could cure Mina, grabbing Noé and insisting that if he's so sure, then he should do it right then and there. Realizing what Louis had said, Noé just looked to his friend in disbelief. Louis then put Noé down and blankly confirmed what he'd already said, that there was not a single thing that Noé could do.

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