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Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! Neji Hyūga (日向ネジ Hyūga Neji) is a member of the Hyga clan of Konohagakure. Though a genius even by Hyūga standards, Neji is a member of the clan's Branch Family; no matter how skilled he was, he would still be a servant to the Main Family, a fact he believed in that his destiny was predetermined. After his experience of meeting Naruto Uzumaki who rejected such ideology, Neji realized that his fate was what he chose, and as a member of Team Guy he sought the strength needed to create the future he wanted for his family and friends. Neji as a child before receiving his cursed seal. Neji was born the son of the Hizashi Hyga, placing himself in one of the branch families of the Hyga clan. When the main family heir, Hinata, was three years old, Neji's forehead was customarily marked with a cursed seal by his uncle, Hiashi. Despite how young he was at the time, Neji's natural talent with Hyga signature techniques was clear to his father. For this reason, Hizashi resented that Neji was marked with a cursed seal, as he felt himself bound to a life of devotion to the main family when he should be destined for greater things. His anger often goes unnoticed, prompting Hiashi to activate Hizashi's cursed seal and punish him with pain, an act that traumatized Neji. Shortly after Neji received the cursed seal, a Kumogakure Ninja Chief visited Konoha to try to kidnap Hinata to get the secret from the Byakugan.

39;t miss an opportunity to try to harm Hinata.

Hiashi stopped and killed the Head Ninja. In what would later become known as the Hyūga Tragedy, Kumo denied the accusations made against their Head Ninja and insisted that Hiashi's actions were a declaration of war by Konoha; the only way to avoid hostility between the two villages was if Hiashi's body was handed over to Kumo as a form of compensation. Hiashi was willing to do so if it meant protecting Konoha, but would instead give the Kumo Byakugan. Hizashi, Hiashi's twin brother, volunteered to become his second body because the cursed seal would destroy his Byakugan when he died, a fate he chose that prompted Hiashi's protests. Neji was too young to understand what happened at the time, and for years to come he believed his father was forced to die for the sake of the main family. Neji holds a grudge against the members of the main family for what he believes they did to his father; in the anime, he didn't miss an opportunity to try to harm Hinata. He also believed that a person's life path was predetermined from the moment of their birth and could not be changed under any circumstances. When he graduated from the Academy he was eventually put into Team Guy, where his philosophy placed him with one of his opposing teammates, Rock Lee: Lee wanted to become a great ninja despite his limitations, which Neji believed was impossible. Tenten easily admires Neji, but Lee is determined to defeat Neji in a fight to prove Neji's statement wrong. Their teacher, Might Guy, suggests this, believing competition and the drive to succeed will propel them to greater heights.

39;s death, grew up serious and cold, more mature than most children his age.

Neji's branch family curse seal, his presumption of unavoidable destiny. Neji is a good boy who smiles easily; on Hinata's third birthday, he told his father that he thought Hinata was cute. He lost this trait after his father's death, grew up serious and cold, more mature than most children his age. For years he was driven by a fatalistic belief that his destiny and that of others was predetermined and inevitable. He regards his destiny as being of a rare talent, causing him to arrogantly place himself above those he believes are "weaker" than he is. He also realized that his talents would always be hindered by the obligation to serve the main Hyūga family, which he despised and sparked hostility towards the main family and its members. Neji shares his philosophy of destiny with those he meets, happy to inform them when they stray from the paths that have been set for them, for example, trying to exceed their natural limitations or trying to defeat them in battle when they lack any obvious abilities. to do it. When he shares his philosophy with Hinata, Hinata concludes that his determination to destiny is actually the point of his anger towards him that causes him inner suffering: he desperately wants to prove himself to the main family but feels unable to do so.

Neji attempted to kill Hinata in anger at his words. Naruto Uzumaki also disagreed with Neji, stating that Neji was unaware of his destiny because he was actually holding himself back. Neji initially mocks Naruto's suggestion, but is forced to reevaluate when Naruto, the "failure", defeats him, the "genius", in a fight. From his experiences with Naruto, and from learning that his father was not forced to die, Neji decided that fate is not inevitable but, one's destiny is what we choose; he felt indebted to Naruto for releasing him from his "darkness" first. Neji ultimately chose to become strong enough to never lose again. In pursuit of this goal he trains with his teammates, whose own dreams become supported, and later with members of the main family, with whom he gradually begins to improve relations with them. Interactions with other people brought him back to his good nature, and over time his desire to grow stronger became like the motivation to never lose in order to protect his friends and family. The Allied Shinobi Forces performed a bird formation in his memory. Neji in Part II. Neji in Part II. Neji has fair skin and long black hair, which anime usually depicts as dark brown. When the Byakugan is inactive he has plain white eyes; the anime makes it a little lavender. In Part I, Neji wears a tawny shirt, a dull blue shirt underneath, and mesh armor underneath. He wore dark brown shorts, blue shinobi sandals, and was wrapped in bandages around his right arm, chest, and right leg. She tied her hair back in a loose ponytail that was tied inches from the ends of her hair. He wears a black forehead protector, and has a small headband with two straps framing the sides of his face, both of which hide his Hyga main family juinjutsu.

When on missions, he usually carries a brown and black strap bag over his shoulder.

In Part II, Neji changes his usual clothes and bandages into a long white kimono-shirt, loose sleeves, pants of the same color, a dark blue-grey apron tied around his waist, and black shinobi sandals. He no longer wore the straps that framed his face, he left his now long hair instead. When on missions, he usually carries a brown and black strap bag over his shoulder. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he changed his entire outfit into a Konohagakure flak jacket and other attributes. At the start of the war, he had his hair tied in a ponytail, but as the war progressed, he let the ties loosen. Neji's mastery of his clan's secret technique. From a young age, Neji's skill as a genius was evident, even by the Hyūga clan's high standards. Although he didn't advance to the final level on the exams, he was the only Konoha 11 member to become a jōnin during that time lag, most of the others just becoming chnin. He was typically calm even in panicked situations, qualities the Fifth Hokage said made him a good leader. Although not seen using any ninjutsu in the series, Neji's natural transformations include Fire, Water, and Earth Release. As a Hyūga, Neji possesses the Byakugan, a djutsu that grants him 360° penetrating vision around himself. A small blind spot lay behind his three upper breastbones, a weakness he was well aware of and practiced extensively to overcome, but to no avail. Instead, he took extra precautions to hide his whereabouts. His inability is offset by the ability to see from an angle which radiates chakra throughout the area, giving him a way to sense what is approaching and slowing attacks enough to give him time to respond.

39;s Byakugan and sharpness of vision make it difficult to hit.

However, he is able to increase the range of his Byakugan over time. Part II he can see everything more or less 800 meters away. With the Byakugan, Neji was able to see the individual chakra pathway systems and the 361 tenketsu operating through them. Using Hyūga's special Jūken fighting style, he can attack an opponent's chakra system directly, restricting or cutting off their chakra flow with the slightest touch. Since the chakra pathway system is closely related to important organs in the body, it can be immobilized and even fatally damaged easily. While Jūken's attacks are fundamentally difficult to defend against, Neji's speed, accuracy, and basic taijutsu prowess make him especially formidable at close range, requiring opponents to keep their distance if they hope to compete with him. Even from a distance, Neji's Byakugan and sharpness of vision make it difficult to hit. Neji uses the Eight Trigrams Palm Revolving the Sky. As a member of the Hyūga branch of the family, Neji was forbidden to learn the clan's strongest jutsu. Being so talented, he was able to learn how to perform this technique only through observation. With his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms attack, he strikes multiple targets at once, either the opponent's tenketsu to cover them several at once or projectile fire; in the anime, he can attack with double the amount. Defensively, he can use the Eight Trigrams Palm Revolving the Sky to draw chakra from his body and fend off any incoming attacks. His uncle, Hiashi, admitted that he was very impressed that Neji learned these two abilities himself, and began to believe in Hizashi, and by extension, Neji was supposed to be the successor of the Main Family. At the end of Part I, Neji begins to be given special instruction in the secrets of other Hyga skills. Neji and Hinata combined their Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm.

In Part II, Neji begins to use the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm to attack targets beyond his physical range or to ward off incoming attacks; when performed in combination with others, its power increases. If restrained and unable to use Circling the Sky, he can release chakra from his tenketsu to free himself. Team Guy prepares for the Chūnin Exams. After refusing to enter the Chnin Exams the previous year in order to hone their skills, Team 10 finally took part in the Chnin Exams which took place in Konoha. Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee decide to try and avoid attracting attention so the other competitors won't team up against them, something they do by allowing themselves to be bullied and act helpless. During the first exam, Neji used the Byakugan to cheat on other participants' exam papers. After they pass to the second stage, taking place in the Forest of Death, Team Guy splits up and looks for the opposing team's weakness that they can take one of the scrolls they need. Neji finds Team 10 in his search, although he doesn't want to pretend that he doesn't know where they are hiding, he considers that they are too weak for him to ignore. When he returns to Team Guy's meeting point, he and Tenten sense that Lee is not usually late.

They went looking for him and found him to have been defeated by Team Dosu. Neji prepared to fight them, confident he could defeat them, but instead decided to let Sasuke Uchiha fight them after he sensed Sasuke's chakra. Sasuke defeats Team Dosu and, while Tenten tries to recover Lee, Neji watches Sasuke, intrigued by his skills. Team Guy finished the second test, but to qualify for the finals they had to participate in the preliminary one-on-one matches. Neji watches the early matches to learn about the people he might face in the finals before he is finally paired with Hinata Hyūga. Neji, who had previously promised Might Guy that he would not do anything to hurt Hinata during the exam, instead advised Hinata to give up not only in the match but also in ninja life, citing her meek personality and lack of talent. His sharp description made Hinata cry, but she was motivated to continue the match with encouragement from Naruto Uzumaki. In their first exchange of Jūken-attacks, Neji sealed his tenketsu, which caused the attack to have no effect on him. Even though she no longer has a way to fight Neji, Hinata continues to fight. Neji continued to push Hinata to sacrifice and increase the number of injuries from his blow against Hinata, but Hinata refused to back down. Finally, after her internal organs were left mortally wounded and she had difficulty standing, Hinata used Neji's words against her, arguing that she cared so much about destiny and being a worthy Hyga because her destiny deprived her of the Hyga's acknowledgment. Neji was furious and moved to kill him, but he was held back by Guy and the other jōnin who were watching him. Despite this, Hinata falls and ends up in critical condition from her injuries, Neji is declared victorious, and Naruto, moved by Hinata's persistence and angered by Neji's actions, vows to defeat him in the finals.

Neji watched the rest of the match and was amazed at Lee's performance against Gaara. After the preliminaries ended, the first round pair for the finals selected was Neji against Naruto. Neji fought Naruto in the final round. After a month of preparation, Naruto and Neji faced each other. Naruto begins by using shadow clones against Neji, trying to bestow his taijutsu skills with a large number of them. Neji's Byakugan was unable to tell the shadow clones of the real Naruto and for that reason Naruto was able to land several punches, but Neji parried them with the Eight Trigrams Revolving Palms and ended up sealing Naruto's chakra with the Sixty-Four Palms. Neji stated that Naruto was a failure destined to lose to him, the genius. When Naruto was unwilling to believe him, Neji explained his father's death and the differences between the families within the Hyūga. Instead of convincing Naruto that he was right, his words convinced Naruto that Neji was wrong, Naruto had personal experience with perseverance in dealing with the humiliation and expectations of others.

Even though his chakra was cut off, Naruto had another source: the Nine-Tails. Neji was surprised by it and, realizing what it was, was struck by the ferocious chakra. Naruto is drastically tall, allowing him to compete with Neji. Neji used the Eight Trigrams Palm Revolving the Sky to parry the extremely powerful blow, throwing them both except Naruto. When the smoke cleared, Naruto cheated on being defeated and Neji, acting like he had won, started to boast. As he spoke, Naruto popped out of the ground beneath him, hitting him right in the chin. Realizing that the Naruto he saw had lost was a shadow clone covering the hole, while the real Naruto was digging towards him, Neji scolded himself for having been defeated by Naruto's signature ability. In response, Naruto reveals that cloning techniques were once his worst ability. Before he was declared the victor, Naruto told Neji to stop holding on to his natural genius and return to his usual concern for destiny. Hiashi apologized to Neji. As Neji recovers, he is visited by his uncle, Hiashi, who is observing his match. Hoping to correct Neji's misunderstanding, he explains the truth surrounding Neji's father's death: that Hizashi chose to die not to serve the main family with Neji having long thoughts, but because he wanted to protect his brother Hiashi; in doing so, Hizashi chose his own destiny. Neji couldn't believe the story because he was only hearing it now.

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