Is Nanno Evil Or Good

Girl from Nowhere (Thai: ; RTGS: Dek Mai; lit. Thai mystery thriller anthology television series created by studio SOUR Bangkok and starring actress Chicha "Kitty" Amatayakul in the lead role. The first season was released on August 8, 2018, on GMM 25. A second season was released globally on Netflix on May 7, 2021, which exposed the show to international fame. It has hit number one on the currently most watched Netflix shows in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, while also ranking in the top 10 in countries around the world such as Brazil. The show has been critically acclaimed for the usage of unconventional storytelling and takes on modern high school society. The plot revolves around Nanno, an enigmatic girl who transfers to different private schools in Thailand and exposes the students and faculty's stories of lies, secrets, and hypocrisy. Nanno on occasion lies to provoke others.

She is revealed to be an immortal entity, punishing wrongdoers for their crimes and misdeeds. In Season 2, Nanno meets her match in newfound rival Yuri, who has a different, more revenge focused ideology and wants to take over Nanno's duties. Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno, a girl with mysterious powers and an enigmatic origin. Nanno serves as a both guide and punisher to humans who hide secrets or want something without thinking of the consequences. Not much is known about her other than she is a teenager who doesn't age. Nanno is revealed to be an immortal entity that has the power to expose the lies and misdeeds of each faculty at every turn. Nanno is neither good nor evil in her crusade as she seems to punish everyone equally. Nanno prefers taking her time and planning out the appropriate punishments to the tormentors and offenders before she ends her games. Nanno's outfit consists of her short medium-length, bowl-cut/bob hairstyle with bangs, female school uniform, and evil inhuman-like cackle. She draws similarities to Tomie which was credited as an inspiration for the role, according to Amatayakul.

39;s blood revived Yuri, which gave her the same powers and immortality as her.

Yuri, Nanno's rival. In episode four, Yuri was originally a victim Nanno attempted to help after she was mistreated by two rich girls who blackmailed students, including Yuri, with sex tapes of the students being raped. However, it is revealed that Yuri had already planned for revenge on the girls since her assault. Yuri's plan backfires when the men she hired to assault the girls kill Yuri as well, drowning her in the tub that a bleeding Nanno was placed in. Nanno's blood revived Yuri, which gave her the same powers and immortality as her. However, unlike Nanno, Yuri prefers revenge by killing her victims or causing chaos instead of teaching them a lesson. Yuri appears to be very manipulative and seems to have no remorse for any of her actions. Similar to Nanno, Yuri's outfit is a traditional female school uniform, with her hair tied in a ponytail using a signature red ribbon. Each episode consists of individual stories and the appearance of Nanno at different schools.

39;t stop stealing, and Nanno only encourages him to keep doing it.

Nanno transfers to a school with the title "Purest School of the Year", but soon encounters a teacher who preys on students and a classmate with a secret. At her new school, Nanno's classmates reveal a darker side of their personality and want to take advantage of her. Nanno helps struggling classmate Mew, who feels invisible in her school of so-called geniuses. Dino is just one of the many affluent students at Nanno's new school. He has a secret, which Nanno can help him keep, but there's a cost. Nanno is mistakenly linked to Hann, a fellow classmate who already has a girlfriend, and he becomes a social media sensation. Nanno becomes co-manager of the school soccer team, and the head of the team becomes envious. Her resentment begins to first manifest itself. Other students who have discovered the mysterious wall start using it to get their revenge. Some regret what they've done, but it might be too late to go back. TK is a lonely student who can't stop stealing, and Nanno only encourages him to keep doing it. A group of students turn on one another while hiding from an escaped murderer in their school. In this episode, Nanno is shown to be a wild in an effort to investigate and escalate the situation. A strict teacher is told to change her teaching style, but stress from her past pushes her past her breaking point.

Nanno is joined by a schoolgirl named Yuri, who becomes immortal after meeting Nanno.

In a school that ranks its students in order of beauty, Ying is mortified when Nanno outranks her, and goes to extreme lengths to reclaim her position. After opening a time capsule at a high school reunion, some ex-pupils recall an odd classmate they nicknamed "Psycho Nanno". The truth about the highschool events is revealed and Nanno ensures there aren't any happy endings. Nanno is joined by a schoolgirl named Yuri, who becomes immortal after meeting Nanno. A popular boy in school has been getting girls pregnant, so Nanno decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. An elite girls' school transitions to becoming a co-ed school. Nanno pushes against the strict gender segregating rules. Minnie is a queen bee at her school, looks untouchable. Her outrageous behavior including drunk driving causes the death of four of her schoolmates, but her parents shield her from the consequences. However, later on when she is riding with her parents, the brakes stop working and they crash. Minnie finds herself brutally injured and killed multiple times by her schoolmates, victim's parents, and even her own parents; one for each death she has caused. For the fourth time around, she still refuses to apologize and ends up jumping off the balcony to her death. Nanno tries to help a poor student named Yuri get even with the rich classmates who treat her like a servant, but Nanno may have met her match. A senior student named Kaye takes things too far while hazing a group of junior students.

This time, it's Nanno's turn to try and break his spirit. At Pantanawittaya, students are expected to strictly follow rules without question, but Nanno relishes breaking as many as she can. Jane, a famous live streamer known as JennyX, finds herself getting tired of her online persona and her parents, who seem to only care about her fame. Nanno befriends her, ensuring her that there is a way for her to live like a normal person. Together, they stage Jane's death during a live stream. Jane reinvents herself to enjoy her newfound freedom, but soon realizes that she wants her old life back. Yuri releases an anonymous tip to the press that Jane could have faked her death and leads Jane to believe that Nanno gave the tip. She tells Jane that the only way to get her life back is by killing Nanno. Nanno, knowing Yuri's involvement in the situation, forces Jane to kill her (Nanno). Jane then goes live and pretends that Nanno had kidnapped and tortured her, but she discovers that Nanno had stolen her life and is now JennyX.

Junko is a student who suffers from hemophilia and moves around the school using a wheelchair.

With no one believing her, she runs away. Meanwhile, Yuri points out that Nanno's wounds are not healing and that she is becoming mortal. Junko is a student who suffers from hemophilia and moves around the school using a wheelchair. Teacher Waan, her mother who works in the school's infirmary, always takes care of her whenever she gets wounded. Nanno discovers that Teacher Waan gets monetary donations for Junko's illness and notices several students and teachers missing in the school. When she sneaks into their house, she sees one of the missing students buried in a box that Teacher Waan uses to store soil. Nanno confronts Teacher Waan about this and reveals that she knows the medicine being given to Junko is meant to keep Junko from feeling better. Teacher Waan confesses that Junko was the one who killed everyone who has been missing to get revenge for the years of bullying she had endured in the school. Fearing for Junko's future, she buried the bodies and began using disabling medicine onto Junko to keep her from killing more people. This leads Nanno to question whether punishing Teacher Waan is the right thing to do.

It is then revealed that Yuri has been swapping out Junko's medicine and that Junko can walk by herself. Junko, furious at her mother, attempts to stab Teacher Waan before being stopped by Nanno. Teacher Waan then stabs Nanno continuously in a fit of rage before she is killed by Junko. With Nanno being dead, Yuri bids her goodbye and gives Junko her blood to make her immortal. As Yuri and Junko leave, a student, presumably Nanno, looks down on them from the rooftop. The storylines in the episodes are inspired by actual real news reports where schoolgirls were victimized, but with the intent of showing how the victims will ultimately become the victor. For instance, "Minnie and the Four Bodies" was based on an incident where a student had run into a university van killing nine people, and had avoided the consequences because of her family's wealthy connections. Lead actress Amatayakul used "Tomie", a Japanese horror manga featuring a succubus-like woman, as her reference for the series. Days before auditioning for the role of Yuri, Chanya McClory had just started recovery for having an operation for removing a brain tumor.

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