Is My Hero Academia Anime Ended

Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga series currently ongoing. The shonen manga and its anime adaptation tell Izuku Midoriya's story as he strives to establish himself as the Number One Hero, following in the footsteps of All Might, the man known as the strongest Hero of all time. RELATED: My Hero Academia: Who & Where is Deku's Father? My Hero Academia has enjoyed quite a successful run over the years, however, the story is much closer to ending than some fans might realize. Before then, there are certainly quite a lot of things that people want to see come to fruition before it ends. Updated May 30, 2022, by Rei Penber: With each passing chapter, Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is edging closer to its end. As mentioned by the author, My Hero Academia is quite close to wrapping up already, though there is still quite a lot of stuff left to resolve. This list already covers some of the more obvious things that could happen before the series ends, but, with more plot points being introduced with each passing arc, there are a few additional things that need to be resolved before Deku becomes the Number One Hero and villains cease to exist. With that in mind, this list has been updated to include a few more inruiguing ideas for things that should happen before My Hero Academia ends. Quite a lot of fan theories suggest that All Might will die before My Hero Academia wraps up. However, a better conclusion for his character arc would be to finally see his successor, Izuku Midoriya, who has inherited the power of One For All from him, become the Number One Hero for good.

In doing so, Deku would also become the next Symbol of Peace.

Izuku promised All Might that he'd announce himself to the world as the greatest Hero at some point and when that happened, he would want his mentor to be there. As such, before My Hero Academia ends, it would be incredible to see All Might witness the growth of his student and see him rise all the way to the top to establish himself as the greatest Hero there ever was. In doing so, Deku would also become the next Symbol of Peace. All For One is one of the most powerful Quirks to exist in the world of My Hero Academia. With its powers to steal, stockpile, and distribute Quirks freely, it is a danger to society and will always continue to be a threat, regardless of who wields it. It is through All For One that One For All came to be and the two powers are intrinsically tied together.

RELATED: My Hero Academia: Just How Dangerous Is All For One? Since Izuku Midoriya is the last user of One For All and the threat of All For One should be ended at some point during the last arc of the series, it seems a given that the two Quirks should disappear. Both could either die with their last users in Deku and Shigaraki, or simply cease to exist. Therefore, both Quirks would likely live out their time with their last users and then eventually fade into nothingness. One For All first belonged to the brother of All For One and, since then, has been passed down from generation to generation. Izuku Midoriya received his Quirk from All Might, and became the 9th and last user of the power. Although All Might was Quirkless just like Deku, the other users of One For All weren't and their quirk factor was stored within One For All.

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With each passing generation, One For All, along with all the Quirks in it, got stronger and under Deku's control, it finally bloomed. So far, he's mastered six of the seven available powers that the One For All has within it. The last power is the Quirk of the sixth user of One For All and is unknown so far. Before MHA ends, fans would ideally want it to awaken at a critical moment and help Deku on his path to becoming the greatest Hero of all time. My Hero Academia begins with Deku narrating his story about how he became the Number One Hero. In a way, it is a given that eventually, Deku gets to live his dream out and becomes the next Symbol of Peace like All Might. However, right now, he looks to be far from that goal. It'll be interesting to see how exactly Deku achieves what is required to become the greatest Hero of all time, surpassing even All Might in the process. Without a doubt, this is something fans are desperate to see realized in the manga and anime. Mirio Togata is known to be the strongest student of UA High School. As a part of the UA Big Three, Mirio is exceptionally skilled and according to Aizawa, he's the man closest to All Might even among the Pro Heroes. Shortly before Nighteye died, he saw Mirio's future and told him he'd become a splendid Hero. While he's far from becoming one at the moment, in time, Mirio will become a powerful Pro Hero and might even rise to the very top.

Endeavor's story arc has been one of the most interesting parts of My Hero Academia over the years. Having abused his family for the sake of his goal in the past, Endeavor is trying his best to make amends for what he did. It goes without saying that he has a very complex character. To forgive him for everything he's done is quite difficult, however, Endeavor is trying his best to build a better future for his family. It will be interesting to see how he manages to do it, especially with the threat of Dabi lurking over him and the rest of the Todorokis. Shoto Todoroki is the youngest child of Endeavor and the one with the most potential. After Endeavor's Quirk Marriage to Rei Himura, he tried to conceive the perfect child who'd have the powers of both Rei and himself. Out of their four children, only Shoto was a "success" according to Endeavor and thus, he possesses great potential as a Hero. Shoto has the power of the Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk and mastering this ability would see him become an incredible Hero.

Shoto could wield the potential to surpass even All Might, which is quite simply incredible. Just like Izuku Midoriya, Bakugo aims to become the greatest Hero ever and eclipse All Might. So far, Bakugo has kept up with Izuku to some extent, and he continues to work himself to get better. However, for Bakugo to become a great Hero, he has to realize that protecting others takes priority over winning. Slowly, Bakugo has learned this, as seen in the War arc where he protected Deku from All For One. He still has some time to mature before My Hero Academia ends, and he hopefully will become a fantastic Hero during that time. All For One is the main antagonist of My Hero Academia. Known to be an incredibly evil villain, All For One had been ruling the world of villains for generations until All Might put an end to him. Sadly, he had a contingency plan already put in place. All For One transferred his Quirk and, with it, a part of his essence to Shigaraki Tomura's body. Currently, All For One holds quite a lot of control over Shigaraki's body and eventually plans to acquire even greater strength using it. By the end, All For One needs to be taken down once and for all, and it is up to Izuku Midoriya to finally stop him for good. Shigaraki Tomura is the current leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and he appears to be one of the main antagonists of the series as well.

It is up to Izuku Midoriya to put a stop to this and defeat the villains.

While Shigaraki is certainly a villain, he's been manipulated his entire life and is now being used by All For One. With time, he's losing more of himself to the villain, and it'll be interesting to see how Horikoshi deals with Shigaraki Tomura by the time of My Hero Academia's end. It is highly likely that, in some way or shape, Izuku will end up saving Shigaraki, just as he declared he would towards the end of the Paranormal Liberation War arc. By the end of My Hero Academia, peace will most likely prevail over the entire world. After having been terrorized by the villains for years, the world needs to see their time come to an end for good. It is up to Izuku Midoriya to put a stop to this and defeat the villains. The Hero Society is in dire need of a new Symbol of Peace and Izuku might end up being the one who takes the mantle from All Might. Regardless of which direction Horikoshi goes in, peace will most likely prevail over the entire world by the end of the great story that is My Hero Academia.

When she was hit on in her first appearance on the series she refused with a lot of sass.

Scott Shelly ( Hangul:셸리 ) is one of the female protagonists in the webtoon. She begins a one-sided relationship with Jay at the start of the series but as the story progress they have a mutual crush on each other and as of chapter 378 they are in a relationship. Shelly is the only female member of the Humming Bird Crew. Because she stayed at England before coming to Korea her personality is perceived as very headstrong. She does not like it when people talk badly about her friends, especially Jay. Shelly also has a lot of stamina and strength, she can keep up with the group's pace when racing and can actually send people flying with her punch (Although that may be for comedic reasons) but never got into the street fights with the guys of the crew. When she was hit on in her first appearance on the series she refused with a lot of sass. Mia described her as someone who can confidently express her thoughts and feelings. Although her words are harsh, it is because she never sugar coated her words with her friends. And with Jay, Shelly is very clingy and flirtatious. She has very foreign features: pale skin, her eyes actually look more mint green in color than blue, blond wavy hair. It is known later in the series that she has a tattoo in the side of her arm near the wrist that reads out "temet nosce" or "Know Thyself". At school she wears her uniform usually without the red vest and both wears the skirt and pants.

She is often seen wearing high-end brand clothing, but also occasionally wearing street wear and tomboyish clothes. When riding her bike, she usually wears a jacket and helmet with the same color as her eyes or the Hummingbird crew's hood. She is tall, with long thin legs, a small waist and a bigger bust. Not much is known about Shelly, but it is established that she is from England and she requested to transfer to Sunny High School because of Jay. It was told in an early episode (Ep. 27) that she will be in Korea for one semester. Shelly is the granddaughter of Sunny High School's principal, Nick. When Shelly was a kid, she didn't want to get married and promised Nick that she will just live with him forever, which caused Nick to think that Shelly is not interested to guys until she got interested in Jay. That also caused the over protectiveness of her grandfather. Jay saw what happened and chased the thieves to get her purse back. She refused on taking him to the hospital but Jay refused. She picked up his student ID that had fallen to the ground and, motivated by her encounter with Jay, called her grandfather, asking him to let her attend Sunny High School. Her second meeting with Jay was in their classroom. She kissed him out of the blue and the gossip that Shelly and Jay were in a relationship quickly spread around the school.

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