Is Mugen In Love With Fuu

Opera-tan-JMFirst: this is a response to 10bat who asked me if Mugen's feelings for Fuu are platonic or if there's something else. Wow, XD Well, as much as I ship Fuugen harder than hell, I don't think I ever bothered to explain their romance before… Mugen as a character is, at first glance an antihero based on his actions and appearance; the tattoos that imply arrest for theft, cocky attitude, killing people without a second thought. But out of all three characters in the anime, Mugen is the most dynamic; changing the most out of all three (although all of them did change). Growing up in the Ryukyuan Islands, Mugen had no one who ever loved him. In Episode 20, he states that he "Never knew his parents." The only people we know that he was acquainted with before Fuu and Jin: were Koza and Mukuro in ep 13 and 14. But Mukuro betrayed him by making him take the blame for stealing from the ship, and Koza was needy and wanted love from anyone, even using his "death" to manipulate Jin into killing Mukuro. Now then, back to Mugen's feelings for Fuu. I honestly think that Mugen may have developed something for Fuu even before she liked him (or maybe they developed it at the same time). By episode 14, the romantic undertones grow greater.

39;s journey. Jin is the foil and the rival that changes little by comparison.

So here's a list of all the ways it is heavily implied Mugen had feelings for Fuu. If someone wants me to do a Fuu rant also, I probably will someday. But for now, let's focus on Mugen (though Fuu's feelings will undoubtedly intersect). Edit: all the links broke to specific scenes because YouTube took Samurai Champloo down in Japanese. You will have to just watch and see for yourself. I'm giving my rough translation to dialogue sometimes or what I remember. Some can be interpreted different ways because English sub and dub is wrong a lot. We will be going through (almost) EVERY EPISODE. So fasten your seatbelts. There is a lot. Ep 1: Mugen is shown first from a distance, standing on the road outside the village. Then Fuu is shown… While yes, there is a sense of duality between Mugen and Jin, it is important to note that Mugen is officially the main character of Samurai Champloo. According to an interview by Shinichiro Watanabe found in a Newtype USA Magazine, Mugen was the main character thought up, while Jin was only invented later to make the show not "one dimensional". So, Mugen is the dynamic hero, and Fuu and her goal is his motivation and the "purpose" of the hero's journey. Jin is the foil and the rival that changes little by comparison. So please, do not mistake these observations as me "favoring" Mugen over Jin.

Pokemon - Mareep with 2 different poses It is very clear that Mugen is more a focus throughout the show. Fuu and Mugen meet. While there is no romance (yet), Mugen and Fuu have a stare down when he first walks in. It even goes in slow motion where he's looking at her. Jin and Fuu had no such moment. I think it was meant to show that he is dangerous, a killer, but Fuu isn't afraid in the slightest. She even tells him to leave if he has no money. At the same time, Mugen is able to know Fuu is in danger from one brief glance. Mugen saves Fuu from getting her fingers cut off. Jin had no part in it. This action starts the long string of times of which Mugen rescues Fuu from harm. Jin will never rescue Fuu alone, until episode 26, when Mugen cannot. In an interview found in the Roman Album, Japanese voice actors, Ayako Kawasumi (Fuu) was asked who she preferred more as a character; Mugen or Jin. The actress responded with "Definitely Mugen." Shinichiro Watanabe (the main director) then decided to include more Fuugen hints throughout the series and this choice dictated the last episode.

39;s feelings for Fuu more, in this case it is the English dub.

The English dub deleted this saying "Let's strip her and dump her." which could be interpreted like a prank. "Okasu" is to "violate" or "rape". "Kureru" is to "give someone something". So he's clearly saying he's gonna "give IT to her", up. Mugen never actually did, but this shows he 100% is in fact attracted to her. This throws out the whole "She's like a sister to him." argument that people try to make. Later, Mugen was poisoned by a woman who said that Fuu was kidnapped by the same guy who hired her to poison him. While it is usually the Japanese dub that reveals Mugen's feelings for Fuu more, in this case it is the English dub. In English, Hotaru states: "He has the antidote and something else you want… That girl you're traveling with. Only then does Mugen appear worried and run off to save Fuu. Later, Fuu saves his life when Ryujiro is drowning him in the streams.

When he got back to the brothel, she was already gone, having escaped on her own.

Could this be foreshadowing to how she saves him again and again throughout the series? Meanwhile…Jin is fighting a samurai that wanted to bang him in the hotsprings… Fun fact: This entire episode is officially in reference to the anime film Ninja Scroll according to the Roman Album. It's a love story. One of the iconic scenes is when the main character (who is poisoned throughout the film) tries to save his canon love interest from a giant, ugly ogre in a temple, who kidnapped her. There is an identical scene where the giant grabs the main characters face, just like how Oniwaka grabs Mugen's. Hmm. (Maybe I'll make a giant post about all the others ways this anime movie is referenced). Ep 3 and 4: Mugen runs off from Fuu after not wanting to help her at all. But in ep 4 he saw her locked up in the brothel. There's a scene where he stops walking in the rain after remembering her scolding him, and he quickly runs back to save her. When he got back to the brothel, she was already gone, having escaped on her own. "Ran away?! That idiot!" or "That bitch! He kept searching for her, but when he found her with Jin at the gambling den, he said "I only came here because no one was chasing after me." which we as the viewers see, is a bold faced lie. He JUST went to the brothel to break her out, then went looking for her. Meanwhile, Jin doesn't bother to save Fuu at the brothel.

He only coincidentally met up with Fuu at the gambling den because he was helping Sousuke, the son of the gangster. Ep 5: Mugen sees Fuu hanging with an artist and says rather jealously "What are you doing hanging around with lover boy?" She was only modeling. Later that night, he asked Jin what happened to Fuu. "Hey, where is she?" Jin is too being playing Japanese chess. This line. Is such. The following morning, Mugen literally goes to the artist's studio and finds a picture of her and asks the artist where she was. She was kidnapped and he ran all across town to rescue her. He ends up saving her but gets no credit as usual. Jin henceforth…is still playing chess lol. Ep 6: Not much. She just scolds him in a hay stack and he ignores her. Ep 7: Fuu was "held hostage" by the thief. He shows interest at first. Mugen (the violent bastard he is) sees the kid who pick-pocketed Fuu hold a knife to her throat and only then did he flip shit and want to kill the guy. You can interpret it that he was pissed at the guy for stealing from them and not at all worried about Fuu… But when he crashed into the building and was going to attack him, Fuu screamed at Mugen to stop. And he did. Even though he hated the guy, Mugen stopped and helped him escape because Fuu told him to. Mugen never takes orders from ANYONE. But when was safe, he defended the thief for her.

Mugen jealous. Jin is henceforth…

Once again, he technically saved Fuu from the drug dealers that were after the thief. Jin henceforth, waits outside… Ep 8: When a man hits on Fuu, she says rather proudly to Mugen "It's soooo hard being popular. " most likely to validate herself to being appealing and maybe even get Mugen jealous. Jin is henceforth…too drunk to say anything and is dragged along by Mugen. Also,the man who hit on Fuu said his wife looked like Fuu when she was younger. Funny thing, the woman who hit on Mugen was that man's wife… So Mugen is actually physically attracted to Fuu after all. Later when Fuu overhears that Jin killed his master, she gets curious and decides to ask Mugen if he knows anything about it … He looks at her, and then he pouts. "I don't know anything." Then in a much more different (frustrated and annoyed) tone he says "Why don't you ask him yourself? What happened to your hand? "It's just a scratch." and he pulls away rather quickly. Foreshadow to ep 16? After leaving Fuu and Jin he lays on the grass. …the same hand that she touched above his face, saying “that little bitch” which is a nickname he calls her throughout the series. There is a video of this on youtube.

39;re in love with her!

"Subliminal Mugen/Fuu clip" Watch itttttt. Ep 11: Pretty big proof in this one. Jin canonically falls in love with Shino the courtesan. When Fuu is talking about Jin going to brothels, Mugen takes it that she's jealous and in turn gets jealous of her and Jin, saying "What, are you saying you want to be his girl? Later, when Jin goes to visit Shino, Fuu stops him "Are you going to see that Kohana lady? I know you pity her but… "Don't tell me you're in love with her! You promised to help me find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. When Jin left…Mugen is shown actually awake, listening to the entire conversation. Jealousy. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EPISODE 24. DON'T FORGET. Later when Mugen and Fuu are running to give Jin back his swords, Mugen says "I thought you two weren't friends anymore! " I think it can become plainly obvious that by now, Mugen is getting really jealous of their "relationship", even when Jin and Fuu are the platonic ones.

Ep 12: Mugen is much more curious than Jin about what she is hiding about her sunflower samurai, to the point where he sneaks through her stuff for her diary… 't read. When she begins saying "The first guy who came in was the type I never wanted to be friends with! And after talking with him I was absolutely right!" he got extremely pissed off and even began swearing at her diary. After talking shit about Mugen, he gets annoyed. When she said that Jin was attractive when she first saw him, Mugen again got more jealous. It's almost like everything she put in there was to piss Mugen off. Oh wait. It was. At the end of the diary, we discover that Fuu added lies in case they read her diary. "Serves you right. Idiots." Note: She didn't know that Mugen couldn't read yet. Ep 13: HUGE PROOF! The starting point when Fuugen becomes more obvious. This is our first glimpse into Mugen's past. He doesn't trust anyone, he was an ex-pirate and was betrayed by those who should have been his friends. When he sees Koza and Mukuro, his shame at the past is reignited. For the first time Mugen declines an offer to make money and says about Fuu and Jin "They're not my friends or anything." to which Fuu turns her head at him…

… He then says "I promised I'd protect 'em until we get to Nagasaki, that's all." Mugen is actually referring to Fuu since Jin doesn't need protection (and he wants to kill him, not protect him). This is the first time Mugen admits to desiring to keep his promise. Note how it zooms in of Fuu's surprised face. Then Koza's surprised face here. This will reveal Koza's jealousy and assumptions on what Fuu means to Mugen. Assumptions that also…happen to be correct. Mukuro turns to Fuu: "Hey, do you have any idea what kind of things he's done? You know how many people he's killed? This is hysterical! A guy like you protecting people? When Mukuro said that, Mugen seems defensive and angered, as his expression and eyes covered by his hair. He lashes out by pointing his sword at his neck to shut him up from speaking on the subject. Once Mukuro goes him by saying "This is the kind of man you are.", only then does Mugen relent, to prove him wrong. He is not proud of his past. And he doesn't want Fuu to know about the awful things he's done. This is interesting… Notice how Fuu is also hiding behind Jin in this part… Mugen. It would seem Jin is the ideal, noble bodyguard, while Mugen is inferior and sinful. Mugen scoffs, sheathes his sword…

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