Is Ms Wright Sunny's Mom

All I need is cute. Sunny Madison is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. She is a student at Rainbow High, majoring in Computer Animation. She's a cute and adorable fun-loving girl who combines her love for animation, her friends, and for everything cute into an animated series she calls Hi Hi Kawaii. Sunny is a teenage girl with a medium build and warm-undertoned deep skin, though sometimes throughout the animated series, it ranges from darker to lighter. She has bright yellow hair styled into a combination of odango buns and twintails, which appears straight with straight cut ends in the animated series. Her greenish hazel eyes are framed by a blunt fringe, and she has four strands of hair on the front, two being short and the other two being long and curled. Her makeup typically consists of shimmery gold eyeshadow mixed with warm colors, sparkly highlights, and berry-colored lipstick. Sunny's signature outfit consists of a sparkly, pastel yellow babydoll dress with gold glitter dots under a golden jersey-style jacket.

The jacket has white sleeves decorated with the word "RAINBOW" across the arms and a detailed drawing of a sun and moon on the back. She also wears thigh-high athletic socks with a rainbow stripe across the top and golden sneakers with a high rainbow platforms and white laces. Sunny's second outfit consists of a cropped golden bustier top and a pair of pastel yellow skinny jeans with distressed panels across the legs decorated with golden sequins on the inside. She also wears a cropped, yellow denim jacket with stylized writing covering the sleeves that spell out "Rainbow High". Her shoes are golden sandals with a clear strap and stars decorating the chunky high heel. Sunny wears a golden sequined mini dress with a halter neckline under a cropped yellow puffer jacket when dressing more casually. She wears a beaded choker and a green bracelet on her right wrist. Her shoes are yellow, chunky heels with clear vinyl straps. As a cheerleader, Sunny wears a cropped hoodie with yellow and white sections separated by a yellow-and-black chevron stripe across the midsection and the word "SPARKLE" written across her shoulders in bold, black lettering. She also wears a yellow, pleated half-skirt with black and white stripes decorating the hem over a matching yellow mini skirt with the letters "RH" in white on the left side.

She accessorizes with a light yellow knit hat with two matching pompoms on each side.

She has yellow knee-high tube socks and yellow-and-white athletic sneakers with a stiletto heel. Her hair is crimped and tied back into two twintails with golden ribbons, and her makeup is much more dramatic than usual, with golden, sparkling eyeshadow, white liner, and pink lipstick. She also dons face paint consisting of a yellow star with the letters "RH" inside of it on her right cheek and the number 19 in yellow on her left. Sunny's runway outfit consists of a short yellow pleated dress with a white stringed belt, raindrop earrings, and matching yellow heels. The second version of the outfit opens the belt to reveal an uplifted skirt, resembling an umbrella with dangling raindrop gems. Sunny also sports baby hairs instead of her usual bangs. For Sunny's first Winter Break outfit, she has a light yellow turtleneck shirt under a long sleeved white jacket that says "Rainbow" across the chest with lots of rainbow outlines under it. She also has high waisted light yellow snow pants on with orange and coral stripes down the sides with white and pastel rainbow snow boots. She accessorizes with a light yellow knit hat with two matching pompoms on each side. She has uniquely long hair with large curls near the ends, being its usual yellow color. Her makeup is beige eyeshadow with light yellow eyeliner, faded red blush, and light pink lipstick.

Her second Winter Break outfit is a beige and yellow long sleeved shirt with the word "Rainbow" sewn in multiple colors on the chest, worn under a cropped light yellow and white jacket with a fluffy neckline. She also has white jeans with lots of rainbow graphics and designs, and light gray and white ice skates with rainbow laces. As a Junior High student, she wears a white crop top with a drawing of a sun on it, pairing it with a yellow denim pencil skirt with buttons down it. She also has a clear jacket covered in designs with a golden zipper, white socks with emojis on them, and yellow and white sneakers with rainbow colored platforms. She has curly and crimped long yellow hair with two tiny twisted buns on her head. She wears two small hair clips that are shaped like rainbows with tiny clouds shaped like stars on each side, along with soft yellow eyeshadow, red blush, and pink lipstick. True to her theme color, Sunny is by far the most cheerful and energetic. She's easily excitable and possesses a noteworthy love of all things cute or "kawaii," as she would put it. Though she can come off as high-strung and boisterous, Sunny simply has an expressive personality and a strong enthusiasm for the things she loves. She can be somewhat awkward in tense situations, but she's also highly sensitive to other people's emotions and will do what she can to alleviate the problem. Sunny has also shown herself to be highly adaptable and friendly.

They are complete opposites so they have an awkward relationship.

She may be emotional, but she's quick to recover from a bad mood. She also manages to retain her sweet and pleasant demeanor regardless of her stress level, as seen when she was the first to welcome Amaya to Rainbow High, even though her introduction was immediately following Bella's expulsion and departure from the runway group. Throughout the day, she continued to stay by Amaya's side and attempted to steer her away from awkward encounters. As a student of Rainbow High, Sunny is an extremely talented and creative animator and artist. Befitting her interest, the characters she creates are usually adorable and highly stylized. After enrolling in the school, she modeled the characters in her animation projects after her friends. They are twins even though Luna attends Shadow High. They are complete opposites so they have an awkward relationship. Sunny has called Luna her "evil twin sister" showing they aren't too fond of each other. Sunny's closest friend is Violet, as the two have been close since childhood. Though they initially had a small falling out after enrolling in the school thanks to Violet's desire to branch out and meet new people, the two were quickly reminded of how much they cared for one another. Sunny is close to her roommate, Poppy. When she felt sad over feeling as if Violet was moving on from their friendship, she quickly cheered her up. Sunny is also close to her other roommate, Skyler. Skyler quickly cheered her up with Poppy when she was upset because Violet decided to live in a separate dormroom.

She is good friends with Ruby even though they have very different personalities. Although they aren't seemed to interact much, they do tend to get along together. Jade and Sunny, having completely different personalities, seem to get along pretty well. They may sometimes have different views but don't make that big of a deal about it. Sunny and Bella got along initially. However, Sunny was quick to move on from Bella's departure but still expressed a great deal of sadness at her leaving, implying the two were on good terms. When Bella returned, Sunny was overjoyed and very excited to have her back. Sunny was also the first to welcome Amaya, and overall was the friendliest towards her despite the awkward situation surrounding Bella's expulsion. She was the only one who really noticed and complimented Amaya. Their bond grew over time as they had to work together. While not much is known about their friendship, they did work on the Radiant Week project together so it is assumed they are friends. They both love animation and seemed to become very fast friends. It can be inferred that she and Colin are not on good terms since he was caught trying to cheat on Skyler with Ruby and she was very shocked knowing about it. Sunny greatly admires The A's, possibly more than any other characters.

She has a particular fondness for Avery and her fashion designs. Sunny is a huge fan of Tiara and the rest of the Royal 3, shown when she stared in awe as Tiara came onstage during the Rainbow Vision host-off competition. She also cheered for her when she and the rest of Royal Three were onstage. February 24th, 2020: Sunny's prototype doll is revealed during Toy Fair. June 28th, 2020: First official stock picture of Sunny is revealed. July 20th, 2020: Sunny makes her first 3D animated appearance in Series 1 introduction video. October 2nd, 2020: She makes her debut in the animated series with the rest of the cast. November 13th, 2020: Stock images of her Cheerleader Squad doll are leaked. December 6th, 2020: Her Cheerleader Squad doll is released alongside the other ones. April 10th, 2021: Images of her and others outfits are leaked of the Winter Break line. August 3rd, 2021: Sunny's Winter Break doll is officially released in stores. March 1st, 2022: Her Junior High doll is released. Sunny is a unisex name that references bright sunshine. Madison is an English surname meaning "son of Mathew" or "son of Maude". Along with all other Series 1 dolls, Sunny's doll was a Toy Book 2021 Doll of the Year Finalist.

Sunny's hair is likely a reference to the "Odango" hairstyle popularized by the title character of the anime Sailor Moon. Sunny enjoys anime and other elements of Japanese pop culture. Sunny and Violet's friendship began when they were babies, as their mothers were close to one another. Sunny loves escape rooms, so much so that her 10th, 11th, and 13th birthday parties were all in escape rooms. Her parents are Rainbow High Alumni. In the series, Sunny has an animated series known as Hi Hi Kawaii. The characters in her show make up the Fantasy Friends line of toys. Some of the real-world inspirations for Sunny's outfits include: - The platform sneakers featured in her signature outfit are inspired by a pair of shoes featured in Gucci's 2017 Spring/Summer collection. The lettering on the denim jacket from her secondary outfit is a reference to a pattern featured in many clothing pieces by Dior, a French luxury goods company. In the final runway show she called Mrs. Wright "Mom" but it's been confirmed she is not Sunny's mom.

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