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Not to call a spade a spade, but he's a spade. Lancer is a Darkner child from Card Kingdom. He is one of the main characters in Deltarune. In Chapter 1, he initially serves as an antagonist, trying to destroy the party before they can reach the Eastern Fountain and seal it, but he ultimately befriends the party and joins them. In Chapter 2, he enters the party's inventory, allowing him to visit Cyber ​​World with them. Lancer is a short and round black, blue and white Darkner with a teardrop-shaped head and blue spade symbol on his body. The upper half of his face is hidden by a large, spade-shaped shadow. He has a large mouth and a prominent blue tongue that he usually sticks out. According to Kris, it is difficult to tell Lancer's body from his clothes. For example, it isn't clear if Lancer is wearing clothes, or if that's his natural appearance. Lancer is very childish and generally immature in his behavior and speech.

He delivers his lines with a near-constant smile on his face. He is easily preoccupied with childish games and pursuits, and likes hiding things and irritating people. He generally assumes that the party naively follows instructions on signs he writes. He has a poor sense of direction and gets lost in mazes quite easily. He can be easily intimidated by strong enemies like King Round, although he remains calm and jovial while doing so. Lancer values ​​and idolizes his father, King. He tries to project a tough facade in imitation of him, hoping to be designated "son of the month," and caring for his father's well-being and approval despite being neglected. Aware that his father's subjects don't like him and only put up with him due to King's orders, he seeks real friendship and gradually becomes an ally to the party despite his initially hostile role. Lancer first appeared as a dark silhouette, glimpsed a few times as Kris journeyed through the? After Kris reunites with Susie, Lancer attacks them both, flinging a large number of spades at them until they escape. Lancer properly reveals himself in Castle Town by ramming his bike into Ralsei, who has just introduced The Prophecy to the party.

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A brief battle ensues, in which Kris and Susie can either attack him, knocking him off-screen when his HP reaches 0, or prolong the battle so that his bike "runs out of fuel" and he leaves to get home before dinner. Lancer appears repeatedly throughout the Field leaving numerous written signs intended to mislead and warn the party. Towards the end of the Field, Susie becomes tired of his childish attitude and decides to scare him and teach him how to really be threatening - Lancer however takes it as friendly criticism, and begins to think of her as a role model. Later while crossing the Great Board, Lancer reveals that he has put Susie's lesson to practice with an intimidating laugh, as he threatens to smash the party into blood, before asking Susie if it was scary, endearing her to him in the process. At the end of the Great Board, Lancer is too afraid of a C. Round to cross past it into the Forest, and the party has to defeat it for him. Ralsei gently admonishes Susie for making the fight harder with her attacks and asks her to stop fighting enemies. Susie is annoyed by this and decides to be a bad guy, joining Lancer's side. The two proceed to try and thwart the party, which is only made up of Kris and Ralsei, throughout the Forest. Susie and Lancer eventually build the designed weapon out of junk, but decide to blow it up as mockery and then fight the party themselves.

He goes to the roof of Card Castle and attempts to soften his dad up in advance.

Kris and Ralsei win this fight by either persuading Lancer to no longer fight, or by injuring Lancer to the point that Susie becomes concerned for him. Susie decides to rejoin the party at this point. Lancer also "joins the party," although in practice he merely tags along from a small distance. Shortly thereafter however, Lancer becomes concerned about the possibility of the party fighting King. Fearful of either the party killing his father, or his father killing the party, Lancer flees back into Card Castle. When the main party is subdued by Rudinn Rangers while chasing him, Lancer steps in and has them imprisoned rather than being executed. He elects to have them kept in the dungeon "for eternity," reasoning that it will prevent King and the party from killing each other. Susie breaks out of her cell and confronts Lancer on his seeming betrayal, and the two fight until it becomes apparent that neither wants to hurt the other. Susie swears to Lancer that she and the other Heroes don't have to hurt King, and Lancer runs off, relieved. He goes to the roof of Card Castle and attempts to soften his dad up in advance. When the party ascend Card Castle and finally meet King, Lancer is in the process of explaining the situation. However, upon seeing the party, King becomes furious and tells Lancer that he has failed in his mission and that the Lightners are "scum." Lancer disagrees, and King holds him up in a rage, threatening to drop him off the parapet of the castle to make the Lightners bow down to him.

Lancer then betrays his dad by attacking him with a spade projectile from his back and allows Lancer to flee, leaving the party to fight King. At the end of the fight, if the party has never defeated a Darkner through fighting, Lancer saves them by overthrowing King: he storms in with a large number of Darkner troops, and locks King in the prison cell in Card Castle. He then becomes the new King of the Dark World, leaving the other three Kings still locked away. However, if the party hurts a Darkner, Susie puts the King to sleep and apologizes to Lancer for hurting him. Lancer forgives her and tells her that the Darkners are not happy with them and they have to get out. Plays music after acquiring Queen's Mixtape. Hohoho! I'm a tough boy! Treat me like one of your ITEMS! It's revealed that the part of the Dark World with Lancer's kingdom turned back into a normal classroom when the fountain was sealed, turning everyone in it, including Lancer, into board/card game pieces. When Kris brought the pieces into Ralsei's kingdom, the pieces turned back into Darkners, including Lancer, who shares a reunion with Susie.

39;s used, he makes splatting noises.

If the player beat up any enemies in Chapter 1 (discounting Jevil, King, or Lancer himself), he says that he used his authority to pardon the party's crimes. He runs a shop where he sells Lancer Cookies for free, but requires "regenerating" for him to sell another one. He later joins Kris in the Light World, along with Rouxls Kaard and (if found in Chapter 1) Starwalker, by becoming a key item. Whilst in the Library Dark World, he merely says a few quotes depending on the location of the party, and if he's used, he makes splatting noises. After receiving Queen's Mixtape, he eats it and plays it when viewed in Kris's pocket. When trapped in a cell in Queen's Mansion, Kris lets Lancer out and he overloads the system by ordering 999 shovels, allowing the party to escape. Unfortunately, he becomes ill soon after, alarming Susie, who promptly carries him on her back until they meet up again with Ralsei. However, the healing is proven to be fruitless, as he turns into a stone statue soon after.

Ralsei explains that Darkners are sustained by the Dark Fountains of their own worlds, and that in other worlds, they eventually transform into statues. The exception is Castle Town, as its Dark Fountain is made of pure darkness and can sustain Darkners from any world. During the Snowgrave Route, Lancer simply remains asleep until eventually turning into a statue while still in the inventory. After getting back into Castle Town, he remains in Kris's pocket. Hohoho! I'm a tough boy! Treat me like one of your ITEMs! Hohoho! ROUXLS jumped out of your pocket! Hohoho! That game looked fun! Let me be the stool next! Sounded like milk out there. Splat! Were you three osmosing without me! We fell! But don't worry. I'm a strong boy. I won't be trounced by a mere bounce! Split up? We'll solve this mystery fast! you? You can be the un-talking dog. Ho-ho! A soft cream is following you!

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Can we make them a bad guy? The illusory nipple technique! Wow! Thanks for the free samples! I couldn't eat another bite! The bluebird of crappiness. Fly high bluebird, fly high. Did I miss something? I was doing my calisthetics. Hey! Thanks for the tapes! I was hungry! Push my tummy to hear a cool song! After obtaining Queen's Mixtape. Hoho! It's me, Lancer! Release me and I will release you! Snowgrave Route: After obtaining the Freeze Ring. Snowgrave Route: After entering Queen's Mansion. Hoho! What a terrific boy's adventure. Oh la la! Who is that handsome mustachioed boy! I think I'm in love! There, I got back into your pocket! Now you can use my power! Lancer moves up and down on the right side of the Bullet Board. After a bit, he honks and does a wheelie, charging forward. Lancer charges across the bottom of the Bullet Board, then returns from above the Bullet Board, shooting spade shaped projectiles at Kris's SOUL. Susie jumps on top of Lancer. Then, Lancer jumps over the top of the Bullet Board while Susie launches ax projectiles that travels towards the right of the Bullet Board. Summons spade projectiles at random locations at the top of the screen which travels downwards through the Bullet Board. If Susie is put to sleep, Lancer uses the attacks from the first encounter. Summons spade projectiles at random locations at the top of the screen which travels downwards through the Bullet Board. Summons spade projectiles from the sides of the Bullet Board.

However, the soundwaves reach Lancer instantly if this action is repeated enough.

After three turns have passed, he launches spade projectiles from the top of the screen that actively avoid the SOUL. This attack gradually decreases in intensity until the end of the fight. Lancer cannot be spared, but escapes from the battle at the end of turn 4, ending the fight. Choosing to FIGHT Lancer every turn can knock him away by turn 3 when combined with Susie's automatic attacks; this does not affect the ending. Lancer fights alongside Susie. Susie recovers shortly after being knocked down, and cannot be spared or Pacified as Lancer blocks Pacify attempts using his bike. To end the fight, the party must FIGHT or use the Anything (or X-Anything) ACT on Lancer. If Susie is awake, the party cannot use the final ACT as Susie blocks the soundwaves from reaching Lancer. To put her to sleep, the party must FIGHT or use Lullaby on Susie. However, the soundwaves reach Lancer instantly if this action is repeated enough. Susie automatically attacks Lancer without player input, and Lancer stops trying to hurt Susie after she receives enough damage or from turn 4 onward.

Halt, clowns! This bike is fueled by victory! Just kidding! That's you! So what are you guys doing after this? Hohoho!!! I'm the bad guy! Oh! You make my feelings do wheelies! Did you not realize I can mask my self-esteem levels? Stop!! My personality's getting too deep! Wait! Wait a second! Next time, the losers will be YOU! I gotta get home before dinner! Hey!! Hey Susie!! Watch me, watch me! Prepare for smashing, you luxurious melons! Horror! Pain! The power of REAL bad guys! Not to call a spade a spade, but he's a spade. Not old enough to ride a motorcycle, so he set his bike on fire. Lancer's riding it out. Lancer is thinking about chips. Lancer switches gears randomly to appear competent. Lancer's motorcycle is actually just a bike that's on fire. You tell Lancer to watch out for Susie's attack. Lancer laughs at the idea he would need your help! You tell Lancer you can't tell the difference between his clothes and his body. His ATTACK POWER went down! But he sees it as sincere.

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