Is Kawaki Evil Or Good

Protect Naruto with his life. Put an end to the era of ninjas. Kawaki (in Japanese:, Kawaki) is a major antagonist in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga and anime series. He is a part of the Kara organization and like Boruto Uzumaki he was given a powerful seal that grants him a lot of power. Years after meeting Boruto, Kawaki ends up destroying the Hidden Leaf Village reducing it to rubble. He was voiced by Shinya Hamazoe and currently Yūma Uchida in Japanese and Chris Niosi and later Michael Schwalbe in English. As a young child, Kawaki suffered domestic abuse by his father and as a result was stripped of his own childhood and became colder. When he met Jigen, he was also fearful of him and didn't want anything to do with Kara. When he first encountered Boruto and the other Leaf ninjas, Kawaki displays a defensive and menacing personality. He does not trust them and threatened to kill them if they did not leave him alone. He particularly distrusts for members of Kara who he sees as the enemy. In his battle against Gar, Kawaki is shown to have a cold-blooded streak as he did not mind murdering Gar to show that he is not to be taken lightly. Along with it, he even attacked a child just for bumping into him without hesitation, showing no remorse for the fact he could have killed the innocent and even stating he wanted him to learn the harsh realities of the world.

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With his curse mark like Boruto, Kawaki confess that he does not want anything to do with the Kara organization. He particularly resents Jigen for having violated his promises of a good life, as not only did Jigen coldly experimented on him, he also cruelly strengthened him, regularly getting angry whenever he remembers Jigen. Kawaki also seems to bond with Boruto over their shared fate of being hunted by Kara and seems to sincerely want him to work with him, even going as far as to be, even if only begrudgingly, steal a vase to replace the one he broke. Around people, Kawaki tends to show little interest with communicating with people and can be rude and disrespectful. Kawaki is shown to be anti-social but was willing to fix issues that he caused like fixing the vase he broke. His time with Kara filled with nothing but grueling training, he is a stranger to simple joys and thus was easily attracted to the food of Konoha and their taste. He has even shown signs of deep psychological scarring at the level of PTSD, as simply seeing flowers causes him to remember his struggles and leaves him panting in horror and he even shows self-loathing to the point out of all the highly useful purposes of the Shadow Clone Technique, he only wanted to use it to beat himself up to vent in a melancholic tone. However over time, Kawaki begins to warm up to the Hokage's family and was willing to protect Naruto and his daughter, Himawari, from Delta's attack.

He also holds a level of animosity against the ninja world.

Eventually, Kawaki began to warm up to others, even becoming interested in learning Ninjutsu and other forms of entertainment in Konoha, along with coming to admire Naruto's selflessness and ability to rise up despite having similar backgrounds to his own. He had grown so attached to Konoha that he was willing to stand up to Jigen when he insulted Naruto and knowing that Jigen could very well kill Naruto, even surrender to him immediately. Years later, Kawaki shows a much darker personality, to the point he is willing to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village to tell Boruto that the age of ninja is over. He also holds a level of animosity against the ninja world. However, Kawaki did seem to retain fractions of the man he became after he was adopted by Naruto, as he warned Boruto that if he fights him, he will send him to where he sent Naruto and Sasuke along with also indicating he didn't actually kill them but just banished them. He is content in all the deaths and destruction he has caused in order to put an end to the ninja era. As a child, Kawaki was raised by a single father, named Kokatsu, who would constantly beat him up and demean him. Kawaki was found by Jigen when the latter met with Kokatsu to take Kawaki as his son. At some point, Kawaki woke up in a testing tube where he witnessed Jigen trying to give a boy the kāma seal which caused the latter to die.

Soon after, Jigen did the same to Kawaki but unlike the other boys, he survived. He later became the vessel for the Kara organization. After becoming a vessel, Kawaki was subjected to brutal training sessions with Jigen where he always proved to be no match for him and though Kawaki's defiance actually seemed to please Jigen, when Kawaki persists with getting rid of the seal, Jigen would become physically violent. The rest of the Inners are also implied to have participated in his training, as Delta stated that she had severely beat Kawaki while Boro expressed familiarity with the grueling training. Amado experimented on him to increase his efficiency, modifying his body extensively with nanoscopic Shinobi Ware implanted through his entire body, altering his body to the level of circulatory and nervous systems, presumably as Jigen wanted Kawaki to have powers on his own to not be entirely rely on Kama.

It has been implied that Jigen not only brutally trained him but also gave him some insight on the shinobi world and allowed him access to some of Kara's files, likely as Kara would have definitely fought with the Shinobi and Jigen wanted him to be familiar on what he would face, as Kawaki displayed a limited knowledge on the outside world that he attributed to his time in Kara. Because of his treatment and the conditions of the kāma seal, Kawaki chose to escape from the Kara organization and wanted to find a way to get rid of the seal that Jigen gave to him. He took advantage of Amado being the one in charge and not Jigen. After dealing with Ao and meeting Kashin Koji, Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, Konohamaru, and Katasuke saw an unconscious and injured Kawaki near the site of a blimp that had crashed, having killed all the puppets after him but collapsed out of exhaustion. Kawaki woke up in terror and with his uncontrollable powers let out a powerful energy that nearly injured or killed the Leaf ninjas near him. He gained his consciousness and confronted the ninja wanting to know what was going on.

With his power, he was able to defeat and kill Garō.

He threatened to kill them if they did not go away since he wanted to get away from the Kara organization. He took note of Boruto who seems to have the same marks as him before a member of Kara, Garō spotted him. Kawaki confronts Gar and fights him. In his weakened state, he was overpowered by Garo's power but his Kāma seal gave him more power. With his power, he was able to defeat and kill Garō. However, since he used a lot of energy he passed out from the move. Koji Kashin told Delta that he would allow the Leaf Ninja to take Kawaki away since he is confident that he would not give the ninjas important information. Konohamaru's team brings Kawaki to the Hidden Leaf Village to make him recuperate from over-exhausting himself. Naruto tells Kawaki that he is here to watch him but Kawaki was not interested and tries to escape from him multiple times. Naruto firmly tells Kawaki that he is hear to watch him and that he is also here to protect the village.

39;s vase. Kawaki resolved to replace the vase that he broke.

Kawaki was surprised at Naruto's power thinking that he could beat Jigen. Boruto came home to meet Kawaki as his new housemate. Boruto was angry that Kawaki broke Himawari's vase that she made for her mother Hinata. Kawaki coldly apologized and introduces himself to the family while cursing at Boruto, calling him a shithead. Kawaki continued to stay at Naruto's house. Boruto after fighting over the bathroom Naruto was using. He observed Nato's family during dinner. He asked Boruto about how he got his kāma seal to which the latter says he got it from Momoshiki tsutsuki. Kawaki then told Boruto about how he got his seal, his treatment afterwards, and how he wished that he could get rid of his seal. He wanted Boruto to help him since they both had the seal but Boruto rejected the offer since he was mad at Kawaki for breaking Himawari's vase. Kawaki resolved to replace the vase that he broke. Kawaki walks down the street with Naruto and encounters Sarada.

Kawaki gets into an argument with Sarada and a child accidentally runs into Kawaki. Kawaki uses his enhanced hand to scare the child but Naruto stops him from attacking the child. Kawaki tells the child to look out for danger and tells Naruto and Sarada that he was trying to warn the kids. Kawaki, Naruto, and Sarada gets to Ino's flower shop where he was to pick the vase. He is scolded by Sarada when he immediately picks a vase but Kawaki explains that the vase had a good design. When Ino tries to put the flowers into the vase, he got a vision of his traumatic mistreatment from Jigen and drops the vase on the floor breaking it. Naruto immediately comforts him and they got a new replacement. Sarada tells Kawaki that he if needs help, he can call her as she left but Kawaki was not impressed by her. Kawaki and Naruto made his way back to Naruto's house where Boruto gives him glue when he saw his vase. Kawaki sits by when he heard about Naruto and Boruto planning for their sparring training. Kawaki and Himawari sits by and witnesses the fight and tells Boruto that he should activate the kama seal.

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