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Eleceed (Manga) - AnimeClick.itThe Meaning of the Skewers House - There is no denying that most of the people in our country still believe in the myth of the skewered house that is widely circulated and often heard in the community. Although it is often considered as bad luck, but who would have thought that the skewer house actually has advantages, one of which is to open a business. Owning a house is a dream for everyone. If we have entered a productive age, then when we already have a job and start saving and have the desire to buy a dream house before or after marriage. There are many types and types of houses that we can choose or build ourselves, ranging from cluster housing to ordinary houses. When choosing a house, there are often some unique myths and one of them is don't buy a skewer house. The myth of the skewer house often persists and is passed down from generation to generation according to information from parents. Then, parents recommend the location and choice of houses before we decide to buy the desired house. Many people think that having a skewer house will bring bad luck to the family who lives in it. What does Skewer House Mean? What are the characteristics of the Skewer House? What are the Myths About the Skewer House? 3. Stop! My Home Is Not For Satan (2020) by Dr.

The skewer house is a house that is named because of its location.

What does Skewer House Mean? When we are going to buy a house, surely location is one aspect that is seen by buyers. Now, considering the location, there are many terms for naming houses based on their location, including one of them, namely the skewer house. The skewer house is a house that is named because of its location. The skewer house is a house located right at the end of the middle of a T-shaped intersection or T-junction. It is undeniable that when buying a new residence, we must pay attention to the many aspects in it. Starting from the price, whether the price of the house is in accordance with the budget you have to the location of the house that is safe from flooding or not because it will have a long-term impact, especially during the rainy season with high rainfall. One of the things that is often mentioned when choosing a house is to pay attention to the position of the house to be purchased. Maybe we've heard a saying that never buy a skewer house, whether it's from our parents or close friends. Then, what exactly is meant by the skewer house?

The skewer house is a house that is right at the end of the intersection or the end of a straight and unturned road. Many Feng Shui experts have called this term with a sharp angle as a poisoned arrow. If your body is the type that is sensitive to energy changes, you may be able to feel a sharp energy entering your home. If our type is not very sensitive, chances are that the feeling is that the body can feel tired very quickly. Perhaps there are many who think that the concept is very unreasonable, but we can imagine an example case like the following: a vehicle takes time to stop in time. Here, we can imagine if there is a vehicle that is going too fast at an intersection and fails to stop for a sufficient distance and time to hit the end of the intersection. If our house is located at the end of the intersection, then you can imagine how much risk we can face if the case actually happens. Thus, based on this simple theory, we can imagine for ourselves the explanation previously mentioned. Therefore, there are several things that need to be considered and considered in a skewer house, both in terms of health aspects and in terms of security for its residents. What are the characteristics of the Skewer House? From the past until now, some people in Indonesia have started to recognize the type of skewer house.

The skewer house is known as a residence filled with myths.

However, there are still many who are unfamiliar with what are the characteristics of a real skewer house. What are the Myths About the Skewer House? The skewer house is known as a residence filled with myths. As in Javanese tradition, the skewer house is often considered an unlucky location. There is a belief that there are many spirits who also become residents and disturb the people who live in this house. This will affect the condition of the family who live in the skewer house. It is true, many people in Indonesia still believe in myths. Quoting from Difference Between, myth is one of the stories that is made based on the beliefs that exist in society and is often used to explain things that are difficult to explain. Regardless of cultural tradition, some myths about this skewer house can be proven right or wrong if discussed further according to scientific research. However, for the knowledge of Grameds, here are some examples of other myths that Grameds need to know. The first myth is that the family becomes inharmonious. Many say that there will be frequent fights between other family members who live in the skewer house. This results in a strained family relationship.

So, it actually makes sense.

This myth states that a house located on a skewer usually has less harmony in the family. The reason is, of course, because of the constant heat in the house. In fact, if viewed scientifically, the heat that arises in the house can arise because the position of the skewer house is directly opposite the crossroads. What are the consequences? Sunlight is easier to enter without any obstructions. Based on research conducted by health experts from the University of California, hot weather causes people to be more easily triggered by their emotions. So, it actually makes sense. However, we can prevent this from happening by adding a canopy so that sunlight does not directly touch the walls of the house. In order to avoid the hot air from inside, we can use curtains so that the atmosphere of the house becomes cooler. Then, we can also make a garden in front of the house to cool the yard around the house. In addition to functioning to beautify the appearance of the house, according to some Feng Shui experts, having a garden in front of the house will be very influential in reducing negative energy. The garden will also help divert excess wind and dust pressure that will lead directly to the skewer house.

Thus, the garden at home will become a natural filter from dust flying on the streets that will enter the house. The second myth is that the residents of the skewer house are also called residents who are prone to contracting the disease. This myth is closely related to the location of this skewer house itself. Access that is wide open and can receive the flow of wind and direct sunlight is believed to be the cause of this myth. In addition, because of its location at the end of the road, it is also considered a risk factor for accidents at intersections that cause residential damage and endanger families and other residents. The third myth is that, according to the myth circulating, the skewer house is a dwelling that is often said to give bad luck to the people who live in this house. All forms of sustenance and work will be difficult to obtain, as a result the family economy can also be disrupted. The fourth skewer house myth is that accidents are easier for those who live in the skewer house. However, we can try to examine again, the skewer house is right in front of the street. Automatically, the risk of a vehicle crashing into a house is indeed a risk. How do you solve it? Try making a small garden or pond in front of the house. So, if one day there is an accident, the impact does not reach the house. Checking the overall safety of the home environment becomes very important. Moreover, for houses located in accident-prone areas, such as this skewer, traffic safety is the main consideration before buying skewers. In addition to the above, we must also consider whether the location of the house is close to public facilities such as shops, shopping centers, malls, hospitals, schools, and various other public facilities.

What are the Advantages of Skewer House?

By considering the various risks that must be borne when buying this skewer model house, later there will be additional funds that must be spent to correct the shortcomings of the house. House skewers are generally pegged at a much more affordable price. You could say we are lucky, because we can have a house with the same area and facilities at a more affordable price. The thing we must also do before buying it is to take into account the costs that must be incurred to cover the various shortcomings and risks that exist. Don't forget to choose a house that has good and clean environmental conditions. What are the Advantages of Skewer House? Despite all the myths above and people's assumptions about the disadvantages of having a house in this location, in fact there are several advantages of skewered houses that can be put to good use for residents and outsiders around the house. Because of its location which is less attractive to most people, especially those who still believe in myths, the price of this house is much cheaper if finance is the main consideration in buying a house. Usually the skewer house is identical to its location on the side of a major road. Automatically the location can be easily seen by anyone from various directions. If it can be used properly, this location can provide a profit for advertisers to place advertisements to attract the attention of the general public.

Besides being able to place advertisements, the strategic location of this house can also be used as a place to open a small business. Some examples, namely by opening a workshop, shop, or coffee shop, and so on. However, make sure that visitor access does not interfere with the smooth flow of traffic on the three sides of the road that are close to the location. The fifth advantage, the skewer house actually has better air circulation than houses in other positions. This is because the skewer house is directly opposite a wide road, not blocked by other houses and so on. In addition, sunlight is also easier to enter. With these two factors alone, it is an advantage for residents to get a good and healthy home environment. Fifth, the position of the skewer house located at the end of the road, of course, is rarely passed by vehicles so that it is more peaceful and calm. This skewer house is very suitable to be chosen by people who like a quiet place to live and not be noisy by the sound of vehicles. Finally, the skewer house is generally more eye-catching because it is located at the very end and can be seen from different sides. In addition, when compared to other houses, this skewer house has a larger land because it follows the standard of the road in the complex. This is of course a distinct advantage for the residents, so they can arrange the design of the house more freely and comfortably. Never be afraid of a myth that has no clear facts and truths because it can turn the myth into one that turns and benefits us.

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It's the same as a skewer house, because there's no need to be afraid to buy and live in a skewer house. To overcome the problem of solar heat entering the house directly, it can be overcome by using a large canopy made of good material to dissipate the sun's heat. Planting various forms of ornamental plants in the yard to make the atmosphere more shady and comfortable. To make motorists more alert, we can prepare a large pot in front of the house with bright colors and plant it using medium-sized plants so that drivers can know there is a house at a crossroads. According to Feng Shui, we can make high walls to reduce negative energy into the house. This book is here as a guide for readers that will lead to prosperity. This book contains about calculating the cost of building a house. Suitable reading for readers who want to calculate the cost of building a house. 3. Stop! My Home Is Not For Satan (2020) by Dr. A book suitable for a Muslim to read that prevents his house from being controlled by Satan. By reading this book, the reader is led to give an example of the Prophet and dhikr for Allah. Thus the article about the skewer house, hopefully it can be useful, Grameds! Choice of Beautiful Small 2-Story House Design, Read More! The library is a digital library service today that carries the B2B concept. We are here to make it easier to manage your digital library.

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