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He was first mentioned by Monkey D. Garp in Water 7 and then immediately mentioned by Gecko Moria shortly after he got the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy. His title of Yonko was revealed right after the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Moria. In a body that is too heavy, he has a very broad, muscular build with broad shoulders pressed against strong and thick arms, and slightly disproportionate legs; his body is much lighter than his arms but of the same length (with his legs much smaller than his hands). Kaidou's head, above his large neck, is also very small (smaller than his hands), and has a pair of large gray horns that point out from the sides, slightly arching forward, then upwards. Kaido is almost always seen wearing wrinkles, and has moderate wrinkles: lines on the eyebrows, crow lines and tear lines around the eyes, and laugh lines from always pouting. His blackish hair consists of a receding mane that is mostly swept, forming distinctly flat square locks, some of which fall near the front, above the ears, or protrude upwards. His facial hair is neat, done in a long wavy Fu Manchu mustache, paired with a spiked beard on his broad chin. The right of his defined abdomen is the only scar, which is a massive, X-shaped scar, whose apex reaches the chest. It was given to him by Kozuki Oden's sword, Enma. A tattoo of dim segments resembling reptile scales, individually bordered by orange, moving from his left chest to the front of his left arm, ending in correspondence to the wrist with a white skull (dark in the manga), in the traditional skull shape on the forearm.

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In terms of clothing, Kaido wears a bluish purple bluish coat slung over his shoulders, sleeveless, and under a lavender open shirt, tight, with long sleeves. He has black bracelets with gold (dark in the manga) spikes above each of his wrists. Upholding said the shirt was a thick white shimenawa as a belt, which had two slits in the front and center, a pair of white shoes hanging below. Further from below the rope hung two additional pieces of cloth: each had a rectangular flap, from two insulated holes at the bottom, a chain of short, thick golden toruses attached to themselves. Furthermore, Kaido has two yellow straw ropes under the shimenawa, which serve as belts to secure the short, thin hanging ribbon and the reddish ribbon. Finally, the rest of her lower undergarment consists of simple baggy pants in gray-green, tucked below the knees into simple blackish boots.

This recklessness, coupled with his inability to die, has led Kaido to attempt suicide as a hobby.

20 years prior to the current storyline, Kaido Fu Manchu was only chest-length, he didn't have his current beard, and neither did his scars. Kaidou is a merciless, aggressive, and confident warrior who never misses an opportunity to gain an advantage in war, as evidenced by his plan to attack Whitebeard during the latter's attempt to save Portgas D. Ace from execution. Kaido seems to instill a sense of indifference to most things, including the nature of the world and the lives of himself and his subordinates. He seemed to want excitement and chaos, because he was ready to start the biggest war in the world because he felt it was too ordinary. This recklessness, coupled with his inability to die, has led Kaido to attempt suicide as a hobby. However, Kaido seems to be tremendously invested in his goal of creating an all-powerful Zoan crew, to the point where he attempts to drown his grief in alcohol after receiving the news that he can no longer buy large amounts of Zoan Devil Fruits. Kaido also has a great interest in Raftel, having taken the Road Poneglyph under his possession and also brutally threatening Kozuki Oden for his knowledge and viciously hunting down his son Kozuki Momonosuke and the three retainers Kin'emon, Raizo, and Kanjuro. He is also ruthless and not open to negotiation or reasoning, making it unwise to provoke or belittle him; this was dramatically enacted when Donquixote Doflamingo, a former Shichibukai and former World Noble known for his fearless demeanor, was terrified of angering Kaido when he could potentially not fulfill the end of their business deal due to Trafalgar D. Water Law holding Caesar Clown hostage.

39;s sadness and despair.

One of his crew later stated that Kaido would be furious once he heard the news of the SMILE Factory's destruction. This unreasonable attitude caused a group of Kaido's subordinates including X Drake to attempt to convey the news of Doflamingo's defeat to the Yonko from a distance instead of approaching him directly. Kaido is also shown to be very cruel, even towards children. After he killed Kozuki Oden, he viciously insulted Oden right in front of his son Momonosuke, adding mockery to Momonosuke's sadness and despair. Adding to this, he brutally attacks Tama, even though she is not a threat to him, and leaves her for dead. The Shichibukai need not be impressed and his dismissal of Donquixote Doflamingo as weak. He was also quick to threaten to kill Big Mom when she announced her intention to come to his territory, showing no qualms even though Big Mom had power on par with hers. Kaido who was drunk drowned his sorrow. Kaido is a heavy drinker who likes to drink sake and when drunk, his mood turns erratic, such as when he quickly changes from being melancholic due to his inability to increase his number of Gift Bearers and fulfill his dream of having a crew consisting of only Devils. The fruit user became angry and violent, brutally beating his subordinates and cursing Luffy and Law. Actually, Kaido is such a habitual drinker that he doesn't even like being drunk at times. Despite his arrogance and great belief in his strength, Kaido recognizes others with extraordinary powers when he seeks to recruit powerful people into his crew such as Shutenmaru and also Eustass Kid.

While Kaido is extremely ruthless and ruthless towards his enemies, he does have some sort of honor.

This extends to enemies offending him such as Luffy who had caused him to lose his supply of SMILE when he deliberately held back when defeating the latter and expressed his intention to recruit Luffy into his crew as he still considers Luffy a potentially formidable warrior, and chose to try crushed his spirit and recruited him as a subordinate instead of killing him immediately. When Big Mom tried to enter Wano, Kaido feared it would become an all-out war and ordered his crew to stop him and his crew. While Kaido is extremely ruthless and ruthless towards his enemies, he does have some sort of honor. When he met Big Mom again for the first time in years, he had his men remove his handcuffs before trying to kill him. Moreover, Kaido is also a man of his words, as after warning Linlin that he would kill him if he came to Wano, Kaido kept his promise and tried to kill him the next time they met. Like everyone else, Kaido has a unique style of laughter: "Worororo" (ウォロロロ, Worororo?).

The second of him has been observed when he is drunk: "Fuhihihi" (フヒヒヒ, Fuhihihi?). Kaidou cares a bit for his subordinates, as Scotch confirmed that Kaido will be angry if he is attacked. Sheepshead addressed him as "His Majesty". However, Kaido acts heartlessly towards his subordinates when in an angry mood, having once sent two of his subordinates flying out of his fortress violently while destroying posters of the enemies he wanted. Before his SMILE supply was cut off, Kaido's dream was to have a crew made up entirely of Devil Fruit users, whom he wanted to become the best crew the world had ever seen. Kaido goes to great lengths to achieve this goal as he is willing to risk the well-being of his subordinates by giving them the Artificial Devil Fruit SMILE, which has only a ten percent chance of success in granting them Zoan powers, which causes most of his subordinates to lose the ability to feel sadness and anger, and put them down. as "Pleasure". Kaido does not tolerate betrayal of his crew, as when Speed ​​betrayed him for Tama, Kaido mercilessly attacked him and left him and Tama to die. Jack is the Star and one of Kaido's three right-hand men, implying that the Yonko have great faith in him and his power. However, upon learning about Jack's failure to save Doflamingo, Kaido seems to care more about losing his SMILE than his subordinates. Jack is shown to be afraid of his superiors as he trembles at the sight of Kaido. King is the Star and one of Kaido's three right men, which means the Yonko have great faith in him and his power. In turn, the King is very loyal to Kaido and is willing to carry out the mission given to him. When Big Mom and her children arrived in Wano Country, King attacked and dropped his ship into the sea on Kaido's orders.

Queen is the Star and one of Kaidou's three right men, showing that the Yonko have great faith in him and in his power. The Queen calls Kaido by his name, not by a title, such as 'Master' or 'Boss'. Any detailed interactions between the two are yet to be seen. Prior to the timeskip, X Drake seemed interested in meeting Kaido, having volunteered to provoke his underling Scotch on the Yonko's favorite winter island to get his attention. He now seems to be subservient to Kaido, placed under his subordinates. His loyalty to Kaido was first shown when he crushed a rebellion against Kaido's subordinates on the same winter island. Kaido is a black market customer of Donquixote Doflamingo. Caesar Clown produces and delivers large quantities of the SAD substance to Doflamingo, who uses it to produce artificial Devil Fruits called SMILES, which in turn are sold to Kaido to create his army of Artificial Zoan Devil Fruit users. However, they do not appear to be on friendly terms, as Law insists that Kaido will kill Doflamingo if he is deemed unable to supply Kaido with any more Zoa Fruits; Doflamingo himself showed extreme fear at the thought of Kaido's anger. However, Kaido doesn't seem to hate Doflamingo despite his defeat, as he feels sympathetic that Doflamingo isn't strong enough to defeat Luffy and Law; However, this was probably due to Kaido being drunk at the time. During the timeskip, Scratchmen Apoo joined Kaido's crew.

Apoo refers to the Yonko as "Kaido-san". Apoo pretends to cooperate with Eustass Kid and Basil Hawkins to force them to become Kaido's subordinates. Kaido encountered Basil Hawkins along with fellow alliance members Eustass Kid and Scratchmen Apoo when he fell to their base after jumping from the Balloon Terminal. Hawkins and his crew voluntarily surrendered themselves to Kaido in self-defense and as a result, he was a subordinate of Kaido, becoming one of the higher ups. In exchange for monopolizing Wano's immense resources, Kaido formed an alliance with Kurozumi Orochi, helping the latter to depose the Kozuki Family and become the Shogun of Wano Country by executing the daimyo Kozuki Oden who was subsequently in line to become shogun. Kaido also personally thwarted the rebellion of the daimyo who served the Kozuki Family like Yasuie. Amused, Kaido thinks Orochi is "sick" for using the remnants of SMILE to make the people of Ebisu City laugh constantly even though they are sad. In the past, Linlin and Kaido had been the same pirate crew. He seemed to recognize Kaido's strength after Luffy declared that he would defeat him, Big Mom responded by telling Luffy that she had no hope of achieving the feat while referring to Kaido as an "thing". Kaido, in turn, doesn't seem to have much respect for Big Mother either, referring to her as an "old granny".

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