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Jack to Dr. John. Jack Hanma (ジャック, Jakku Hanma) is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler series. He's a pitfighter from Canada and the son of Yuujirou Hanma and Diane Neil, a Canadian United Nations operative who Yuujirou met during the Vietnam War. Like his brother, Baki Hanma, he has since childhood wished to surpass his father in strength and martial ability. In the English dub of the second anime series, his name has been changed to Jack Xamma because of dub issues (pronounced "Zah-mah"). His ringname is Jack Hammer (ジャック・ハンマー, Jakku Hanmā). Jack's driving force is wanting to defeat his father, Yuujirou Hanma, to avenge his mother who was raped by him. After taking super steroids that made himself beyond unstable, Jack turned into a monster without balance who only cares about becoming stronger to take revenge. Jack is an incredibly determined and stubborn person; he just doesn't know when to quit. His overtraining would be suicidal, if not for a mad scientist's steroid cocktails being part of his regimen. He's had his skeleton surgically restructured multiple times to get bigger. Even having half his face bitten off by Pickle and waking up in the hospital twice, the second time from a severe coma, he still gets up and goes right back to it.

Also, it can be said that he is sometimes too confident in his strength. He trains too much for his body to handle, forcing him to resort to steroids and other medical methods in order to keep his strength growing steadily. He is too obsessed with beating Yuujirou and avenging his mother, to the point where he is blinded by that dream. He doesn't know many techniques and often fights head-on. He refuses to hold back against his opponents; and, speaking of behavior, he prefers to act like a wild animal rather than a true fighter, as especially shown how he bites his opponents during their fights, making him even more animalistic. Jack can indeed seem very frightening to his enemies: for example, he started Pickle after Jack lost to him, because there is nothing in the wild that prepared the caveman to the sight of a prey seems coming back from the dead for a rematch. He almost out-savaged Pickle during their fight and the caveman came to see him as a wasp, the only creature he fears. He sees his brother, Baki Hanma, as a rival, but also likes and cares for him deep in his heart as they have the same goal in surpassing Yuujirou. Following his defeat at the hands of Baki, he became more humble and amicable towards his half-brother. He learned to calm down and grow friendlier towards others. He also has perfect table manners and sometimes feeds the koi with little old man Tokugawa. Jack also seems to have some feelings for his younger brother's girlfriend, Kozue.

Jack trained so hard that his muscles became completely destroyed.

When he first meets her in the Maximum Tournament, he flirted with her, although he might have only done this to provoke his brother. Jack's intelligence is relatively average. Although he has shown himself to be a bit of a combat genius from time to time (as he was able to counter Shibukawa's Aiki). This is likely due to his lineage as a Hanma and the son of Yuujirou. After being defeated by Izou Motobe, Jack reformes himself and understands he will never be as strong as he wanted, focusing only in brute force. He understood that he needs to learn more fighting. Therefore, he created an original fighting style "Goudou", which consists in using his signature move: biting. Jack now looks more mature, calmed and composed. Tokugawa pointed out that Jack has learned from his defeats and has changed for better. Jack Hanma in the manga. Jack trained so hard that his muscles became completely destroyed. He took an experimental drug known as the x4 to strengthen his body, regardless of a scientist warning it might kill him, he endured extreme pain from the drug surviving due only to his Hanma blood line, the drug caused his muscles to become extremely large and strong.

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Unfortunately, a number of drugs eventually managed to destroy his body again, and drastically reducing his life expectancy in the process. But later, Jack managed to repair his body and he became even stronger. In the second series of the manga, he underwent surgery to make him taller and stronger. Kureha Shinogi carried out the operation, and thanks to that fact the desired effect was achieved. Kanji Igari stated that Jack is even bigger than Mount Toba. His physical features include blue eyes, a piercing gaze and short blonde hair and rather large eyebrows. He's often wearing a blue t-shirt, long jeans or shorts. In the third season of the anime, Jack's eyes are brown. It can be said he looks very much like Yujiro in terms of his facial appearance and his physique looks to be similar to his grandfather Yuuichirou. The only thing he has from his mother is her hair color. Jack is an extremely tall and muscular man. His initial height was 6'4 (193 cm), which changed to 6'11 (213 cm) after the Maximum Tournament thanks to Shinogi Kureha's limb-lengthening surgery, and finally to 7'11 (243 cm) after Jack's fight with Pickle, which was once again achieved by the limb-lengthening surgery. After Izou Motobe had shattered all of his teeth, Jack possess now titanium-made teeth. Diane Neil, Jack's mother, was a secret agent whose job was to get rid of Yuujirou Hanma during the battlefield. When the Ogre discovered that Diane was trying to outsmart him, he decided to take revenge on her and raped Diane. That's how Jack was born.

He claimed he will never be able to defeat his father with normal training.

Yuujirou, unlike with Baki's mother, did not kill her and Jack's mom decided to keep the kid. Unlike his half-brother Baki Hanma, he has since childhood wished to surpass his father Yuujirou Hanma in strength and martial ability to get revenge rather than earning his love and respect (later, Baki also wanted to get revenge, of course). His obsession to defeat his hated father led to extreme over-training at various fighting gyms which led to the deterioration of the muscles in his body. He wasn't much more than skin and bones because his body had been damaged by overwork. For example, Jack would punch sandbags for over 12 hours without eating, resting, or even using the restroom and would lift weights until his body refused to do anymore. He claimed he will never be able to defeat his father with normal training. After his encounter with the Yuujirou-inspired scientist named Dr. John who witnessed Yuujirou killing a polar bear, the scientist promised him great results if he tries using a special drug which he called X-4. He received from him a concentrated formula of steroids to match his over-training and gained immense power in the process, though in the process Jack had become addicted to the drugs and began overdosing leaving him even more mentally unstable. At first, the doctor was happy with Jack's results, but at one point he tells the Canadian that he's really starting to overdo completely, although the doctor finally agreed to give Jack as much drugs as he wanted.

Like Yuujirou, he became powerful enough to kill a polar bear with his bare hands, but with his unstable mindset he was more brutal and made it's death agonizing. Jack appears in the Maximum Tournament in the Underground Arena, but introduces himself as "Jack Hammer", in order to not reveal his true identity to everyone. Before his first match begins, Jack meets Kozue Matsumoto in the hallway of the Underground Arena. He starts talking to her like he's trying to flirt. Suddenly, angry Baki appears and shows a very militant attitude towards Jack. The Canadian fighter just turns around and tells Baki he wants to see him in the finals. Jack fighting Sergio Silva. Jack's first opponent is Sergio Silva, the Brazilian grappler. The fight is quite short and very one-sided. At the beginning of the fight, Sergio catches Jack with some grappling hold, but he is completely defenseless against the destructive power of the Canadian, who easily comes out of the hold using just pure physical force. Silva doesn't have the slightest chance against Jack, who eventually sends him into the air with an uppercut and wins the match. After the fight, Yuujirou Hanma enters the arena to talk to Jack. Yuujirou sees that Jack's using drugs to strengthen his body. After a while, he gets excited and tries to start a duel with him, but then Baki enters the arena, kicking Jack in the face. Baki screams that Jack has no right to fight the Ogre and he is the only one who will defeat him. Jack tells him that Baki's not the only one who has the right to do so, but it is unknown what he really wants to say by it.

However, this time a wound on the foot of the Japanese appears unexpectedly.

Annoyed Yuujirou knocks Baki out so he won't disturb them, and after a while Jack whispers something in Yuujirou ear that makes him very happy. The Ogre smiles and announces that Jack has a great right to fight him. The Canadian competitor leaves the arena with a cold and calm expression. Jack biting Misaki Kengo. Before starting another fight in the tournament, Jack meets Alexander Gallen in the locker-room and tells him that he is interested in a fight with him. A tense and conflicting relationship begins to form between the two competitors. In the second round, Jack's opponent is Kengo Misaki, the Japanese master of Shorinji Kempo. Misaki tries his Shorinji Kempo techniques, but nothing works. Something strange happens during Misaki's rush, because his hand is flooded with blood. For unknown reasons, it turns out there is a wound on it. At some point in the battle Misaki knocks Jack to the ground and starts bombarding him with kicks from above. However, this time a wound on the foot of the Japanese appears unexpectedly. During their fight, Jack uses his teeth to bite Misaki's body. He tears his hand and leg apart with his teeth, doing it in such a discreet and instant way that nobody notices that he used his own teeth. Mitsunari Tokugawa even interrupts the fight to see if Jack is using some kind of weapon. When it turns out that Jack doesn't have any items with him, the fight continues.

The Japanese is trying to use another Shorinji Kempo techniques, but this time the Canadian fighter stops hiding the using of his teeth and bites into Misaki's hand in front of everyone, then knocks him out with a brutal punch. After the match, Jack meets Alexander Gallan again, but this time in the hallway. Gallen accuses him of being disgusting in his fighting style that is not graceful at all. Jack explains to him that he sees the fighting in a slightly different way. At the end of the conversation, Gallen just adds that he can't wait to fight Jack and goes away slowly. In the third round of the tournament, the dispute between Jack and Gallen is finally resolved, because Gallen is the next opponent of Jack. At the beginning of the match, Gallen dominates and hits Jack with his fists, performs suplex on him and then manages to perform his powerful technique called Gallen Special. At some point, however, Jack decides to start some counterattack and eventually almost bites off two of Gallan's fingers. The Russian is furious that Jack has disfigured the body representing Gallen's homeland and rushes at the opponent, but then Jack attacks with a powerful uppercut and then starts bombarding him with the violent blows. The Russian wrestler takes a lot of damage, but in an act of desperation, he still tries to perform a suplex. However, the Canadian neutralizes his technique and throws him into the arena fence. Gallen clearly begins to lose the fight, which Jack ends with a powerful nukite at the ribs and a brutal punch to the heart.

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