How Old Was Kyoko When Katsuya Died

Manga / MangoKyoko Honda (本田, Honda Kyōko) was the wife of Katsuya Honda and the late mother of Tohru Honda, who only appears in flashbacks and photographs treasured by Tohru and the main protagonist of Fruits Basket -prelude-. Kyoko used to be a lonely, troubled, and violent teenager who was also an infamous gang leader called "The Red Butterfly". However, after she met Katsuya, they worked through difficulties in a joint effort, and he helped her leave the gang and her own abusive household. After Katsuya's death and due to her own experiences, Kyoko lovingly raises Tohru and shaped much of her character by the wisdom she shared with her. Kyoko died a few months before the start of the series when she is struck by a car. Despite that, Tohru clings to her mother's memory and calls her the most important person in her life, and repeats bits of her mother's emotional wisdom throughout the series. Kyoko was an adult woman with fair skin and a rather slender build.

She had short, bobbed, and strawberry blonde hair which appeared to grow darker the further down it went. Her bangs were long and "M-shaped", and usually covered her right eye and framed her face. In flashbacks, she was also seen to have longer hair. She had a pair of light-brown eyes with long eyelashes, and was often seen with earrings and pink nail polish. Kyoko's usual outfit consists of a yellow long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and a pair of pink heels. However, she would also wear a black shirt and a blue skirt along with her trademark red coat from her gang days as well. When Kyoko was young, she had mid-back-length hair with straight bangs covering her entire forehead. She also used to draw her eyebrows in, prompting Katsuya to call her "Ms. No Eyebrows". During her gang days, she was often seen with bandages on top of her chest, along with black shorts.

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She would also wear her trademark coat as well. In school, she was seen with several plasters and dressed rather modestly; such as long-sleeved, long black dresses. In her teenage years, Kyoko was an abrasive, grumpy, ill-tempered, and violent delinquent who blamed everyone for her sadness and took her anger out on those around her. This was largely caused by her incredibly self-centered parents, who made Kyoko hate the entire world and desperate for someone who would make her feel loved and needed. After she met Katsuya, who treated her with the love and understanding no one ever gave her before, made Kyoko quit the life of a delinquent, and her personality greatly improved thanks to his influence. As a result, Kyoko became self-conscious about her past mistakes, but also a more lively and optimistic woman who was always smiling. On the other hand, when Katsuya passed away, Kyoko lost all hope, abandoned Tohru for a while, and even attempted suicide. But when she remembered she had a daughter who needed her love and care, Kyoko swore to live for Tohru's sake; eventually becoming the incredibly kind, supportive, hardworking, doting, patient, loving, and gentle mother seen in Tohru's flashbacks.

39;t mature and become emotionally strong until they have expressed lots of pain and hardships.

Kyoko was also a very wise woman who extended and shared this wisdom with others around her, including Arisa Uotani, Saki Hanajima, and Kyo Sohma. Even after her death, Tohru on Kyoko's wisdom greatly, as she was responsible for shaping Tohru's entire outlook in life. She was incredibly emotionally intelligent and strong-willed; firmly believing that people often can't mature and become emotionally strong until they have expressed lots of pain and hardships. Exactly because of her own upbringing, she was quick to sense other people's loneliness, such as Kyo's and Arisa's, and thus could easily empathize with others and accept them without any hesitation. Aside from her wisdom, Kyoko was a very cheerful, loud, open, inviting, and social woman with a noticeable sassy side to her, who could get along with anyone, even if it was a child decades younger than her. Born as Kyoko Katsunuma (勝沼今日子, Katsunuma Kyōko), she was raised in a cold household consisting of her father who never thought about his family, and her mother who only cared about her husband and the outward appearance of their family.

During one of the rare days she attended school, she met Katsuya Honda, a trainee teacher.

Ranma man VR - AR - low-poly 3D model As a result, they never went anywhere as a family, rarely ate meals together, and Kyoko didn't even have a memory of being held by them, resulting in her feeling neglected. Because of her troubled background, Kyoko, at some point, fell into the "wrong crowd" and became an out-of-control delinquent before she even got to middle school. Kyoko was eventually made the leader of a kamikaze squad, a gang, and was described as a tough fighter who could "put men in their place". She began doing the wrong things and was delighted by it; including beating people bloody and vice-versa. Her father was infuriated by this and would verbally and sometimes physically abuse her, while her mother couldn't comprehend why she turned out the way she did. Kyoko simply did not care, as she had never been asked to be born. Overwhelmed with loneliness, she would always ride out on her bike in the middle of night, which is where she also gained her infamous nickname "The Red Bufferfly". Kyoko's attitude against the teachers. Even as a third-year middle schooler, Kyoko went to school so rarely that she could count the number of days she had attended. During one of the rare days she attended school, she met Katsuya Honda, a trainee teacher. When Kyoko had a violent outburst towards the other teachers for attacking her due to "disrupting the learning process for the students", Katsuya took over and began conversing with Kyoko.

39;t attend any classes, she met up with Katsuya every day during lunch.

Kyoko began lashing out at Katsuya as well and admitted that she hated everything and everyone around her and wanted them all dead, but when Katsuya correctly deduced that Kyoko was lonely and just wanted to be accepted, needed, and loved, she broke down in tears and admitted that Katsuya was right. Knowing that Kyoko is lonely and feeling like he could relate to Kyoko, Katsuya began spending more time with her, both in and outside of school, where he affectionately began calling her "Ms. Kyoko soon started going back to school, and although she didn't 't attend any classes, she met up with Katsuya every day during lunch. They would talk about everything and confided things to the other person they couldn't with anyone else. Eventually, Kyoko fell in love with him. One day before Katsuya's training period ended and before he left the school, Kyoko confessed that thanks to his influence, she now wanted to become a better person, study properly, and attend high school, and thereafter tearfully bad him farewell. However, even after Katsuya left school and got a job at a pharmaceutical company, he wanted to continue seeing Kyoko, and as such, he would help her study and check her homework on the weekend.

Kyoko and Katsuya's first kiss. When Kyoko revealed that she wanted to quit her gang so she could focus on her studies, she was beaten by her fellow gang members in response, and was thus hospitalized and missed taking the high school entrance exams. When she was discharged and returned back home, she found her father dropping a bag of her belongings in front of her and declaring that he was disinheriting her and disowning her altogether. Katsuya suddenly turned up and gave them a lecture for choosing to banish their daughter because she "didn't turn out the way they wanted". He then confessed that he wanted to marry Kyoko and asked if her father objected, which he didn't since he no longer considered Kyoko his daughter. Katsuya and Kyoko then left, and when Kyoko questioned him why he wanted to be with her, Katsuya confessed that he fell in love with her the moment she cried about being so lonely during their first meeting. He then asked Kyoko to "choose him", and Kyoko tearfully accepted his feelings as they shared their first kiss. After a while, Kyoko and Katsuya would begin living together by the sea, and they were quietly wed as no one blessed their wedding, except Katsuya's father. When Kyoko found out she was pregnant, she admitted that although she was glad to have Katsuya's child, she didn't have the courage to bear a child and didn't feel like she had the right to become a mother, considering she had terrible things in the past, and since she had been rude towards her own mother as well.

However, Katsuya comforted her and said that she would be a great mother and that they would work hard together. Soon after, their daughter Tohru was born, and the three lived a very happy life. One night when Katsuya was away on a business trip, Kyoko noted that Katsuya had a bit of a cold and demanded that he went to the doctor the next day. Katsuya agreed, and they happily began talking about giving Tohru a younger sibling when he returned. However, the next day, Katsuya passed away, as his cold had turned into pneumonia. Kyoko apologizes to Tohru for leaving her alone. Kyoko, who was only 20 years old, became absolutely grief-stricken, was blamed by Katsuya's relatives and blamed his death on herself as well, and fell into a deep depression and a trance-like state, where she didn't notice anything or anyone. As a result, she didn't care for Tohru, didn't check up on her, and didn't talk to her. Kyoko was convinced that Katsuya was waiting for her in the sea, so she abandoned Tohru and went there with the thought of committing suicide in order to be reunited with her beloved.

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