How Old Is Xanxus

Xanxus is the second major antagonist from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! He later becomes one of the protagonists. Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia, Vongola Ninth's adopted son, and was the main antagonist of the Varia Arc. During the Varia Arc, he and Tsuna battle for the Sky Vongola Ring and the position of the 10th Vongola Boss. Later, in the Future Arc, he remains the leader of the Varia and leads a raid against the Millefiore, taking their Headquarters. He battles against one of the Fake Funeral Wreaths as well and easily wins, showing that he has grown much stronger in the future. He was born into poverty with only his mentally ill mother to care for him. His mother discovered his Flame of Wrath when he was very young and brought him to the Vongola Ninth. When she and Xanxus confronted the 9th and Xanxus showed his flame, he took Xanxus and placed his scarf around him, agreeing that he was indeed his son even though he had never seen the woman or her son before. Eight years before the start of the Ring Conflict, Xanxus discovered his true heritage from Timoteo's diary, finding out he's not his real son, and Timoteo has no intention to give him the position of the next Vongola Boss because he doesn't have Vongola Blood. This made Xanxus feel betrayed, thinking that he was only adopted out of pity. Enraged by the revelation, Xanxus, along with the entire Varia members, planned a rebellion which leads to the incident known as Cradle Affair.

This rebellion, however, failed as Timoteo frozen him with Vongola Primo's technique, Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Xanxus was frozen for eight years, heavily guarded, until someone unfrozen the ice and freed him. After Squalo returned to Italy with the Half Vongola Rings, Xanxus was soon able to figure out that they were fakes and along with the rest of the Varia, set out for Japan. Once there, he was stopped by Iemitsu Sawada and agreed to hold the Vongola Tournament. After Tsunayoshi Sawada's intervention during the Lightning Ring Battle, Xanxus won the Sky Ring. Later during the Cloud Ring Battle, Xanxus programmed Gola Mosca on a rampage until it was stopped by Tsuna; however, Xanxus had kidnapped Timoteo and placed him inside Mosca. Xanxus used this as an excuse to fight Tsuna in the Sky Ring Battle. During the match, Xanxus eventually acquired all seven rings; however, the Sky Ring rejected him, as he wasn't a true Vongola descendent. Xanxus and his crew were then forced to resign.

39;s brother, Rasiel, and his butler Olgert.

In the Future, Shoichi revealed that the Vongola had launched a large scale international invasion led by the Varia against the Millefore Famiglia in Italy. The Varia, led by Xanxus, split into three groups to take over the Millefiore HQ to eliminate one of their Funeral Wreaths. During the invasion, Belphegor and Flan encountered one of the Six Funeral Wreaths, who was revealed to be Bel's brother, Rasiel, and his butler Olgert. Rasiel and Olgert quickly defeated the two. Olgert then sent three of his Heavy Rain Elephants to destroy the base that had been already taken over by the Varia. In the remains of the castle, an unharmed Xanxus sat on his throne relaxing. Rasiel, who was unimpressed by Xanxus, started to mock him by saying that he had been frozen by a fourteen-year-old, proceeding to call him lame. However, Xanxus ignored this and directed Rasiel to attack him.

Olgert sent one of his Heavy Rain Elephants to attack Xanxus, but only to have them be stopped in mid-flight and destroyed by Xanxus. It is later revealed that Xanxus's Box Weapon, the Leone di Cielo, is reason why their attacks kept on stopping. Rasiel, however, found this amusing and stated that Xanxus, who had a Sky attribute, was rejected by the Vongola Ring. Olgert, on the other hand, was worried that his Box Weapon had been petrified and then broken down, but Rasiel refused to listen to Olgert, and so the two attacked again only to see that after absorbing Xanxus' Flame of Wrath, the Liger Tempesta In Cielo destroyed their Box Weapons. Xanxus told the two that he might let them choose the manner of their deaths if they brought Byakuran. However, Rasiel refused to listen to Xanxus' deal and attacked again with his Box Weapon only to find his Box Weapon slowly beginning to be petrified and starting to crumble. Olgert's body then slowly petrified, crumbled, and died.

Xanxus told Tsuna that he must show the Millefiore that the Vongola is the strongest.

Rasiel, who had realized that he couldn't win, started to beg that he would bring Byakuran and make Xanxus the leader of the combined Vongola with the Millefiore; however, lamentable for Rasiel, Xanxus ignored his pleas and stated that he only wanted the Vongola at its strongest and that the Vongola needed Tsuna if it was going to be strong, proceeding to kill Rasiel. A hologram of Byakuran, who had seen the whole battle, then appeared and congratulated them and told everyone about Choice, and that the Vongola Rings will be on the line. Xanxus told Tsuna that he must show the Millefiore that the Vongola is the strongest. At the last minute, the Varia rescued Lal Mirch, Gokudera, and Gamma from Bluebell and Zakuro, who were about to finish them off. Xanxus told Gokudera that the Varia had come to help them in the battle. Gokudera offered some advice about the Funeral Wreaths, but was only told to shut up by Xanxus. Xanxus and the rest of the Varia then attacked the two Funeral Wreaths. Xanxus appeared to have killed Zakuro, but was attacked by Kikyo. The rest of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths finally believed that wiped out the Vongola; only to see that the people that they had fought were illusions created by Mukuro Rokudo, and then the Vongola attacked them.

39;s Flames that were stolen by Ghost, have been transferred to him.

After Mukuro explains how he had escaped from Vendicare Prison in a long conversation, the three Funeral Wreaths buy time to heal and to attack again. The two side were about to attack when the last of the Real Six Furenal Wreaths, Ghost, appeared out of nowhere. The sudden appearance of Ghost shocked even Bluebell, Zakuro, and Kikyo while the rest of the Varia found their attacks on Ghost useless. Ghost then suddenly starts to drain everyone's Flames, friend or foe, and started to head to Yuni's location, but fortunately Tsuna came and the two started absorbing each other's Flames, with Tsuna using the Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised to absorb Ghost, but the Flames, however, only go to Byakuran, who congratulated Tsuna for defeating Ghost so easily. Byakuran told everyone that he was so honored that the entire Vongola Famiglia was here and that he finds Tsunayoshi interesting for making Xanxus and Mukuro submitting to him. Xanxus and Mukuro, who felt insulted by what Byakuran had said, attacked together, but found that their attacks didn't affect Byakuran. Byakuran states that everyone's Flames that were stolen by Ghost, have been transferred to him. Tsuna told everyone that he will beat Byakuran, but he was no match for Byakuran and was overpowered.

39;t show up because of Tsuna.

Tsuna, however, refuses to give and unlocked his Vongola Ring's true form. After a fight, Byakuran was defeated by Tsuna. The Varia were about to kill Kikyo, but Shoichi told everyone that the Real Six Funeral Wreaths weren`t in any criminal records and that they were once normal humans. Kikyo says that they were kings and rulers in different worlds, but were cursed with misfortunes, and that Byakuran brought purpose into their lives. But before he can finish, Xanxus tells him to shut up, and used one of his X-Guns to apparently blow Kikyo's head off. Lussuria reassures everyone that he will keep him alive, the Varia then leave and head back to Italy. Xanxus' past counterpart is then seen receiving the memories about the future battle between Byakuran and Tsuna from Yuni to prevent it from ever happening. The rest of the Varia show up to the ceremony except for Xanxus; Squalo stated that Xanxus wouldn't show up because of Tsuna. Xanxus is briefly seen predicting what Mammon's request was for; the Arcobaleno curse, and stated that he would decide if he would or wouldn't agree to the favor, depending on the situation. Xanxus is later revealed to have agreed to the favor to fight for Mammon, and was seen walking in Japan, observed by Dino.

It is also revealed that he and the Varia are staying in the same hotel as the Chiavarone Famiglia. Later, when Belphegor rushed into Xanxus's office and threw Tsuna inside, Xanxus was wearing a yukata and resting. Mammon informed him that Dino and Tsuna were Reborn's representatives, just like he had guessed. Xanxus then looks at Tsuna angrily and said that this time he would erase Tsuna once and for all. Suddenly, he sensed the presence of someone and shot his X-Guns at the ceiling; jumping down was a man who introduced himself as the planner of the "Representative Battle of the Rainbow", Wonomichi. During the first battle of the Rainbow, Xanxus spends the time eating and sleeping, ignoring the conflict entirely. Mammon expresses his concern over Xanxus' participation in the Battle, but chooses to believe in Xanxus' power. During the second battle, when Hibari Kyoya arrives in their hotel room along with Fon, Mammon rushes to wake Xanxus after Fon takes out Levi, Lussuria and Bel. Xanxus was awoken by the noise when Mammon came in, and ordered the Arcobaleno to find food for him.

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