How Old Is Sirin Honkai

Sirin is the Current Era's Herrscher of the Void and one of the Main Antagonists of Honkai Impact 3's main story line. Sirin appears as a young girl somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13. She has long purple hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit changed 3 times during the course of the 2nd Eruption. She is first seen wearing a white lab gown before her full awakening. After her full awakening, her outfit changed into a short tube dress. It was mostly white and purple; with reddish purple lines and small golden decorations on the front. She also wore a purple hair clip with red inlays, purple gloves with the same reddish purple color on her palms, and a purple choker with a yellow ornament. Both her arms and legs were wrapped in purple bandages. After her Ascension on the Moon, her dress changed dramatically and her pupils are replaced with yellow crosses.

And so, she had an attachment to Cecilia that affected Kiana.

Originally Sirin was a kind and caring girl, thinking of everyone as a friend. However, with the experiments in Babylon Tower killing all of her friends, she grew a complex for power and revenge, refusing to die, and suffering the abuse, she made the resolve to kill everyone in Schicksal. After her partial awakening, she exacted her revenge on the 322 scientists of Babylon Labs. Her heart was filled with a deep hatred for Schicksal and its valkyries, and was so exacted on the idea that they were all wilds that she would not listen to Theresa's words. When she fully awoke as a Herrscher, her personality took a drastic turn. She became prideful, overconfident and arrogant: deeming humans as nothing but insects and believing herself to be the God's chosen one. She looked down on those less powerful than her. Even "Bella" was shocked to see what her best friend had become. However, deep down Sirin was still a young girl who needed someone she could believe in, despite not being able to believe in anyone at all. And so, she had an attachment to Cecilia that affected Kiana. It seems that in 2014, Sirin's personality is still this way.

39;s forces, cut her arm off, and removed the Gem of Serenity: her source of regeneration.

In Sirin's return in 2016, her personality had changed again. Sirin had matured, and was much more calm and composed, and regal. Despite her calm appearance, Sirin still has a seeing, raging, anger for humanity underneath. She enjoyed seeing humanity suffer, and using words to mentally weaken Kiana. She is still prideful and self centered, seeing even the Herrscher of Domination as nothing but a toy to let her take control once again. It is also constantly hinted that Sirin is afraid of Siegfried after he crushed Sirin's forces, cut her arm off, and removed the Gem of Serenity: her source of regeneration. Sirin grew up in a small village in Belarus with her mother. Nothing is known about her other family members, if she had any. At some point before the 2nd Eruption, Sirin's mother died from Honkai Radiation and she was taken in by Schicksal to be a test subject at Babylon Labs for their Stigmata Research. In these tests, she and her friends would be subject to being injected with Honkai Energy.

The Scientists eventually discovered that Sirin had remarkably high Honkai Resistance and demonstrated the ability to absorb and neutralize Honkai Energy within her body. They hadn't been able to determine how she was able to do this, but believed it was very much what they were looking for. In the year 2000, Sirin amassed enough power to massacre the 322 scientists in Babylon Labs; after which she began to absorb energy from the Reactor. This prompted Otto Apocalypse to send an investigation team to Babylon Labs consisting of Theresa Apocalypse and Patricia Highsmith. There, Sirin was confronted by Patricia and Sirin defeated her. Teleporting away from Babylon Labs, Sirin was taken to a "Honkai Chrysalis". After entering, she formed her Core and fully awoke as the 2nd Herrscher: the Herrscher of the Void. Eventually she was found by Theresa, and Sirin showed her a flashback of her past in an attempt to recruit her to her cause.

39;t know what it was, but she knew it was dangerous, so she redirected it into the ground.

Failing to recruit Theresa, Sirin reserved herself to eliminate her. After defeating her she was confronted by the Herrscher of Reason (the 1st Herrscher), Welt Yang. In their battle Sirin overpowered Welt, but Lieserl Albert Einstein (his ally) launched the Silver Bullet her way. Sirin didn't know what it was, but she knew it was dangerous, so she redirected it into the ground. Despite this, the resulting explosion was enough to stun her. She fell down to the ground below. Using his false Star of Eden, Welt created a Quasi-Blackhole to suck Sirin in to try and defeat her. He was then warned by a masked Clown. Benares carried Sirin to the moon with the last of its strength, and Sirin used a large portion of her power heal it. She also gave it a pseudo-Herrscher Core. This gave Benares the ability to take on a human form, which Sirin named Bella (the same name as her best friend). Soon after, the Will of the Honkai pointed Sirin to the ruins on the moon. Deep within these ruins, Sirin came face to face with "God".

Sirin was given a massive amount of information about the Previous Era and told about the Honkai's eternal crusade to eliminate humanity. The Will of the Honkai then gave Sirin four Gems: the Gems of Conquest, Desire, Haste and Serenity. These Gems were portions of the next four Herrschers' abilities. In receiving them, she gained much more strength. To test her new found power, she flung some pillars from the temple onto the Earth. This caused massive destruction, killing millions. Welt and Siegfried Kaslana launched themselves to the moon with the Arahato, where Welt engaged Sirin in battle again. Sirin stole Welt's Core from him and absorbed it into her body. Sirin went back down to Earth and onto Siberia. Once she descended, she sent her Seraphim Princes, (each controlling Fire, Wind and Death in accordance with the Gems) to wreak havoc and destruction in Finland, Kazakhstan, and Russia (SFSR). Each of her minions was soundly defeated which frustrated Sirin greatly.

39;s body instead of the Gem.

Bella had moved to engage Siegfried's formation while Otto Apocalypse, Fu Hua and Cheng Lixue engaged Sirin in combat. Sirin fell into Fu Hua's illusion and was beaten there, allowing Otto to use his copy of Fenghuang Down to trick Sirin into resurrecting her dead mother. The outcome was not what Otto sought, since Sirin used the power of the Gem of Serenity to take DNA from her Mother's apron, but also used the Core of Reason to re-create her mother's body instead of the Gem. Her mother was a soulless puppet and nothing more. In his frustration he had Sirin ask "God" what the meaning of a soul is. After asking his question, Otto was invited to meet with "God" and Sirin was freed from the illusion. Sirin engaged with Lixue in combat once she was out of it. Lixue faced her alone to buy time for Otto and Fu Hua to escape (since Otto could no longer use the Void Archives to trick her).

Lixue was defeated, and Sirin corrupted a feather that Otto left behind from his copied Fenghuang Down. Sirin didn't waste any time testing out the feather, and set her sights on Cecilia and Siegfried. The two were leading the formations responsible for holding back her swarms of Honkai Beasts, and their fall would help her chances greatly. Sirin wished to create a nightmarish world where Siegfried and Cecilia would suffer and eventually break, but instead the dream world showed Siegfried and Cecilia living as a happy family preparing for their daughter, Kiana Kaslana's, birthday. Her finally frustration reached it's peak when she saw them celebrating. She ended up joining them in the dream world with the intention of destroying their happiness. But she stopped when Cecilia told Siegfried off for not recognizing their "daughter" Sirin. She was invited inside and Cecilia gave her a slice of cake. Sirin took a bite and began crying: reminded of her dead mother and cake she would buy for her. After going up to her room in the illusion, Cecilia joined Sirin and embraced her until she fell asleep. On the next day, Sirin went shopping with Cecilia and Siegfried at the mall until Welt's interruption caused a large set of windows to burst near her.

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