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Anime badges collection for twitchEnrico Pucci is the main antagonist from Part 6 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Pucci grew up with a wealthy upbringing and was well-liked by everyone. However, his disfigured foot followed in stumbling and near impossible limp that had him throughout his life. Raised as a Catholic, he found only solitude in the halls of his church. He was already on the path of priesthood at the age of fifteen, an action allowed by his parents due to his family's religious history. One day while sweeping the floors, he stumbled upon Dio Brando's feet underneath a table. Curious, he conversed with Dio, and though he was alarmed when Dio grasped his twisted foot, he didn't think it was anything special. It wasn't until Pucci removed his shoe that he noticed his foot had been healed. Around the same time, a woman, in tears, came to the confessional booth, pleading to be heard. Choosing to listen in the absent priest's place, he heard how this woman had switched her sickly baby with another family's twin. When he asked what the family name was, he was shocked to discover it was Pucci. Not long afterward, his sister, Perla, fell in love with a part-time worker named Wes Bluemarine. The man his sister was dating was actually his thought-to-be-dead twin brother. Despite his discovery, Pucci is unable to tell anyone due to his priestly obligation to preserve the privacy of confessions. In order to protect his sister from knowing of the incest, Pucci secretly hired a PI Wes and Perla to break up.

39;s influence with the Stand Arrow.

However, he was unaware that the PI KKK, who discovered that Wes' presumed father was an African American and proceeded to lynch Wes. Wes was shot and hung from a noose over a cliff while Perla was beaten. The morning afterward, Pucci discovered Perla's corpse from her suicide and cradled her body in sadness. He noticed a disc emerging from her head, due to Dio's influence with the Stand Arrow. Pucci wanted to follow Dio, enticed by his words, but not before tying up all the loose ends to his past. He approached the post-traumatic Wes, who was furious at Pucci's interference in his relationship with Perla, and quickly told him they were brothers before removing Wes's memory disc from him. Pucci spent the remainder of that year with Dio. From him he learned the "ingredients" needed to formulate the "perfect world". Dio grew to trust Pucci entirely, and gave him one of his finger bones as a remaining fragment should he die. The remaining years of Pucci's life were driven by his obsession with this promised land, and he waited for the preparation of the said day. To increase his mobility, he finished his priesthood and became a Father to those in need. Determined to fulfill Dio's prophecy, he secured a job at Green Dolphin Street Jail, where he spent the next 8 years as a head priest and has since then become the longest residing member of the prison.

Strike the same object or area twice reverts this adjustment.

Stand - Whitesnake: A long-range Stand with massive power with several abilities. Memory and Spirit manipulation: Whitesnake's primary ability is to transform either a person's memories or their Stand (spirit) into humanly tangible Stand Discs. These Discs may be inserted into other people, allowing them to either read memories or use Stands stored there. Senses manipulation: With it, Pucci can remove eyesight and other senses, as well as using humans as music players by inserting music discs into them. Digestive Mist: Whitesnake can produce a mist that slowly digests objects like stomach acid. While dissolving, targets of this attack are distracted in a delusional dream-state. Whitesnake may also create sophisticated illusions with this mist, such as impersonating others, for a limited time. The evolved form of Pucci's Stand, obtained after fusing with the Green Baby. It possesses several new abilities related to gravity. Inverse Gravity: C-Moon's influence ascribes to Enrico Pucci an inverse or negative mass equivalent to that of the Earth, with an effective range of 3 kilometers. Thus, any unfixed object within a 3-kilometer radius of Pucci falls away from him. Surface Inversion: C-Moon can also drastically increase the gravitational force acting upon an object by touch, which is expressed by that object turning inside-out. Strike the same object or area twice reverts this adjustment. The final transformation of Pucci's Stand. It has been described as the single most powerful Stand in the world. Time Acceleration: MiH has the ability to accelerate time infinitely due to his full control of gravity (which is theorized to span the entire Universe).

Manga - It By no means Ends, Except...

The acceleration doesn't affect living beings, but anything else is quickly disintegrated. Speed ​​Buff: During the MiH Time Acceleration Pucci becomes exponentially faster to the point of him reaching infinite speed. Universal Reset: Once Pucci speeds up time for long enough, the Universe will hit a "vanishing point", and a new universe will be created, where everything repeats itself, according to "fate". Pucci may then alter the characteristics of the universe and the fates of the people in the created universe and create the perfect world they desire. Anyone that is killed by this Stand in the previous universe will not cease to exist but simply replaced by a similar substitute, though Pucci states that their souls and personalities will have been erased and that they will appear as completely different people. Effortlessly destroyed Foo Fighters' body. Pierced Narciso Anasui, FF, and Jolyne Cujoh's bodies at the same time with just one punch.

39;s Stand. Can hit even the most elusive targets with his Discs.

Punched through Weather Report's chest. With MiH, killed Ermes Costello, Jotaro Kujo, and Anasui with a single attack. With MiH, he reset the universe. Dodged attacks from Jolyne's Stand. Can hit even the most elusive targets with his Discs. C-Moon is faster than Stone Free. C-Moon reacted to Anasui's surprise attack. With MiH, dodged attacks from Star Platinum. With MiH, he has infinite acceleration. Survived getting bitten by zombies. Endured having a cross stuck under his nail. Survived getting parts of his skeleton ripped out. Survived getting stabbed in the throat. Tanked attacks from Weather Report in Heavy Weather mode. C-Moon tanked attacks from Stone Free. Stole Jotaro's memory and Stand discs. Shot Johngalli A, one of the deadliest sharpshooters on the planet. Even when Made in Heaven is in use, Pucci is vulnerable to attacks. C-Moon gets weaker if Pucci is too far from it. When he's nervous, he counts the Prime Numbers. His Stands are named after the following songs/bands: - Whitesnake, English rock band. C Moon, pop song performed by Wings. Made in Heaven, Freddy Mercury song.

In 2019, the manga won the award for the shnen category at the 43rd annual Kodansha Manga Awards.

The Quintessential Quintuplets (Japanese:, Hepburn: Go-Tōbun no Hanayome, lit. Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Negi Haruba. It was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2017 to February 2020, with its chapters collected into fourteen tankōbon volumes. The series follows the daily life of a high school student Futaro Uesugi, who is hired as a private tutor for a group of identical quintuplets: Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki Nakano. At the very beginning of the story, it is shown that the events are being told in a flashback, while an adult Futaro prepares to marry one of the Nakano Quintuplets whose identity is only revealed near the end of the series. under the Kodansha Comics imprint. The anime series is licensed in North America under a Crunchyroll-Funimation partnership. An anime television series adaptation produced by Tezuka Productions aired from January to March 2019 on TBS and other channels. The series is a commercial success, being the 5th best-selling manga in 2019, and the 3rd best-selling manga in the first half of 2020 in Japan. In 2019, the manga won the award for the shnen category at the 43rd annual Kodansha Manga Awards. High school student Futaro Uesugi is an academically gifted student that leads a difficult life-his mother has died, he has no friends, and on top of all that, his father has incurred a large amount of debt. An opportunity presents itself when the rich Nakano family transfers to his school.

39;s previous work, Karma of Purgatory (2014-2015), but was very simple at that time.

Futaro is promptly hired as a highly paid tutor. However, much to Futaro's dismay, he discovers that his five charges-identical quintuplet sisters of varied personalities-have no interest in studying at all and have abysmal grades. Some of the quintuplets are against having Futaro, whom they view as a stranger, in their apartment, but Futaro's diligent tenacity gradually convinces those girls to accept him and to improve their grades. Throughout the series, Futaro develops special relationships with each of the quintuplets. Through a flashforward, it is revealed that he eventually marries one of them, but her true identity is only revealed near the end of the series. The idea of ​​"a group of quintuplets falling in love with the same person" existed even before the serialization of Haruba's previous work, Karma of Purgatory (2014-2015), but was very simple at that time. The idea was denied by his editor-in-charge. A year after, after the end of Karma of Purgatory, he discussed with his editor-in-charge what to serialize next.

Among the few ideas being come up with, the "quintuplets" idea was included again, which was accepted by the editor this time. After failures in two to three serialization committees, finally, it was decided to have a one-shot manga published first. The one-shot received positive reviews and therefore went on to serialization. It was decided the protagonist should be quintuplets at the very beginning. When later the idea of ​​quadruplets and sextuplets was raised, it was rejected very quickly, around 30 seconds. Haruba said it might be a reference to Super Sentai when he came up with this idea. Similar to Super Sentai, Ichika (yellow), Nino (black), Miku (blue), Yotsuba (green), and Itsuki (red) are all represented by a color. The design of the quintuplets started from his favorite existing female characters from "some slice-of-life works only with girls", around 15 to 20 of them. The idea of ​​adding numbers in their names was after the design was almost confirmed.

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