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Attack on Titan is critically acclaimed and one of the most popular anime series of all time. In the story's world, enormous man-eating humanoid creatures called Titans threaten humanity. To survive, human society took refuge inside cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from the Titans. This civilization fights back against the Titans with grappling hooks and sharp blades, which allow the military to swing around their assailants and slice open their necks, killing them. Both the anime and the manga follow Eren Yeager, along with his friends and comrades Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, who are a part of the Survey Corps branch of the military. Other main characters include leaders such as Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, and Hange Zoe. Eventually, all of these main characters meet Zeke Yeager, Eren's half-brother (who is not a part of the Survey Corps). Throughout its run, Attack on Titan introduces plenty of fantastic characters who have gone on to leave a significant impact on the franchise's fanbase.

39;s characters are not as revered as its animation or story, they are still iconic and beloved.

Let's take a look at these AoT characters' ages, heights, and birthdays. Although they will be kept to a minimum, spoilers will not be completely avoidable. Please bear that in mind if you are not up to date with the anime. Updated on August 13, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 is scheduled to drop in 2023, and, unless MAPPA has another surprise up its sleeves, it should bring the anime to a close. By the time the final credits roll, AoT would have been on the air for approximately a decade, a period that saw the franchise transcend anime and manga to become a cultural phenomenon. The industry has produced plenty of other popular shows, but it is safe to say that there will never be another property quite like Attack on Titan. Even though the anime's characters are not as revered as its animation or story, they are still iconic and beloved. This article catalogs the most important AoT characters. Attack on Titan's roster of (important) characters is quite extensive, so much so that this list has ballooned to 30 entries. In order to make the information as readily accessible as possible, the following table has been constructed to provide a breakdown of each Attack on Titan character's age, birthday, and height.

How tall is Levi Ackerman? When is Eren Yeager's birthday? Unless stated otherwise, the statistics are based on the character's status in the Year 850 since that is when most of Attack on Titan's story takes place. If someone debuted after that point, their first appearance will be used. Also, as Attack on Titan hasn't revealed the exact age of every character, estimates will be provided in those instances. In other cases, N/A will be written. ¹ Erwin Smith's age has not been revealed, but he was in grade school when his father died around Year 825. By Year 850, Erwin is the Survey Corps' commander and, presumably, a few years older than Levi. ² Based on player theories and speculation. As a young teenager, Ymir transformed into a Titan and then spent the next 60 years stuck in that form. An approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps.

In the Year 829, Kenny was a young man (and serial killer), so it can be assumed that he was around 20 at this point. Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, and he is introduced as a rather straightforward character. In the anime's pilot, Eren watches helplessly as his mother is devoured by a Titan; naturally, the boy vows to destroy every Titan to ever set foot on the planet. To achieve this goal, Eren enrolls in the military as part of the 104th Training Corps and eventually joins the Survey Corps. Eren undergoes a great deal of development throughout the anime, growing into a far more nuanced character by Attack on Titan's season 3. Eren's journey is one defined by an unrelenting drive for not only vengeance but to find purpose in the pain he and everyone else has experienced. He desperately wants to make all that suffering mean something, that it ultimately leads in a better world. Eren is smart, manipulative, charismatic, and committed. Eren's right-hand partner, Mikasa Ackerman is nearly always by the protagonist's side, especially in the anime. Strong, fearless when up against Titans, and quiet, Mikasa is among the last living members of the Ackerman clan; unfortunately, this makes her a target. At the age of 9, traffickers killed Mikasa's parents and might have kidnaped the girl if Eren did not show up to rescue her. Mikasa immediately repaid the favor. Mikasa's personality is directly molded by her relationship with Eren, as she reflects her friend's brash and direct nature. Despite her physical abilities ranking among the best in this universe, Mikasa's obsessive devotion to Eren gives her a huge blind spot that Attack on Titan challenges more and more as the story progresses.

Armin Arlert completes Attack on Titan's main trinity, standing alongside Eren and Mikasa. Typically taking a backseat to the other characters, Armin doesn't fully come into his own until around season 3; after this point, the character's strategic and analytic mind starts to really shine through. Armin's soft-spoken nature matches well with Eren's aggression, with the former occasionally serving as the voice of reason. As the anime has progressed, this character has been forced to take on a leadership role due to his analytical mind and willingness to explore all avenues when faced with a dilemma. Despite experiencing a lot of hardship throughout the story, Armin has not changed all that significantly from his initial depiction, at least nowhere near as much as Eren. Arguably the anime's most beloved character, Levi is one of the strongest fighters in the Survey Corps and serves as a squad captain. Willing to take on an army of Titans if necessary, Levi doesn't hesitate to put it all on the line for the sake of safeguarding human life. This goes beyond Titans, as Levi's hatred for Kenny Ackerman, a serial killer, is just as intense. Vicious in combat and distant outside it, Levi is a blood-soaked soldier who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders because he knows most people cannot handle the burden. Attack on Titan has gradually revealed Levi's background, showing that he started as a criminal before eventually joining the Survey Corps. Levi is the type of person who only follows orders from people he respects; that said, he is generally quite empathetic.

The Survey Corps' 13th commander, Erwin Smith takes on a primarily behind-the-scenes role for large chunks of the anime; however, he casts a wide shadow over a lot of the story. Highly respected by Levi and Hange Zoë, Erwin constantly struggles internally with his desire to satisfy his curiosity about the state of the world and his role to preserve humanity's future. Erwin's complexity doesn't fully reveal itself until very late in the character's story, but he becomes a prominent figure towards the end of season 3. In the public eye, the commander presents an unshakable and controlled front; he is the leader of humanity needs. Behind closed doors, Erwin is far more elements about himself, questioning not only his actions' validity but also their righteousness. Initially coming across as something of a big brother to Eren and company, Reiner eventually reveals that he has been hiding a dark secret. A spy sent to infiltrate humanity, Reiner joins the Survey Corps in an attempt to get closer to discovering the Founding Titan. Reiner's reveal marks a high point in Attack on Titan, a twist so unexpected and expertly delivered that it sent shockwaves across the anime world. Reiner's dual life caused him to develop various mental problems, as he lost himself within the personality he created. By season 4, he is a broken individual who does not fully feel like he belongs anywhere.

39;s actions, presenting almost nobody as purely evil or indisputably good.

Reiner's backstory does a lot to flesh out his personality and psychological struggles, turning what could have been an "evil all along" type character into a tragic figure haunted by his past despite mostly believing that he did what needed to be done. Reiner's partner, Bertolt slips into the background during Attack on Titan's first season, coming across as a rather meek and unassuming individual. Once it is revealed that Bertolt is the Colossal Titan, he becomes more aggressive and appears less conflicted about the situation than Reiner. Although a villain from the perspective of Eren and the other character, Bertolt seldom falters in his belief that his actions are justified. Attack on Titan's brilliance comes down to its desire to showcase the reasoning behind each party's actions, presenting almost nobody as purely evil or indisputably good. Eren's half-brother, Zeke is introduced as the Beast Titan and the captain of Marley's Warrior Unit. Despite his allegiance to Marley, Zeke is not to be trusted and is primarily driven by his desire to eliminate the Subjects of Ymir, which are all the descendants of Ymir Fritz. Highly intelligent, brutal, nihilistic, and manipulative, Zeke is a threat whether in his Beast Titan form or not, and nobody is really safe from his wrath. Zeke's relationship with Eren, his half-brother, introduces different facades to both characters. While not explored as thoroughly as the likes of Levi or Reiner, Hange Zo is still one of Attack on Titan's best secondary characters.

39;s first season, Annie slipped into the Survey Corps alongside Reiner and Bertolt.

Whether providing some much-needed comedy relief during the early parts of the anime or demonstrating a willingness to commit atrocities in pursuit of their greater good, Hange is enigmatic and magnetic. Hange has a close relationship with Levi stemming from their shared time in the Survey Corps. As the story progresses, Hange becomes a more serious and grim figure as they are forced to take on more authoritative roles in Attack on Titan. The only living member of the Reiss royal bloodline, Historia's childhood was defined by isolation and self-loathing stemming from being unwanted and openly detested by her family. After her mother was killed, Historia changed her name and enlisted in the military as Krista Lenz, a road that was intended to lead to her death. Through her relationship with Ymir, Historia found confidence in herself and eventually set out on a path to reclaim her name. Since then, she has experienced things that nobody should ever go through, and despite all that, Historia has continued to move forward. The main antagonist of Attack on Titan's first season, Annie slipped into the Survey Corps alongside Reiner and Bertolt. A selling point of the series is its unpredictability. While this is clear from the start, early moments such as Eren's "death" and Annie's exposure as the Female Titan helped reinforce this dimension.

Trained to be a soldier from a young age, Annie was chosen as one of Marley's Warriors and sent to retrieve the Founding Titan from behind the Walls. Although she disappears from the series for long spells, Annie's presence as Attack on Titan's first major antagonist cemented her as one of the franchise's most iconic characters. Subsequent seasons would also recontextualize Annie's actions. Unlike some other people, Jean enlists in the military to try and join the Military Police Brigade, a position that would provide some degree of protection and comfort. Serving an antagonist role in the early chapters, Jean often clashes with Eren, primarily due to the fact that both characters have a tendency to let their emotions run wild. Despite initially coming across as somewhat of a throwaway figure, Jean blossoms into a well-rounded character as the narrative progresses. He even assumes a leadership position, something that would have seemed impossible during season one. The anime's characters tend to be polarizing, in the sense that the writing for them is often regarded as one of Attack on Titan's weaker points. However, Jean is somewhat of an exception as the series expertly leads him on a straightforward and realistic arc that never feels contrived. Another character introduced as part of the 104th Training Corps, Connie is immediately likable.

Good-natured and approachable, Connie doesn't have any lofty or heroic ambitions when he joins the military and just wishes to carve a road to the Military Police Brigade. Like Jean, Connie becomes inspired by the likes of Eren to take this opportunity more seriously, something that is cemented once he has a direct confrontation with the Titans. In the anime's later seasons, Connie gradually transforms into an angry figure, leaving behind the positivity that once defined him. Even if he is not as important or ever-present as Eren or Mikasa, Connie witnesses more than his share of horrors, all of which play a part in hardening the soldier. Ymir has led a complicated and tragic life. The cynical and bitter figure that debuts as part of the 104th Training Corps is not simply acting out - Ymir has been to hell and back. Born in Marley, Ymir was nameless and homeless until she got picked up by a cult and turned into a prop for worship. Eventually, Ymir was betrayed, tortured, and left to die. However, she turned into a Titan and spent the next 60 years roaming the wasteland. In 845, she reverted to human and, five years later, found herself in the military. Unprisingly due to her history, Ymir is not the most approachable person, and she keeps her 104th comrades at an arm's length.

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