How much is Nami's Berry

Nami is an attractive young girl of medium height and slim build with neck-length orange hair and light brown eyes. He has a propeller and mikan orange tattoo on his left shoulder, replacing the Arlong pirate crest, the old tattoo he wore when he was a member of the Arlong Pirates. Nami is very fond of fashion and often changes clothes. Most of her outfits feature four-letter words such as "MODE", "GOLD" or "EVIL". Sometimes she also often wears a bikini that shows her sexiness and has round eyed earrings. The clothes are paired with several kinds of long or short skirts or tights with the special feature of having a kind of two colored circles on each side. He also has a Log Pose worn on his left wrist and a gold bracelet given to him by his older sister, Nojiko. He wore high heels and didn't seem to have any effect on his walking speed or during combat. At first, Luffy invited Nami to join because he and Zoro had absolutely no idea how to navigate the ship. Aware of his affiliation with Arlong, he doesn't necessarily think of Luffy and Zoro as friends, but only sees them as an alliance to take advantage of getting a bigger chance in achieving his goal of finding treasure. His loyalty has been tested when he dared to refuse Buggy's orders to kill Luffy even though he was very afraid of Buggy. When he was about to take them to the Grandline, he left them knowing he still had a burden he couldn't let go of. Despite only acting as a Navigator, Nami is able to command all crew members including the captain while on board.

They all followed orders without hesitation out of confidence in his abilities and instincts. The only person who tends to argue is Luffy because of his dominant nature, such as when he stubbornly wants to go to Skypiea, or when he wants to tame the Kraken instead of avoiding leaving. Nami has great respect for Luffy, but quickly becomes angry at his odd or irrational thinking. He is comically occasional, often hitting Luffy and other crew members when he gets irritated, but they never seem to take it to heart. However, Nami cares deeply and believes in Luffy's capacity as captain. He was able to temper his desire to succumb to Luffy's absolute decision. He even cried thinking about Luffy's feelings when he lost his brother in the war at Marineford. Nami believes in Zoro's abilities, but doesn't hesitate to scold and punish him even if it's just a joke like Zoro's lazy habit of sleeping without knowing the time. He also often manipulates Zoro because of his innocence, such as telling Zoro to do what he wants without being able to refuse even though Zoro often grumbles in annoyance. But they were able to argue which Sanji often intervened, even though Nami finally wanted to listen to Zoro's opinion seeing the seriousness of his attitude. Nami is close to Usopp. They understand each other because they are not as strong as the others.

Nami also really likes Chopper and loves him because he is the smallest member.

Nami also understands Usopp's feelings for being abandoned by his father. He came to Usopp asking for a weapon to be made for him to be of use when they fought. When reunited after two years apart, Nami hugged Usopp tightly without feeling awkward and praised his progress. Sanji is very fond of Nami, and on the other hand Nami often takes advantage of her behavior. Nami also really likes Chopper and loves him because he is the smallest member. Nami hugged him tightly when he met again in the Sabaody Archipelago because he was happy after being separated for two years. Nami can be good friends with Robin and the only person she can't fool. Seeing the silliness of the other crew members, he always thought of Robin as a "reliable person", and the two of them spent a lot of time shopping together. Nami grows to respect Franky and respect for his carpentry skills, though does not hesitate to hit him comically when disagreeing with Franky's innovations in modifying the jet waver. But when Franky brought out his invention Mini Merry, Nami became the first to insist on trying to ride it. Nami was initially afraid of Brook. He is also easily irritated at Brook's behavior such as; kept asking if he could see his underwear, as well as Brook's habit of farting carelessly. But he also enjoys every time Brook plays music. Nami loves Bell-Mere very much even though she later finds out the fact that she is not his biological mother. Whenever she feels sad, Nami always remembers the figure of Bell-Mere and misses her.

Nami became close to Nefertari Vivi like brother and sister during their trip to Alabasta.

Prior to joining the Straw Hat crew, Nami regularly visited Bell-Mere's grave atop a cliff. He also posted a photo of Bell-Mere in his room posing with Nojiko and him as a child. Nojiko is an older sister who always supports her in any situation. Although they are not related by blood, they are very close because they were raised together when they were babies. He is also the only one who still supports Nami when she joins Arlong's crew even though the whole village hates her. When Nami got Arlong's tattoo, Nojiko willingly tattooed her body to encourage Nami by reasoning that she likes some body art like Nami's. Genzo is the mayor of Cocoyashi who is also a good friend of Bell-Mere. After Bell-Mere's death, Genzo becomes worried about Nami's and Nojiko's lives, so he grows up to be a father figure to them. His concern for Nami and Nojiko has also made him promise Luffy that he will find and kill Luffy himself if he ever takes Nami's smile. He became grumpy seeing a picture of Nami posing sexy when the poster came out. But strangely, he then intends to enlarge the image himself. The villagers of Cocoyashi still adore him even after Nami stole their money before leaving with the Straw Hat crew. This is none other than Nami's sacrifice in opposing the Arlong Pirates. When Nami joins Arlong, they seem to refuse to believe it, and turn to support him even in secret when they learn the truth from Nojiko. Nami became close to Nefertari Vivi like brother and sister during their trip to Alabasta. Like the rest of the Straw Hat crew, he also felt sad when he parted with Vivi.

He befriends the zombie boar Lola, until he arranges for Lola and Absalom to get married. After Thriller Bark was conquered, their friendship mysteriously continued, where Lola subconsciously felt that she knew Nami even though she had never met in person before. However, Nami was happy to see Lola and they became friends. Lola even considers her a sister and gives Nami her mother's Vivre card in case they ever need help. When sent to the sky island Weatheria, Nami meets and gets to know a group of weather researchers led by Haredas. Haredas is very friendly to Nami because he knows that Nami also likes weather technology. Even though Nami later tried to escape after stealing some of Weatheria's technology, Haredas remained patient and even tried to reassure her when he was caught. Even though Nami doesn't have the trust of other researchers, Haredas is still willing to accommodate Nami and teach her about the weather and their technology. After two years living in Weatheria, Nami establishes a good relationship with all the weather researchers.

They also accompanied Nami's departure to the Sabaody Archipelago and also helped Nami and the Straw Hat crew escape from the pursuit of the Marines. Haredas stated that Weatheria would be deserted after Nami's departure. Nami was the one the Navy was looking for when her wanted poster was released and in particular, she hates captain Nezumi for plotting with Arlong. On Arlong's instructions, Captain Nezumi finds and confiscates Nami's stash of money that will be used to redeem their village back. After Arlong is defeated, Nezumi attempts to intervene but is easily defeated by the Straw Hat crew. Nami quickly attacks him with a stick for destroying the orange grove and shooting Nojiko. He then forced her to return all the stolen money, to rebuild their village. Arlong and his crew members were his main enemies since he was a child for having killed Bell-Mere and tormented their village for a long time. Although he later joins Arlong, he pretends to do so to save their village.

39;s head or shoulders (and occasionally hits Luffy).

After Arlong was defeated by Luffy, Nami was finally free from her long agony. Nami is a reliable navigator. He can even predict storms before they happen. Just by feeling the temperature in the air through his skin. He is also good at drawing maps. Nami's initial weapon is just an ordinary wooden stick, even completely ineffective for combat. But nami will be worried if she travels without protection. With this weapon, Nami usually attacks the enemy's head or shoulders (and occasionally hits Luffy). This stick consists of 3 parts that can be disassembled. Nami even once defeated a member of the Baroque Works frontier agent, Miss Valentine by using this stick (although Nefertari Vivi assisted with her Kujakki Slasher). The last time Nami used this wand was before the trip to Alabasta, because she had asked Usopp to make her new weapon which was more powerful than before. Nami is not a good fighter in this group, even though she has a stick as her weapon. In the Alabasta story, Usopp makes Nami a new stick adapted from the previous form (can be disassembled into three) named Clima Tact, the three parts of which can produce heat balls (hot balls), cool balls (cold balls), and thunder balls (electric balls). ).

Actually this weapon is a joke weapon that is only used during celebrations. But Nami can turn it into a lethal weapon with knowledge of her climatology that can defeat Miss Double Finger, the third strongest person in BW with Tornado Tempo. At the end of Skypiea, Usopp modified the Clima Tact with the Dial he obtained and was introduced to the story of Water 7, named the Perfect Clima Tact. Thunderbolt Tempo in this new weapon is very strong to kill hundreds of navy in Enies Lobby. Nami has a value of 16 million berries after the events in Ennies Lobby. Before receiving the Clima Tact in Arabasta, Nami's fighting style was more pathetic. He never fights and when against enemies he threatens Roronoa Zoro, seduces Sanji or orders Luffy. The move that is often used is Thunderbolt Tempo, which is to make a black cloud from a combination of cool charge and heat charge (other than the cool ball and heat ball in ordinary Climatact, the scale is larger), then throws a thunder charge into the hot cloud and produces powerful lightning, this weapon is very suitable for nami. Even when defeating Kalifa nami made it rain indoors by using cloudy tempo and freezing it with a cool ball and producing a rain tempo that was impossible for anyone other than nami, and Nami once electrocuted Absalom when he wanted to kidnap Nami with his Thunder Charge in Thriller Bark story and also Electrocute some of the Flying Fish Riders in Merman Island Story. This version of Clima-tact fuses with the soul of Homies Big Mom Zeus.

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