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Bride Mona, Riminicomix 2022Lady Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine also serves as the editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House. Unimaginable intelligence and cunning are hidden under her beautiful appearance. Miko has a mysterious demeanor around her whenever she assumes her duties as the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine. She has an enigmatic air around her, with her friends growing used to it. When speaking with outsiders or close friends, she shows a blunter and more cynical side to her. Miko does not mince words, even towards her friend and master Ei. Being a kitsune, Miko is fond of fried tofu. She despises pickled foods of all sorts. As a kitsune and youkai, she's very mischievous, including in her roles as Guuji and owner of Yae Publishing House. She couples this mischievous streak with impressive skills of manipulation and reading people. As such her tricks and pranks are usually elaborate, long-winded affairs towards rather simple ends, which she does out of enjoyment and the fact that she enjoys watching people squirm. Both Thoma and Gorou are such unfortunate victims that they're easily upon seeing her. If not partaking in such affairs, she shows interest in those who get her attention.

39;s no need to uncover her every facet, as they are all reflective of Yae Miko.

costume She is one of Ei's only friends who survived the ravages of time. She tends to call the Shogun by her true name, Ei. Ei herself also calls Miko by her first name, signifying their closeness and friendship. Despite her light-hearted, mischievous personality, she showed a more emotional side during the Hyakkiyakou, indicating that she does sincerely care for those in her life and has considered thousands of youkai from across Inazuma to be her friends. Though in typical fashion for her, she quickly turns the Traveler and Paimon's sympathy into opportunity to trick them into paying for an expensive dinner. In her regular form, Miko has purple eyes and long, muted pink hair that is tied at the bottom. Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin, or one when she uses Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura or when performing a Plunging Attack. Miko wears a unique and stylized variation of clothing inspired by the colors of a shrine priestess' traditional outfit. She wears a golden head accessory accompanied by matching golden earrings. The right earring contains an Electro Inazuman Vision wrapped in a complex drop-shaped piece and decorated by a small fan-shaped accessory at the bottom. The earrings are attached to her ears by diamond-shaped studs. Being a kitsune, Miko also has a fox form, although she refuses to reveal it to the Traveler. Yae Publishing House, a publisher of light novels. There's no need to uncover her every facet, as they are all reflective of Yae Miko. Yet, all the same, they are not revealing of her true nature.

Like fragments of a mirror, each attitude reflects a different version of her. By being enveloped in many identities, she has become a brilliant diamond surrounded by countless mirrors. There are hundreds of facets: solemn or cheerful, sympathetic or aloof. No one knows the truth, just as how no one can easily spot a kitsune brushing past passers-by in the mystic woods. But if the kitsune watches humans, where will her destiny lead? Come to think of it, Yae Miko's nicknames are as myriad as her changeable moods. The number of people who have tried to "figure her out" for various reasons could fill the streets from the Tenryou Commission estate to Yae Publishing House if you were to line them all up, but to this day, very few indeed have succeeded. Not that Miko has ever intended to conceal anything, of course. Any capriciousness is but the result of doing as she wills and pleases. A riddle with no solution is no riddle at all, in any case! You just need to remember that she will always be none other than the wise and beautiful Yae Miko. Yae Publishing House's editors once submitted a certain manuscript to the editor-in-chief. This work was well-written, clearly thought out, and the themes were romance with a side of comedy - a prime slice of the zeitgeist.

Such a gem would surely require but a thin coat of polish and a few beautiful illustrations to sell well! But unexpectedly, Yae Miko did not seem pleased with this, instead heaving a deep sigh before calling for the various head editors. Things like "top sellers," "genre fiction," these were naught but fads that would come and go every decade. Getting with the times was a shortcut, yes, but if a work had the quality that could surmount this tide, why go with the flow Still? Upon hearing this, the author stopped writing for a time, as if suddenly having an epiphany. Several months later, a new manuscript was sent to Miko and her editors. The latter were stunned, and even Yae Miko, who cared little about taboos, furrowed her brows slightly - a rare sight indeed. As to how the editor-in-chief got the idea to start a "Reborn as Guuji Yae" writing submission event, that would be a tale for another day.

If there was something inconvenient about being the Guuji, it is that she must attend every shrine ceremony, dressed up to the nines and in her proper place in the sanctuary. Such tragedies are even more frightful to Miko than the possible wholesale disappearance of Fried Tofu from Teyvat. With the somewhat longer span of years that the Electro Archon's servants have, hundred years pass in the blink of an eye. As the years fly by, boredom becomes the greatest foe. And if even she were, archon-forbid, one day to accept sitting quietly still, obstinate as deadwood, would the world now afternoon lack for another clever person adept at discovering fun and grasping opportunity? As such, looking for fun things to do in every nook and cranny can only be the most reasonable and necessary course. And if she were to, say, utilize her authority as Guuji in making fun things happen - why, some things are unavoidable, are they not? On the day of the festival, Guuji Yae would nod in satisfaction as she received a delivery of fireworks from the Yashiro Commission - of Naganohara construction and specially-made to boot. That night's ceremony was, of course, performed with perfect respect to all etiquette and rites. The sight of the "Lady Guuji" kneeling gracefully the whole night through would be the object of awe for all the other shrine maidens. In the meanwhile, she would sit beneath the meteor shower of light adorning the skies, watching the festival-goers as they came and went.

Even a great shrine maiden of a different faith or an enemy general might pique her interest.

And the din of the fireworks covered the mumbling that came between teeth chewing on a candy apple. Pursuing fun and finding happiness is how Miko lives her everyday life. Even a great shrine maiden of a different faith or an enemy general might pique her interest. That said, this appreciation can sometimes lead to some innocent trouble. As opposed to those conscientious underlings or worshipful juniors, Miko's favorite person at the shrine is a shrine maiden named Kano Nana. Yes, that Kano Nana, the novel enthusiast (just like Miko) who constantly frets over Sayu. While laying about indoors, Miko would often see Sayu flash past the window, followed not long after by a hurried and angry Kano Nana. Like lightning and thunder they were, which caught Miko's attention, to the point where she would even sometimes give wrong directions just to let the ruckus go on for a little longer. There was another time when Sayu told Miko that the afternoon sun was the most pleasant after the latter had helped her steal some time for napping. Perhaps encouraged by these words, Miko would transform into an ordinary Inazuman lady on a wonderfully sunny afternoon, descend from the mountain and have a day out. And in the evening, she was at Bantan Sango Detective Agency to tell them of a missing animals case that she had heard about on the way. Having done all this, the lady could not help but let slip a pleased smile.

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Taking part in Inazuma's daily life in such an identity really was fun. Well, except that part where Kujou Sara shot her a suspicious glance as they passed each other by. Right, and also, she probably owed the boss of Aisa Bathhouse an apology - the outland-styled hot springs were indeed very good, but she might have accidentally shed some fox fur during the soak. A long, long time ago, humanity did not need to use the phrase "a long, long time ago" to preface tales about youkai. The tengu dominated the skies, the oni swept across the battlefield, the tanuki were seen along small paths, and the kitsune walked amongst humans. Under the banner of Narukami, the incredible powers of the youkai host were used to help humans through an era of strife and poverty. Seeking refuge in the mountains, they built a city by the sea, and so began Inazuma.

Amongst the youkai, the lineage of Hakushin Kitsune was the most revered, and it was this great line that left a great many tales amongst humans. Whenever the youkai gathered to feast and soup together, a little braggadocio about how their latest exploits had become legend anew was very much a given. Of course, considering the amount they would drink, most tales told afterward would diverge a little from the truth. But no one minded, asking only that the tale be interesting. It was no uncommon sight to see Urakusai raise his cup and speak, holding all the other youkai spellbound with his story, drawing even smiles from Kitsune Saiguu, the organizer of the event. Instead it was Miko, who was then in the form of a young kitsune, who would perch on Kitsune Saiguu's shoulder and relentless peck at any loopholes in Urakusai's story. Urakusai, being a cool-headed and brilliant gentleman, would explain as he twirled his beard. But Miko could always find something new to nitpick, and so they would go, back and forth, until Lady Saiguu would smile and call both parties to a halt: the audience wanted to hear the next part, after all. After another three rounds of drink and several more rounds of stories, the company would be hard-pressed to even string a sentence together, let alone a story. And so the gathered youkai would dispense with the word-fencing and use their powers to take to the skies to see who could best cover the sky and moon with their powers.

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