How Many Characters Does MUGEN Have

MUGEN is a surrealist Roblox group responsible for the creation of a multitude of mysterious, abstract or otherwise surreal Roblox games. The majority of their games are single-player, published on various alternate accounts that are members within the MUGEN group. However, they do have a few multi-player games, including the main lobby for their games, MUGEN. Many of their games will intentionally freeze the roblox client (via the "while true do" loop) if the player dies during a game. MUGEN has forty eight members with twenty one being Allies. The remaining 39 are Alternate Accounts that have a purpose to store MUGEN Games. MUGEN games are solely created and published by the group's original creator, who also goes by: Mugen. Mugen operates under a set of 2 identities, a broken English Japanese character who does the game production, and a sometimes comedic, sometimes serious young American who does the talking. Both identities use the same discord account and hop between the alternate accounts within the MUGEN group. Allies are affiliates of the group who have helped or contributed to the group in a meaningful way, such as advertising the game by placing a Szemtelen Mano Teleporter in their game, a teleporter with one of Mugen's characters: Cheeky.

Some "characters" reappear from game to game.

The Teleporter leads to the MUGEN Lobby for those who find it to explore the MUGEN games. MUGEN creates abstract and mysterious Roblox games that has no evidence of actual lore in the games but there are some theories for why and what the games actually mean. Some "characters" reappear from game to game. A few of the games contain religious themes (typically minor references to Christianity) which is the possible reason why VESZTESEG is Under review. The thumbnail of VESZTESÉG, featuring Jesu/Jesus. VESZTESEG is a single-player game in which the player plays as: Mirror Man as their avatar. The player must maneuver a stone sphere known as: Jesu (or Jesus), onto two pedestals whilst avoiding an aggressive glass sphere known as: Israel/Merchant. On the start of the game, Israel (the glass sphere) moves unpredictably without intentionally going towards the player. After the first pedestal has been rolled onto, Israel becomes much more aggressive, directly but slowly chasing the player and charging faster at random. Upon rolling onto the second pedestal, Israel is defeated, and the player may exit the graveyard, entering a massive flat grassland with many landmarks and locations to explore such as temples, mazes, and more. The game stores many secrets that the player can explore alongside endings that can be completed by doing optional objectives.

MUGEN is the hub for all MUGEN related games.

More information about this game can be found here. Every time the player joins, one of many "fates" can happen. Fates are randomized events, that can cause a variety of things to happen. For example, the player may encounter Sun Sorb, which when looked away from, will charge at the player and kill them instantly, or replace Jesu with Senior Diego Bernabe, a red, sombrero-wearing rock that plays music when he moves. Due to the random nature of the fates, they can range from entirely harmless, cosmetic changes to the player's appearance, alter how the graveyard will be escaped, or halt progress entirely, forcing the player to restart. This game is now replaced with its remade counterpart as a group game. Keep in mind this new version doesn't have many of the locations that the old version used to have and is most likely still work in progress. The current working paintings that are inside the MUGEN lobby. MUGEN is the hub for all MUGEN related games. Over the years they have changed the lobby, but the current one is a large mansion featuring paintings with Cheeky at the middle inviting the player to step on a painting which the player can jump into to explore new games (there is also one at the 2nd floor but it will not teleport anywhere). When you join, you will spawn with a fence and there will be 2 teams to fight at.

Outside the mansion on the right wall there used to be a leaderboard. Players can purchase the Rolling Tool as a game pass to be granted an ability to have a ForceField sphere around the player and roll around as one. All of the other game passes are donations. Sphere Rain (formerly known as Toenail Taco) is a multi-player game with Jesus Spheres from VESZTESEG falling from the sky to fill up the map. Players can fight against each other by using: PUNCH, that is also from VESZTESEG. Players can gain KOs and Wipeouts by defeating others. If the battling goes on for a while which allows the Spheres to fill up the map, it is shown that there's nothing out of the map. DVD MAN is a game in which the player must traverse an obstacle course whilst using a DVD disc in order to extend the length of their jumps. The disc jumping mechanic takes advantage of a physics bug in which players can move at unusual speeds whilst shift-locked and equipping a heavy tool at the right time.

When the game got canceled, a piece of the map was reused for MAN OF 7 SHINGLES.

This game is impossible on mobile unless you use some kind of glitch to use shift lock. DVD MAN and the Curse of Benjamin Fr.'s Pancreas is a canceled MUGEN game with some parts of the game being repurposed. When the game got canceled, a piece of the map was reused for MAN OF 7 SHINGLES. A trailer for DVD MAN and the Curse of Benjamin Fr.'s Pancreas on Maximum Taco Bell called: DVD MAN and the Curse of Benjamin Franklin's Pancreas shows the location being used. Benjamin Fr. 's Pancreas was meant to show up as the main antagonist by being a spirit which would attack by throwing heavy lifts at DVD MAN. An Incomplete MUGEN Game that is currently planned to be revamped. The player plays as a Noob as their avatar while they traverse many landscapes with Cyclops from VESZTESEG. It has two videos on Maximum Tacobell known as: ANANÁSZ and Death wish. HISTORY) is an inaccessible MUGEN Game that can no longer be played.

Jumping down will lead to death with the client crashing.

Players play as a certain avatar (Dignity) while they climb up a high tower with an admin orb resting at a platform at the top while loud noises play with difficult visual differences based off floating point errors and ColorCorrection. When approaching the orb, the platform will break off with the game rewarding the player a badge. If players decide to play the game again, they will be spawned into a new location which leads to a drop. Jumping down will lead to death with the client crashing. 1 is a multi-player game which players are tasked of making a balloon to send off with Salami being an optional choice. The game was updated to have a new map with some structures remaining but the game is currently incomplete as seen by the main mechanic: making ballooney, isn't in yet. In the new map, walls trap the players to have a limited space but this can be jumped over to reveal two structures that store nothing once inside. However, an event can occur outside which Jesus from VESZTESEG can be seen rolling around the map before disappearing or falling of the map.

At the end, the player falls down a hole and gets rewarded a badge with a message appearing.

Players spawn as a sphere known as: MEN and have to traverse through a giant obstacle course, at the middle is a temple with a boss known as: Devil. Devil being the current and only antagonist must be defeated to progress through the game. At the end, the player falls down a hole and gets rewarded a badge with a message appearing. Before the release of Cilantro Salami, a trailer was uploaded on Maximum Taco Bell called: Cilantro Salami. Currently, the game isn't completed yet. Like VESZTESEG, this game has been replaced by its group game counterpart, now known as OMEN. SEZMALOIN is a single-player game which players play as a big green head as their avatar while they travel through mazy caves to reach to the surface and get inside of a forgotten tower. To get inside of the tower, players must find a secret key behind a fake wall on the surface. Once inside, players climb to the top to see a gibberish message before being sent to an endless dark location with bars blocking them from escaping.

2/4 corners are special.

SEZMALOIN has no enemies that can attack the player with the only enemy being a secret character that can be found but if seen, the client will crash. However, NPCs do exist throughout the game with only two being interactable with the remaining few only starring at you. Before a recent update, once the game was completed, any reattempts to play the game wouldn't be possible. However, this was changed. Players spawn in a giant area with spawns of all different heights and it is blocked by stone walls. Depending on the color, the spawn will either rise or fall. There is only one enemy named The Guardian (or just "Guardian") that will charge at you when it finds you. 2/4 corners are special. The first is a hill-ish corner called the Plateau that's got a unique pattern. The Plateau always points to the weapon corner. The weapon corner is the 2nd of the unique corners. It's in the direction where the Plateau is. This corner isn't unique except for the fact that it's close to a weapon spawn. A weapon spawn is around 30 blocks (though not exactly) diagonally away from the weapon corner. It has weird patterns on it, stepping on it gives you a tool but also alerts The Guardian which will quickly go to the weapon corner regardless if you step on the wrong spawns or not. Keep in mind if you have the tool the guardian will be more attracted to you.

Then going back to the Plateau you will see a newly spawned spawn slot. The Guardian will quickly charge at the spawn but will stop as soon as it sees it, it will let out a big explosion, making your screen white and rewarding a badge. A video on Maximum Taco Bell called: RAKNET shows off a small part of RAKNET, if you fall from the spawns the game will crash roblox. A single-player game which players play as: MAN OF 7 SHINGLES as their avatar while they traverse enemies and obstacles that await the caves. To aid the player with their journey, they are given equipment to help them: using the tape measure to kill the enemies, using the hammer to build planks with some covered in moss which will break if stood on while a clean one takes a couple of seconds to break and the wrench will fling any enemy and unanchored bricks but will reduce a third of the player's health. This game as of now has 2 endings those being the Death and the normal endings which both contain badges for finishing them. When reaching the first obstacle in the first ending, there is a fake wall that can be pushed to reveal cake slices that can heal the player.

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