How Is All For One Immortal

Hotel Roc Doblemar, Španělsko La Manga del Mar Menor - 10 519 Kč InviaThis Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Manipulating people into doing his bidding. Enjoying himself at the expense of others. Raise Tomura Shigaraki as the next successor of the League of Villains (succeeded). Kill All Might (failed, but succeeded in destroying the "Symbol of Peace"). Take over Tomura Shigaraki's body. Use Tomura Shigaraki and the Nomus to free himself from the Tartarus prison (both succeeded). Groom Toya Todoroki to use as leverage against Endeavor (failed). Merge with Tomura Shigaraki to become a stronger being. Steal One For All from Izuku Midoriya. Collapse the world's economy and essential resources, before using his Quirks to create new resources, forcing everyone in the world to obey and rely on him (main goals, all ongoing). All For One (in Japanese:, ru Fō Wan), also known as Sensei (in Japanese:, Sensei) is the overarching antagonist of the My Hero Academia franchise. He is the arch-nemesis of All Might and Izuku Midoriya.

In the past, All For One appeared as a normal young man with a notable suit and short, white hair.

STFU He is a mysterious man with a completely deformed face which he had suffered in battle and was defeated by the hero All Might. He is the founder and benefactor of the League of Villains with Tomura Shigaraki as his successor. After his defeat, All For One was imprisoned, and Tomura took his place as the leader of the League. Following the war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, however, All For One managed to break free from his imprisonment and sets out to fully expand his army of villains once more. He spends the remainder of the series targeting Izuku, hellbent on destroying him to complete his centuries-long plan of stealing One For All. He is voiced by Akio tsuka in Japanese and John Swasey (who also voiced Crocodile and Hakumen no Mono) in English. In the past, All For One appeared as a normal young man with a notable suit and short, white hair. However, his face is not shown completely. After his crushing defeat, he appears completely different than before. His face is heavily deformed with a scar tissue from his upper lip to the back of his head and neck, resulting in his loss of eyesight. He also has two tubes connected to his throat which allows him to breathe. When battling the pro heroes and All Might, All For One wore a mask with a skull-like structure that acts as a life support system, which was later revealed to be a prototype.

39;d be through manipulation and exploiting others for the sake of benefiting himself.

For the final battle, he wears a perfect version of this mask with a smoother metal surface, and a much wider, sleeker collar. He also wears a patterned vest underneath his suit. All For One is shown to be a manipulative, mysterious, and sinister individual. He is able to create complex and elaborate plans in a little matter of time and then orders Tomura to fulfill them. He is a psychopathic individual with twisted ideals and does whatever it take to spread his influence across Japan, whether it'd be through manipulation and exploiting others for the sake of benefiting himself. Because of his sheer power and genius intellect, he is confident in himself and is capable of executing his plans successfully. He does not believe in justice or morality because he claims they don't adhere to reality. Furthermore, he justifies all of the lives that he's taken as necessary for restoring the broken society that arose when quirks first arrived. His power and intimidation are enough to make many people tremble with fear, and when Class 1-A students saw him, they were all tears, some of them forming of fear and causing them to have visions of their own deaths. He is also a calm and even-tempered individual, even in the worst situations.

He is perfectly fine with dispensing several Nomus for Tomura, and when he discovered that the Nomu designed to kill All Might was taken into custody, he was not angered whatsoever, simply saying that it couldn't be helped. He rarely ever shows his fury, although he loathes All Might for crippling him and taking his powers. When he was defeated by All Might, not only did he show no sign of anger and frustration, but he was happy and assured himself that he won by destroying the meaning of "Symbol of Peace". He was also not angry nor disappointed with Tomura's failure, as he assured him that he will be able to try again with the Vanguard Action Squad at his side. Despite his power-hungry, ruthless, and manipulative personality, All for One does appear to harbor some form of affection for Tomura. Although he picked him off the streets due to his lineage to Nana Shimura, he still supported him when no one else would, guiding him and constantly lending his support and resources, regardless of the losses that was. Even when Tomura failed, All for One assured him that he would try again and mature to be a more successful villain, reaching his hand out and offering his continued assistance. It appears that his relationship with Tomura isn't truly genuine however, as All For One would later appear as an illusional vestige in Tomura's memories and attempt to take control of his body, so that he may take back One For All from Izuku Midoriya. All For One didn't show a forced attempt to do so however, even when Tomura resisted his will and actually cheered Tomura on when he resisted, even telling Tomura to retreat to let his body heal.

39;s frail body would be able to handle the quirk).

Despite this, he would later get another chance and succeed in taking over Tomura's body, intending to use him in order to free himself from prison. In the end, it seems apparent that All For One sees Tomura as nothing but a pawn for him to control and manipulate, and that those years he spent raising him basically for him to gain control of a stronger and more powerful body. Even so, All For One sees Tomura as more than a they pawn, as he claims he's someone very dear to him. He still harbors respect for him, as he intends to fulfill both of their wishes of becoming the symbol of evil. Additionally, he appeared to have a twisted sense of love for his little brother, Yoichi, who tried to rebel against him and despised his tyranny and the methods he used to gain power. Instead of killing Yoichi when he rebelled, he imprisoned him and tried to convince him to change, actually giving a quirk to his little brother out of pity and kindness to make him more powerful (even making sure Yoichi's frail body would be able to handle the quirk). It's implied that, aside from power, his obsession with stealing One For All is an extension of the twisted love he holds for his little brother, shown by All For One, while taking Shigaraki's body, affectionately calling Deku "little brother".

Outside of this, All For One is shown to treat his followers with respect, most notably one of his loyal ones Daruma Ujiko, due to being him the only one to respect the doctor's research. All For One was even shown thanking the doctor from the bottom of his heart and calling him a friend. He also stated during his fight with All Might that he hated him for bringing down his comrades in the past, and went out of his way to ensure the League of Villains escaped safely when the heroes attacked. Despite all of this however, it is likely that this could be a case of All For One earning the trust of his followers by manipulating them to his side as he had done so in the past, in which Yoichi called him out on it. This becomes more apparent when he allows villains like Muscular to do as they please and yet show no signs of remorse over their recapture, as well as make false promises to those that want to achieve their goals such as Lady Nagant, when in reality he's merely using them to his own liking. He is also unrepentant, having blamed all of his actions on those who assist him, despite him being the one who manipulates or forces them into enacting his will through false promises or threats. Perhaps All For One's most dangerous trait is his indistinct behavior. While he's clearly evil, he can easily come across as convincingly genuine and altruistic while hiding his true motives and intentions underneath.

39;t help but want it for himself.

This makes him very hard to read, while his great knowledge and insight allows him to effortlessly manipulate others for his own gain. On top of this, All For One appears to have a very strong obsession with obtaining his brother Yoichi's Quirk, One For All, and in addition, all the Quirks he can get his hands on. This is shown with him admitting on having a bad habit of stealing and storing Quirks, even if he has no real need for them. All For One also admitted that once he sees a powerful Quirk (such as Ragdoll's Search) he can't help but want it for himself. Despite his evil nature, All For One does explain that he frequently sees his victims who he stole Quirks from in his nightmares, where they appear and throw slurs and insults at him. All For One does admit that these dreams tend to leave him feeling discouraged, which signifies that he is at least capable of feeling some form of penitence towards his victims. At the same time though, he scoffs at the thought of him being capable of such feelings, as it pairs him with ordinary humans who are capable of feeling guilt for their wrong doings, showing just how highly he views himself. All For One encourages Tomura's hatred, even when the latter begins to despise him for treating him as a vessel, as it is a key factor in allowing them to steal One For All. It is believed that All For One lacks hatred strong enough for said purpose, and is unable to manifest any himself.

This is likely due to his extreme psychopathy, and his inability to form strong emotional attachments as he lacks the empathy that is necessary, and only knows how to exploit the emotions of others for his own gain. While All For One does showcase anger and hatred towards those such as All Might or Star and Stripe, such emotions from him are very rare and fleeting, further backing that his calmness is due to feeling nothing at all except his own wicked contentment, which is why he is almost always seen smiling. The destructive nature of All For One. All For One is arguably the most powerful villain in the series. He stole Quirks from others, spread his influence, and ruled over Japan from the shadows. For many generations, even most villains were ignorant of All For One's existence, and until the battle of Kamino, the Symbol of Evil was regarded as an urban legend. Thanks to the extensive arsenal of Quirks at his disposal, All For One is virtually immortal and invincible. The only people that have been able to stand a chance against him are the users of One For All, and even then, it took eight successors until the Quirk was ready to defeat All for One. Even after being crippled by All Might, All For One is still a powerful opponent who can defeat top-ranked Pro Heroes. Besides his formidable combat prowess, All For One is a dangerous schemer, who will stoop to any level to commit macabre acts.

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