How Do You Get Rid Of Bloody Clothes In Yandere Simulator

Cosplay #29Over the past two weeks, I added lots of new features to the game! Most importantly, NPCs will now to react to witnessing murder! Currently, they will run away and call the cops, which can result in a Game Over if you don't dispose of the evidence before the cops arrive. After an NPC observes you committing murder or standing next to a corpse while bloody / armed / insane, they will attempt to flee the school and call the police. If the police are called, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the HUD. The timer displays how long until the police arrive, and the checklist informs the player of what they need to do to avoid arrest. After the school incinerator has been activated, a little clock appears that displays how much more time is remaining before it can be used again. It is now possible to clean up spilled blood and bloody footprints using a mop.

The mop gets more bloody with each use. The mop can be cleaned in a tub of water. The tub of water can be picked up, carried around, and placed anywhere. When changing from a bloody uniform into a clean uniform, a bloody uniform is dropped onto the ground. Bloody weapons and bloody uniforms can now be disposed of by tossing them into the school incinerator. After the police arrive at the school, the results of the police investigation are displayed as text. It is possible for Yandere-chan to be arrested by police and get a Game Over. Added a katana to the game to test non-concealable weaponry. It is now possible to customize Yandere-chan's hair texture, face texture, and arm texture. A drumbeat track now plays whenever the player is chasing down a fleeing student. It is now possible to put an eyepatch over either eye, not just a single eye. After the school day ends, the game advances to the next weekday. Dead NPCs now eventually run out of blood and stop bleeding. Yandere-chan can now have 7 different hairstyles.

39;s inventory when she was near Senpai.

NPCs can also have 7 different hairstyles. NPCs can now have different bust sizes. Fixed a bug that would duplicate weapons in Yandere-chan's inventory when she was near Senpai. Fixed a bug that would occur when trying to drag a corpse while already dragging a corpse. Fixed a bug that would occur when carrying a weapon and a corpse at the same time. Fixed a bug that would cause ragdolled NPCs to slide backwards when offscreen. Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere Vision to become permanently activated. Attempted to improve the quality of the "maniacal laughter" animation. Due to the discovery of a graphical bug that occurs when the game is played at aspect ratios other than 16:9, I had to remove the ability to play the game at any resolution that does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I'm very sorry! I'll try to fix the bug and restore support for all aspect ratios in a future update. It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are carrying an item (causes too many bugs, doesn't serve a gameplay purpose yet). It is no longer possible to chat with a student if that student just watched you murder somebody.

The "Police Investigation Results" screen now goes by twice as fast.

It is no longer possible to chat with a student if you are currently standing on top of a corpse. You can now use the B key to lower the music volume and the N key to increase the music volume. The "chase" drums now only play if you are chasing someone who has seen you commit murder. If you quit the game and load it up again, you will return to the beginning of the week. Fixed the bug that would prevent Yandere-chan's CustomFace.png texture from appearing. It is no longer possible to knock over a bucket of water by swinging a corpse into it. You can now kill an NPC by tapping the attack button rather than holding it down. The "Police Investigation Results" screen now goes by twice as fast. Previously, when an NPC died, their breasts would return to the "default" size. Now, an NPC's breasts are the same size in both life and death. Fixed a bug that would cause the "police investigation results" screen to not display any results. Fixed a bug that would prevent the incinerator from acknowledging corpses inside of it. Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from attacking NPCs while standing near a corpse. Added crouching / crawling and began to implement a camera (these features are currently incomplete). It is no longer possible to accidentally trigger the incinerator while performing the mopping animation. It is no longer possible for blood to spawn outside of the school, where it can't be mopped up.

The video at the top of this blog post tells you almost everything you need to know about NPCs reacting to murder and how to get away with your crimes, so I highly recommend watching it. An NPC's reaction to murder depends on their personality. If an NPC calls the cops, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The timer shows you how much time you have until the cops arrive, and the checklist tells you what to do in order to avoid getting arrested; dispose of the corpse, dispose of the murder weapon, dispose of your own blood-stained clothing, and mop up all the pools of blood you've left behind. After the police arrive at school, the player can no longer control the game's protagonist. Yandere-chan could not defeat the police in a fight, and could not hide from the police forever. The police would also instruct all students to remain in their classrooms while the investigation was taking place.

39;ll have to figure out how to unlock them on your own…

So, controlling the character would be meaningless at this point. Once the police arrive, the screen goes dark, and the player is shown the results of the police investigation. When there is evidence that a murder took place and evidence that you did it, the police will arrest you. The police will also arrest you if there is evidence of a murder and Yandere-chan's Sanity is below 66% (which causes her to alarm and frighten the people around her, and causes the police to take the murder accusation more seriously perform and a more thorough investigation). There will be exponentially more results added with each new feature added to the game (for example, framing a student by planting the murder weapon on them would produce different results than the ones above). Last week, I added a new feature - the ability to change the color of Yandere-chan's clothing and legs. Now I'm adding the ability for you to customize her hair, face, and arms, in addition to her clothing. Like before, you can modify her textures by placing files in the "StreamingAssets" folder. There is a file in that folder named "How To Add Custom Textures.txt" that should explain what to do, in order to see your custom textures show up in-game. I also added several new hairstyles to the game that can be accessed by hitting the "H" key on your keyboard. There are also some other new accessories that have been added to the game, but they are easter eggs, and you'll have to figure out how to unlock them on your own… When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, the school closes, and all students still lilngering at school must leave and go home. When the schoolday ends, the player will see a "Calendar" of sorts, and watch the weekday roll over to the next day of the week. The protagonist is supposed to eliminate her rival by 6:00 PM on Friday. If she doesn't, then the rival will confess her love to Senpai, and Yandere-chan will lose Senpai forever.

Although her words are harsh, it is because she never sugar coated her words with her friends.

Scott Shelly ( Hangul:셸리 ) is one of the female protagonists in the webtoon. She begins a one-sided relationship with Jay at the start of the series but as the story progress they have a mutual crush on each other and as of chapter 378 they are in a relationship. Shelly is the only female member of the Humming Bird Crew. Because she stayed at England before coming to Korea her personality is perceived as very headstrong. She does not like it when people talk badly about her friends, especially Jay. Shelly also has a lot of stamina and strength, she can keep up with the group's pace when racing and can actually send people flying with her punch (Although that may be for comedic reasons) but never got into the street fights with the guys of the crew. When she was hit on in her first appearance on the series she refused with a lot of sass. Mia described her as someone who can confidently express her thoughts and feelings. Although her words are harsh, it is because she never sugar coated her words with her friends. And with Jay, Shelly is very clingy and flirtatious. She has very foreign features: pale skin, her eyes actually look more mint green in color than blue, blond wavy hair. It is known later in the series that she has a tattoo in the side of her arm near the wrist that reads out "temet nosce" or "Know Thyself". At school she wears her uniform usually without the red vest and both wears the skirt and pants.

She is often seen wearing high-end brand clothing, but also occasionally wearing street wear and tomboyish clothes. When riding her bike, she usually wears a jacket and helmet with the same color as her eyes or the Hummingbird crew's hood. She is tall, with long thin legs, a small waist and a bigger bust. Not much is known about Shelly, but it is established that she is from England and she requested to transfer to Sunny High School because of Jay. It was told in an early episode (Ep. 27) that she will be in Korea for one semester. Shelly is the granddaughter of Sunny High School's principal, Nick. When Shelly was a kid, she didn't want to get married and promised Nick that she will just live with him forever, which caused Nick to think that Shelly is not interested to guys until she got interested in Jay. That also caused the over protectiveness of her grandfather. Jay saw what happened and chased the thieves to get her purse back. She refused on taking him to the hospital but Jay refused. She picked up his student ID that had fallen to the ground and, motivated by her encounter with Jay, called her grandfather, asking him to let her attend Sunny High School. Her second meeting with Jay was in their classroom. She kissed him out of the blue and the gossip that Shelly and Jay were in a relationship quickly spread around the school.

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