How Did Saitama Get His Powers

SALVEST Smushie BIO Ovocné smoothie s mangem, ananasem a pomerančovou dužinou 6x240 mlSaitama (サイタマ Saitama) is the main protagonist of the series and the titular One-Punch Man. He is the most powerful being to exist in the series. Saitama faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is now too powerful to gain any thrill from battle. Z-City from monsters, villains, and other threats. After the battle against the Monster Association, he is currently ranked 39th in the A-Class. Saitama is an ordinary-looking bald man with a thin but well-built physique and is of average height and weight. He used to have a full head of short black hair but lost it due to the intensity of his hero training regimen. Saitama is usually deliberately drawn in a more simplistic style than the other characters, similar to the style of the original webcomic, with an elliptical head and simple facial features. When drawn in a more serious style, Saitama is revealed to have sharp facial features, fearsome eyes, and chiseled musculature. His posture changes as well, with a slack posture and sloping shoulders when lax, and a straightened posture and squared shoulders when serious. Saitama's hero costume consists of a yellow one-piece jumpsuit with a short zipper at the collar and a black belt with a round golden buckle at its center. He wears red gloves that go 3/4 up his forearms and red boots that nearly reach his knees. His costume is finished off with a white cape, which is fastened to his shoulders with big, round buttons.

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Saitama owns several shirts and hoodies with various designs. Saitama's character on the surface can be best summed up as "average". At first glance, nothing about him strikes anyone he meets or causes them to note anything remarkable about him. Before becoming a hero he was an average salary man and didn't seem interested in anything initially though becoming a hero has actually always been a dream of Saitama's. Before becoming one, he used to be frustrated about society, just like Hammerhead and even commenting that he could have become just like him depending on the path he took. Due to his great power and being virtually indestructible, Saitama is an indifferent person. Even the mightiest foes pose no challenge to him, so he does not take his hero work seriously, goes through everything with little to no effort, and years for an opponent that can provide him with a challenge. The combination of his attitude, unstoppable power, and "unimpressive" appearance often causes his battles to become anticlimactic. Saitama will usually allow his opponents to rant about their motives and power up into their strongest forms, before obliterating them with a single punch. Saitama's indifference doesn't rest solely on his hero work either. In daily life, he is often seen lounging around playing video games, reading manga, or going out for strolls.

His taste in food is rather plain and he often frequents food stalls rather than go to restaurants or cook at home. As his primary interest, hero work, has become unfulfilling, he pays little attention to anything else. Because of this, he sometimes ends up pronouncing people's names incorrectly, much to their chagrin. He has expressed distaste towards his officially assigned hero name, Caped Baldy. Thus, even after receiving it, he always refers to himself as Saitama. Regardless of his indifference, Saitama can find things that interest him and does actively look for activities to relieve his boredom. These things tend to be mundane activities such as watching TV, going shopping, or playing games. He shows a measure of concern when it comes to bargains and deals, as seen when he fought Carnage Kabuto, where he was more shocked upon the realization that he was going to miss a bargain sale, rather than his opponent who had undergone a transformation and was beating him around. He can also express irritation and even outright anger depending on the situation. Saitama has limited patience for long explanations, however, and will often interrupt the speaker.

39;t have any fans.

His ideal word count is 20 or less. He can get angry when he loses to someone like King when they play games. He will become enraged if anyone messes with his food or damages his house as he immediately killed a mantis monster for crashing through his roof and told Genos to move his fight with Sonic somewhere away from his apartment. Aside from being quite a cheapskate due to his financial status, he has a greedy side seen when tried to steal bags of gold from the underground mine inside the Monster Association Headquarters and was visibly upset after accidentally dropping them down to the bottom of an underground ravine. Despite his general indifference to most things, Saitama was genuinely shocked when he realized that no one actually knew of him despite his achievements, curious as to why he doesn't have any fans. This reaction demonstrates that while he isn't necessarily into hero work for fame, he certainly doesn't object to it.

I'm OK Even if She's a Yandere, I Just Wanna be Popular Another running joke is Saitama's jealousy of higher rankings, such as when he grew irritated when Genos listed off all of the comments made by fans about how amazing Genos is in their eyes. Beneath the surface, Saitama is much more complex than his appearance and attitude would suggest. While he scored low on the written portion of the hero exam, he is by no means, unintelligent. Saitama is very observant, insightful, and has high tactical awareness. This is seen in how he was able to discern situations and character traits from the people and environment around him fairly easily. He was able to pick up a number of hints to Sonic's persona upon their first meeting. When two tank top heroes jealously plotted to ruin him after the meteor event, he remarked that there were irate and self-serving hero types like them. He was even able to discern Fubuki's forced offer of submission or destruction just before his crackdown on how the hero world really works than how it is currently run. Saitama has been seen to show remorse to his enemies before, particularly ones who can give him a stimulating fight and don't just go down in one hit.

One such example of this is Boros, the self-claimed "Dominator of the Universe", with whom Saitama sympathized, due to suffering from similar circumstances though in the end, even Boros still could not draw out Saitama's full power. Saitama tends to come off as abrasive to others and often is inconsiderate of their feelings or how his words affect them. That isn't to say he is intentionally malicious or rude but rather that his indifference extends to his social interactions. He reacted to Fubuki greeting him as the number 1 B-Class heroine with a quick acknowledgment but seemed otherwise unimpressed frustrating Fubuki. He also downplays the seriousness of situations he's in based on his own perspective rather than from the perspectives of other people with it never occurring to him that those without his own earth shattering power would be rightly more/horrified in extreme situations like Borous threatening to destroy the world or the monster society declaring open war on humanity. During his fight with Garou Saitama initially displayed his unconcerned attitude against the Human Monster, from playful banter to compliments on Garou's capability in spite of the fact that Garou could cause enough damage to level cities and even warp the earth with a single strike. Saitama tells Genos he's gotten stronger. While he may initially rub people the wrong way and seldom shows his emotions to others, it doesn't mean Saitama doesn't show care for the people around him or their physical or mental well being. Fubuki about how she should not seek the approval of others but live her life how she wanted.

Genos after the cyborg saved Tatsumaki by claiming his heart had grown stronger. After the death of Genos and witnessing Garou's brutal actions against the other heroes, Saitama becomes despondent at those and questions his intuition as a hero. Quickly this changes and is replaced by tranquil anger where Saitama then decides to no longer hold back against Garou. Genos's death also causes Saitama to lose any potential excitement at facing Garou who according to Saitama himself may give him a fight he's always wanted, showing his depression at his disciple's end. The most surprising thing about Saitama is that he is actually one of the most morally upstanding heroes in the story. Saitama is very humble, as he purposefully let the masses turn against him in order for the defeated heroes to be given credit for their efforts against the Deep Sea King, even claiming that they had weakened the monster before his arrival wanting to give credit to the heroes that were actually risking their lives to protect innocent people. He did the same for the police station, killing a monster while disguised as a police officer, despite potentially gaining much fame had he revealed who he actually was as he heard the Hero Association executive try to force the police to beg for assistance exclaiming that, "Police and heroes don't help people because someone had to bag". This is also his outlook on being a hero as he told Genos, "If heroes run and hide, who will stand and fight". He also did not mind that King took credit for all of his achievements.

The most subtle indication of Saitama's strong morality is the fact that, in spite of having world-shaking power and there being no one who could stop him from doing anything he wants, he only ever uses his strength to be a hero. Saitama demonstrates impressive restraint with his power, considering that he is easily capable of splitting the sky or jumping from the Moon to Earth in seconds. He manages to beat nearly all of his opponents with a single punch, though occasionally causes more destruction than necessary. While he has no problem killing monsters, Saitama has yet to be seen killing another human and only ever uses enough strength to knock them out. His restraint is so ingrained, that no matter the strength of the opponent and regardless of how much Saitama knows about them, he only kills when he intends to kill even if he hits someone unexpectedly such as the number of times he's knocked out Garou. Saitama has proven to be a good figure to other people, both heroes and villains alike. His influence made Genos quiet his revenge wishes and start focusing on training to become a good and strong hero. He has also made insecure people like Fubuki and Glasses stand up to their challenges and become better heroes. Saitama also advises King to train and become strong for real, rather than being upset the latter stole credit from his battles. As Genos notes, he "attracts the strong", as many powerful heroes and villains have taken a liking to him, and few even look up to him as a role model to follow.

A more recent version of this gag is when he forgot Flashy Flash's name when he asked Saitama to fix the sword he broke. Saitama is the titular One-Punch Man and the strongest, fastest and most durable character in the series. So far, no enemy has been able to injure him in any way, and almost no enemy has been able to survive a single earnest punch from him. A few enemies have survived punches from him, such as any human he has struck (whom he restrains himself against) and Boros, whom Saitama empathized with and held back against so as to give himself and Boros a satisfying and stimulating fight. His strength is so great that it vastly eclipses even artificial beings designed or bred specifically for superhuman combat, such as mechanical beings or the mutated warriors from the House of Evolution. Since no enemies have posed any real challenge to Saitama yet, the upper bound of his strength is likely even higher than it currently appears.

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