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Wano Country and a member of the Kurozumi Family. After losing his parents, he was instructed by Kurozumi Orochi to operate undercover within the Kozuki Family. Kanjuro became Kozuki Oden's retainer and one of the Nine Red Scabbards while secretly aiding Orochi in his rise to power and efforts to eliminate the Kozuki bloodline, by feeding him information. He would continue to do so until he revealed himself as Orochi's spy just before the Raid on Onigashima, leading to his former comrades engaging in battle with him until he was lethally wounded by Kine'mon during a final skirmish, dubbing it his final act. He was born 54 years before the present day, but traveled 20 years forward in time when he was 34 years old. He acted as an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates in his undercover role during the Dressrosa Arc and Zou Arc, but was revealed to be a major antagonist of the Wano Country Arc during its third act. Kanjuro's appearance matched the stereotype of a traditional Kabuki performer. He had bright long red hair down to the floor with the front hair sticking outward and down to his chest, with big lips and blush marks on his cheek in a similar manner to Bentham. He was rather tall, standing at 347 cm. He wore a traditional samurai outfit with a ribbon in the middle and zori for footwear.

39;emon and him and making them fall off the elephant.

On his back, Kanjuro carried a large brush which he kept in readiness for use with his powers. As a retainer of the Kozuki Family, he bore the crest somewhere on his body. According to Orochi, due to Kanjuro being raised in the theatre, his main purpose in life was to act as someone else. Due to his parents dying during the persecution of his family, Kanjuro wished to avenge them and then die. Kanjuro played the role of a loyal retainer to the Kozuki Family so that he would eventually be killed with them. In his role as a Kozuki retainer, Kanjuro acted quite selflessly, since he encouraged Kin'emon to leave him behind and pursue Momonosuke. Kanjuro was also very calm and level headed, as he reprimanded Shinobu for being too rash in resolving unexpected setbacks. However, there are times where he can act absent-minded, such as when he created a net for the citizens of Dressrosa to climb up the old King's Plateau, not knowing they were aiming to capture Usopp and King Riku. He also fooled around during the escalade of Zunesha's leg and failed to realize that Bariete was falling towards him, hitting Kin'emon and him and making them fall off the elephant. He also acted overzealous at times. For instance, when he realized he put Usopp in danger, he stated he would cut open his own stomach as compensation.

However, he quickly decided against such actions when Kin'emon told him not to. However, due to his complete loyalty to the Kurozumi Family, he did not develop any genuine attachment to the Kozuki Family despite all the moments they shared together. Once Orochi ordered him to drop the charade and bring Momonosuke to Onigashima, Kanjuro did so without hesitation, revealing his true identity to those who thought of him as a comrade. He did not show remorse for his actions, even though they caused turmoil to their alliance and emotional pain to the other Nine Red Scabbards, particularly Kin'emon, for betraying their trust and friendship. Upon revealing his true nature, Kanjuro showed to be merciless and sadistic. Before departing for Onigashima, he abducted Momonosuke and attacked the Kozuki samurai. He also taunted his former friend Kawamatsu by threatening to kill Hiyori, and mocked his former allies' attempted revolution. When Momonosuke tried to escape, Kanjuro brutally beat him to the point of unconsciousness and casually handed him over to Orochi and Kaidou justifying himself because the boy had cut his hand, even referring to him as a little brat, thereby ungratefully disregarding the kindness and care Oden and the child had shown him. Even worse, while the Red Scabbards held back on him due to their lingering camaraderie, he showed neither reciprocation nor gratitude as he sadistically created a painted clone of Oden to launch a brutal psychological attack against them, while taunting them of killing Momonosuke despite his own wounds. As a Kozuki retainer, Kanjuro referred to himself with soregashi (それがし, soregashi?), an archaic personal pronoun used by samurai.

After revealing his true loyalties, he switches to ore (おれ, ore?), an informal personal pronoun commonly used by men. Kanjuro loved his parents and was devastated when they were killed. Then, he found his relatives Kurozumi Orochi, Higurashi, and Semimaru and gladly began working with them to avenge their family's persecution and put Orochi in power. He served them unwaveringly for at least 21 years in his role as a spy, and Orochi considered him to be very trustworthy as he supplied them with information about the Kozuki Family's activities and alerted him to their survival in the present day. When they met for the first time in decades, Kanjuro bowed to Orochi while the latter expressed great praise for Kanjuro for successfully abducting Momonosuke and was amused by his heartlessness towards the boy by beating him unconscious. Kanjuro also wasted no time in alerting him of the raid. Kanjuro was an enemy of the Kozuki Family due to his involvement in Orochi's plot against them.

However, until revealing his plot prior to the raid on Onigashima, he was considered to be a trusted servant who was respected by his master Kozuki Oden and his fellow retainers. For much of his life, Kanjuro's intention was to die as a Kozuki, and so he played his role so well that he aided them in battle against the Beasts Pirates and 20 years later, he aided Kin'emon in Dressrosa by helping him escape Doflamingo's guards. He was even willing to be executed with them due to his desire for death. According to Kanjuro, he did not hate Oden and his fellow retainers and never meant to harm them. He only worked against them when commanded to by Orochi. He ultimately dropped his charade when they were heading to raid Onigashima and were about to be attacked by the Beasts Pirates' fleet. He then captured Oden's son Momonosuke to bring him to Onigashima as directed by Orochi. Kanjuro pointed out that his fellow retainers should have had a stronger suspicion of a spy in their midst, but did not really treat them with scorn or derivation. Although the other retainers had wondered about the potential for a spy, they were utterly shocked and brought to tears by his betrayal, with Kin'emon quickly trying to kill him in response. When he met them again, he stated he knew their tenacity well and wasted no time gloating about beating Momonosuke in front of them. This deplorable attitude caused Kikunojo to confront him and he gladly accepted her challenge.

39;s pleas to stop harming their allies.

Although Kanjuro stated he did not hate the Kozuki, he did not develop any true bonds with them due to his loyalty to the Kurozumi Family. Kanjuro did not hesitate to lead the family to various dangerous situations via his information leaks and despite his motive to play the "perfect" role as a Kozuki retainer, he kept many of his true talents hidden away from them until he revealed his true allegiance, which angered Kin'emon even more for his lack of honesty. Kanjuro also did not hesitate to abduct Momonosuke and bring him to Onigashima, while claiming he would hunt down and kill Hiyori, infuriating Kawamatsu. As a hypocritical throwback of his earlier claim of not hating the family, he mocked Oden and Toki's deaths, derogatorily called Kawamatsu a 'fish-man' instead of his real name while flaunting his intention of killing Hiyori in front of him, and insulting Momonosuke's cowardice and weaknesses, while ignoring the boy's pleas to stop harming their allies. He also brutally beat Momonosuke until he was unconscious when he attempted to flee from him and called him a brat as he handed him to Orochi, showing just how much contempt he held towards the Kozuki line. In spite of his treachery, Kanjuro's former allies still expressed sadness for him after his defeat.

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However, such sentiments did not go both ways, as while the Scabbards held back out of their camaraderie for him, Kanjuro went as far as using a painted creation of Oden against them, causing them severe psychological grief that ended with Ashura dying from a massive explosion, all the while taunting them with the threat of killing Momonosuke. This act of cruelty revitalized the Scabbards' hatred for Kanjuro. However, even after Kanjuro attempted a second time to disguise as Oden, which led Kiku to once again drop her guard as she could not bring herself to harm her savior despite knowing it was a fake, Kin'emon still shed tears when he was forced to strike down Kanjuro a second time. Much like Orochi, Kanjuro also held incredible hatred towards the citizens of Wano for unfairly persecuting the Kurozumi Family as his parents were also killed due to their self-righteous persecution.

Thus, Kanjuro had no qualms supporting Orochi in overthrowing the Kozuki shogunate, which led to Wano falling into decadence and ruin due to Orochi's tyranny, and sabotaging the Kozuki revolution by providing Orochi information. He attempted to undermine Shimotsuki Yasuie's efforts to give the alliance a second chance and did not hesitate in expressing how Yasuie supposedly died for nothing in front of the Nine Red Scabbards, disregarding the kindness he received from the former daimyo. Kanjuro declared that all of the Kozuki samurai loyalists should have died twenty years ago, claiming that Toki's prophecy simply postponed their imminent deaths. Before he departed for Onigashima, Kanjuro ruthlessly attacked the Kozuki samurai along with their ships in a last ditch effort for revenge. Kanjuro had immense strength, able to easily carry around and use his giant ink brush without tiring, and could equally clash with Kawamatsu, a fish-man with ten times the physical strength of an average human. By imbuing his brush with Busoshoku Haki, Kanjuro was able to help push back and significantly slow down the contraction speed of Doflamingo's Torikago, along with many other powerful combatants. During his journey through Onigashima, he took down several members of the Beasts Pirates with no effort. Even after being cut down twice with fatal injuries, Kanjuro was still able to continue attacking and drawing, although he would eventually succumb to his wounds. Kanjuro had some skills in brush making, as he used the hair of people and corpses to make brushes for a living. When operating with the Kozuki Family, Kanjuro pretended that he was very bad at drawing, producing only poorly-drawn, barely functional constructs by using his left hand.

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