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Chia pudink z kokosového mlékaKimihiro Watanuki(四月一日君尋, Watanuki Kimihiro) is the main characters Clamp manga, and anime: XxxHOLiC and XxxHOLiC Rei. He is almost always referred to by his last name, Watanuki. Watanuki means "April 1st " in kanji and it's a reference to the old tradition of removing the kimono to avoid the children to suffer diseases. His given name, Kimihiro, means prophet or "searching for you" (manga). Watanuki has short black hair, and blue/indigo eyes at the beginning of the series. He almost always wears his school uniform which varies between his school's black jacket and trousers or simply his school trousers and a white short shirt. When half way through both the anime and manga he loses the sight in his right eye due to a spider's grudge curse, his right iris turns a dull milky gray color. After failing to retrieve his sight in this eye, he receives half of Doumeki's right eye's sight, which causes his right eye to turn a dark green with a brownish tint (in the Anime), or gold-brown (in the Manga).

Depending upon the person he talks to, his emotions tend to be overly exaggerated.

For the majority of the series, however, he wears an ordinary pair of glasses, however at one point he loses them, and replaces them with a pair that resembles, or may possibly be the pair that Clow Reed wore. Fei Wong Reed once mentioned he does indeed resemble a young Clow Reed, also pointed out by Yūko Ichihara, yet the truth behind their similarities hasn't been revealed. When Yūko leaves and Watanuki takes over the shop, his outfits begin to mirror the very ostentatious kimonos that Yuuko used to wear which he starts wearing. Watanuki is known for having both volatile and caring in his personality. Depending upon the person he talks to, his emotions tend to be overly exaggerated. When he's with Himawari, he is prone to throwing himself into the air and usually squeals "Himawari-chaaaaan!", accompanied by hearts. With Doumeki, he almost always expresses disgust or irritation with various facial expressions, ranging from screaming, to erratic arm motions that Himawari has noted reminds her of an angry cat. With the exception of these two and Yūko, Watanuki tends to address everyone around him with formality and kindness.

In the beginning of the story, he is exceptionally childish, often doing stupid things and complaining, but as the series progresses he starts to become more serious. He also gets along better with Doumeki and after the incident with his eye, keeps his distance from Himawari to make sure her bad luck doesn't affect him (until he gives her Tanpopo). After keeping his distance from her, all his goofy expressions disappear, he no longer squeals " Himawari!"when she appears, and is shown to have a better friendship with Doumeki. He begins to question his own humanity and starts to understand more about the world and his own existence. When Yuko disappears and he takes over the shop, his personality takes a drastic change as he adopts a number of Yuko's mannerisms. He still despises Doumeki and thinks that Mokona is annoying, but is shown to be quite calmer; more reserved and a lot more mature, clearly shown by his acceptance of Himawari's marriage and wishing his condolences and his understanding of his customers' wishes. Watanuki lives alone because his parents died when he was young, but harder than these conditions is the fact that his everyday life is plagued with strange spirits that only he can see. One average day, Watanuki is chased by a legion of spirits, when he falls and holds onto something which just happens to be a fence, surprisingly the spirits are repelled away from it, when rising to his feet, he sees a very strange house. Two girls then appear from the main door and welcome him in.

He insists that he entered by accident, but a voice replies that it was inevitable that he arrived to this place- it is fate. The voice belongs to Yūko Ichihara, who informs him that the store grants wishes in exchange for some sort of price. Yūko asks Watanuki what his wish is; he asks for the spirits to stop chasing him, so she agrees to granting it but only if he works as a helper in the shop until he accumulates enough time for her to make his wish come true. This is the beginning of Watanuki's part time job, in which there is many meets that coincide, but as Yuko says there's no coincidence, only hitsuzen (fate; the inevitable). As time goes by, Watanuki meets many different people who help him to develop and change his opinions on the world, and also to understand the world from Yuko's perspective, which also helps him to mature. Watanuki, learns the power of divination, not noticing that this is the beginning of a transformation in himself. Since one of his biggest problems is his low self esteem - he'd gladly hurt himself if that helped someone else, and it's suspected that this is why Yūko asked him to work in the shop, since he had nothing of great importance to pay his wish with. For Watanuki, this causes difficulties when others decide to help him despite risking themselves.

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Watanuki cannot accept someone sacrificing themselves or something of importance just for him. In one case he's exposed to great danger when spending time with the spirit of a woman, who lost her child when she was young. He at first doesn't realize she's dead, but has a strong connection to her as the woman has experienced the same loneliness he feels daily. He continues to see her despite falling ill (he even coughs blood), and is shown to be heartbroken when Doumeki, trying to save Watanuki, helps her to pass her on. Watanuki began to notice that strange things were beginning to happen around him, causing Yūko to get suspicious particularly of Himawari who she noted had a strange aura around her. One day, when Watanuki was walking through the corridor at school with Himawari, he tragically fell out of a window which he was leaning on and was fatally injured.

Himawari and Doumeki took him to Yuuko's shop, and made a bargain that they would receive Watanuki's wounds from the accident. In the seventh volume a curse that should have fallen onto Watanuki because of him destroying a spider nest at Doumeki's shrine, is instead transferred to Doumeki. To release Watanuki of the nest, Doumeki destroyed the nest, transferring the curse of the spider, originally intended for Watanuki, to invite itself into his open eye. Due to this curse being transferred, Watanuki is forced to suffer the guilt of seeing Doumeki's lost eye, so to save Doumeki from the pain, he wishes for it to be transferred to his own eye. Watanuki losing his right eye angers Doumeki, and he tries to find ways to restore his vision. However in the end, Watanuki's vision is irreparable, so Doumeki decides to share half of his right's eye vision with Watanuki. As a result, Watanuki's eyes become heterochromatic with one blue eye (left) and one golden eye (in the manga) or in the anime, one green eye (his right). Perhaps because they are both sharing the same eye, there is a great visible change in how Doumeki treats Watanuki as a person. After losing his eye, Watanuki finds out that the Zashiki Warashi has been captured by the "Spider Queen" in an attempt to retrieve his right eye. Despite Yūko's warning about the risks of going there, he decides to rescue the girl. When he is captured and faces the Spider Queen, he offers the left eye and his body in exchange of releasing her.

She rejects this offer; she wouldn't take something that is given up so easily and reprimands him for throwing away so readily what the Zashiki Warashi and Kudakitsune are trying to retrieve so badly. This teaches him an important lesson of self-value. Not long after this, Watanuki starts to almost regularly fall into a dream-like state (regardless of the time of day or other circumstances) and starts to meet up with Haruka, Doumeki's grandfather, who appears to Watanuki as the same age as Doumeki and is identical to Doumeki. When Watanuki first met Haruka, Watanuki couldn't tell the difference between the two and easily mistook Haruka for Doumeki, yet as time goes on, Watanuki learns how to distinguish him from Doumeki. Watanuki starts to regularly fall into dream like states, and In chapter 152 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Watanuki is revealed to be in a dream world with Sakura's soul. It was later revealed in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle that Watanuki gave his memories to Yūko as the price to protect and help the travelers as well as to help locate each Sakura. It is revealed by Yūko in chapter 157 of XxxHolic, that both Watanuki's and the clone Sakura's memories are sealed in black Mokona's left earring (Watanuki's memories of his parents, Sakura's memories of Syaoran). Not only is his memory of his past erased, but so is his memory of the exchange. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 201, it is stated that Watanuki should not exist, and that he would 'replace' Syaoran (hinting that Watanuki is, in the altered timeline, the son of Syaoran and Sakura Li).

Holic chapter 167 takes this further by saying that the reason that Watanuki looks different is because Sakura and Syaoran had wished it. Yūko continues by saying that Sakura and Syaoran had died to save both Watanuki and Syaoran. Yūko also states that 'Kimihiro Watanuki' is not Watanuki's true name, rather that it was fabricated so that Fei Wong Reed would be unable to use Watanuki for his own ends. Fei Wong says that his existence will bring misery to his parents. Yūko cover Watanuki's ears and tells him not to listen. As Fei Wong takes Syaoran, he yells "Don't disappear" to Watanuki just as his eyes open for the first time. During the final arc of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Watanuki briefly appears in Clow Country, witnessing his parents. He realizes he knows them, but not who they are, saying that they're hurt. In xxxHolic, Watanuki goes searching for Yūko. He visits a client who was afraid of tasting her own cooking, and seeing that she's unable to remember Yūko, leaves in a panic. He and Doumeki bump into the twins seen in an earlier volume, and they do not remember Yūko either (despite the fact Yūko had granted one of the sisters's wishes). Watanuki rushes back to the shop, only to step into a black void. Watanuki meets Yūko, who explains to him that she should have died a long time ago, but due to someone's (Clow Reed's) power, her time was halted until the choice was made (refers to the choice made by Syaoran in Tsubasa by pulling Sakura free).

39;s pleading, Yūko reveals that her wish is for him to continue existing.

Now her time has begun to move forward once again; she is dying. He is of course, puzzled at her mentioning of saving the two futures, since he is unaware of this situation. He also reveals, from the depth of his heart, how much he cherishes Yūko and the experiences they had together (it is never actually stated how deep his feelings go. Yūko reveals to Watanuki that her shop and job was for a purpose, and now that its purpose has been fulfilled, it is gone. We learned from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that it was a price to pay for Clone Sakura's reincarnation. In addition, Yūko finally grants his wish of not being able to see and attract spirits. Although Watanuki pleads with her not to disappear, Yūko gently tells him otherwise, stating that he is precious to her. Finally, upon Watanuki's pleading, Yūko reveals that her wish is for him to continue existing. Watanuki makes a promise to himself and to her- that he will continue living and that if he wishes hard enough, he would want to meet her again. Watanuki awakens in the shop, with Doumeki by his side. Maru and Moro materialise and we learn that Yūko had used her remaining power to preserve the shop's existence. Outside, Doumeki and Mokona chat, revealing a few things.

First, Doumeki also saw Yūko disappearing through his shared eye with Watanuki. Also, Watanuki's choice to stay behind to wait for Yūko has, in another choice that Doumeki should make, which makes the egg necessary (later on, it's revealed that this egg would be used to erase Watanuki's memories of Yūko). Only Kohane, the fortune teller, Himawari, and Doumeki remember Yūko because these are the people that she felt would be needed to stay by Watanuki's side after her passing. Mokona finally reveals that because of their shared vision, the decision when to use the egg depends on Doumeki. Watanuki becomes the owner of the shop after Yūko's death. He chooses to stay there until he finds a way to see Yūko again (as, by this time, his status as an anomaly in space-time is made greater, as is Syaoran's). He chooses to succeed Yūko, however to complete his task he needs to regain his power to see spirits (which Yūko had taken away). To regain this power, as a price, he can't leave the shop at all. Watanuki continues to grant wishes in the shop, although often taking too little or too much as prices. He gets along better with Doumeki as now he acts like someone completely different and quite mature, he doesn't hide his emotions and stops making movements and weird expressions. He tries not to get hurt when granting wishes, since everyone wants him to continue existing without hurting his heart or body.

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