Does Spawn Have A Child

The comic book series Spawn, published by Image Comics, and its many spin-offs such as an animated version contains a variety of characters - the allies of main character Spawn and the antagonists. Spawn / Al Simmons - the protagonist. He is originally a CIA operative until he is betrayed by Jason Wynn and sent to hell. There he meets Malebolgia, agreeing to receive an opportunity to see his wife Wanda in exchange for becoming a hellspawn. Five years after his death, Spawn finds that his wife has married Terry Fitzgerald and with him had a daughter named Cyan. Now stuck on Earth, Spawn is watched over by the Violator, who eventually becomes his arch-nemesis. Realizing all this, Spawn turns on hell, protecting humanity from the war between heaven and hell. Jim Downing - the former protagonist. He is a scientist. Jason Wynn, his boss, kills Jim Downing's wife and puts him in a coma until Simmons commits suicide.

In the resurrection version of the story, she is killed herself, and Spawn goes to hell to save her.

Downing becomes Spawn until issue 250. In issue 292, Downing returns to his former body because Simmons places his soul back in his body. Wanda Blake - Al Simmons's widow. After his death, she marries Simmons's best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, and has a daughter with him, Cyan. She keeps her maiden name both times when she marries. Later, she has twins with Terry, who happen to be reincarnations of God and Satan. In the resurrection version of the story, she is killed herself, and Spawn goes to hell to save her. She is named after Spawn creator Todd McFarlane's wife. Terry Fitzgerald - Wanda's husband and Al Simmons' former best friend. He is based on a real-life long-term employee and friend of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Mike the Messenger - the Archangel Michael, assisting Simmons under God's orders. Cyan Fitzgerald - Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald's daughter. After her mother's death, she gains superpowers as a teenager and becomes Misery. Jake Fitzgerald (God) - One of Wanda and Terry's miracle twins.

In Spawn: Armageddon, the name was changed to Goddess, and Malebolgia was her brother.

Issue 158 revealed that Jake is a reincarnation of God in the body of a normal human child. God is a former villain and the son of the Man of Miracles as well as the brother of Satan. The series's perception of God is a variation of the traditional Abrahamic story of God, although it shares many similarities with it. In Spawn: Armageddon, the name was changed to Goddess, and Malebolgia was her brother. Granny Blake, real name Mary Blake - Wanda Blake's grandmother. She has great faith and wisdom. Spawn confides in her, among a few others, when he returns from hell. K7-Leetha, full name Leetha of the 7th House of K - Spawn's shape-shifting costume. A neural parasite from the fourth circle of Hell, it bonds to him in a symbiotic partnership. Its origins were retconned in issue 252, where it is made from Al's victims. Man of Miracles - a mystery man who offers guidance to Spawn. He takes the form of several mortals at various times, including Jesus Christ. He is later retconned due to legal issues after the resurrection and because issue 250 depicted a variation on the traditional Abrahamic story of creation. Christopher Welland - a boy whose soul is sealed within Spawn's heart. He has taken the form of a young hellspawn and uses his powers to help Spawn. Also, he is the key to the Legion, who releases Christopher from Spawn.

Al Simmons regains his hellspawn powers. She betrays him so that she can journey to hell to save the soul of a friend. Nyx appears to be attuned to Greenworld. As of issue 169 ("Voodoo Child"), Nyx reconciles her conflicts with Spawn and regains her powers. She is instrumental in saving Spawn in issue 171 ("A Tale of Three Brothers: Remembrance") from demons called Sin Eaters. In an interview conducted by Comic Book Resources (CBR), Spawn writer David Hine reveals that Nyx's powers may be developing and that she is in love with Spawn. Hiroshi Kitamura - One of the lost souls within Spawn. Kumiko Kitamura - the granddaughter of Hiroshi and one of the lost souls. Richard Simmons - another one of Spawn's brothers. He is a minister, first revealed in issue 170 ("A Tale of Three Brothers: Hellhouse"). He runs a building where he and a companion show visitors films and depictions of people's most despicable acts in order to sway them from wrongdoing. The demons Ab and Zab open portals to Hell in his facility. Sin Eaters attack and feed on Richard Simmons and his companion and Spawn and Nyx save them.

Due to the influence of Mammon disguised as Malefick, Richard Simmons is a former drug user. He harbors guilt for the unfortunate situation in which his brother Al Simmons is because he was not involved in the circumstances that led to Al stabbing the drug dealer Weasel. Even though Al shows compassion for Richard without anger, he is unable to forgive himself for his past wrongs. With the help of Mammon, he is voluntarily swallowed into hell. Bobby - a homeless man who is Al Simmons's best friend in the first 70 issues. Bobby is later shot in the head, and Spawn revives him. He is one of the only two homeless people along with Bootsy to have appeared in several issues and have a storyline and a name. He has a wife and a daughter before he becomes homeless. When his wife dies, he becomes an alcoholic, losing everything he has, including his daughter. Saddened by his best friend Bootsy's death, he falls deeper into alcoholism, going as far as stealing a dead hobo's bottle and causing him to be suspected of murder. He does not appear and is never mentioned after Spawn made everyone, including Cogliostro, leave the alleys.

Medieval Spawn - a hellspawn of the medieval era.

Bootsy - first introduced as a homeless man, he is an undercover angel who watches over Spawn and makes reports to heaven about him. After a fight with The Heap, Spawn is killed. Bootsy revives him to prevent Armageddon. He is then abducted by other angels for interfering the fate of humans. Medieval Spawn - a hellspawn of the medieval era. In the medieval era, he is a knight named Sir John of York, fighting during a civil war in England. He is released from service to King Henry II after he and three others mistakenly kill the Archbishop of Canterbury by misinterpreting the king's angry words. He is killed on a battlefield in Ireland by the king's bodyguards as he approaches him for forgiveness. For killing and furthermore enjoying it, John is sent to hell, where he makes a deal with Malebolgia. He returns to Earth several years in the future, clad in medieval-looking symbiotic armor.

After he finds his own grave, he travels throughout England, doing good deeds in the hope that he would be redeemed. He is eventually other by the demon hunter Angela. In issue 303, Medieval Spawn is revived. Callindra - a young 200-year-old angel. Her first case is defending Angela from charges of treason. Anahita and Kuan Yin - two angels. They defend Angela by bringing Spawn to testify on her behalf. Both were once freelance employees of Angela. Angela - an angelic bounty-hunter. Sent against Spawn, she later befriended him. She was impaled with her own dual-bladed staff by Malebolgia. This episode led to Spawn taking her sword and cutting off Malebolgia's head. Jade (Lisa Wu) - first introduced in the animated series as "Lisa Wu", she is a news reporter who investigates the alley murders at Rat City. She later helps Sam and Twitch find more information about the people responsible for the murderers, and also helps Wanda Blake understand her situation with the hellspawn. Jade is a bounty hunter who was sent to kill the hellspawn, befriending Spawn because she realizes that he is different than other hellspawn. She has been sent by the heavens for centuries to kill evil creatures, even being sent to kill Genghis Khan. Spawn later kills her, sending her to the Elysian Fields in order to escape two assassin warriors who were sent to kill her because Jade did not kill Spawn. Before her body is taken away by the assassins, Spawn asks if she would be at peace.

Dr. KC McRory - Dubbed "Dr. Death" by the detectives, Dr. McRory is in charge of the crime scene investigation department at the precinct. She dislikes Sam Burke for his sloppy habits and abrasive personality but is friendly with Twitch Williams. She may be based loosely on the DC Comics character Carrie Kelley: they share initials in a different order and have matching glasses and hairstyle. She and Twitch live together for some time. McRory is killed accidentally by a fugitive bounty hunter. Haunt - the protagonist of a series of the same name, he appears as a supporting character in Spawn. Major Forsberg - a mentally ill veteran. He is trapped in an asylum. When Spawn contacts him for information, Forsberg gives him insight on Jason Wynn's projects. He later returns when he begs Spawn to kill him. Kenji Onozaka - a Japanese man who is friends with Al Simmons and Terry Fitzgerald.

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