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Epic Dope is the new home of streaming news, views and reviews. No Comments on Will Senku fall in love? Who will he end up with? After being de-petrified, Senku started to work towards his dream of rebuilding civilization. In the pursuit of his goal, Senku is shown to have no interest in anything other than science. In fact, it has often been joked that Science is the only thing Senku will ever be in love with. However, is this really true? 1. Who will Senku end up with? While there have been women who showed signs of attraction towards Senku, due to his focus on rebuilding civilization and his aversion to romance, he hasn't formed any romantic relationships. Despite his lack of interest, Gen believes that once he achieves his goal, Senku may consider romance and fall in love. At that time, Kohaku seems the most likely to form a romantic relationship with Senku. 2. Is Senku married? In order to identify Ruri's illness and cure her, Senku participated and won the Village tournament. After he was crowned chief, Senku married Ruri for barely a day before he divorced her after identifying the root of her sickness. 3. Is Senku in love with someone? Other than his one true love - science, Senku has not shown any romantic feelings towards anyone in the series. Despite that, there have been women who have shown interest in him and can be considered potential partners.

Yuzuriha and Senku met each other and became friends through Taiju.

Kohaku claimed to have fallen for Senku when they first met. Though, she clarified later that she meant it in a platonic manner. After seeing him sacrifice himself to save Yuzuriha, Kohaku admitted that she has been very interested in him. While she does not trust Senku at first, over the course of their adventures, she goes on to consider him a very close friend. In turn, Senku greatly depends on her due to her physical strength and skill as a fighter. She often helps him in his scientific endeavors by gathering material or lending her physical power. Though he enjoys teasing her by calling her names, he genuinely cares for her as a close ally and friend and trusts her abilities. It seems that for now, the relation between them is limited to friendship as even when Kohaku kissed Senku, to cover from Kirisame, he showed no reaction. Yuzuriha and Senku met each other and became friends through Taiju. Once Yuzuriha revived, Senku wanted her and Taiju to escape from Tsukasa. He was even willing to sacrifice himself to protect her. In return, she tended to him and was the one who revived him from Tsukasa's attack.

She also agreed to his request to act as a spy on Tsukasa. Following the end of the Stone Wars, she became an official member of the Kingdom. Senku knows how deeply Taiju and Yuzuriha love each other and supports them wholeheartedly. Ruri was born to the village chief in Ishigami Village. She is Kohaku's older sister and serves as the priestess in the Village. She became extremely sick around her 18th birthday. While Kohaku managed to sustain herself using hot water, it still did not ultimately hinder the illness's progress. In order to identify her illness and save her, Senku participated and won the Village tournament. After he was crowned chief, Senku promptly married Ruri. However, they divorced almost immediately after Senku identified the root of her illness. Neither Senku nor Ruri have any romantic feelings for each other. Instead, it has been implied in the later chapters that she is in love with Chrome. 4. Will Senku ever fall in love? Since the start of the series, it has been shown that Senku is opposed to the idea of ​​romance. He seemed disturbed when Kohaku praised him by saying that she had fallen for him.

Senku and his friend Taiju begin trying to find a way to restore humanity.

In addition, after saving Ruri, he immediately divorces her. He was also completely unaffected by Amaryllis' attempts to beguile him. To Senku, romantic relationships tend to overcomplicate things and make little logical sense. However, he supports his friends, such as Taiju's relationship with Yuzuriha and Chrome's relationship with Ruri. Gen believes that one day, after all the conflict is over, and he has achieved his goal, Senku may consider the idea of ​​romance and fall in love. Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. Every human on the planet was turned into Stone after a mysterious flash of light hit Earth. Four thousand years after Senku, a student is confronted with a brand new world, an Earth without Humanity. Now animals rule the world, and nature has reclaimed the planet. Senku and his friend Taiju begin trying to find a way to restore humanity. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores and/or online campaigns. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

For more information, go here. 5 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Dr. Will Senku fall in love? Who Will he end up with? How Will Senku Defeat Tsukasa In Dr. Will We Lose Tsukasa Forever in Dr. Top 10 Strongest Characters in Dr. Who is Tsukasa Shishio in Dr. Stones? Is he evil? You must be logged in to post a comment. If you are logged in, please refresh. Meet our very own Hinata Shoyo! There is no anime or manga that he's not aware of. Also the go-to guy for all things Epic at EML. He's on a journey to discover life one bottle of sake at a time! All content cited is derived from their respective sources. Epic Dope is the one-stop for all things anime, manga, webtoons, and more! We are building a home for otakus, nerds, and anyone sitting at home with superpowers likely to rule the world or maybe… We are a crew of obsessive and wide-eyed writers & reviewers who love putting out our views and opinions on the things we can't get enough of! Join us on our Epic Adventure!

This list describes characters from the anime and manga series Doraemon. Also listed are their original NTV voice actors (1973), followed by their TV Asahi voice actors (1979-2005; 2005-present). Part of the 22nd century characters are listed in The Doraemons. Each main character represents a primary school student archetype. Nobita appears in every episode of the anime, while Doraemon appears in most episodes, sometimes being substituted (for medical checkup or on leave) by his sister, Dorami. Note: In some translations of Doraemon, the names of these characters are different from the original names. 2.9 Nobisuke Nobi Jr. Albert in the Cinar dub of the series, is the title character and co-protagonist of the series. He is a cat-like robot from the future. He was yellow-skinned and had ears originally. However, his ears were accidentally eaten by a robot mouse. It left him heartbroken and caused his skin to turn blue. People often mistake him for a raccoon dog. He is sent back in time by Sewashi (Nobita's Great-great-grandson) to aid Nobita. Doraemon possesses a 4-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store.

He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of household items and unwanted gadgets. Still, Doraemon is very friendly and intelligent, not to mention long-suffering because of Nobita's antics. Since Sewashi sent Doraemon to the past, Doraemon has been living as the unofficial fourth member of Nobita's family and acts like a second son to Nobita's parents, since despite being a robot, he requires basic needs for a person, such as eating, and also sleeps in the closet of Nobita's bedroom. He also fears mice greatly (due to a robot mouse having eaten his ears), even go crazy about it and pull out devastating gadgets, and most of the times, Nobita saves Doraemon in such situations. Although he has no fingers in most media, he can hold things because of the suction cups in his hands. His favorite food is Dorayaki. He has also been shown to date with normal female cat. He is the elder brother of Dorami.

Nobita Nobi (野比, Nobi Nobita, English dub: Sidney in the Cinar dub, Specky in the Speedy dub, and Noby Nobi in the Bang Zoom! dub) is the co-protagonist of the series. He wears glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue or black shorts and white socks and light blue shoes. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting. He is usually accompanied by Doraemon, who functions as his caretaker. Although he's not good at sports, he's good at shooting and has been reflected in the movies many time. He's also good at string figure which sometime considered a girls' game. Son of Tamako and Nobisuke Nobi. Future father of Nobisuke (his son). Future husband or boyfriend of Shizuka and great-great-grandfather of Sewashi. Taurus), nicknamed Shizuka-chan (しずかちゃん) is a smart, kind and pretty girl. She is often represented by the color pink, and is seen wearing a pink shirt and skirt.

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