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• You Are Not Alone - Yuji is grateful to Nobara for showing him that he's not alone. • Achilles Heel - Mahito claims that Yuji's weakness is Nobara getting hurt. ItaKugi is the het ship between Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom. Yuji and Kugisaki are classmates and close friends at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, both being Jujutsu Sorcerers. The two are in a small group with their peer, Megumi Fushiguro, under their Sensei, Satoru Gojo. Despite their upfront personalities strongly differing, the two find themselves on the same wavelength a lot of the time and have proven to be powerful when working together. They first met after Yuji became the vessel for the special-grade curse, Sukuna, immediately being recruited by Gojo, and when Kugisaki enrolled into the college. Yuji, along with Megumi and Gojo, met Kugisaki when she first arrived in Tokyo. Yuji was somewhat put off by her upfront, and blunt personality whilst Kugisaki assessed Yuji as the kind who ate his own boogers. Nonetheless, they were immediately paired up together for a mission by Gojo to eliminate some curse spirits nearby on their own.

Yuji is simple-minded, energetic but also equally as confident, lacking any fear whatsoever.

The pair ultimately succeeded and have since developed a strong sense of camaraderie and companionship. Itadori and Kugisaki get excited over the city. Kugisaki is a proud, open, and blunt person, often making honest remarks to whoever she is talking to, and is highly confident in every situation she is in. Yuji is simple-minded, energetic but also equally as confident, lacking any fear whatsoever. Despite their initial differences, the two often react in similar ways to news or events. They both were excited to tour Tokyo, were obsessed with Megumi's demon dog, and teased Megumi for having beaten up some bullies when he was a kid. They both find amusement in the fun things in their lives and tend to have a good time together, often being just as excited as each other. When Yuji's ex-classmate shows romantic interest in him, Kugisaki agrees to help the girl but reveals her competitiveness by stating the idea of ​​Yuji being in a relationship before her feels annoying, adding that he should be after her. Despite the fun they have, Kugisaki is not above "abusing" Yuji if he annoys or upsets her, often punching him. However, Yuji does not react negatively to this, instead either feeling remorseful for having upset her in the first place or confused as to what he did. She also does not take kindly to him giving her commands, at one point she even tells him not to boss her around, due to her doubting his abilities as he was relatively new to fighting curse spirits. This leaves her pondering how Yuji was able to break through a wall with sheer force during their first fight against a curse spirit.

Poochyena - Pokemon FanartDespite all that however, Nobara was grateful to Yuji for saving her and smiled at him. Yuji blushed as he replied that everyone had their own reasons for saving someone. When it appeared that Yuji had actually died, Kugisaki was evidently upset at the loss of her new friend, despite telling Megumi that she did not make a habit of mourning someone she had only known for two weeks, Kugisaki still kept grieving his "death. " When some time later Yuji, in an overly theatrical way, reveals himself to be alive, she is left initially disturbed by this revelation but soon walks over to Yuji with tears in her eyes, kicks his leg and demands he apologizes to her for making her grieve for him. Gradually, Kugisaki comes to accept Yuji as a comrade and begins to have faith in his abilities to fight off curse spirits. Their relationship culminated when they fought together to defeat two special-grade curses. They proved to be a powerful duo with Kugisaki, in particular, having great admiration and confidence in Yuji's ability to handle the pain he was inflicted with whilst fighting the special grades. At one point, he is able to carry her in his arms to safety when being pursued and she is shocked to see how absurdly quick he can run. Yuji and Kugisaki typically tease Megumi. Following their victory over the special grade brothers, Kugisaki comforted Yuji when he felt unhappy at killing the special grades, as opposed to exorcising them. She reminded him that they're not in a position to save everyone and do not have the means to do so.

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Later, Megumi concludes that the recent events of active spirits killing people result from Yuji eating Sukuna's finger. She agrees not to mention anything to Yuji as she fully understands how much it would upset him. It would also seem Kugisaki admits that she cares for Yuji's well-being, as she explained that there are a limited number of seats for the people she can care for in her life, and she didn't want her heart to be swayed by peoplthato weren't sitting in them. When she tells Yuji that he had brought his own seat to sit down on, Kugisaki eventually accepted that he has become a part of her life. Kugisaki, with great poignant, tells Yuji with a smile later in Shibuya how her life wasn't so bad after she reminds herself of her past with Fumi and Saori, moments after she was disfigured by Mahito. When Yuji sees Kugisaki's disturbed head, he is in complete shock before he sobs and repeats her name over and over again with a painful expression. Kugisaki's death had greatly disturbed Yuji, and in his moment of weakness it gave Mahito the opportunity to ridicule him and try to kill him with Black Flash.

It was Nitta and Todo who rescued Yuji who couldn't bring himself to fight back. While talking with Yuta and Megumi, Yuji was the only one to ask about Kugisaki's condition and what had happened to her. Once he learned the truth, for a moment he was overcome by grief and shock but it soon got replaced with anger. It is implied that Kugisaki is dead due to Megumi's silent response. In Chapter 5, Nobara blushes and smiles at Yuji as she thanks him. In Chapter 64, Nobara tells Megumi that the idea of ​​Yuji getting a girlfriend before she gets a boyfriend annoys her. She then points at Yuji and says that her heart skipped a beat. When Nobara battles Momo Nishimiya, there is a scene where she gets a flashback of Yuji. In the manga the panel made him look funny, however, in the anime that was changed and Yuji looked more happy, presumably from Nobara's point of view. Whilst battling Nobara, Mahito realized that she is a close friend of Yuji's and decides on killing her, as he thinks that bringing her dead body to Yuji would destroy his soul.

Yuji was the only one who asked about Nobara's condition after Shibuya. Whilst battling Momo Nishimiya, in order to get the Kyoto Class to stop hunting Yuji, Nobara said "Have you guys ever stopped to consider the person behind the curse which you've condemned? When Megumi figured out that the Kyoto Students were going to kill Yuji, Nobara yelled at him wondering why they would that, then hastily paid attention to Panda when he started to explain. In Shibuya when Todo encouraged Yuji to keep fighting, he still didn't move as he was too shocked after what happened. only reacted and made a hopeful face when Nitta told him that there might've been a slight chance that Nobara would live. When Ozawa asked Nobara if there was a chance she liked Yuji, Nobara quickly denied it. Saying that even if heaven and earth were to dance the Lambada she would never be with him. There's an illustration on her cup of two figures titled 'Earth' and 'Heaven' dancing together and right after that panel, Nobara's heart skips a beat. When Yuji revives from the dead, Nobara is the only person who has tears in her eyes after seeing him. She even kicks his bucket and says, "Got something to say?

" as she looks at him angrily. Yuji apologizes for keeping quiet about being alive and later gets "punished" for his actions by Nobara. In that panel she has a slight blush on her face as she faces away from him. In the second ending of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji uses his phone to record memories. In the sequence on the beach, the camera follows Nobara and focuses on her. When Yuji carries Nobara away from the Death Paintings, she says to him, "I got your back". When Nobara got disfigured by Mahito, Yuji destroyed his clone and ran to check on her. ItaKugi is not a particularly popular ship in the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom, but this is not due to a dislike of the pair, in fact many fans see them both as very close friends and they think that's how it should be. Platonically, the pairing is very much loved because of their comedic and energetic personalities blending well with each other. The fact that Kugisaki stated she would never date Yuji, even if Heaven and earth danced to the lambada, encouraged some fans to see their relationship as sibling-like. Nonetheless, most fans argue that it is these qualities that makes the pairing worthy of being shipped. The two get on well with each other, share similar interests and excitement, and work well together as a team.

Even with slight lack of romance, ItaKugi shippers still hope that the pair will end up together or for romance to form between the two. ItaKugi is Nobara's third and Yuji's sixth most written ship on Archive of Our Own. ItaKugi is the third most written Jujutsu Kaisen het ship on AO3. Due to JJK having minimal romance, there are currently no canon-status rival ships involving either Yuji or Nobara, although slash ship ItaFushi and femslash ship NobaMaki are much more popular in the western fanbase. At the same time, in Japan, Yuji and Nobara's pairing is the only ship with Nobara, which is included in the most popular ships in the franchise and in the Japanese fandom. Itakugi is also on the list of the TOP 30 of the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen ships in the Japanese franchise and fandom on Pixiv, scoring 21st place while being the only ship with Nobara. Japanese fans are so enthralled by the ship, some of them write about Nobara liking Yuji romantically and explore their relationship in their personal blogs. The reason why Itakugi is a loved ship with many shippers in the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom is because of the close bond Yuji and Nobara have with each other, from Nobara saying that Yuji took his own seat in her heart to Yuji saving Nobara and trusting her completely. Nobara also holds a great value of affection for Yuji, telling him that she's got his back mid-battle. The relationship between the two is formed on trust and true companionship.

39;s not alone during his fight with Mahito in Shibuya.

Rigged Anime Girl Character ItaKugi shippers think that the second ending song of Jujutsu Kaisen "Give it Back", besides encompassing all of the friends, could also be from Yuji to Nobara, as the lyrics suggests that it's one person to another singing about how they want them back. Considering Nobara's death many find this likely as Yuji was devastated upon seeing her get disfigured. And because Nobara was shown through Yuji's phone more in the ending. The camera even focuses on her as Yuji is recording during the beach scene. There are lyrics like "I want to believe I'm not alone." which many think is supposed to indicate Yuji thanking Nobara for showing him he's not alone during his fight with Mahito in Shibuya. The lyrics that play when Yuji focuses on Nobara are "Please give it back, Itsu ni nareba raku ni nareru. Oshite wa kaesu nami ni aragatte." which meant, "Please give it back, when will it get easier? The two are often drawn side by side together in official arts. Anne Yatco, the English voice of Nobara, described on Twitter Yuji and Nobara's team up with "fire" emojis Adam McArthur, the English voice of Yuji tweeted that the only official Jujutsu Kaisen merch he wanted was the pink Nobara shirt, Anne Yatco (Nobara's ENG VA) replied to his tweet with lenny face emojis.

Junya Enoki and Seto Asami did a live reading of Nobara and Yuji's accomplices episode, during the reading Seto Asami when saying the line "And I don't want my heart to be swayed" used the word "kokoro" when referring to Nobara's heart not wanting to be swayed by those who didn't have a seat in her life. Kokoro is the word for the metaphysical heart, as in "heart, mind, spirit." Kokoro has a meaning related to the soul. Therefore the word is often used in Japanese literature and music to refer to "heart and soul" in one. Both Yuji and Nobara are Mahito's natural enemies. ItaKugi is a very popular ship in the Japanese fandom, their ship name in Japanese is which means "Tiger Nail" from the Kanji "Tora" which means Tiger and the Kanji "Kugi" which means Nail. In one of Gege Akutami's extra pages of Yuji, Nobara, Gojo and Megumi, Yuji and Nobara are drawn as Luffy and Nami from One Piece.

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