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The following are fictional characters in Disney's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora is the title character of the film. After Maleficent, an evil fairy curses her when she is only a baby, Aurora is taken to the woods by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, where her name is changed to Briar Rose to conceal her identity from Maleficent. Aurora is the third official Disney Princess. Later in the story, the three good fairies are preparing for her birthday when they plan to surprise her with the news that she is a princess. But when Princess Aurora renamed Briar Rose returns with the news of meeting a handsome and enchanting man, the fairies must tell her she can never see him again; like Aurora, they do not know who he really is. The three fairies tell her about the future that is set for her and that night they take her back to the castle.

She is put in a bed by the fairies where she can sleep peacefully within the highest tower.

Aurora is saddened that she will never see the man from the forest and breaks into tears. The three fairies exit the room they secretly entered so as to let the princess have a few moments alone. Aurora suddenly sees a floating spark of light cast by Maleficent and, in a trance, follows the spark through the back of the fireplace and up a staircase to a tower room where the spark of light turns into a spinning wheel. The three good fairies try to stop her, but are too late when Aurora pricks her finger on the spindle and collapses in sleep. She is put in a bed by the fairies where she can sleep peacefully within the highest tower. Aurora is later awakened by Phillip's kiss of true love, which finally breaks the curse. She also learned that her love and her betrothed were exactly the same person.

During the movie's final scenes, Aurora and Phillip dance. Maleficent is the "Mistress of All Evil" who, after not being invited to a christening, curses the infant Princess Aurora to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. Merryweather was able to weaken the curse though by changing it from death to sleep. The night when Aurora returned to her father's castle, the moment Aurora was alone, Maleficent devoted the chance to lure her into pricking her finger on the spinning wheel's spindle. Despite the efforts of the three good fairies, she succeeded in fulfilling her curse. She then proceeded to trap Prince Phillip and lock him in her dungeon. However, the three good fairies free Phillip after she left him. Upon learning of this from her pet raven, who got turned to stone in the process by Merryweather, she tried to stop him with a series of lightning bolts, but failed.

Their wings are very small.

She went as far as conjuring a forest of thorns, but Phillip easily cut his way to the gate. With no other choice, she flew to the gate of King Stefan's castle and turned into a huge dragon to battle the prince herself. Despite pushing Phillip to the edge of a cliff, Phillip threw his Sword of Truth, which was blessed by the three good fairies' magic, and struck Maleficent directly in the heart, and it was more than enough to kill her. All that was left of her was a black and purple mess on the ground, with the sword still embedded in it as it blackens. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are the good fairy godmothers. They are based on the good fairies appearing in the original French fairy tale and various retellings. Like their fairy tale counterparts, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather appear at baby Aurora's christening to present their gifts to the newborn Princess Aurora. Their wings are very small. They use their magical powers to help both Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

He kissed her, then she woke up, and then everyone lived happily ever after.

Prince Phillip is Aurora's true love, voiced by Bill Shirley. Phillip is based on the prince from the original French fairy tale that appears a hundred years after the princess is put to sleep by Maleficent's curse, having heard the story of the sleeping princess, and entered the castle. He trembled upon seeing the princess's beauty and fell on his knees before her. He kissed her, then she woke up, and then everyone lived happily ever after. Unlike The Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Prince Charming from Cinderella, Phillip was the first prince in Disney theatrical animated features to be given a proper name and a full character. At Aurora's birth, it was said that Phillip would marry the princess, the daughter of his father's best friend. A young Phillip presents a gift to the infant Aurora at her christening, but is less than impressed when he sees her. The event is interrupted by Maleficent, who appears and curses Aurora, causing the Three Good Fairies to take Aurora into the forest to raise her. Years later, Phillip is riding in the forest and hears Aurora, now known as Briar Rose, singing.

He follows her voice and starts singing with her. She tries to run away, but he follows her. By the end of the song, they have fallen in love. However, Aurora realizes she is disobeying her "aunts" and leaves, but not before telling Phillip she will be celebrating her birthday at her cottage in the middle of the forest. After being captured by Maleficent and thrown into her dungeon after arriving at Briar Rose's home, the Three Good Fairies rescue him so that he in turn can save Aurora. Phillip escapes Maleficent's castle and is the target of Maleficent's fury, who hurls lightning bolts (and later conjures a forest of thorns) at him. At the gates of the castle, Phillip battles Maleficent, who has turned into a dragon. Phillip is victorious and slays Maleficent with the Sword of Truth. He kisses Aurora and she wakes up. They then go downstairs, arm in arm, and share a dance after Aurora meets her parents. In Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Phillip is one of the characters from Sleeping Beauty to make an appearance, now voiced by Roger Craig Smith. At the beginning of the "Keys to the Kingdom" segment, Phillip is set to leave the kingdom along with his father and Aurora's parents for two days for a Royal Conference, leaving Aurora to reign over it in their absence. Before departing, Phillip encourages Aurora to do a good job while in charge of the kingdom and tells her to look at the brightest star at night, as he will be doing the same.

Phillip returns at the end of the segment and is part of the celebration for Aurora's duty. Phillip also appears in Disney/Square's Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in his homeworld, "Enchanted Dominion". He is voiced by Josh Robert Thompson. Phillip plays a very similar role to that of the original film, meeting Aurora at the forest and singing along with her. Later, Phillip fights along with Aqua, an original character from the video game, in the battle against Maleficent's goons, and Maleficent in her dragon form. Phillip defeats Maleficent with his sword; however, unlike the film, Maleficent is not killed, but merely weakened to the point that she reverts to her first form. Phillip goes on to kiss Aurora and break Maleficent's spell on her. In the original Kingdom Hearts, Enchanted Dominion has been swallowed by the Heartless, and Phillip himself has disappeared, but is presumably restored after Sora defeats "Ansem" at the end of the game. Phillip is one of the many Disney characters that appear in the TV series Disney's House of Mouse. He also appears in theme-parks and live events. Phillip is featured in the "Disney Heroes" franchise, a toyline similar but much less successful than the Disney Princess franchise.

Phillip and Maleficent in dragon form appear in stylized versions, somehow different from their regular appearance. A live-action version of Prince Phillip appeared in Disney's live-action film Maleficent, portrayed by Brenton Thwaites. In this interpretation, Phillip is sent by his father, King John of Ulstead, to King Stefan's castle on a business matter, but encounters Aurora along the way. Although they do not marry in the end, their relationship is left with the potential to become something deeper. In Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Harris Dickinson portrayed Phillip since Thwaites was unable to reprise the role due to scheduling conflicts. King Stefan is Aurora's father, voiced by Taylor Holmes in his last role, Replacing Hans Conried (who ironically happens to be the live action model for Stefan) for the voice role. The King is happily married to Queen Leah and is delighted with the birth of their daughter. A celebration is held to present Aurora to the kingdom.

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