Does Luffy Still Love Garp

Introduction • Gallery • Personality • Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Foosha Village (former); Mt., Rufitarō? Luffy-no-Umi (ルフィの海, Rufinoumi? Monkey D. Luffy's family is filled with incredibly notorious and powerful individuals. This includes his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, who is considered a hero within the Marines and the man who had fought Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. His father, Monkey D. Dragon, is the head of the Revolutionary Army. His two brothers are Portgas D. Ace and Sabo, though they are not related to him by blood but are his sworn brothers through the sakazuki ceremony. Ace became the Second Division commander under the emperor, Whitebeard, who was considered the strongest man alive, and achieved a bounty of 550,000,000. Sabo is the second in command of the Revolutionary Army, serving directly under Luffy's father, Dragon, and has a bounty of 602,000,000. His foster mother, Curly Dadan, is a bandit and the boss of the Dadan Family. Luffy's biological mother and grandmother are still unknown. Dragon saves Luffy from Smoker. Luffy has never met Dragon, despite him being his father, and for a long time did not even think he had one.

He has never inquired about his father to anyone, not even his grandfather, Garp. He also had no idea about Dragon nor about his position as a criminal and the head of the Revolutionary Army and was thus left confused by everyone's, including his crew's, shock when Garp revealed to them all that Dragon is Luffy's father. Since then, Luffy has remained indifferent about Dragon's identity, and is not at all fazed by his father's reputation. He never mentions or discusses him and has never tried to locate him. The only time Luffy has taken any interest in his father was when he read that Blackbeard had attacked the base of the Revolutionary Army and got his first look at Dragon's face, commenting that he looks nothing like him. He nonchalantly told Ivankov that Dragon, who Ivankov served under, was his father while the Okama was discussing his role in the Revolutionary Army. Dragon, on the other hand, seems to keep up with his son's exploits, although this is rarely shown. He is completely accepting of Luffy's decision to become a pirate and expects great things of his son. He made an appearance in Loguetown in order to save Luffy from Smoker and as his son sailed away to the Grand Line, he shouted towards him with a smile to go forth and achieve his desires.

39;s adventure in Totto Land.

This is the closest Dragon has ever been to meeting his son. He smiled when he heard the news of Luffy's actions at Enies Lobby, remarking to himself that Luffy should live the life he wants and that the day for them to meet will eventually come. It was noted by Ivankov that Dragon tends to stare off into the distance in the direction of East Blue, where Luffy was born, acting as some sort of homing instinct. When asked about it, Dragon casually confirmed to his men that Luffy is indeed his son, showing that he had no problem with sharing this information. He sounded somewhat grateful for Ivankov's role in protecting Luffy during the Summit War of Marineford but remarked that Luffy is not a child anymore. Dragon did express interest in Luffy's adventure in Totto Land. Since this connection was fully revealed by Fleet Admiral Sengoku during the Summit War of Marineford, Luffy has garnered a lot of attention, both positive and negative. He has been labeled a 'dangerous future element' and has been hunted down, personally, by Admiral Akainu, as well as the World Government, who escalated their hunt for Luffy, although this is now mostly because of Luffy's own actions than his relationship with his father.

Luffy loves, but also fears, his grandfather.

Luffy also gained allies because of his connection to Dragon, such as Ivankov and Kuma, the latter of whom never revealed to Luffy he was aiding him in order to maintain his cover. His connection with Dragon has also inspired fear into some people, with members of the Marines growing war of fighting Luffy. A typical moment of Garp punching Luffy. Monkey D. Garp is a Vice Admiral, a hero of the Marines, and is Luffy's grandfather. Due to being a prideful member of the Marines, Garp had high expectations of his grandson and wished for him to become a Marine just like him. As a result, he was extremely vexed that his grandson chose to become a pirate instead, the natural enemies of the Marines, and blamed Shanks for inspiring him to become a pirate. Nonetheless, he cares deeply for his grandson and has shown to be proud of some of his achievements. Luffy loves, but also fears, his grandfather. However, the two get along quite well with each other, often laughing or scolding one another.

It is unknown how Garp came into custody of Luffy. However, it is assumed that because of the nature of Dragon's life as a revolutionary, he had passed Luffy off to Garp to be raised by him. Luffy's childhood relationship with Garp was dominated by the latter's unorthodox, and brutal, training methods, such as throwing him into valleys, leaving him alone in dangerous forests, and tying him to balloons to fly at high altitudes. He did all this with the explicit goal of making Luffy a strong Marine. Due to Garp's work, he had to give Luffy to Curly Dadan, a local mountain bandit, whilst he was away. He regularly returned to Luffy during his vacations and held training sessions with him and Ace, and at one time, with Sabo. Due to his experiences of Garp from his childhood, Luffy has developed a fear of him whilst having also grown to love him. This was highlighted when the pair reunited in Water 7 and Luffy was immediately on the receiving end of one of Garp's punches.

39;s grandfather because of the striking similarities in their personalities.

Such was Luffy's fear of Garp he refused to fight back and told his crew not to attempt anything either. The two are more than capable of pleasant chit-chat however, as despite the rough start to them reuniting they were happy to see each other, Garp even told Luffy about who his father was and updated him on Shanks, as well as inform him about the Four Emperors. He also promised Luffy he would not try and stop him leaving Water 7 and was willing to falsify a report to do so. However, he was later forced to renege on this promise but was happy to see he managed to escape him. The two share similarities, such as their bizarre habit of spontaneously falling asleep, as they both did so whilst Garp was scolding Luffy, shocking everyone. The Straw Hats noted that he really must be Luffy's grandfather because of the striking similarities in their personalities. Luffy was completely ignorant of Garp's great reputation within the Marines and had no idea his own grandfather fought on an equal footing with the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, until his crew informed him. However, Luffy shrugged it off and still sees him as just his grandfather. Due to his love for his grandfather, he was extremely reluctant to fight him during the Summit War of Marineford, despite him standing between him and Ace, but eventually gave in and punched him out of his path.

He shouted at Luffy to be a man and take him on as that was the only way he could save his brother.

Since the timeskip, Luffy has not met his grandfather but showed some curiosity in seeing him again after Chinjao mentioned him. He does not appear to hold a grudge against Garp for being indirectly involved with Ace's execution and eventual death, fully understanding that Garp's duty as a Marine made it difficult for him to act. Although he is greatly disappointed by Luffy's decision to become a pirate, he is still pleased with how Luffy has turned out as a person. Garp was upfront about how proud he was when he heard that Luffy had outrageously infiltrated Impel Down, remarking gleefully that his grandson had done it again, annoying Fleet Admiral Sengoku. He was left in a panic when he saw Luffy falling from the sky to join the Summit War of Marineford, fearing for his well-being. He was the least surprised out of everybody that Luffy could use Haoshoku Haki, simply remarking that he did inherit it after all. Due to Garp's pride and loyalty to the Marines he accepted that he had to try and stop Luffy reaching Ace. He shouted at Luffy to be a man and take him on as that was the only way he could save his brother. As Luffy attacked him Garp's loyalty to his grandchildren won out and he allowed Luffy to strike him.

He was guilt stricken by the loss of Ace and Luffy's suffering, despite trying to hide it, and took a beating from Dadan over the serious pain Luffy was going through. Since the timeskip, Garp has become more lax about his grandson's well being, as he did not seem fazed by the news that two members of the Four Emperors, Kaidou and Big Mom, had teamed up to take down Luffy, instead just laughing it off. Luffy reunites with Ace in Arabasta. Portgas D. Ace was a notorious pirate of Whitebeard's crew who was the sworn brother of Luffy and Sabo. The two shared an extremely close bond that was forged in their childhood. They first met when they were kids after Luffy was sent to Dadan by his grandfather, Garp. They grew close on their many misadventures and eventually recognized each other as brothers through the ritual drinking of sake. Luffy was fully aware that Ace's father was Gol D. Roger. The pair got off to a bad start as Ace was hostile towards Luffy and at one point spat on him before they had been introduced. Luffy was determined to become friends with Ace, however, and persistently followed him around trying to win him over, having to overcome constant dangers forced upon him by Ace for three months. Luffy eventually won Ace over when he refused to reveal the location of Ace's treasure stash to Porchemy. Impressed, and understanding the loneliness that Luffy felt, Ace decided to become friends with him. Throughout their childhood the pair would regularly fight to see who was stronger, with Luffy losing every time despite the advantage of having a Devil Fruit.

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