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manga Archives - Intellectual Freedom BlogNozomi Matsunaga (松永 希美, Matsunaga Nozomi?) is one of the four female deuteragonists of the Nijiiro Days series. She is Tomoya Matsunaga's younger sister who fell in love with Keiichi Katakura after he helped her when she had gotten injured. She was in her final year of middle school at the start of the series, but she later enrolls at the same high school as her brother, since she is aiming for Keiichi who she was deeply changed by. Nozomi is said to be a cute teenage girl who is below average build and height with a fair and light complexion, straight shoulder-length magenta-colored hair that she wears her hair in side-bangs with a piece of it tied into a ponytail at the back while there are two strands of hair framing her face and she has teal-colored eyes. When Nozomi started high school, she cut her hair to lower chin-length (at the end of Vol. 8 Ch. 27) and leaves it loose and occasionally sports hair-clips at the side of her head.

Claustro da Manga ou Jardim da Manga.jpgNozomi is a very kind, positive and caring girl, but she has been clumsy, awkward and a crybaby since she was young, in which she is prone to crying and blushing. She is also quite naive, very pure-hearted and sweet, but at the same time has always been an understanding, supportive and strong-headed girl that tries her best in everything since she hates losing. She is very honest and straightforward regarding her feelings towards Keiichi Katakura and is very determined and also a bit pushy to make him fall in love with her. According to Keiichi, her intuition is always spot which is why she tends to do something out of absolutely nowhere. She is sometimes seen as meek and shy, but is friendly with everyone, disciplined and polite. Nozomi had also been very innocent and dependable on other people, which is why she couldn't really make decisions herself, but after falling in love with Keiichi, Nozomi becomes a more confident person and leaves her self-resentment behind.

She finally felt a sense of fulfillment after feeling so anxious after seeing friends finding their passions when Nozomi herself really didn't have anything she wanted to do. And even though she has been said to look quite fragile, Nozomi absolutely hates being called this because of her past. Slowly, Nozomi starts becoming more mature, independent, and she finally finds something she can have as a talent and hobby later on. She is now able to set her goals and choices in life and realized the things she was yearning for. This is why she has decided to live for love as she was deeply changed by meeting and falling in love with Keiichi. It has also been slightly hinted that she is a masochist due to her responses when Keiichi shows her his sadistic side, and this side of her was also most likely brought out by him. Nozomi has been living with her mother and older brother, Tomoya Matsunaga.

When she was a child, she was a crybaby but her family and friends still treated her with kindness.

The two siblings have been very close since childhood, and her older brother constantly helped and took care of her. Since a young age, Nozomi had hated herself because she couldn't do anything but sweeten up to people. When she was a child, she was a crybaby but her family and friends still treated her with kindness. Even if she sweetened up or relied on people, they would still accept her and treat her as an equal, so it eventually became a norm for her. However, after becoming a bit older, she began seeing her friends finding hobbies, joining clubs and chasing their talents, which made Nozomi anxious as she didn't know her own talents or specialties; there was nothing she wanted to do nor did she take any initiative to go look for it. She began thinking that she couldn't do anything, but after meeting Keiichi Katakura, she fell in love with him and felt like he saved her life. She had felt a sense of fulfillment for the first time in her life, and all the worries and anxiety that had piled up over time, disappeared in an instant.

This is the first thing Nozomi finally felt like she could be confident about. Nozomi is first introduced in as a girl who Keiichi Katakura met at the beach. She had injured her foot and couldn't walk, so Keiichi helped her and decided to carry her on his back to her friends since she still couldn't walk properly. After this, she developed a crush on him and had only been thinking about him. After finding out that her brother and Keiichi were friends, Nozomi wanted to meet him as soon as possible to thank him for helping her. Eventually, Nozomi becomes a member of the group of friends. Nozomi has confessed a few times to Keiichi, and even though Keiichi is more interested in older women, he accepts Nozomi's attempts to make him fall in love with her. Ever since, Nozomi has been very determined to win Keiichi's affection. Nozomi was in her third year in middle school when she met Keiichi. She had been studying really hard and took cram classes to enroll at a high school, but still didn't really know her talents or goals in life until later. Although she initially thought about entering an all-girls school, she later decided Seiryou High School, the same school as Mattsun and his friends, simply because she was aiming for Keiichi. She finally felt like she had found something to be confident about and cuts her hair as a symbol of starting anew when starting high school, henceforth living her life with love by her side. She finally joins a club in high school - the volleyball club, to which she works very hard.

All the anxiety she had felt for not being good enough, disappeared when she met Keiichi.

After Keiichi helped Nozomi at the beach, she developed a crush on him stated that he was the one who saved her life. She felt something different from him and ever since that incident, she couldn't stop thinking about him and finally felt something she could be confident about. All the anxiety she had felt for not being good enough, disappeared when she met Keiichi. After finding out that Keiichi and her brother were friends, she immediately wanted to meet him and thank him for helping her at the beach. She straightforwardly confessed that she felt like he was her prince and therefore usually hangs with the group of friends to become closer to Keiichi. She becomes extremely happy when she is able to meet and talk to him. She is totally head-over-heels for him and loves him deeply, saying that his happiness will become his own happiness. Although Keiichi didn't really have an interest in Nozomi, he was still friendly towards her. However, when Nozomi told him that she was really serious about him and had a feeling that he would show her a whole new world, Keiichi revealed that he preferred older women, but Nozomi didn't give in. Even after showing her that he has a split personality, she told him that she wanted to see all of Keiichi's "faces. " This made Keiichi shocked, but later lead him to become quite interested in her and feel like she had the potential. Keiichi acknowledges Nozomi's love for him and accepted that she was chasing after him and told her to try to make him hers.

After this, they exchange numbers and starts to occasionally email each other about their daily lives. Nozomi is very honest with her feelings towards Keiichi and says what she's feeling to him directly, and wants to make it obvious as well. She wants to spend as much time with him as possible and therefore decided to enroll at the same school as Keiichi. She also once asked him out one day as she has wanted to give him chocolate for Valentines Day. Even though Keiichi really thought Nozomi was a great girl, he coldly "rejected" her with his sadistic side by saying that nothing would happen between them. This shocked and made Nozomi heart-broken at first, but she didn't shed a single tear. She felt like she couldn't understand Keiichi and even though she tried really hard, her feelings were not reaching him. Even after Keiichi put Nozomi through a "trial" by showing his sadistic side and prying into her heart, she just became more in love with him and still had the instinct that Keiichi was the "one" and told Keiichi that he would be the only one for her. Keiichi thought that Nozomi had done a really good job to endure everything, which is why he has become more interested in her than before, as he even told Mattsun to "expect a lot of begging." Keiichi has become Nozomi's motivation which is why whenever she would think about him, she felt like she could do anything. He has also changed her a lot in a positive way to which Nozomi has become a more confident person.

Even though she isn't entirely sure if her feelings have reached out to him more due to Keiichi's amusement of teasing her, Keiichi revealed that he did become jealous over her, which shocked Nozomi. Keiichi also thinks Nozomi's personality and the aspects of her are really interesting. Following his hints that Keiichi might reciprocate his feelings, Nozomi became quite obsessed with him and states that she would do anything for him whether it would be painful or difficult. She views him as a cool, athletic person and sometimes acts like a "fangirl" and looks up to him greatly, seeing him as a "God". Keiichi also stated that she is dedicated to making him fall in love with her. Nozomi patting Keiichi's head. Now when she is in the same school as Keiichi, Nozomi wants to do as much as she can to him and takes every opportunity to talk with him.

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