Does Ippo Win The Japan Title

The Lallapallooza Arc, also known as Strong Arm Showdown Arc, is the fourteenth story arc in the series and the fourth and last in the National Champion Road Saga. Makunouchi Ippo watches Sendō Takeshi's second title defense against Shigeta Akira. When Sendō won, Ippo believed the Dempsey Roll to be sealed. Ippo and Sendō then began training intensely for their match that has more at stake than the title. The two then fight in a match that shakes the Kōrakuen Hall. 1 Summary 1.1 JBC Featherweight Title Match - Sendō Takeshi VS. 1.4 Lallapallooza - JBC Featherweight Title Match - Sendō Takeshi VS. JBC Featherweight Title Match - Sendō Takeshi VS. Shigeta parrying Sendō's Smash. On the train to Osaka, Ippo and Kamogawa discuss the odds of Sendō winning against Shigeta Akira. When they arrive to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, they are met with an old woman before the match who they discover is Sendō's grandmother. Just as Sendō's second JBC featherweight title defense match against the confident Shigeta is about to begin, Ippo has to leave the seats to take the grandmother to the bathroom. When Ippo returns with the grandmother, he is shocked to witness Sendō getting hit in a one-sided fight in the first round. When asked what he would do against Shigeta, Ippo tells Kamogawa his close-ranged way of going against the Southpaw's right jabs, however Kamogawa notes that the difference between Ippo and Sendō is that Sendō attacks in middle range, with middle range being in Shigeta's favour. Sendō uses a left Smash, however Shigeta parries it.

Shigeta takes advantage of Sendō's shocked state and launches an offense until the gong to end the first round sounds. Sendō is flustered of the thought of Shigeta researching him and countering his Smash, while Shigeta remains confident, thinking how both Sendō and Ippo merely as boxers with just strength. Shigeta asking Sendō if that is all he got. Round two begins, and Sendō attacks, missing Shigeta who is able to land right jabs on the champion. Sendō manages to get in a right body blow which Shigeta thought he could take but buckles over. When Sendō gets hit by Shigeta's right hook and has a bad reaction to it, he clinches Shigeta before he could land a follow-up. This causes Shigeta tell Sendō in his ear if that is all he got. Sendō breaks out of the clinch, angered at Shigeta's remark. As Shigeta continues to land hits on Sendō, who attacks recklessly due to the remark, Kamogawa comes to a conclusion that the reason Shigeta's right is so powerful, is that he used to be a right-handed fighter before becoming a Southpaw, eventually making his right jab a straight. The second round ends with Sendō being saved by the gong and Shigeta making a victory pose.

When Shigeta gets up, he plans to finish the match with a right Cross Counter.

With Sendō visibly upset, Kamogawa understands why, as not being able to do anything in front of his fans is what hurts him the most. The champion's grandmother however, condemns her grandson's reaction, suggesting that he should forget the embarrassment and answer his fans' call and try his best to the end. Both fighters leave the corner to continue that match with Sendō in anger and Shigeta wishing to give Sendō's fans more of the same. Sendō telling Shigeta that is what he got. When the third round begins, Shigeta attacks Sendō, who is unable to counter the southpaw challenger. Sendō clinches again, and Shigeta says to Sendō how Ippo and him are nothing special. When the clinch breaks, Shigeta attempts to hit Sendō with an overhand, but Sendō dodges and, before Shigeta could throw another punch, Sendō dashed in close range and threw a body blow that downs Shigeta. Kamogawa wonders how Sendō's speed increased vastly until he notices Sendō's bulkier-than-usual build on his calf muscles. Kamogawa deems Sendō's trainer to be no ordinary man by knowing the limits of strength boxing and targeting the lower area. When Shigeta gets up, he plans to finish the match with a right Cross Counter. His attempt failed as Sendō stepped in faster than Shigeta thought he would.

Sendō continuously hits the defenseless Shigeta until the referee stopped him and Shigeta crumbles down in a corner. With Sendō's second title defense win, he walks over to the downed Shigeta and, due to Shigeta's earlier remark, proclaims that that is what he's got. Kamogawa tells Ippo that Sendō broke him, and that Shigeta's trainer's actions destroyed him. The fear implanted in Shigeta. During an interview in the ring, Sendō announces to his fans that he will be fighting Ippo in a rematch in the Kōrakuen Hall, claiming that it will make up for his performance of his second title defense match. He then hands Ippo the mic. After much aggression from Sendō's fans, Ippo tells everyone that he wishes to spend his twenty-third birthday in a good mood by winning the title match which is close to his birthday, gaining respect from the crowd. Before leaving the stadium, Kamogawa decides to visit Shigeta's room with Ippo to check on him. While Shigeta's trainer regrets not stopping the match sooner, Shigeta hopes to do better next time. As Ippo and Kamogawa walks away from the stadium, Ippo believed Shigeta to be in better condition than he thought, however Kamogawa notes Shigeta's reaction to his trainer's hand coming towards him was a sign of Punch Eye. Kamogawa warns Ippo of Sendō's ability to implant fear into his opponent, becoming a monstrous champion. Kamogawa claims that Ippo has also changed after his first time he fought Sendō and went to the training camp, urging him to prepare for his title match in November.

Ippo promising Kumi to be the first person to get his autograph as a champion. While thinking how Sendō sealed his Dempsey Roll, Ippo gets a phone call from Kumi, who wanted to ask him something. Kumi gets interrupted and has to leave the phone, but before the call ended, Ippo asks her to go somewhere with him, which she agrees to. Umezawa and Hiroko who were eavesdropping gives Ippo a dating magazine with dating spot suggestions. Ippo decides to go to the Shimono Zoo with Kumi. While seeing the animals and comparing some with people they know, Ippo stops by a tiger, who he compares to Sendō, before getting urinated on by the animal. After getting a change of clothes, Kumi guesses that Ippo was thinking about boxing then. Ippo apologises, but Kumi admits she can not try to stop a boxer to not think about boxing. Kumi then apologises for leaving an "idiot" sign outside the gym, as she left it there because Ippo gave his autograph to another girl besides her despite their earlier conversation. To make up for it, Ippo promises that the first autograph he gives as the JBC featherweight champion, will be to her. Ippo defeating a welterweight.

Later, Ippo goes to the Yamaguchi Chiropractic and, in order for his previously hurt fist to not get hurt again, Yamaguchi prepares to give him a massage. When Ippo undresses, she notices his back muscles got bigger. She notes that while he is strengthening his muscles, strengthening his bone is a more complex process, with greater power leading to greater risks of injuring his fist again. To prevent this, she gives him a shock absorption rubber to put in his bandages. As instructed by Kamogawa, for five days, Ippo goes to different gyms to spar against opponents from different weight classes. Ippo successfully knocks out a junior lightweight, junior featherweight, lightweight, featherweight, and a welterweight. Ippo goes back to the Kamogawa gym where Aoki ends Ippo's knockout streak. Fujii then enters the gym, commenting on Ippo's recent spar sessions and mentions that mura Mari went to Osaka for research. Let's learn about Sendō's past from his grandmother. Mari arrives to the Sendō Shop in Osaka and notices that Sendō is not home. She instead speaks with Sendō's grandmother, who expresses her distaste of titling her grandson as a champion. The grandmother explains to Mari how Sendō's father had to raise him by himself after Sendō's mother passed away. When Sendō was five, his father passed away while saving a child Sendō's age in a fire as a firefighter. Sendō's grandmother then told Sendō to become kind like his father and protect others. Sendō did just that and made friends. One day, Sendō got beat up in school after helping two kids who were getting picked on.

39;s ankle weights. She then tries them on and is surprised how heavy they are.

He then beat the bullies, vowing to become stronger to protect everyone. Sendō became stronger as he got older and, by high school, he became a leader of a group of other high school students to protect others. In the present, Sendō came back to his home. Manabu then reveals to Mari that Sendō has been doing secret training, showing Mari Sendō's ankle weights. She then tries them on and is surprised how heavy they are. Sendō explains how he wore them after losing to Ippo and felt no different until he fought Shigeta where he finally understood the dashing power and the difference in punching quality of his and Ippo's punches, which he feels that he now has Ippo's punches. Sendō then offers to take Let's to his gym to show her good story material. Sendō defeating someone from a higher weight class. At the Naniwa Boxing Club, Sendō begins a sparring session with three boxers from higher weight classes consecutively. Mari becomes shocked when she hears Yanaoka's claim that they have no tactics against the Dempsey Roll. Curious as to why Sendō would ignore the Dempsey Roll, she watches as Sendō spars without the ankle weights. After Mari witnessed Sendō's new speed and how he corners his opponent quickly, Yanaoka tells her that he thanks Ippo and Volg for teaching them how brawl boxing is limited.

39;t the belt, but the pride as men, and that he will the one standing at the end.

Yanaoka figured that the key of Sendō's evolution would be weight shifting, so he had Sendō run and train his lower body. Let's conclude that using the Dempsey Roll on the champion would be impossible. Later that night while walking away from the gym, Mari asks the confident Sendō if he is even scared about the match. He admits that he is afraid of losing to Ippo's terrifying fists, but at the same time, each of his punches leaves him feeling better, and when he lost against Ippo, it was the greatest feeling, salivating over the thought of continuing the feeling that only Ippo can give him. As Sendō leaves when he hears firetruck sirens, he tells Mari to tell Ippo that what is at stake isn't the belt, but the pride as men, and that he will the one standing at the end. Lallapallooza - JBC Featherweight Title Match - Sendō Takeshi VS. Ippo discuss his thoughts about Sendō to Mari. With a month left before Ippo's match against Sendō, the tickets become sold out. Mari returns to Tokyo and visits Ippo at the Kamogawa gym and asks for his opinion on her magazine article about his and Sendō's match.

Fujii comments that the only ones who understand their bonds are the two boxers.

Ippo describes the article section about Sendō's spar as if he was watching it and notes Sendō's widened stance would make it hard to push him back and feels that he won't be able to use his Dempsey Roll. Ippo then expresses how instead of going into the match thinking of it as a title match, he believes that they are not fighting over a belt, shocking Mari. As Ippo continues his training, Mari tells Fujii how both Ippo and Sendō said the same thing differently about not fighting over a belt, confused about their bond. Fujii comments that the only ones who understand their bonds are the two boxers. Fujii and Mari then discuss their predictions for the fight, predicting that it will be at even odds and end with a knockout. At the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, Ippo gives a ticket to Umezawa and plans to give two to Kumi and one to Nekota along with a letter. Umezawa wonders why Ippo is so calm before the match. Hiroko, however, believes that her son may not be as calm as he appears to be. Her assumption turns out to be true as she witnesses Ippo unable to sleep in his room as his heart will not stop racing in anticipation for the fight. Ippo and Sendō shaking hands.

The day before the match, Ippo arrives at the Kōrakuen Hall and meets Sendō in the weigh-in room. Ippo is surprised at the champion's relaxed nature and both boxers were amazed of each other's muscle build as they partake in the weigh-in. After the two passed the check, Ippo runs into Sendō again while trying to leave the hall. Sendō expresses his praise of Kōrakuen Hall while noting how he has not fought at the hall before. While Ippo mentions how calm Sendō is, Sendō explains that he is in fact not calm, as his body is shaking in anticipation, and he thought it has been too long since they met as boxers. They then shake hands while making a statement how they will win against each other. The next day, as the match is about to start, Umezawa gets out-cheered by Sendō's cheering squad. Nekota, Kumi, and Mashiba arrive as well, with the latter refusing to cheer for Ippo. In Sendō's waiting room, Sendō's hands begin to shake in excitement as he tells himself to calm down as he waits to continue where they left off from the All Japan Rookie King Tournament. In Ippo's waiting room, after Ippo warmed himself up by punching Kamogawa's mitts, he gets encouragement from Nekota. As the audience goes to the seating area, Kimura notices Kumi in the group. Mashiba then knocks into Kimura, who gets angry when Mashiba claims to not know him, as he does not know any of his weight class's rankers despite being champion. Aoki and Kumi then breaks Kimura and Mashiba apart before their argument escalates any further.

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