Does Hange Like Levi

castle fantasy asia modelLeviHan is the non-binary ship between Levi Ackerman and Hange Zo from the Attack on Titan fandom. Levi and Hange are complimentary opposites that share a very strong bond based on understanding and trust. They first met in the year 844, shortly after Levi joined the Scouts. Hange was highly impressed by Levi's battle skills and immediately displayed great enthusiasm to learn more about their origin. This greatly surprised Levi since Hange was the first person to approach him in such an excited and friendly manner from the Survey Corps. Despite Farlan prompting him to socialize, Levi appears to feel a bit uncomfortable and does not give Hange a real answer. He instead pretends to be tired. Hange seems unfazed however, and is very kind to Levi and both of his friends, Farlan and Isabel, saying that they were very inspiring to everyone and then offers to treat them to lunch sometime. While Hange is often very rambunctious and carefree, Levi tends to be serious and disciplined most of the time. This can be seen in the "Isle's Notebook" OVA, when Levi loses his temper towards Hange after they endanger Oluo's life in the midst of their vigorous hunt for a titan that they wanted to capture. He grabs them by the collar and scolds them for it, warning them not to endanger the lives of their comrades. When they tease him for this, Levi is shocked and throws them back to the ground in frustration. This demonstrates how Hange is one of the only people who isn't afraid of Levi and talks to him like an absolute equal.

Levi teases that he has already spotted one.

Hange does apologize to Olou later on, relieving the tension. Ironically, Levi is also the one who eventually takes his squad on missions with Hange to capture titans. Over time, their striking differences become trivial things that they tend to tease one another about. For example, before one of their scouting missions, Levi is bombarded by praise from his loud fans while he complains about it, wishing they would shut up. Hange jokes that Levi wouldn't have so many fans if they knew he was such a clean freak. This scene is extended in the anime where Hange then gets over-excited about the thought of meeting an abnormal titan. Levi teases that he has already spotted one. Later, after Levi had beaten up Eren Yeager in court in order to save him from the Military Police, Hange scolded him, saying that he went way too far. Levi then makes an effort to ensure that Eren understands why it had to be done and hopefully doesn't resent him for it. Similar situations happen with Eren, creating an amusing dynamic between the three characters, with Levi and Hange behaving like parents towards him. For instance, when Levi wants to have Eren do chores around the castle, Hange changes his plans completely so that they can introduce Eren to their titan experiments.

Hange finally relents and joins Levi to depart.

This eventually leads to both Hange and Levi working together to help Eren gain control of his titan powers. Around this time, Hange and Levi are also seen joking with each other quite comfortably in front of their subordinates, implying that they have grown quite familiar and relaxed with one another over the years. After the destruction of Trost district and the capture of Annie Leohnart, the two of them are seen observing Annie's crystal together. When Hange is later observing a piece of the crystal they recovered and ignoring Moblit's pleas for them to hurry up, Levi comes to get them despite his poor physical condition. Hange finally relents and joins Levi to depart. On the carriage he teases Hange for having such a boring hobby as playing with rocks, which they eventually explain to him. They also both put a considerable amount of pressure on Pastor Nick, trying to get him to open up about the secrets of the walls. After a bit of combined teamwork, they finally do manage to get a small bit of information from Nick, leading to certain events in the Uprising arc.

Levi thanks them for this bit of help.

Levi goes to visit Erwin with Commander Pixis in the hospital following the battle with Reiner and Bertholt. While sitting there, they hear a knock at the door, which Levi recognizes immediately as Hange's, and tells them to come in. Hange comes in and reveals their hypothesis about titans being humans. Levi accepts it as the truth and is gravely disturbed by it, but Hange attempts to offer some comfort to him by stating that it's only a theory. Some time later Levi and Hange are hiding out with their squads, waiting for orders from Erwin. During this time, they continue with Eren's experiments, trying to help him learn to use his hardening ability. When Eren struggles to succeed in using it, Hange grows agitated and yells at him to get it together. Levi tries to calm Hange down by explaining the futility of shouting at Eren in his current state. He then asks if they should punish Mikasa for disobeying orders, since she had once again disregarded safety protocol in order to chase after Eren. Later on, when Levi is having trouble articulating himself about these issues to Eren and Mikasa, Hange steps in to 'translate' what he was trying to say. Levi thanks them for this bit of help. In a sudden turn of events, Pastor Nick is brutally murdered by MPs in Trost district, causing Hange to fall into a discouraged stupor, since it was their duty to keep the pastor safe.

Levi compliments their solution, saying it sounds like something Erwin would suggest.

Levi accepts the news and begins to try to unravel the situation. However, he notices Hange's distress and does his best to talk them out of it, saying that they're normally sharper, but this shocking event has clearly thrown them off-balance. Even though Hange was feeling down enough to suggest laying low for a while, they listen to Levi and regain their confidence, coming up with a new plan. Levi compliments their solution, saying it sounds like something Erwin would suggest. When they receive the news about Erwin's arrest, Levi and Hange split up, with Levi taking the majority of Hange's squad and his own squad with him to Trost while Hange goes after Erwin. Unfortunately, the members of Hange's squad that follow Levi are all killed in an ambush by Kenny Ackerman and his lackeys, much to his distress. Nonetheless, the two are successful in working together to learn more about the Reiss family and help Erwin revolt against the corrupt government.

Hange consoles him by mentioning that he had at least taken out the enemies that had ambushed him.

At one point, they kidnapped Djel Sannes, one of the MPs that murdered Pastor Nick, and tortured him for information. All through the process, Hange is very upset with Sannes, causing them to torture him rather mercilessly. Levi lets Hange express this anger but prevents them from going too far in order to give Sannes the chance to actually talk. When Levi and Hange finally succeeded by coming up with a clever plan to fool Sannes and trick him into telling them what they want to know, Hange breaks away from everyone for a moment to calm down. In the anime, when Hange kicks over a table out of exhaustion and anger, Levi is the one to walk in on them. After awkwardly staring at him for a moment, Hange apologizes for the mess and claims that they encountered a cockroach. Levi, instead of reprimanding them for the mess or outburst, simply says that their kick surely must have sent it to the afterlife. Following the success of Erwin's coup, Hange delivers the news to Levi and his squad that the government was overthrown and the Scouts are no longer considered criminals. The squad cries out in relief and celebrates, but Levi quietly takes a moment to apologize to Hange for getting their three squad members killed. Hange consoles him by mentioning that he had at least taken out the enemies that had ambushed him. In the anime, Hange smiles softly at him, suggesting that there is no resentment on their part.

Yet, Hange remains upset and disappointed with Shadis.

They work together once again to plan out their break-in of the Reiss Chapel after Hange theorized that it was the likely location where Eren and Historia were being held. They infiltrate the crystal caves under the chapel and clash with Kenny Ackerman's squad once again. In the heat of the battle, Hange is seriously injured by Kenny's lieutenant. Levi sees this and is horrified. He quickly orders Armin to look after them and take them out to safety immediately, before angrily chasing after the enemy. In the anime, he appears furious when this happens and later instructs Armin and Moblit to take Hange and find a way out of the caves. Shortly before the Scouts set out to crack Shinganshina, Levi, Hange, and Levi Squad go to meet with Commandant Keith Shadis to gather information about Grisha Yeager. When Shadis reveals his selfish motives for keeping what he knew about Grisha and Eren a secret, Hange quickly reprimands him for it, prompting Levi to try to calm them down. Yet, Hange remains upset and disappointed with Shadis. This comes into play later on when Hange is teased by a fellow Scout for having greatly admired him back in the day, whereupon Hange tells them to shut up. Levi, having witnessed the entire thing, closes a confused Hange out of the room with a grim expression before he confronts Erwin about an issue similar to the one with Shadis.

It is unknown if Levi ever reveals the truth about Erwin's motives to Hange, but it seems unlikely. During the Battle of Shinganshina, Levi and Hange are seen standing back-to-back with their swords drawn as they survey the area. They finish each other's sentences when discussing the situation, implying a strong mutual understanding of their circumstances. When Bertholt transforms and Hange is caught underneath the explosion, Levi is shown worrying for them and their squad on the other side of the wall. It isn't until later that Hange is revealed to have survived when they save Levi from the midst of a violent confrontation between Mikasa and Floch. When Hange pulls Mikasa off of Levi, he addresses them in a very relieved manner, implying that he is thankful for their survival. The two then sort out the "Armin or Erwin" dilemma with Levi making the choice to let Erwin die and revive Armin instead. Together they stay by Erwin's side and witness his passing in peace. Although Hange admits to disagreeing with Levi's decision, they also trust in him as Erwin did and never make it an issue. They are both the only remaining veterans of the Survey Corps after this event. Levi and Hange take Eren and Mikasa with them and finally visit Grisha Yeager's basement. After discovering the truth about their world, they return with the kids and present the news to the people of Paradis. Shortly after, Levi and Hange go to see Eren and Mikasa in their cells where they had been confined as discipline for their mutiny.

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