Does Bella Ever Return To Rainbow High

Own it! I would! Bella Parker is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. She is a student at Rainbow High majoring in Art Direction with a special focus on Set Design. Starting out as just a roommate she quickly grew as a character, initially being expelled from Rainbow High and coming back in. Working with a new group and roommates, she continues to grow and learn everything she can at her Rainbow High, even getting a special opportunity to do work at Pacific Coast High. Bella is a fair skinned teenage girl with a medium build. She has wavy, hip length, pastel pink hair parted to the side and big lavender eyes. Her makeup consists of baby pink eyeshadow with glittery white highlights, white liner, rosy blush, and garnet pink lipstick. In the animated series, her eyes are a darker shade of purple. Bella's primary outfit consists of a two-piece pink tweed blazer and miniskirt set with black sequin accents decorating the edges, waistband, breast pockets, and also running down the right side of the skirt. Underneath, she wears a pink crop top with a logo spelling "California Dream" inside a yellow circle on the front. She also wears white thigh-high socks and a black Alice band decorated with a large black bow and a string of pearls. Her shoes are pink and white open-toe sandals with chunky high heels and pearls running across the straps.

Bella's secondary outfit consists of a sleeveless, pink tweed mini-dress with a white peter pan collar and a black ribbon bow. Over it, she wears a cropped, pastel pink, leather moto jacket with quilted stitching and pearls decorating the sleeves. She also wears pink knit tights with an "RH" pattern stitched into the fabric. Her shoes are black chunky heeled sandals with pink ribbon straps. When dressing more casually, Bella wears a white t-shirt under a pink vinyl bustier top and pink high-waisted skinny jeans. She also wears gold heels with pink straps. For accessories, she wears a gold bracelet and a necklace made of pink and gold beads. When video-calling Jade in "Going Viral," Bella is wearing a pink hoodie with white polka dots and has the word Sparkle embroidered on the chest. For her Pacific Coast outfit, she wears a black and pink one-piece bathing suit with "Rainbow" and "Paris" printed on the suit. She also wears a gold chain belt attached to the bathing suit. Her hat is pink with a black bow tied on the top. Bella holds black and pink sunglasses and a pink bag with a gold chain. Her footwear are pink sandals with a pink and gold strap and "Rainbow" written on the front. Like the other girls in the group, Bella is extremely talented and artistic, having won several awards in her chosen field.

39;s expulsion online and it went viral.

Though she has no qualms about boasting her achievements, she's also a friendly and outgoing person who easily befriended her roommates and hypes them up when they need it. She's also easily excitable and somewhat impulsive, but overall a team player who works well under pressure. Much more of her personality is seen when she has an opportunity. Seen in the episode "Bella's Night Out", an internship with Ramona Barnes, with her stopping at nothing to get it, even risking her friendships and school admission. When this did happen she was heartbroken but still determined, and was determined enough to get back into Rainbow High. Ruby and Bella were fairly close friends before Bella's initial expulsion from Rainbow High. Along with Jade, Ruby was one of the ones most effected by Bella's leaving. Once Violet posted Bella's expulsion online and it went viral. Ruby helped Jade come up with a plan to get revenge. Ruby was happy to see Bella return to Rainbow High, with Bella happily accompanying the other girls to surprise Ruby after her first shift at the Rainbow Union.

Bella and Poppy are good friends, bonding over their love of artistic expression. In particular they enjoyed working on their runway project, with Poppy being heartbroken to see Bella being expelled. Sunny and Bella are good friends. When Bella was expelled from Rainbow High, Sunny was upset, reminding Bella of how much she was going to miss her. Sunny cares deeply for all of her friends. Upon Bella's arrival back to Rainbow High, Sunny was excited and very happy. Having very opposing personalities and style, Jade is her closest in her friend group. With Jade advising, helping and defending her when ever the opportunity arises. When Bella wanted to risk her spot at Rainbow High for a competition to have a summer internship with Ramona Barnes, Jade talks her out of it. The following night when Bella can't sleep Jade keeps her distracted by taking her on a date around the school. However Bella betrays Jade's trust and enters the competition anyways.

Jade promises to make things right, and confronts Violet about the situation.

Once Ms. Wright announces Bella's expulsion during class Jade is crushed. After class ends Jade runs to find Bella so she can say a tearful and heartfelt goodbye, Reminding Bella that no matter what happens she'll always be a part of their group. When Violet posts a video of Bella getting expelled and it goes viral, Bella talks to Jade in tears. Jade promises to make things right, and confronts Violet about the situation. Jade is initially very excited for Bella's return to Rainbow High, her face lighting up the second she lays eyes on her. However their relationship has changed once Bella returned. Jade believes Bella is upset with her because they haven't hung out or talked much since Bella's return. When Bella is leaving to the Sparkle Sister's Ski Lodge for winter break, Jade is the only one who doesn't say good bye to her, instead shying away with an upset look on her face. Both having softer personalities, she and Skyler get along rather well. The best example of this is when Bella's expulsion was posted on the internet by Violet, causing Bella embarrassment.

39;s not their first time to have a new roommate already.

Skyler defends Bella, letting Violet know that she should respect her privacy and wishes. While starting out typical, Bella and Violet's relationship changed forever when Violet posted Bella's expulsion onto the internet, unintentionally humiliation Bella. She then calls Jade, demanding that she tell Violet to take the video off the internet. Once confronted, Violet denies taking the video down, not fully grasping how hurt Bella truly is. After Jade and Ruby give her a taste of her own medicine, Violet removes the video and apologizes to Bella, mending their relationship. Despite barely even knowing each other, Amaya and Bella have a rather complicated relationship. Amaya first learns of her after meeting her runway group, learning that she is in fact her replacement. Amaya feels guilty about this, however Bella appears rather bitter towards her. While never directly confronting each other, their friendship is in a rather awkward place. Being one of Bella's new roommates, Stella gladly accepts Bella as her new roommate as it's not their first time to have a new roommate already. Stella tries to ask Bella on how she got back into Rainbow High but Bella refuses to answer.

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Being also one of Bella's new roommates, Daria first gets confused but they both get along very well. Like with Daria and Stella, she is one of Bella's new roommates. She gets along fast with her when Sheryl spills the tea on her new runway group. Bella and Avery became close friends when they bonded about feeling elements of their friendships, with Avery opening up about Ainsley shutting her out. To mend their feelings, Avery takes Bella out on a joy ride in her car, bonding them and cheering them both up. While being not as close as her other friends, Krystal asks Bella if she can be featured on The SCENE so she can tell how she got un-expelled in Rainbow High. While not interacting much, Karma is shown to appreciate Bella, wanting her to come on her show and tell about her reentry to Rainbow High. Bella is shown to be quite flattered, and she mentions that she is a big fan of Content With Karma.

September 11th, 2020: Bella is first seen in the introductory episode of The Vi Life.

After Colin cheated on both Ruby and Skyler, Bella has an understandably bad opinion of Colin. This is especially seen when Kia tries to pair her up with him, which she responds to in disgust. While not being sworn enemies, Ms. Wright is shown to somewhat be resentful and be disappointed in Bella for breaking the school rules, deciding to expel her for it. Bella reveals that she called Ms. Wright every day for a month begging her to reconsider her going back to Rainbow High. After considering it, Ms. Wright gave Bella adequate consequences by making her do community service for the whole term and polish the unicorn statue every week night horn to tail. September 11th, 2020: Bella is first seen in the introductory episode of The Vi Life. October 2th, 2020: Bella made her official animated debut in "When the GLAM Hits The Fan". October 17th, 2020: An image of Bella's doll in the box was leaked online. October 26th, 2020: Stock photos of Bella's dolls are seen online in preparation of her official release. November 8th, 2020: Bella's doll is officially released. December 25th, 2020: Bella is expelled from Rainbow High in "Bella's Night Out". January 8th, 2021: Bella makes her last appearance as a member of the runway group in "Enter Amaya". June 11th, 2021: Bella returns to Rainbow High in "The Final Runway Show". November 15th, 2021: Bella's Pacific Coast doll is teased on the official Rainbow High Instagram.

January 4th, 2022: Bella's Pacific Coast doll is officially released online and in stores. July 29th, 2022: An image of her Rainbow Junior High Series 2 doll is leaked. August 12th, 2022: Bella, Amaya, and Stella's Junior High artworks are leaked. August 23rd, 2022: Bella Parker's doll was found on Walmart with the other Costume Ball dolls and was available to pre-order. Her name was originally "Bella Harper" but, they changed it to Bella Parker for unknown reasons. She is the first known official student to have been expelled from Rainbow High; we learn from Stella that there are other students who are cut. Although officially a part of Series 2, Bella was released a little earlier than the other characters. This may be because she was a part of the main cast of characters in the animated series. Bella had a much duller, more rose gold color scheme within the first few episodes of the animated series. For an unknown reason, this was changed to a brighter, more pink color. As stated during the Vi Life, Bella wants back to standard public high school for a while, due to her being expelled. Some of the real-world inspirations for Bella's outfits include: - Bella's T-shirt in her signature outfit has a very similar design to the logo of the California Dream Barbie line of dolls. This might be an intentional nod as Barbie is heavily associated with the color pink. Bella's blazer and skirt featured in her signature outfit and her dress in the second outfit are likely inspired by the signature style of Chanel's tweed suits.

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