Do Zorome And Miku Get Married

ZoroMiku is the het ship between Zorome and Miku from the DARLING in the FRANXX fandom. 1.3 DARLING in the FRANXX! Zorome and Miku knew each other since their child days in the Garden. When they were 14, they were assigned to the same FRANXX squad and paired up together after passing their paracapacity test. From the very start, they had a strong, amicable partnership but their fiery tempers often put them against each other, causing them to biker constantly. During their startup ritual, they easily synchronized and activated Argentea. When Miku squealed from the initial pain, Zorome found it weird, to which she retorted it was a natural reaction. Their initial numbers were in the median range but quickly rose to the maximum level past 100%. After leaving the docking lounge in Argentea, Zorome spun Argentea around and almost got knocked over until Delphinium pulled Argentea back up. Miku then criticized Zorome for this. Before the mock battle, Zorome was quickly offered to be Hiro's opponent to show he was better than him. Miku was hesitant but eventually agreed out of her dislike towards Ichigo. During the mock battle, Zorome got too aggressive and Miku tried telling him to stop but he wouldn't. Because of this, Argentea began to malfunction, as both pilots needed to be emotionally on par with each other for the FRANXX to move.

In the manga, he fainted upon seeing Miku being exposed and becoming overwhelmed with shock.

During their first battle, the squad got cornered by a horde of klaxosaurs and Argentea got electrocuted. As the pistil feels the effects of the damage her FRANXX receives, this knocked Miku unconscious. Zorome was concerned and tended to her. Later when Miku came to, Zorome was relieved she was alright and hugged her. After the klaxosaurs were defeated, Zorome apologised for behaving recklessly and allowing Miku to get hurt, to which Miku replied she forgave him. Upon meeting Squad 26, Miku commented she would prefer riding with any of the boys from Squad 26 over any of the boys in Squad 13, much to Zorome's dismay. Shortly after, during a vacation to the beach, Zorome admired Miku's figure, which he found to be 50% cuter in a bikini. A few days later, a klaxosaur spouted mysterious goo all over the FRANXX units, which leaked into the cockpits and melted the girls' suits. Zorome was initially shocked but became excited as Miku was being exposed. However, Miku asked why they weren't moving Argentina and, knocked back to his senses, he kept quiet due to them in the middle of a battle. Once the klaxosaur was eliminated, Hiro told the girls what happened and they got infuriated at the boys. In the manga, he fainted upon seeing Miku being exposed and becoming overwhelmed with shock. Miku later blamed the mission failure on him for ogling her but he denies he was ogling her.

39;t tell him what to do since he was on his side of the house.

Miku convinced the girls to split the house between the girls and boys. At first, Zorome attempted to cross over to the girls' side, but Miku glared at him angrily and warned him he would regret it, so he stopped out of fear. Later on, as the bathroom was on the girls' side, Zorome, Futoshi and Goro bathed in the lake and came into the boarding house in their underwear. Miku told them to put clothes on but Zorome mocked her, saying she couldn't tell him what to do since he was on his side of the house. Zorome hopped up the stairs dripping wet and making monkey noises, which made Miku even madder. The boys found a loophole in the house division as they found the mess hall hadn't been divided, so they changed the boundaries so the girls were kept out of the mess hall. Zorome mocked Miku and the girls by eating breakfast and commenting how good the food was. This initially made Miku mad but then she became hungry and almost went into the room before the girls pulled her away.

In the evening, Zero Two tricked the boys into walking in on the girls bathing, causing Zorome to blush and stare at Miku. Miku, Ikuno and Ichigo decided that was enough and threw bathroom supplies at them, calling the boys perverts. As the boys and girls talk amongst themselves in their dorms, Zorome admits even he doesn't like seeing Miku get hurt and he is ready to reconcile with her. However, when Miku finds the rest of the squad plans on reconciling, she refused and went off into hiding. The rest of Squad 13 searched for Miku and upon locating her, Zorome kicked down the door to reach her. Zorome apologizes to Miku for ogling her. After ending the fight, Zorome sincerely apologized to Miku for ogling her, to which Miku replied she's too cute not to be ogled at. Before Zorome retorted, she added that she didn't mind if he ogled her just a bit, while blushing. During a trip to the city to receive medals, Zorome got separated from the rest of his squad and fell. An old woman witnessed his fall and brought him to her house to treat him. After Zorome came to, he chatted with the Old Woman, who mentioned her partner. Zorome started twig to her about how Miku always got on his nerves and argued with him all the time.

Zorome and Miku fight again after Miku accuses Zorome of slacking off during punishment.

When the Old Woman suggested he change his partner, Zorome doubled down, admitting he was at fault for making her mad and he was the only person who could tolerate her temper. He added that Miku could be cute, too, when she kept her mouth shut. Zorome admitted sometimes he got this strong urge to protect Miku whenever they fought the klaxosaurs. He wondered out loud if that was the reason he and Miku could work together well and pondered if that was the reason why FRANXX were piloted by male-female pairs. After the Old Woman returned Zorome back to Mistilteinn, Miku scolded Zorome for making them so worried and sentenced him to a week of bathroom cleaning. Zorome and Miku fight again after Miku accuses Zorome of slacking off during punishment. That week, when Zorome served his punishment, Miku watched him. They started to fight again when she accused him of slacking. When Squad 13 arrives at the Garden to undergo testing and meet the 9's, Miku comments she finds Nine Alpha hot, which irritates Zorome. When the Squad learns about Mitsuru and Kokoro's relationship, Zorome asks if a boy and a girl sticking their bodies together was the cool thing to do, but Miku calls him a child and tell him to shut up. After Kokoro and Mitsuru's wedding is ruined by APE and their memories are altered, Zorome says it was Papa's order and he must have had a good reason. This angers Miku, who says she expected more from him.

Zorome replies all they've known is Papa. When the Squad are helping Zero Two to reach Hiro, Argentea and Genista are staying behind to protect the deactivated Chlorophytum. Before the battle, Zorome says to Miku that they will be back alive, which she agrees. Two years later, when all the parasites joined hands to send their prayers and thoughts to HiroZero in space, Zorome and Miku held hands, telling Hiro they won't let him outshine them anymore. Eight years later, Zorome and Miku are hosting the school entrance ceremony. As Zorome teases two little girls, Miku criticizes him for slacking and they get into an argument. They later reunite with the rest of their squad at a cherry blossom tree to remember Hiro and Zero Two. Zorome and Miku attend their graduation ceremony and they, alongside the whole Squad survive when a Klaxosaur attack and interrupt the ceremony. When Nana and Hachi want to do a mock battle to test Hiro's abilities, Zorome and Miku both raise their hand to become Hiro's opponent. Before the battle, Miku says that they will probably win against Ichigo because she has Hiro as a partner. Zorome says that they will definitely win. When Delphinium disconnects, Argentea waits for 3 minutes before landing a hit. Zorome says that he is the best and he won't mind riding the Delphinium. This angers Miku and she tells Zorome to stop, and it weakens their connection, making Argentea unable to move.

Hachi says to move a FRANXX, the pilots have to trust each other. Argentea crashes onto Delphinium and a frustrated Ichigo drags them until they hit a wall. When they are about to fight a Klaxosaur, Miku tells Zorome not to act reckless again. Zorome says he knows, but Miku doubts him. During the battle, a Klaxosaur hits Argentea and Miku falls unconscious. Miku later regains consciousness and Zorome hugs her. They reconnect and continue the battle. The next day, Zero Two and Hiro are holding hands and she pulls him around. Zorome says he wants to hold hands too. Goro suggest to Zorome that he ask his partner but Zorome says he prefers holding hands with a cute girl like Kokoro. Zorome is surprised when he sees Kokoro and Futoshi holding hands. Miku comes and says that they are easily influenced by others and it's a pity that Zorome can't hold hands with Kokoro. When Squad 13 are going into battle together with Squad 26, Zorome and Miku are annoyed by Code:090's words that made them feel like they're a hindrance.

39;s hand but he tells her not to talk bad about the adults.

After the battle, Squad 13 are given a vacation to the beach. Zorome ogles Miku as she plays a ball with Kokoro and he comments the girls look 50% cuter on the beach. During a battle, a Klaxosaur sprouts goo all over Argentea and causes Miku's parasite to melt, Zorome is overwhelmed with shock and faints, causing the FRANXX to stop moving. When Miku finds out what happened, she freaks out. She and Zorome later get into a fight over him supposedly ogling her but he denies he was doing such a thing. At Squad 13 visit to the City, Zorome attempts to shake hands with the Mayor but the Mayor quietly rejects the gesture. Miku notices Zorome seems down and she comments how rude the mayor was during the ceremony for not shaking Zorome's hand but he tells her not to talk bad about the adults. Miku gets angry and says she said that because she noticed Zorome is sulking and wants him to feel better, but Zorome denies this. Zorome says Miku doesn't understand him. Hearing this, Miku starts to cry and runs away with Zero Two following her and Zorome and Hiro chase after them. Later, Miku rants to Zero Two about how Zorome has no consideration for others and she shows disgust when she recalls Zorome ogling her when her suit melted. Zero Two suggests that Miku switch partners if she hates Zorome that much. Meanwhile, Zorome tells Hiro that Miku is troublesome and she gets angry easily, which Hiro replies that event though Miku is like that, she is not a bad girl.

The Hollistic Aproach To Manga

Zorome replies he knows that, and he always wants to retort whenever she talks, but he never once thought about making her sad or wanting to make her cry. Miku doubles down, saying Zorome is useless compared to the admirable traits of the other boys but she knows he is the one who is worried about her the most, and only she can put up with him. Zero Two, who followed Miku because she wanted to see a fight between humans, says that Zorome and Miku are not fighting afterall. When the four meet again, Zorome apologizes to Miku and she accepts. At the end of the manga, their relationship, like in the anime, is left ambiguous. DARLING in the FRANXX! In Episode 4, Zorome tells the Squad that he wants to do a pose with a explosion in the background, like heroes do. Miku says Zorome may admire the adults, but he is still a child. Zorome tells Miku to shut up and says the pose itself is cool. Zero Two and Hiro arrive, saying they don't mind doing the pose.

When the Squad do the pose, Zorome comments that it feels wrong. In Episode 10, when Zorome gets back from the City, Miku angrily says she was worried about him and starts hitting him. Zorome fights back in retaliation and says if this is the attitude of someone who was worried about him. Hiro and Ichigo separate the two, but Zorome and Miku are still fighting. Kokoro, Goro and Mitsuru are watching Zorome and Miku fight with their ahoge. In Episode 15, Zorome and Miku are discussed about their FRANXX Argentea's hair. In Episode 19, Miku comforts Zorome after a confrontation with Papa and the others. Miku then calls Papa a "damned old man". In Episode 24, Zorome and Miku reflect their memories with Argentea and he decides to make something out of Argentea, which Miku agrees. Ikuno, Goro, Futoshi and Ichigo stare at Zorome and Miku with teasing eyes. The next illustration shows Zorome and Miku as teachers. In a special Code:666's day illustration, Zorome and Miku are shown as high school students and they ride a bicycle together.

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