Do Nene And Hanako Get Together

Yashiro Nene is a first-year high schooler attending Kamome Gakuen. She has been attending the academy since middle school and has been friends with Akane Aoi. In the school's albums, it was shown that she was part of the gardening club for many years, gaining an aptitude for growing vegetables and planting. She recounts this as a feminine trait in addition to sewing and cooking after making an attempt to impress a boy. Unfortunately, it had failed miserably, along with other similar encounters with boys her type. In addition to her planting expertise, she also has a fondness for hamsters, taking precautions every now and then to make sure their cages are safely cleaned even after the Mermaid's curse. She currently owns a pet hamster, but sometimes refers back to her previous hamsters (eg. She is heavily a hopeless romantic, with her type being tall, intellectual, and handsome. However, she falls in love quite easily only to end in misery after having her ankles commented on, such as Daikon legs, fat and swollen ankle (which has become a recurring reaction). The 4PM Bookstacks arc record events of her writing secret diaries and poems to express her one-sided affection.

As of now, she currently lives in an apartment complex (Room 504) a short distance from a local playground. There is no mention of her interacting with her parents frequently, but in the manga, they are shown standing next to her in the school's entrance ceremony. Nene and Hanako have a trusting and caring relationship. After their fates were entwined due to the mermaid scale, Hanako made Nene become his assistant in return for granting her wish. She started cleaning the toilet after school since that. She complains about doing it and tells Hanako that she doesn't like it, but Hanako says he looks forward to it every day. He feels nostalgic, and says it feels like having a friend. Nene then calls him Hanako-kun instead of Hanako-san for the first time, so that they look more like friends. After seeing Hanako apologizes to her while taking his hat off in the confession tree chapter, she thought he looked like any other normal boy and wanted to learn more about him. From then on, Hanako continues to save Nene from danger.

39;s worth" but she will stick around with him anyway because she likes Hanako as a friend.

Nene also wishes to learn more about him. Despite not being a human anymore, Nene has called Hanako her friend many times, which surprised others who are not very fond of supernaturals. She also called Kou, her partner in wanting to know more about Hanako. She learned about Amane from the memories recalled after destroying Tsuchigomori's yorishiro. This made her care about Hanako and his past even more. Nene then tells Hanako that he was "more trouble than it's worth" but she will stick around with him anyway because she likes Hanako as a friend. In the next chapter, he thanked Nene, telling her that it was the first time a girl told him that she liked him, and opening up to her a bit more about his past. He finally told her a bit of his past. Nene thinks about how Hanako could have had a happy future, and Hanako also wishes for her to have a happier fate. They arguably have one of the most trusting relationships in the series. Maybe due to fear of her finding out more or not being ready to tell her, he says that he will tell her more in the future and they made a pinky promise for her to stay as his assistant until that time comes.

After the reveal of Nene's short lifespan, Hanako's actions towards Nene can be more clearly seen as his way of caring for her, despite him thinking there isn't anything he could do about it. In the Picture Perfect Arc, when Hanako becomes her classmate, Nene is very surprised to see him as human instead of an apparition. She goes to considerable measures to figure out if he is actually a human, despite proof that he was. Nene replies with a resounding yes, confirming that she does in fact, have romantic feelings for Hanako. It is confirmed twice, once when Hanako takes her to the roof for star-gazing and asking her if she likes the boy who "looks like him" (meaning Hanako), and another time when he asks her later, when they were out in the town. She doesn't exactly reply to this one, just saying "You want me to repeat it!?" while blushing furiously while a side drawing of the scene is included where she confesses her true feelings towards Hanako that is shown again by the author. Again, when Akane attempts to kiss her (in order to get Hanako to help him) in the elevator in the last arc, Hanako panics and arrives, covering Akane's mouth with his hand and covering Nene's as well. He then grabs her and scoots away, blushing as he tells Akane that what he had done wasn't fair. Although Nene first met Amane while time traveling to 1969, it is shown that Amane first met Nene in 1964, where she time traveled during the festival she was attending with Hanako and Kou.

39;s fate to the young Amane, telling him that she is always rooting for him.

Previously, Hanako showed to be a little jealous towards Kou, but failed to sincerely compliment Nene in her yukata. There, Nene met a younger Amane in the festival alone. Young Amane admitted to Nene that she was a bit of his type. Nene showed her concern about Amane's fate to the young Amane, telling him that she is always rooting for him. In the end of the chapter, it was revealed that instead of wanting to be an astronaut, he wrote that he wishes to meet Nene-onee-chan again in the future. Aidairo later posted an image on twitter where they described the theme of volume 8 to be 'first love thief', implying that Nene was Hanako's first love. After seeing hints of Hanako's past self, Nene began to wonder if there might be some way that she could protect Hanako in return for him protecting her. Nene and Kou are close friends, the two of them have met when Kou was still trying to exorcise Hanako. After a rocky start, the two developed a strong friendship and often hang out together either alongside Hanako or, more rarely, just the two of them. They get along very well, Kou is in love with Nene, as evidenced by his frequent blushing and stuttering around her. He is also very supportive of her and quick to defend her when she gets teased.

Kou likes spending time with her and helping Nene to the point that he pretended to be a bad cook so that they could bake together, and helped her make donuts to try and bring Hanako's spirits up. When Kou became older due to a supernatural mishap, Nene said she would have to be careful not to fall in love with him, since he looked just like Nene's type. Kou wants to protect Nene from danger, and wants to make sure that her fate is good. However, since he is, for the most part, a normal human boy, he is element on what to do about this wish. Aoi is Nene's best friend, and the two seem to have a long-standing friendship. They are together almost constantly at school when Nene is not with Hanako or Kou. They have similar interests, and Aoi is very supportive of her and act all kind to Nene. Through her, Nene learns about the school mysteries.

Aoi is usually the one to tell Nene the mysteries' stories. She isn't a supernatural, so Nene usually has to go save her, along with Hanako of course. Despite their close friendship, Aoi soon feels as though that Nene is getting busier and busier due to her spending more and more time with Hanako and Kou, and assumes that Nene is tired of her. Nene initially had a shallow crush on him despite not knowing his name at first. As such, she did not realize his given name was Teru until Chapter 9 or that Kou was his younger brother. He met once again with Nene and returned her dropped pencil case, though Teru doesn't seem to remember, as when picking Kou up in the rooftop he re-introduced himself, thanking Nene for taking care of his brother. Teru is kind towards her, like how he would towards anyone else. Nene herself seems to have witnessed a little of Teru's sadistic side, though she seems to still admire Teru as usual. It is unclear how Teru feels towards her as she is involved with Hanako. However, when Akane confronted Teru about how he knew about Nene's condition, he replies by saying that he has no obligation towards her. Nene does not like Tsukasa, but also seems element about him to a certain degree.

Since he was responsible for her kidnapping at one point, and since she also watched him tormenting Mitsuba in the Hell of Mirrors, she certainly has no positive feelings towards him. Tsukasa also nearly slammed Nene to the ground and hurt her after she told him to stop being cruel to Mitsuba, so it is likely that she is at least worried by him. Yako has some dislike for Nene, although it doesn't seem like she hates her entirely. They were worse off initially, and Yako disliked Nene for destroying her yorishiro and would constantly bite Nene. Even when Nene attempted to remake the perception of Yako's stairs, Yako was displeased. This was because Nene made it a romantic spot, and so couples would constantly visit the steps. Later, it seems like Yako has begun to tolerate Nene more, despite their past disagreements. This is shown by Yako's willingness to help Nene get ready for the spirit festival. Being scared at first by Tsuchigomori's initial behavior when she learns of his identity as a supernatural, she becomes wary of him. However, as she receives the opportunities to talk alone with him, the more she notices that he cares for his students as he is their teacher. Nene and Mitsuba first met formally in the Mirror Hell arc, after the bodiless hands brought her to him. She thought that he looked handsome and prince-like, but Mitsuba quickly shatters that impression by commenting on how fat Nene's ankles are, with him calling her "radish senpai". When he explained that he was trapped in the boundary and had asked the hands to bring him someone that could help, he quickly won Nene over by acting cute in front of her so she would help.

Later, he revealed that he does not remember anything about his former life or the cause of his death, and that's probably why the mirror boundary hadn't been able to attack him yet. When the 3rd School Mystery's minions began attacking them and Nene was caught, he tried to save her by throwing items at her attackers, but he also ended up getting caught. Nene has decided to take on the role of a senpai towards Mitsuba because he is younger and less experienced, she is also very nice towards him. She also seems to think of him as a puppy, and is worried about his well-being, especially since he's involved with Tsukasa. Initially, Nene planned to keep her guard up around Sakura, since she was kidnapped in order to talk to her. However, she ended up talking to Sakura extensively, and started to think of her in a friendly manner. This was until Sakura betrayed her, and it can be assumed since then that Nene is not fond of Sakura. She does, however, admire Sakura's looks and relates to her struggle of being bound to a supernatural. Sakura does not hate Nene, and might like to be friends, but is simply unable to befriend her since she is under Tsukasa's authority. Nene and Natsuhiko meet multiple times throughout the series. Natsuhiko often flirts with Nene and has even tried to kiss her. Although Nene is shown to be flustered around him, she is also suspicious of him.

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