Did Shizuka Ever Kiss Nobita

KAIDO OF THE BEAST HYBRID FORMNobita Nobi has a huge crush on his best friend and far Neighbor Shizuka Minamoto. Nobita has a romantic daydream about her, usually when he planning something on Shizuka, and hopes one day he would marry her. He tried his best to impress her with Doraemon gadget though, but usually his efforts was either dwarfed by Dekisugi just being close to Shizuka, or Gian and Suneo 'sabotaging' his plans. If he did managed to get Shizuka to be impressed, it didn't last long because of Suneo's and/or Gian's interferences or accidents he got, resulting in Shizuka fuming, or Doraemon scolding Nobita for going too far. Despite his chaotic efforts, he still somehow manages to marry Shizuka and have a son named Nobisuke Nobi Jr. Shizuka on the other hand, secretly has a crush on Nobita. She starts off with a regular friendship, but eventually drew closer to him, and slowly developed a crush on him. This was seen in a movie "Doraemon: Nobita's Three Visionary Swordsmen", where Shizuka dreamed she was Princess Shizuka, married Nobita, and the person whom she dreamed of turned out was Silver Knight Nobitania.

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Kawaii Japan pattern anime asia boy cartoon character cute dragon food girl illustration japanese kawaii manga origami pattern ramen sakura seamless sushi tokio Nobita never tells his feelings to Shizuka and neither did Shizuka was shown doing the same to him. Shizuka is Nobita's childhood friend whom he's had a crush on for a very long time. He often uses Doraemon's gadgets to impress or help Shizuka but is trumped by Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Despite this, Nobita will eventually marry Shizuka and have a child named Nobisuke. Shizuka starts off as a friend to him, but eventually develops a secret crush on him (in Doraemon: Nobita's Three Visionary Swordsmen, Shizuka dreamed she was Princess Shizuka, married Nobita, whom she dreamed he was Silver Knight Nobitania). Sometimes Nobita is seen walking through the Anywhere Door (Doko Demo Doa in Japanese) and inadvertently witnesses Shizuka taking a bath. Whenever Nobita doesn't stop looking at Shizuka while bathing and continues blabbing or something else, she literally smacks him, splashes him with water, and/or throws a lot of things at him until he leaves.

Whenever Nobita says something rude either purposely or accidentally, Shizuka would take offense to the point of snubbing and leaving him for his bluntness and rudeness, which leaves Nobita feeling stupid and guilty for driving her away. While they quarrel very rarely, by the end of the episode they usually makeup and become friends again. Shizuka loves Nobita more than any of her friends. However, she gets angry when he behaves rudely or witnesses her taking a bath even if it wasn't intentional. Despite all of this she usually makes up with him. As seen in many episodes she really cares for him and helps him when he gets into a rough situation like being bullied by Gian and Suneo, getting hurt by falling down or by other means. She also helps him with his studies sometimes and even invites him over to her house to try the cakes and cookies she makes. Despite him not having many talents, and messing up a lot, Shizuka admires and likes his kind heart and even kisses him on the cheek or hugs him. Shizuka was Nobita's biggest ally alongside Doraemon. Helping him to defend Gian and Suneo attacks, even though she sometimes laugh off Nobita suffering, ending with Nobita wanted to retaliate to Gian and Suneo.

Nobita wants to hold hands with Shizuka while walking outside in the afternoon, Doraemon watches them happily as the episode ends with a shape of a heart for the closing transition. It is possibly where the ship of Nobita and Shizuka started at, then it keeps growing and growing. Shizuka and Nobita went shopping together and Nobita bought a gadget that could create a clone of any person but an aggressive one. He gave it to Shizuka, who created a clone of herself because Nobita was bad at shopping and was easily bored. Long story short, Nobita was sitting on a bench in the mall and he saw Shizuka and her clone fighting. Shizuka's clone was grabbing Shizuka's arm and forcing her to buy an inappropriate t-shirt. Nobita saw this and told Shizuka to make her clone disappear with the gadget he gave her to borrow for some time. Shizuka took out the gadget and her clone snatched it but it fell on the ground and Nobita retrieved it. When he looked at Shizuka he noticed that there were two of her. He got confused and started asking them questions about his test and the food that he likes a lot. Both Shizukas answered the questions correctly. He then asked if Shizuka liked him and both of them started blushing. One of them was blushing and stammering and said 'I-like' and the other said 'Oh God, Shizuka! Don't tell me that you like a dumb boy like him!

The other Shizuka was blushing and smiling. Nobita discovers the clone and made her disappear. This is one of the many pieces of evidence that Shizuka really likes Nobita. Nobita uses Doraemon gagets to find a brooch that Shizuka had lost. Then She gives a kiss to his cheek and says to Nobita that he is too cute. Shizuka gives a kiss to Nobita as a way to say thank you because he had used a gadget from Doraemon to relieve her tension before her violin exam. Nobita becomes much more good-looking thanks to a magic mirror from Doraemon, and he tries to impress Shizuka with his new look. However she does not recognizes him, she rather believes that he is a cousin of Nobita. Here she reveals that Nobita is the sweetest boy she has ever met. Nobita enters into Shizuka's dream to fight against a monster that causes nightmares to her. Initially Nobita is afraid but after Shizuka encourages him to fight he manages to sand the monster away.

39;s scolding get him down as well as making her worry.

At this point Shizuka hugs Nobita and tells that he is her prince and that she will always be his. After Nobita visits her house only to return her books and tell her goodbye, she rushes to go find him. Nobita tells her to leave but she refuses to until he gives her a reason to. Instead of doing so, Nobita decides that the only way to get her off his back is that she hates him and he does this by flipping her skirt, resulting in her to slap him and walk away angrily. When Nobita took the pills by which Doraemon and Tamako Nobi felt the aura of disgust and ran away from him as Nobita soon suffocates, Shizuka saved him by taking him down the stairs and pushing him in the bathtub so that the aura gets removed and he feels good and reprimand him for letting the teacher's scolding get him down as well as making her worry. Nobita was stunned at what he had seen in the Time TV left by Doraemon in his room. He saw Hideyo Dekisugi got treated by Shizuka.

He was utterly shocked, and decided to go to Minamoto's residence. Turns out Shizuka had left her house and headed towards Dekisugi's Residence. Nobita passed off and gets 'dragged' to Dekisugi's residence. Nobita was all out jealous with Dekisugi before passed out yet again after Shizuka said a line that has the word wife. At the end, Shizuka was worried about Nobita's wellbeing and decided to visit him. Shizuka was seen blushing after Suneo told Nobita that Shizuka was a bit late because she was making him a cake. Her blush is one of the signs of her that proves that fact that she might actually have feelings towards Nobita. Under the influence of the Dramatic Gas, Shizuka was seen kneeling down after Nobita told him that 'he was on a big mission'. Shizuka was worried about his wellbeing and she was seen kneeling before him and they both confessed their feelings for each other before Nobita eventually ran off. However, those memories were erased after the Dramatic Gas effect wore off. After Nobita saves Shizuka from getting sacrificed by returning the Jade statue to the tribe, she rushes to give him a big hug. Nobita and Shizuka were stuck on an island. Shizuka was scared and cried while Nobita was looking for a way to get out from the island.

While he managed to build a house, Shizuka that was exploring the jungle for food, got caught on a rainstorm. She manages to get back to Nobita and changed to temporary clothes made by Nobita. Both couple then went to the jungle and was looking for food, using an eye glasses that could identify edible food. After Nobita finished catching fishes, he and Shizuka ate fishes happily together and later interrupted by the group of large angry foxes. After Nobita chased them away, Shizuka cried and gave him a hug for saving her. On the late night, both couple were sitting together under starry night sky. Shizuka was not hesitant to rest her head in Nobita. She was seen comfortable resting her head on Nobita, one of the signs that she might actually have feelings for him. After Shizuka and Nobita had a heated argument and he insulted her resulting Shizuka to run off crying, Doraemon pulls out a Conclusion Yarn, which allows the user to tie any person or object and the gadget will trigger when two yarns are each other as they get closer. However, his plan ultimately failed as Nobita going up on top of the tree mountain thinking it was Shizuka, he saw the book is on Gian's hand (due to Shizuka tripping by a rock, causing the book (possibly Suneo's) to land on Gian's hand ) and beats Nobita up offscreen. Hours passed by, Shizuka saw Nobita who is badly injured and runs to him to aid his wounds throughout the ending scene, causing Nobita to cry with happiness.

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