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stylized man 3d modelAt the start of the series, Saitama spent most of his time being a hero alone, but after meeting Genos and joining the Hero Association, he gradually gained numerous acquaintances and rivals. Saitama met Genos after the latter was defeated by a monster and tried to self-destruct, but was instead saved by Saitama. After being saved, Genos asked Saitama to take him on as a disciple, to which Saitama nonchalantly accepts, thinking that Genos was not being serious. Though Saitama was initially annoyed by the thought of having an apprentice, he gradually warmed up to Genos, even becoming slightly worried and concerned when he saw Genos' limp body after he was defeated by Deep Sea King, or after Genos got smashed into a rock by Tatsumaki. Saitama holds some respect for Genos since he became an S-Class hero right off the bat, and desires to move up the ranks due to his S-Class status. Genos has become Saitama's companion and the closest thing he has to a best friend. He is also the person who he spends most of his time with, since Genos moved into Saitama's apartment to live with him. Although Saitama has yet to officially call him his disciple (as Genos is always the one identifying himself as his disciple), Saitama actually tries to train him, but since Saitama only knows strength training (which wouldn't help Genos, due to him being a cyborg), most of Saitama's advice/lessons are made up, and only an excuse to keep the cyborg occupied. Despite this, however, Saitama does manage to give Genos some relatively good advice from time to time.

He asks the damaged Genos if he was okay and who was the monster who broke him so badly.

Death Note: due immagini dal live action tratto dal manga Saitama also seems to have enough confidence in Genos to handle certain threats alone, as seen when he accepted Genos' request to fight G4 alone without any pressure (although he asked him if he needs help) and would only help/save Genos, when he sees him in need. During the Monster Association raid, when Saitama makes it back to the surface, Saitama immediately rushes towards Genos and completely ignores Garou. He asks the damaged Genos if he was okay and who was the monster who broke him so badly. Despite Genos having been torn apart, Saitama still tells Genos he did a good job, and when Genos questions whether he has gotten any stronger, Saitama places his hand over the cyborg's core and tells Genos that his heart has grown stronger. This causes Genos to sincerely smile as he expresses his appreciation towards Saitama and Dr. Kuseno for helping him grow so strong. When Garou rips out Genos' core, Saitama arrives to see his disciple's death. When Garou throws the cyborg's core to Saitama, the hero catches it. As he stares at the core, Saitama reflects on how Genos always managed to arrive on time while Saitama himself was always late, wondering if he had a hero's intuition like Genos did. In retaliation, Saitama attacks Garou with a Serious Punch, his face absolutely twisted with rage by his disciple's death. Even while enraged, Saitama still held on to Genos' core, treasuring it as a memeto of his disciple. Saitama first met Bang when the giant meteor was falling towards Z-City. Bang was amazed by Saitama's strength and wanted to keep a close eye on Saitama.

He then started to spy on Saitama, and was greatly surprised to find out that he was actually Genos' teacher. He then started to think that Saitama himself must have an incredible teacher too, but when he asked Saitama about it, he was again surprised to hear that Saitama doesn't have a teacher and destroyed the meteor with his strength alone instead of using a technique. Bang, realizing Saitama's potential, had since then tried numerous times to recruit him into his dojo, albeit unsuccessfully. Bang also showed great displeasure when Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole were trying to drag Saitama into their "newbie crushing", but didn't interfere, since he had faith in him and even declared him to be the strongest person he has ever met, showing a great amount of respect for the (then) C-Class hero. Saitama, while not seeing Bang as a friend and showing disinterest in his martial arts, was still slightly impressed by Bang's abilities from time to time, with the best examples of being when Bang defeated him in rock, paper, scissors, and later again when Bang told him how he kicked out Garou after his rampage in Bang's dojo, even admitting that Bang must be "kinda strong".

39; as an S-Class hero, as well as the reputation as the "strongest man on Earth".

Saitama seems to have some faith in Bang, as he called Bang to assist him in a competition against Fubuki and her Blizzard Group. After receiving his hero name "Caped Baldy", Saitama extremely dislikes it and even compared his hero name to Bang's, expressing jealousy of how cool Bang's hero name "Silver Fang" was heard. They would occasionally invite each other to cookouts. They first met when Saitama saved him from Octopus Claw Man during his first one-and-a-half-year of training. While Saitama seemed to forget about their meeting, King never did, and was wondering for a long time who his mysterious savior was. Saitama would, unknowingly, continue to save King from various monsters, thus prompting King to (unintentionally) take the credit for killing at least five mysterious beings that were actually killed by Saitama. This caused King to gain fame and 'fortune' as an S-Class hero, as well as the reputation as the "strongest man on Earth". At their second meeting, after saving him from Giant Crow, Saitama discovered King's true personality and the secret to his success. King, realizing that it was Saitama who was saving him all this time, expressed guilt for taking credit for Saitama's actions, though Saitama was not upset or angry at King's secret, much to King's surprise and they even started some sort of friendship.

History would repeat itself and King received credit for killing Elder Centipede.

Saitama would go to King's house to play video games, and regularly get frustrated at losing to King. Alongside Mumen Rider and Genos, King is probably one of the few people whom Saitama considers a genuine friend. When Garou tried to attack King, Saitama would stop the hero hunter with a single kick, saving King again. King and Saitama also worked together to defeat Elder Centipede, with King offline it towards Saitama so that he could destroy the monster. History would repeat itself and King received credit for killing Elder Centipede. As well as getting credit for most of Saitama's achievements, King was also accidentally given credit for creating the crater on that moon that Saitama created during his fight with Boros. When they first met, Fubuki was trying to force him into joining her group, as she was worried about her rank. After witnessing how powerful Saitama was when she fought him outside his apartment, how he fended off Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and learning that he had friends in S-Class, she started to admire him and decided to join his group. She is sometimes seen alongside Genos and King, hanging out in Saitama's abode.

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She is apparently obsessed with making Saitama join the Blizzard Group, with her latest attempt being to beat Saitama in a video game competition, which failed due to King's assistance. Despite knowing that Saitama was superior to her in terms of power, she still doubted that he could actually surpass Sweet Mask and her sister. Fubuki also often becomes irritated by his behavior. For example, when he wasn't listening to her deal and later struck her with the restaurant bill to chase after Garou, which greatly angered her. Despite this, however, she still returned the cabbage he left at the restaurant and was ready to forget about their mishap if he apologized to her. Fubuki also shows a softer side of hers towards him now and was also showing a lot of patience with him, something not many people who know him are able to do. When Tatsumaki asked him what Fubuki is to him, Saitama, after some thinking, declared her to be an "acquaintance", showing that their relationship has not really progressed at all, which deeply hurt her. Despite this, however, he was still ready to protect her from Tatsumaki, showing that he does care for Fubuki to some degree. After witnessing Saitama defeating Garou and later going toe-to-toe with Tatsumaki, her obsession with him only grew stronger, as she vowed to make him join her group at any cost and also admitted that she was wrong about him not being able to reach the top.

Thanks to Saitama's assistance in the battle against her sister, and her subordinates' determination to become stronger, she was finally encouraged enough to move up to A-Class. Flashy Flash and Saitama had a brief scuffle after running into each other at the Monster Association Headquarters. Flash mistook Saitama for a monster and tried unsuccessfully to attack him multiple times. After clearing the "misunderstanding", the two become acquainted with each other and journey through the tunnels of the base together, with Saitama unintentionally impressing Flash with his speed and strength. After being defeated by Garou, Flash was one of the few who regained consciousness before the battle ended and was able to witness Saitama defeating Garou, which opened the ninja's eyes to just how powerful he really was. In addition to acknowledging Saitama's strength, Flash decided that he wanted to teach Saitama some proper fighting techniques as he noticed that the hero's fighting style was incredibly basic.

He challenges later Saitama to a timed sparring match, in which Saitama would become his disciple if he won. However, the fight was interrupted by Genos, who informed the two heroes that a new monster threat had emerged. Although Saitama states that he finds Flash to be annoying, he begrudgingly accepts his presence, like the other heroes who decided that they want to hang around with him. He has difficulty remembering the ninja's name. When Saitama heard of Zombieman's immortality from Genos, he became interested in the S-Class hero and asked him if the rumors were actually true, although Zombieman looked rather displeased by having Saitama around, due to his rank. When Dr. Genus later warned Zombieman about Saitama's strength, Zombieman refused to believe him, even thinking that the former scientist was making fun of him. After witnessing Saitama's fight against Garou however, he completely changed his mind about Saitama, realizing that everything Genus said about him was true.

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