Did Hatori And Mayu Have A Child

Hatori met Mayu through Kana, as they are best friends. Because of their common interest in books, Hatori became good friends with Mayu and seemed to like her in his own way. They also bonded over deeply loving Kana and having been changed by her. Unbeknownst to Hatori, Mayu had loved him ever since she met him, but knowing that he and Kana were a couple despite not officially announcing it, suppressed her own feelings and wished for their happiness. When Hatori and Kana's relationship was destroyed, Mayu didn't meet with Hatori for two years, as she didn't want to betray him or Kana. However, after they end up reuniting after two years thanks to Shigure, it is proven that they still get along well. For example, when Mayu once mentioned that seeing Hatori in a suit made her sweat, he made sure to not wear one the next time they met in order to not trouble her. He also reprimands Shigure for troubling Mayu and threatened to incise him if he did it again. Hatori has mentioned several times that he can't figure out Mayu and that she is always saying nonsensical things. Throughout the series, they begin talking more and it is mentioned that Hatori and Mayu regularly keep in touch with one another. Towards the end, Hatori begins dating Mayu, and they are seen to be a very loving couple who openly anticipates traveling together, are very comfortable and open in one another's presences, and are able to sincerely have fun together; with Hatori barely being able to contain his laughter when Mayu makes some strange remarks.

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HD wallpaper: Solo Leveling, manga, anime, alone, digital, steam (vapor ... In Fruits Basket Another, Hatori is married to Mayu, and they have one daughter named Kinu Sohma together. Although there haven't been in any on-screen interactions with them, Hatori is known to be a very loving father towards his daughter Kinu. However, it is also implied that Hatori is a father who constantly worries about his daughter, as it is mentioned that Hatori would "go crazy" if Kinu continued talking about wanting a job that doesn't require much effort. Hatori was initially very cold and distant towards Tohru. He is somewhat concerned about Tohru knowing the Sohma family secret, tries to convince her to leave the Shigure's house, and stay away from the Sohma family. However, it is later revealed that Hatori only "threatened" her because he didn't want to erase her memories or for her to suffer in the same way as his ex-fiancé Kana. Tohru is happy to realize that Hatori is, in fact, a very kind-hearted and caring man.

Tohru also ends up being the second non-Cursed person to witness Hatori's Zodiac form. Tohru's reaction to seeing Hatori's zodiac animal, as well as her answering "spring comes" when being asked to what happens snow when melts, reminds Hatori of Kana, and Tohru's kindness and resemblance to Kana makes Hatori realize that despite how hard his life may be, it will get better. Hatori was initially indifferent to Kana, the newly-appointed assistant in his office, but when she asked him what snow turned to once it melted, Hatori, thinking she was making fun of him, replied the most obvious answer: water. But Kana that he was wrong and that it turned into spring. After this, Hatori was drawn to Kana's innocent cheerfulness and described her as a spring that melted the "snow" of his heart. They thereafter quickly fell in love, though Hatori was hesitant to hold her in his arms and let her in into his heart because of his curse. When Hatori accidentally revealed his Zodiac form to Kana, she still accepted him and promised to always stay by his side, since being with him brought her happiness. Upon hearing this and feeling like he had been saved and forgiven for something for the first time in his life, Hatori broke down in tears.

They then began dating and became a very loving and affectionate couple, and Hatori describes that their two months as a couple was worth hundreds of years of happiness. However, things took a turn for the worse when Hatori and Kana begged for Akito to let them marry. Akito was enraged and hurt Hatori's eyes, and because of Akito's harsh words and the trauma derived from the incident itself, Kana began to truly believe that Hatori's injury really was her fault. Over time, Kana's pain and guilt began to consume her, she couldn't even look at Hatori without crying and she became greatly depressed. Hatori was then forced to erase Kana's memories in order for her to be happy again, and selflessly wished for her to become happy even if it was without him. Over the course of two years, Hatori refused to seek his own happiness and still had Kana close in his heart; even always keeping a picture of her in his office. At the same time, he knew they could never go back to the way they were and refrained from interacting with her. However, Hatori begins to move on from Kana after finding out how she had married another man, as well as after meeting Tohru and Mayuko. Hatori is genuinely happy that Kana was finally able to find her own happiness. Hatori shares a rather complicated relationship with Akito.

He serves as her personal doctor and stays by her side quite often, but he seems to have some degree of affection towards her considering he knows the truth about her gender and background. Even though Akito almost blinded one of his eyes, causing Kana to become sick, and forced him to erase the memories of his loved one, Hatori never blamed Akito, though this is more because of the curse. He also feels trapped by the curse, and to an extent, how he is expected to always be by Akito's side. At the same time, Hatori doesn't seem to fear Akito and treats her somewhat like a younger sister figure, as he doesn't hesitate to comfort Akito when she needs to be, calm her down when he throws tantrums, and even sometimes subtly "lecturing" her of what is right and wrong. Towards the end, it is unknown how their relationship is, but Akito decided to give Hatori and the Zodiacs their freedom.

39;t acknowledge it himself.

Being the same age and both being members of the Zodiac, Hatori has known Shigure for his entire life and grew up alongside him. Despite not acknowledging it himself, Hatori is best friends with Shigure and is one of the few people who knows about Shigure's true colors but still friends remains with him. Despite that, Hatori is sometimes cold towards Shigure and dislikes the way he stirs up drama, causes trouble for people and plays with their insecurities in order to break the curse, and thus sometimes threatens him and lectures him for being annoying and using the wrong methods. However, Hatori can't seem to fully blame Shigure, as he acknowledges that Shigure is putting more effort in breaking free than he himself has ever done. Hatori is also best friends with Ayame as they are the same age and members of the Zodiac, even though Hatori doesn't acknowledge it himself. Even though he is polar opposites with Ayame and is usually exasperated and dumbfounded by his antics, Hatori cares for him greatly and seems to admire him for the traits he lacks. Ayame also admires Hatori and wishes to be like him; this is why Ayame reports every detail of his life to Hatori, and he is the only one who can keep Ayame in check and the only person who Ayame listens to. This dynamic was passed down to their children; Hatori's daughter Kinu, and Ayame's daughter Hibika Sohma.

When Momiji was young, Hatori was forced to erase Momiji's mother's memories of her son. Even though he had no problem in doing so during that time, it eventually came to cause Hatori some guilt. Because of this, due to the lack of adult figures in Momiji's life and feeling responsible for wiping his mother's memories, it is mentioned that Momiji often goes over to Hatori's for meals and that Hatori often checks up on him as well. Besides this, they seem to be quite close as Momiji is very affectionate with Hatori and Hatori acts like an exasperated parent towards him, and often keeps him in order. similar to Momiji's situation, Hatori was forced to erase the memories of Yuki's first and only friends, which caused the young boy immense grief. Although Hatori had no problem in doing so during that time, he was seen to be sad and guilty for doing it. Because of this, Yuki unconsciously began despising Hatori and blamed him for the incident.

39;t even begin to imagine.

It's almost Halloween, and what better way to spend October than watching psychological thrillers? If you're looking for an anime filled with suspense, amazing storytelling, and dynamic characters, Naoki Urasawa's 2004 anime series Monster gives us all of these things and more. It focuses on the life of Dr. Tenma, a brilliant Japanese brain surgeon working at Eisler Memorial Hospital in West Germany, 1986. He's the hospital's rising star and engaged to the daughter of the hospital's director when he's suddenly faced with a moral dilemma that shakes his core, forcing him to make life -changing decisions. An innocent man dies because Dr. Tenma followed orders to treat a patient of higher social and political status. He is devastated and horrified as the widow confronts him, realizing what following these orders had entailed. This is a huge turning point in his life and the beginning of our story. This moment leads him to make a decision that alters his life in ways he couldn't even begin to imagine. The dilemma Dr. Tenma had to face is one that is brought up throughout the entire series: is every life equal? Obviously, the answer is "yes," and Dr. Tenma tries to convey this time and time again.

Starting because of the innocent man dying because he wasn't deemed as a priority by the hospital, Tenma performs surgery on a boy with a gun shot wound despite receiving orders to treat the major first. When Dr. Tenma decides to help this boy, he's completely unaware that he's reviving a "monster" and the antagonist of this story. Almost immediately, Dr. Tenma is faced with tragedies and mystery at the hands of this ten-year-old boy. Most of Monster takes place 10-12 years after this point, following a string of murders occurring around Germany. It doesn't take long before Dr. Tenma is standing face to face with the murderer, who then reveals that he was the young boy Tenma brought back to life ten years prior: Johan Liebert. He shoots Dr. Tenma's patient right before his eyes and walks away like a true psychopath: cool, calm, and menacingly slow. Thus begins Dr. Tenma's journey to take Johan down, pulling him out of the shadows and into broad daylight to prevent any more murders from happening. This proves to be no easy task, though, and Dr. Tenma soon discovers there is far more than meets the eye in his journey of rectitude. The plot of Monster is imaginative, with a well executed story. The mysteries, plot, and characters are all woven together so seamlessly, and everything made perfect sense as the story progressed, while also managing to surprise at every turn. The plot is beyond compelling and riddled with depth and intrigue.

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