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Doppo to Kiyosumi Katou. Doppo Orochi (愚地 独歩, Orochi Doppo) is a 10th dan karate grandmaster and head of the Shinshinkai Karate School, husband of Natsue Orochi and adoptive father of Katsumi Orochi. Practicing martial arts for 50 years, he is one of the strongest characters in the series. He is also the sensei of Kiyosumi Katou and Atsushi Suedou. He is known by many titles, such as the "God of War" (武神, Bushin), "Man Eater Orochi" (人食いオロチ, Hitogui Orochi) and "Tiger Slayer" (虎殺し, Tora Koroshi) and former champion of the underground tournament hosted by Mitsunari Tokugawa. Doppo is shown as a strong, proud, wise and caring man. He takes his role as the Director and founder of Shinshinkai Karate very seriously. He goes as far as to close the dojo forever due to a promise he made to his students and himself saying he would never lose to anyone ever again. In his match in the Maximum Tournament against Gouki Shibukawa, he even going as far as to ask the old man to kill him in a honorable warriors death only to be spared by Shibukawa who tells him to live and keep on training.

He has a brave "no step down" characteristic about him when it comes to fighting going as far as to fight a siberian tiger in his younger days and even admits that was a bit foolish of him, but earning him one of his many nicknames the "Tiger Killer". He also believes in his karate style that there is no such thing as a step back or running away shown when he fights Yuujirou Hanma or a siberian tiger. Despite his fearsome role as a "Tiger Killer", "Man Eater" and "God Hand" he has shown to have a caring side to him seen when his wife Natsue worries about her husbands fight with the "King of Beast" Yuujirou or in the ultimate underground tournament he in turns comforts his wife saying he won't ever lose to anyone ever again and that he would turn the golden champion belt into jewelry for her when he wins. Another example is shown when he faces off with Dorian when he stops his son from fighting the convict saying "it's my duty as founder of the Shinshinkai Karate dojo to fight him" when in truth it is possible that he was just concerned for the safety of his son. He even lets Kiyosumi Katou leave a hospital just to give Dorian the final hit for closure. When Katsumi goes against the prehistoric man Pickle, Doppo is seen waiting near the entrance of the arena in a wide horse stance position waiting for Katsumi and gives him advice only for Katsumi to understand the meaning that his father was proud and worries about him.

Doppo Orochi is a tactical genius when it comes to one-on-one fighting.

He has shown to have a rather ruthless but comedic sense of himself such as during his short fight with Katou to use his words against him and say "so its suppose to be warm, eh?" and sticks his fingers in Katou's eye sockets only to show him that Katou has not trained nearly enough. During the monthly training session with his top students and a visiting Baki Hanma, he threatens Baki that he wouldn't be able to leave his Dojo alive if they got into a fight only for a student to tell Baki that the director was merely joking. Doppo Orochi is a tactical genius when it comes to one-on-one fighting. Before the fight even starts, Doppo already has numerous "tricks" up his sleeve that he is ready to use. And before engaging in the fight itself, he will carefully inspect his opponent, their stance, fighting style, techniques, etc. Even if he was caught off guard, he'd be able to decipher the secrets of others' frightful abilities relatively quickly. To put it briefly, Doppo Orochi, much like Kaiou Kaku, is a true combat genius. While a martial arts expert, Doppo is too much on his karate and is more often than not too deluded to the point he sees karate as the "purest and most supreme form of fighting there is".

Like Kaiou Kaku, he can be caught off guard by an opponent that is much more vicious or aggressive, leaving him vulnerable, just like during Doppo's battle against Dorian when the American convict cutted off Doppo's hand by using a trick. Doppo is a bald man of above average height, muscular bulky build and two noticeable scars on his face one on his right cheek and the other on his left near his head and ear and wears a simple eyepatch on his right eye due to the damage inflicted by Yuujirou Hanma. When not in combat he dons sunglasses over his eyepatch and a simple light green suit. When in combat he wears the traditional Karate gi with rolled sleeves and a black belt signifying his rank. The kanji "Shinshinkai" emblazoned on the right side of his gi and the kanji "Director" on the back of his collar both signify his role as Director of the Shinshinkai Dojo. During his years of fighting in the Underground Arena, a young Doppo is shown to wear only his famous and fabled shorts and belt from the "Tale of Doppo Orochi the Tiger Killer" story in which he fought and slain a tiger. This outfit was also worn during his second fight with Dorian. In the second manga series, death-row convict Dorian was able to slice off Doppo's hand using an industrial strength steel wire concealed in a lighter (which was eventually reattached). After his fight with American convict Dorian; Doppo suffered primary blast injuries resulting in small scars covering Doppo's face. Fifteen years before the start of the Underground Arena Saga, Doppo for the first time meets Katsumi Orochi, who is 5 years old.

The tray admits he was "exposed".

The karate grandmaster sees him in a circus where Katsumi performs as an amazing and strong child. That day, a big tragedy happens and Katsumi's father is murdered by a circus lion. After that, Doppo decides to adopt a young boy and then starts teaching him Shinshinkai Karate. Doppo holding Atsushi Suedou. In this saga, Doppo appears for the first time at the Shinshinkai Karate tournament. Before the final battle between Baki Hanma and Atsushi Suedou, he gives people a demonstration of his skills in the arena, and then comes to Suedou and warns him about his opponent. Before the fight, he also meets Baki and wishes him good luck. When the battle is over, he comes to Baki and tells him that he is guessing about his secret life in the Underground Arena under Tokyo Dome. The tray admits he was "exposed". On the same day, he interrupts the fight between Kiyosumi Katou and Izou Motobe. He greets Motobe, a strong juujutsu master and his old acquaintance. Motobe starts insulting Doppo by stating that he has become a weakling who has lost his terrifying power when he became a popular karate teacher, but eventually everyone goes away. In anime the meeting after years of Doppo and Katou looks completely different. A scene is shown where Mitsunari Tokugawa, the owner of the Underground Arena, comes to Shinshinkai dojo and persuades Doppo to bring Katsumi Orochi to the arena (in the manga, the first mention of Katsumi appears at the beginning of the Maximum Tournament Saga). Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by Katou, who unexpectedly comes to Shinshinkai dojo and attacks various disciples.

Tokugawa is happy to see the Doppo (in manga, this is the first scene in which Tokugawa appears).

Atsushi Suedou tries to stop him, but Katou knocks him out quickly. Doppo introduces an aggressive guest to Tokugawa. This scene only appears in the anime series. Doppo with Kiyosumi Katou. After the whole situation, Doppo meets Katou at the restaurant. They talk about why Katou abandoned Shinshinkai Karate and became a yakuza. The young fighter tells him that his teachings are weak and impractical in real combat. Doppo provokes him and then begins a short fight, in which Katou has no chance. Doppo tells him about the Underground Arena where Baki is the champion. Later, Doppo invites him again to his dojo, where Katou defeats Takagi, one of Shinshinkai disciples. Finally, they come together to the Underground Arena, where Doppo meets with his old friend named Mitsunari Tokugawa, the founder of the arena. Tokugawa is happy to see the Doppo (in manga, this is the first scene in which Tokugawa appears). Tokugawa tells both fighters the story of the arena's creation. Later, they're watching Baki's fight with Koushou Shinogi in the arena. A month later, Doppo reappears in the Underground Arena and witnesses Baki's fight with Mount Toba. After the fight, Yuujirou Hanma suddenly entered the arena. Doppo also goes into the ring and starts talking to him. He says Yuujirou that he still hasn't forgotten about the two scars, which are reminders of their old match.

He lost a fight after two attacks to his face with scars left on it.

He challenges Yuujirou to a duel, and Tokugawa plans to have their fight next month. After all, Baki tries to persuade Doppo to give up the upcoming match, claiming that the grandmaster will be murdered. Doppo feels disregarded by the underground arena champion and invites him to his dojo for the "special Shinshinkai day" where different karate fighters have a chance to challenge Doppo Orochi. The grandmaster defeats all his opponents one by one, and in the end even Baki starts a fight with him. After a short battle, it turns out that Baki is unable to defend himself against Doppo attacks. Baki changes his mind about the grandmaster and even begins to believe in his victory. Later, Doppo tells him about his old match with Yuujirou. Ten years earlier, Doppo celebrated the opening of his own Shinshinkai dojo. Then drunken Doppo Orochi was attacked by Yuujirou. He lost a fight after two attacks to his face with scars left on it. Doppo fighting Yuujirou Hanma. Before the battle with Yuujirou, Doppo meets his wife Natsue Orochi. A worried woman wishes him good luck, which motivates the karate grandmaster. When Doppo meets with Yuujirou in the arena, he starts a surprise attack against Yuujirou. Later, he falls victim to the Ogre's Udonde technique. At some point, Doppo uses Sangan and even begins to dominate the fight. At some point, however, Yuujirou shows everyone his "demon back" and starts fighting seriously, attacking Doppo with brutal attacks.

39;s training in the Shinshinkai dojo.

The karateka falls to the ground, but after a while he gets up again when Yuujirou wants to leave the arena. This makes Yuujirou decide to give Doppo a final strike in respect of gratitude. First, Doppo loses his right eye, and in the end almost dies from the devil's blow to the heart inflicted by Yuujirou. The Doctor of the Underground Arena is unable to save Doppo and everyone thinks the grandmaster will die. Fortunately, Doppo's life is saved by Kureha Shinogi, a fighter with medical abilities and another Baki's opponent in the Underground Arena. This saga starts with Doppo's training in the Shinshinkai dojo. Kiyosumi Katou and Atsushi Suedou watches him and are amazed that he has recovered so quickly after the tragic battle with Yuujirou. The grandmaster says that after his defeat he should no longer be the head of Shinshinkai and intends to send his son Katsumi Orochi in his place. Then Tokugawa tells them that he organizes the great tournament of martial arts in the Underground Arena. Doppo vs Richard Filth. In the first match of the tournament, Doppo fights a famous bodyguard and brawler named Richard Filth.

The American brawler always fights in his elegant clothes, so Doppo also decides to enter the arena in his formal suit. The battle starts with an unusual situation in which both fighters let themselves to be bombarded with their best hits with all strength, making the fight look like a typical street brawl. At some point, Doppo decides to use a defensive karate technique called Sanchin. This technique helps him maintain a stable balance during a match, but he still takes every single blow of the opponent and does not dodge, wanting this battle to be like a street fight. In the end, Doppo shows him that his power is much better and he wins with one clean hit to Filth's neck. However, after the fight, Doppo raises his opponent's hand and shows unique respect for Filth, who did not avoid any blow and took everything directly to his face. Doppo fighting Yuu Amanai. In the second round, Doppo fights against Yuu Amanai, a mysterious companion of Yuujirou Hanma. In the beginning, Doppo overcomes all his specific air techniques and dominates the fight. However, at some point Amanai catches him in a strange submission hold and advises the grandmaster to give up. However, after a hard struggle, Doppo manages to get out that hold and starts massacring Amanai with various karate techniques.

Amanai survives all the brutal attacks and once again catches Doppo in another submission move, ultimately breaking Doppo's knee. Despite this, the grandmaster states that he can continue their fight. Then Amanai starts protesting and asking Tokugawa to stop the match, claiming that Doppo has no chance to win and will only hurt himself. Eventually, Doppo tries to attack Amanai, but then angry Yuujirou enters the ring and hits Amanai with surprise attack, breaking his collarbone and calling him a weakling. Doppo talks with the Ogre and almost starts fighting him, but Kureha Shinogi interrupts along with the other tournament combatants. In the end, Doppo is considered the winner of this round. Before the start of the match between Katsumi and Kaiou Retsu, Doppo meets his adopted son in the locker-room and tells Katsumi that he already gave him all the knowledge and has no advice at this point. Doppo makes it clear to Katsumi that this match will eventually settle the dispute between karate and Chinese Kempo, so if Katsumi loses, the Shinshinkai Karate turns out to be meaningless.

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