Can Goku Breathe In Space

Clipart - Manga FaceYes they can how do you explane vegeta in the Return Of Coller crushing the merry chip of the big getty star out side of his ship if they cant, oh right you cant! Also in Bardock:the father of Goku, Bardock was IN SPACE BREATHING facing Frieza how could Bardock Breath in Space it's IMPOSSIBLE. He was a SAIYAN, Saiyans cant breath in space if they could Goku wouldnt been in much of a hurry to get off planet Namek before it exploded! In the canon movie Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods Goku is seen facing off with Bills in space, both in God mode, as Super Saiyan and as base form. This may be indicative as Toriyama's attempt to put to rest the questions about whether Saiyans can survive in space regardless of transformations/power ups or "energy shields" but does not indicate for how long. 8 No, but they can survive in it for a while. 11 Able to survive, but not 'breathe'. 1) Vegeta was willing to blow up Earth, knowing full well that he would've survived (most likely because he can breathe in space. I personally think that saiyans don't breathe, i recently started watching DBK and Vegeta swims miles from Frieza's ship after stealing the dragonballs and doesn't breathe once or get out of breath when he gets out of the water.

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Recommended Anime/Manga. Goku was brought up on earth with oxygen so he would probably need it, also when he does the kamehameha against Frieza he has trouble breathing, also in the DBZ filler he blows the star up with a space suit on. Half saiyans need oxygen too, due to Bulma getting annoyed at Gohan and Krillin for leaving the space ship on Namek. I also agree with the argument on Bardock breathing in space and how Vegeta and Nappa blow that planet up in the filler that again they dont need oxygen. I agree with the idea that Saiyans may have the ability to temporarily survive in space/live without oxygen. We know Saiyans are very good at learning new techniques(eg So perhaps those, say the elite Saiyan warriors on planet Vegeta were used to being frequently in Space/space travels that they've learned/adapted to survive in space for a short while? Whereas others like Goku were never exposed to the need. I also had another idea that perhaps Saiyans have a much more efficient metabolic system so they might be able to use their resources more efficiently.

39;re well saiyans they have really durable bodies.

eg may be a mouthful of air will be able to last them hours? Or even better, they may all have such an advanced and efficient system when they're born, but depending on how they train their body/experience, their system may specialize to suit their needs, but at the same time, may impair them in some other areas. Eg may be one Saiyan's metablic system will put a higher emphasis on energy release; while another's may favor a one that allows that individual to survive longer on little oxgyen. However, the two individuals may find it harder to achieve each other's fortes. Perhaps this may also partly explain why some Saiyans seem to be able to improve much more quickly than the others? So all Saiyans might have the potential to develop certain abilities but depending on how their body specializes, their efficiency and ability to achieve various techniques/skills differ dramatically. Saiyans can intake more oxygen into their lungs thus they can stay in space/underwater or anyplace without oxygen for long periods of time. Furthermore their bodies can endure the harsh condition of space bc they're well saiyans they have really durable bodies. In Dragonball Goku goes to the moon and puts boss rabbit there meaning he had to go to space and could breathe. It's one of dragon ball's many plot holes.

He could live in space suring the namek saga (theoritically), frieza most likely said that just to trick goku into thinking he would die and convinve him that he was fighting a losing battle, so frieza could escape. Maybe they could form a shell of energy and bring some breathable air with them, allowing for brief space travels. But I don't think Bardock was actually in space as he spoke to Frieza, which would be impossible in a vacuum, so he was most likely still on the brink of planet Vegeta's atmosphere. Saiyans can not because they thought goku died on planet namek so they said they would wish he was alive but king kai said if they did he would be brought back where he was and die anyways. No Saiyans can't breathe in space normally, but, with the use of extreme Ki control you can survive in the vacuum of space for some time.

However, they would eventually die.

Also, most of the movies contain a lot of inconsistencies and are not nicely done. Bardock's case was the one above. It was pretty clear that vegeta was on a floating rock in space when he went super saiyan for the first time. That was no filler goku also put boss rabit on the moon. However vegetas transformation was in the android saga. In broly the legendary super saiyan he is shown flying through space after frieza blows up teh planet vegeta. Later, Broly travels threw space to destroy the "slave people's planet" and then quickly return. No, but they can survive in it for a while. Saiyans have much stronger lungs than humans. That, coupled with their ability to withstand pretty much anything, allows them to survive without oxygen for a much longer time than humans. However, they would eventually die. This is my theory, anyway. It's probably just a plothole, but personally I think they can't. It's a cartoon that really has no bounds on physics or reality Saiyans can do w/e the creators want them to do. I would venture to say that their ability to breath in space is more due to conditioning, and training in those conditions, which would explain why Goku and other humans are in space suits at the beginning of the Frieza saga. In the Bardock/Frieza flashbacks there are hundreds of warriors (though not strictly saiyans) seen in space without any suits, they would be conditioned to breath in space as members of Frieza's army.

39;s canon or not.

In GT, Trunks at one point is concerned that their tanks would run out of oxygen. Goku was also wearing a suit. Ofcourse, there's debate over whether that's canon or not. Going along with the theme of Dragon Ball, anything is possible with enough dedication and training. Able to survive, but not 'breathe'. I'd say that they would not be able to breathe in space, as when Frieza said that Goku would die out in space as he wouldn't be able to breathe, since Frieza wouldn't know Goku and his abilities personally he must have been talking about previous experiences with the Saiyan Race. What they would be able to do though is survive without breathing for extended periods of time, allowing them to spend some time in space, but not being able to survive for very long periods out there. Just because they cant breath underwater doesnt mean they cant breath in space. If they tried to breath in water it would get in their lungs. And space has no atmosphere. It's the same thing. I'm not so sure that the two can be compared.

39;ve been in no danger then.

Space is a vacuum -- trying to breathe there would draw air directly out of the lungs whereas trying to breathe in water (presumably) would pull water directly into the lungs. Water is Oxygen-rich, so I suppose Saiyans could, like fish, filter out the oxygen biologically. Saiyans can't breathe in space, and thats a fact. It has nothing to do with training, their lungs, or anything like that (well, it could be, but I doubt it). The "secret" is a saiyan, like Bardock for example since he was shown facing Frieza out in space, is only within the planet's upper atmosphere. This means they can still breathe the planet's oxygen, however slight it may be. But looking back now, the intense training of a saiyan could make their bodies more capable of breathing such thin air all the way in the upper atmosphere. I don't think that Saiyans can breathe in space. Bardock was probably still within the planet's atmosphere when he fought Frieza's men, and Frieza explicitly stated that Goku can't breath in space. Not that Frieza's the smartest guys when it comes to Saiyans, but we can take this seriously because A: Goku was forced to scramble for the space ship rather than just fly away. B: When Frieza held Goku underwater, he couldn't breath. If the whole "Not needing air" thing is true, he should've been in no danger then. C: If Anyone of the Sayans COULD breath air, they wouldn't have to rely on ships or pods for transportation, since they can fly faster than those things move.

39;t get a spacesuit.

On the other hand, maybe they're just lazy and couldn't navigate through space by themselves. In the Namek Saga on Goku's trip to earth in the Capsule Corp. Goku has to fix the tile on the hull, he wears the spacesuit that Dr. Brief included in the spaceship. If Goku could breathe in space he definitely wouldn't wear the spacesuit. The Bardock argument is invalid because in a vacuum no one can hear you talk so Bardock was definitely in planet vegeta's atmosphere. When Goku sent the Rabbit Mob to the moon, however he only said he put them there. He never said how. He could have blasted them there or used his power pole to get up there. If he used his power pole then he would have had to breathe in space, unless he could get his hands on a spacesuit. The village they were in was small so they most likely couldn't get a spacesuit. The only contradiction left is that when Rabbit Mob is seen on the moon they are not wearing space suits. My opinion on this matter is that either space in DB is covered by one giant atmoshere or that the moon has its own atmoshere. Even if the saiyans could breathe in space, it wouldn't matter. Space has no pressure, therefore anyone in it without protection would fill up similar to a baloon and pop.

Frieza must have been bluffing when he said he could breathe in space, unless his mini spaceship thing can generate a shield from the vacuum. In the end we can only speculate wheter they can breathe or not. There is no definitive answer to the question. It is a plothole. Not even Freeza. Freeza can however, survive without oxygen as there is no oxygen in space to breathe period. Having said that fact, Saiyajins can seem to survive in space without oxygen for a certain period of time but cannot go on living without oxygen like Freeza and his kind can, which is where the confusion lies. Prolonged exposure to space would more than likely kill a Saiyajin where as Freeza can live in the cold depths of space without needing to breathe anything. Also, as far as battles such as Bardock VS. Freeza and Goku VS. Beerus, they were more than likely in the planet's exosphere, right above the planets atmosphere, which still contains trace amounts of the planet's oxygen. Sayajins in general (even though Goku was not officially a Saiyajin back then in early DB) are more durable and resilliant than humans, thus it is reasonable to say that a human would die instantly in direct, bare contact with space, but Saiyajins are most likely more durable in space, but ultimately cannot live in it or survive in general, as Freeza suggested. No. Bardock breathing in space could be explained that they were in the upper atmosphere of the planet. Same with Goku vs Beerus in Battle of Gods. I'm not addressing BS filler or movies. During the battle on Namek, Freeza clearly states that Saiyans can't breathe in space, and it is an actual plot point in the fight and the aftermath.

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