Black Clover Manga - Vol

Vanessa is a tall young woman with a voluptuous body. She has long wavy pink hair and full lips. She keeps her hair loose in a lob hairstyle. When she is indoors, she prefers to wear only underwear. They consist of a pair of thinly tied red lingerie with a lacy design. He usually wears his army cloak over this outfit. When in public, Vanessa covers most of her body, although her own clothes are still very revealing. She wears a slim, sleeveless, fit, red-purple top and a miniskirt with red-purple evening gloves. The design of the upper allows her to show off most of her body, with a large v-shaped opening that exposes her bust and belly, where it only connects at one point around her navel area. The glass holding her breasts had curved edges. The miniskirt is very short and only covers her buttocks. She also wears dark purple stockings and a garter belt under her boots. The thigh-high red-violet boots are tight and split at the collar, creating a V-shape. Lastly, he wears a red-purple hat with a conical crown, which falls to one side near the end. The hat also has a purple band going around its circumference with intricately designed clasps attached to it, and the brim is very wide.

He wore it in such a way that the button holding the robe was in the center of his chest.

Additionally, his grimoire is carried in a purple pouch on his right side, which is strapped to a purple belt around his waist. Her outfit is complemented by a pair of earrings. As a member of the Black Bull squad, he also wears the squad's signature robe. His cloak is short and barely covers his body, and the Black Bull's crest is on the left. He wore it in such a way that the button holding the robe was in the center of his chest. When she was younger and imprisoned in the witch forest, her hair was shorter and she wore a conservative knee length white dress. Vanessa's addiction to alcohol. Vanessa is a very laid back person who does things her own way. She really likes alcoholic drinks and handsome men. His love for alcohol has made him known as the Drunken Witch by others. In addition, she has proven to be unabashed when wearing revealing clothes to attract men's attention, and is most comfortable lying around the troop headquarters in her undergarments where all of her squadmates, male and female, can see her, proving that she has very little modesty. She even gets flustered when the bikini doesn't get a reaction from Asta and Magna, who tell her that it's no different from what she usually wears. In addition, Vanessa is also a very caring person, as she offers her help to help Noelle find a way to control her magic.

However, he also likes to seduce his teammates, such as his constant flirting with Yami Sukehiro. She also tries to seduce Asta on their first meeting. He also looks a bit lazy, as he spends his one day off just drinking and sleeping. He also seems to enjoy shopping, as seen when he takes Noelle and Asta shopping around town on their day off. She realizes her mistake and sees herself as little more than a "drunk woman", until Asta's faith in her gives her the will to stand by her side and help her fight. This is carried over to the wizarding forest, where his desire to save Asta and his friends allows him to harness the true power of his thread magic to influence the thread of destiny. He is also smart and a bit cunning. He deftly maneuvers his opponent into a trap set by his debt, and offers himself to the witch queen in exchange for Asta's healing (though she has plans to use her anti-magic to get out of it later). Vanessa's Prison with Witch's Forest. Vanessa was born in the Witches' Forest and became a favorite of the Witch Queen. One day, Vanessa shows off her Thread Magic to the Queen. Some time later, the Queen foresees the potential of Vanessa's magic to change destiny so she locks up the young girl and demands that she improve her magic. Several years later, Yami Sukehiro invades the forest and accidentally breaks into Vanessa's prison.

He starts arguing with Magna until Yami walks in and orders them all to stop.

Vanessa and the others greeted the captain. After spending the night, Vanessa is awakened by the loud sound of Magna Swing arguing with Luck Voltia. He starts arguing with Magna until Yami walks in and orders them all to stop. Vanessa, along with the rest of the Black Bulls, immediately greeted their captain, who had just returned from the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. He tries to ask her to join him for a drink, but quickly goes quiet when Yami introduces a new member, Asta. Vanessa tries to seduce a new member after hearing that she is from a small village, but she accidentally vomits nearby. Not long after, Vanessa witnesses Magna's initiation ceremony for Asta, who manages to graduate easily and officially becomes one of the Black Bull Squad. To congratulate him, Vanessa pins a troop badge on Asta's headband. She then tries to introduce herself to him but Magna quickly invites the new recruits on a tour of the base. Vanessa sees Noelle's raging magic from above. Then at dawn, Vanessa was drinking on one of the base balconies when she saw a giant ball of water suddenly appear near her surroundings.

He approaches it, along with Yami and a few other members, to assess the situation. Luckily, Yami is able to find a solution and asks Asta to stop it from getting any worse. As soon as Asta manages to save Noelle Silva from inside the ball, Vanessa quickly tries to cheer him up along with the other members by offering his help to find a solution to better control his magic power and more. After that, Vanessa joined several other members of the Black Bulls in the dining room for a meal. When Asta asks them about Magic Knight duties, Vanessa drunkenly explains that their job is to protect while also mentioning the possibility of finding a partner during bodyguard duties. Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the Black Market. Afterwards, when Magna, Asta, and Noelle return from their fight with Heath Grice at Sosshi, Vanessa is there to congratulate them and inform them that the Magic Forensic Division has started their investigation. He then begins to offer Asta and Noelle to come with him on a shopping trip after Yami gives them their first paycheck.

Arriving at Kikka, Vanessa and the two new recruits quickly garnered the attention of the crowd. However, Vanessa remains calm and hopes they can attract some good men for her. As soon as they finish their task in the castle town, Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the city's black market, which is hidden behind an alley wall. Vanessa and Noelle continue to find a magic tool that can help increase Noelle's control over her magic power. While looking at some items, Sekke Bronzazza suddenly approached them and started flirting. Despite that, Noelle immediately rejected him while Vanessa rudely watched. A heist soon ensues, but Asta and Sekke easily stop him. After Asta and Sekke stop the thief, Vanessa quickly checks Sekke's leg where the thief managed to stab him with a magic tool. After judging that the wound was harmless, Vanessa informed Sekke while putting medicine on the wound. He and Noelle then come with Asta to return the stolen goods back to the old woman before leaving the city.

Vanessa discusses Asta and Noelle with Yami. One day, Vanessa is hanging out with some members of the Black Bulls and getting drunk when Yami comes and tells them about a dungeon that has appeared on the border between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom. Vanessa tries to explain the importance of the dungeon to the clueless Asta before Yami reveals that the Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono, has asked the boy for a mission. After Asta, Noelle, and Luck leave for a mission, Vanessa tries to ask Yami on the Emperor's consciousness about Asta but the captain can only give a vague answer. A few weeks later, when Asta, Gauche, and Noelle visit Nairn, Vanessa and some of the other Black Bulls enjoy a night of drinking, so when the troops receive a request to inspect the city, only Yami and Finral come. Vanessa and Gray (changed as Vanessa) yell at Charmy. A few days later, Vanessa joins the other Black Bulls to a party on Raque's beach. He relaxes under the umbrella and enjoys a drink. He shouts direction at Charmy while Gray who is transformed as Vanessa screams in the opposite direction. Vanessa and Noelle are talking when Aphro and Phati try to hit them, but Noelle coldly rejects the boys. Yami then appears and buries the troops in the sand before detailing their mission to the Underwater Temple. A week later, Noelle's confidence shakes during her training. The other Black Bulls arrive to cheer him up, with Vanessa reminding him that he won't die if he fails. Encouraged, he completed the Sea Dragon's Crib and, in his excitement, lost his concentration, and the spell dissolved.

The Black Bulls gather in the spell and Noelle's head is underwater, and the swirling water makes Vanessa seasick. The Black Bulls enter the Underwater Temple and are directed at High Priestess Gifso, who tests them with Game Monsters. Vanessa and Finral are impressed by the priestess magic. When Gifso challenges the Black Bulls to a game, Vanessa initially refuses but the priest offers alcohol as a reward, so Vanessa accepts. Gifso then summoned the other priests and used magic to scatter the competitors. After Gifso explains the rules of the Temple Battle Royale, Vanessa complains about the water waking her up. The fisherman priest tries to lure Vanessa into a trap, but he traps her in one of his spells instead. Then while Yami orders the Black Bulls to attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun members who are invading the temple, Vanessa brags to him about taking one of the priestesses. Gifso later announced changes to the rules of the game. Vanessa teams up with Finral and Asta. As Vetto attacks the fallen, Vanessa pulls them to safety and applies a tourniquet to Kiato's legs. He also binds Vetto, but he easily destroys him. When Vetto releases a mana blast, Finral saves them by redirecting the blast at Vetto. Vanessa teases Finral before ordering Noelle to protect the others and team up with Asta and Finral to confront Vetto. He secures the Demon-Dweller Sword into Asta's hands, and as Asta advances, Finral changes the boy's position while Vanessa changes his direction, keeping Vetto from predicting his movements. Using this strategy, Asta manages to score a punch to Vetto's jaw. Vanessa then pulls Asta back, saving him from countering Vetto. When Vetto attacks them, the Black Bulls try the same strategy but Vanessa realizes that Vetto has timed it.

Inspired by Asta, Vanessa promises to go beyond her limits and asks Asta to trust her, which she does. The Black Bulls continue their attack despite their exhaustion, and manage to stab Vetto with Asta's sword. They celebrate until Vetto reveals it was a ruse and destroys Asta's arm with his cursed magic. Vanessa and Finral hug Asta after defeating Vetto. Asta however, refuses to give up. Surprised, Vanessa caresses Asta's broken arm and tells Finral that they will start again. He throws Asta at his Demon Slayer Sword. Taking advantage of Vetto's weakened state, they move Asta and, with one swing, defeat the terrorists. With the enemy defeated, Vanessa pulls Asta into an embrace with Finral. Noelle complains of being ignored, so Vanessa compliments her Sea Dragon's Roar. Suddenly Vetto's mana starts to overflow and forms a giant cloud, and he threatens to destroy the temple. Despite the power shattering the threads, Vanessa and the others decide to attack again but are interrupted by Yami's sudden arrival.

The captain pats their heads and thanks them for their efforts, which makes Vanessa blush. Yami then releases his Dark Magic and casts his new spell, surprising the others. After Yami kills Vetto, the Black Bulls rush towards and grab Yami, with Vanessa admitting to having a crush on him. He chased them away with his sword. While the Black Bulls recover at the temple hospital, Vanessa threatens Finral for being lecherous towards Grey, but also warns Gray for being too easily embarrassed. Magna suggests that Vanessa could do by being more reserved. The quarrel was interrupted by the shouts of the temple residents thanking the Magic Knights. Later, the Black Bulls gather outside to leave, and Vanessa asks Charmy about the captured members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. They then go through one of Finral's portals. Back at the base, Vanessa relaxes and gets drunk, while Yami, Asta, Charmy, and Finral head to the Royal Capital. When Yami returns to base, he throws a party for the troops as they have made it to zero stars. After Asta leaves early, Finral reveals to the others that the curse on Asta's arm is incurable, which saddens Vanessa and the others.

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