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WARNING! This article contains information from Light Novels. Don't read beyond this point if you want to avoid spoilers. In class, she sits in the second row, second seat from the left, next to her "girlfriend", Yōsuke Hirata. Although her figure stands out in class and her personality constantly comes out on the surface, she has a dark and unforgivable past. He was the main victim of many bullying incidents during his middle school days. This has left him a scar and emotional trauma that continues to haunt him. To prevent being bullied in her new high school life, she asks Yōsuke to be her fake boyfriend, to try and prevent bullying from her new class. Eventually, through a series of events, his target for support and protection turned to Kiyotaka. Kei Karuizawa's Full Appearance in the anime. Kei in standard school uniform. Kei is a teenage girl of standard height with purple eyes and long blonde hair. Even so, her hair was tied in a ponytail while the rest of it extended all the way to her back. In her school uniform, she wears a light blue shirt under a red school blazer with rolled-up sleeves and a short white skirt. She walks in standard school shoes with light blue long socks. He also wears a blue ribbon around his collar. In more casual attire, he simply wrapped his school blazer around his waist and rolled up the sleeves of his runway shirt. Kei has a scar on the left side of his body from the bullying he experienced from middle school. Kei is someone who is always acting up, spending most of his time with the girls at school and Yōsuke, his "girlfriend".

39;, which managed to get at least 2000 points from Kikyō Kushida.

costume She is also someone who speaks for the girls at her school, acting as one of the leaders along with her and even Suzune Horikita. At the beginning of his appearance, he looks selfish and only thinks about pleasure for himself. He seems to be a bit addicted to shopping, as after spending all his points from the first month and D-Class receiving nothing due to their actions, asked the girls in his class to lend him money to buy 'important items', which managed to get at least 2000 points from Kikyō Kushida. He apparently doesn't pay attention to the less prominent people in class, this being seen where he notices Kiyotaka Ayanokōji becoming "invisible" after Suzune nominated him as guard with Yōsuke. Ironically, she befriended him in the light novels and they were so close they even called each other by first names. However, even though they are "close", when interacting with someone he trusts, Kei is a straightforward and outspoken person. This is seen in his interactions with Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, as he has expressed much dissatisfaction with him during their time working together.

39;t like studying in general.

He also frequently cited his lack of common sense about mundane matters throughout the series, being the only person who really tried to fix his bad habits. At an unusual school, Kei tries to live in the most ordinary way and spends most of his time having fun with his friends. He is deeply connected with fashion and luxury things, which leads him to have an extravagant lifestyle which causes him to spend money irresponsibly. So far, he doesn't have much interest in academics or a great desire to reach Class A. He often leaves to study at the last minute and doesn't like studying in general. His dislike for studying is mainly due to the lack of opportunities he had to attend his classes consistently during high school because of his past. Kei entered high school without much high school level theory, which made his experience of studying in high school not very pleasant. As the series progresses, Kei has grown more considerate and more affectionate to his friends, as shown when he expressed his concern for Suzune Horikita during the sports festival. Even though he didn't like her for her high and mighty demeanor, she was still able to empathize with Suzune due to her own experience of being targeted by bullies. This is shown again when he helps Maya Satō on her love journey; even if her feelings conflict with her intentions to help her friend, she still does her best to help Maya succeed. He was also the only person who noticed Kiyotaka's birthday and sent him a happy birthday message, which surprised him and made him hesitate to delete it. He also feels touched by Maya's desire to maintain their friendship even though they love the same person, leading Kei to hug him affectionately.

39;t like academics or sports but surprisingly can compete with others.

He has shown a great deal of loyalty towards his classmates and loved ones, such as when he decided not to betray them even if faced with trauma and threatened by the possibility of his past spreading throughout the school. He was judged as a schoolboy below the school's standards. Absences and grades were the direct reasons for him to be placed in D-Class. He doesn't like academics or sports but surprisingly can compete with others. He has great mental strength according to Kiyotaka and Kakeru. In the anime's debut, Kei Karuizawa, like other first year students, listens to a speech given by Manabu Horikita welcoming the first year to their school. He was seen in class talking to Satsuki Shinohara before Yōsuke asked the class to introduce themselves, agreeing to the idea. After Sae Chabashira walked in and introduced the system by which they were required to live here now, Kei was surprised at the fact that they received 100,000 private points, to begin with. He was seen talking to Maya Satō and Chiaki Matsushita about clothes and jewelry shopping after class that day. In early June, along with the rest of D-Class, Kei was surprised why they didn't receive the monthly ration, looking depressed during the explanation about S-Points and how D-Class failed to keep their points.

Sometime later, Kei goes to the pool with the others, able to finally get close to Yosuke Hirata, possibly indicating that they were dating since before this time only. He tried to get Kiky to lend him points along with some of the other girls in the class to buy him 'something important, which at least Kikyō complied with. Kei and Yosuke ran to Suzune. During the filler pool anime episode, Kei saw Suzune walking out of the apartment building, claiming how there were rumors she was dead because no one had seen her during summer vacation. Suzune then talked to herself about how Kei acted in class, leading one of two girl groups along with Kikyō and how dating Yōsuke increased her presence in class, casually implying that she was dating him for the only reason (which also implies that they've been dating since before the holidays. summer if the effect of the last statement had been realized. Kei then left, pulling Yōsuke with him after Suzune expressed her disinterested comments about getting along with the rest of her class when asked about it. Kei, like all the first year students from every class, later took part in a school excursion, where he is seen calling Yōsuke out to hang out with his friends.When a cruise ship heads to an island, the first year students are told they need to last more than a week with basic equipment. Kei argues with Teruhiko Yukimura about the hygienic materials they will need to survive, especially the toilet situation.

Which is then exaggerated to Kanji Ike but after setting up the tent, Kanji surprises him as he apologizes for his words since he went through the same incident at camp as a kid. Kei during the inspection for her missing underwear. Approaching the final week of the survival test, Kei is found crying in the girls' tent when his underwear is inexplicably stolen and the girls in his class have Yōsuke check the male suspects for him but they don't return, with only Yōsuke and Kiyotaka Ayanokōji knowing where they are. The next day Kei and the other girls ordered the boys to separate from them because of the previous day's incident. Kei has Yōsuke watch the boys in the class as they move, but Suzune requests the other boys to pay attention to Yōsuke since he is also a potential threat. Although Kei protects his "girlfriend", he agrees to the request, but wants to know which boy to help when the rest looks suspicious. Suzune then chose Kiyotaka since he didn't seem to have a suspicious side. While Kiyotaka is selected, Kei notices Kiyotaka often becomes 'invisible' during class, admitting that he never recognized him when they were classmates. That night, when someone causes a fire in the tent by burning a test manual, Kei and the other girls question the identity of the perpetrator, suspecting that one of the boys has done it; However they later began to suspect Mio Ibuki for her absence. Then, they learned that Suzune had dropped out of the test because of her fever and discussed Mio's motives and whether she was the real culprit and the leader of class C since her class had dropped out of the previous test before a week.

39;t want to betray Ayanokoji.

The next morning, Kei was seen cleaning the tent with another girl. At the time of the announcement of the class points, he and the rest of the class were shocked and shocked that Class D took first place. Later that same day on the cruise ship, Kei and the others thanked Suzune for her brilliant plan which Kiyotaka actually did but put all his attention to increasing his popularity and allying among the classes, without the rest of the class knowing. In the light novel, Kei begins to get close to Ayanokoji because he is helped by her. In volume 7.5, Kei is bullied by Ryueen to reveal the identity of X who moves behind the scenes for class 1-D. Even though Kei knows that Ayanokoji is the one working behind the scenes, he doesn't want to betray Ayanokoji. Ryueen threatens Kei that if he doesn't want to tell her, then Kei's past will be exposed which will result in Kei being severely slandered. Before Kei met Ryueen, he had asked Ayanokoji for help but got no response. Even so, with all of Ryueen's insults/threats and Ayanokoji's absence, Kei remains willing as long as the person he likes and the only one who respects Kei doesn't have to fall. He finally tells Ryueen that he still won't open his mouth to reveal X's identity. At the same time, Ayanokoji comes to the rooftop (the place where Ryueen threatens Kei) and immediately reveals himself as X. Ryueen's friends don't believe those words., but Ryueen believed because he already suspected that Ayanokoji was the one who made all the plans behind Suzune.

Because Ryueen believes Ayanokoji is X, he orders Mio, Albert, Ishizaki to beat him up. But Ayanokoji defeated them so easily, he wasn't even considered to be fighting back, just defending himself with a minimum of moves. After Ryueen's men fell, Ayanokoji immediately beat Ryueen until he lost consciousness. Kei who witnessed the fight was surprised but grateful that Ayanokoji had come. Kei immediately grabbed his chest and put his face on Ayanokoji's shirt with a limp body. Ayanokoji told Kei to come downstairs and meet Sae-sensei and Manabu Horikita. Because of Kei and Ayanokoji's closeness, Kei falls in love with him. Kei is also shown to be easily jealous of Ayanokoji who is close to Shiina and has the same hobby, namely reading books. Kei easily loses his temper when Ayanokoji "accidentally" calls Hiyori Shiina by her first name. However, it was evident that Ayanokoji only wanted to test whether Kei would be jealous if he was close to other women. In volume 11.5, Ayanokoji expresses her love for Kei.

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